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Jinx Build Guide by Stiikmann



Updated on September 7, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Stiikmann Build Guide By Stiikmann 2,134 Views 1 Comments
2,134 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Stiikmann Jinx Build Guide By Stiikmann Updated on September 7, 2014
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Hi! My name is Stiikmann, and I have 0 Credentials! This is my first guide, and I have been playing LoL for about 3 weeks, currently never played ranked, and am level 21. However, I play with a lot of level 30's in team builder and get put in some high level games, and use that experience to make this guide. I have 64 wins, and 51 wins as Jinx as ADC in bot lane. So use my guide or not, its a fun one to try out! Thanks for reading!
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First things first, Doran's blade. Typical ADC first item, but sell it whenever necessary to get a completed build item. Next, rush Infinity Edge. The damage is, this being an ADC build, amazing. Critical strike chance is great combined with the Frenzy Mastery, considering that will get you a bonus 15% attack speed if you land enough critical strikes. The next item should be Statikk Shiv. Attack speed combines perfectly with the critical strike chance in this build, as higher attack speed leads to more critical strikes, and more critical strikes leads to more attack speed. The reason to use Statikk Shiv is for the wave clearing abilities. If your team is pushing hard into the enemy base ( examples are completely feeding in lane or if you have towers down at this point) then pick Phantom Dancer for the additonal AS and CS. Your next item is Blood Thirster. With all this attack speed and critical strike built up, if you add Blood Thirster, Jinx will be able to 1v1 almost all enemy champions, and depending on lane matchups, 1v2, making you a perfect carry for your team. Your next item is again situational. If you are winning your lane and/or your team is winning the game, go with Essence Reaver. The +80 AD as well as extra 10% lifesteal just makes it easier to sustain/carry in team fights, not to mention the cool down reduction never hurt anybody. However, if your team is losing, and you have to defend your base or help defend another lane, grab Runaan's Huricane, as the Statikk Shiv+ Runaan's wave clear is unmatched. This also goes the other way. If you are already destroying the enemy inhibitor, try grabbing a Runaan's, and wave clearing those enemy minions to help your team get towers. Now for the last item of the build. Typically I go with Frozen Mallet, as the passive can be huge when combined with the Runaan's passive, especially in the enemy base, plus the health and attack damage can't hurt. However if the enemy is armored up now that they're being held in their base, go Last Whisper to get through that tanky enemy champ. If at this point its still a pretty evenly balanced 5v5, try BoRK. All the stats plus passives and actives really help to give you an advantage in a team fight or to push the **** out of that lane. Your final option is Zephyr. This is the most rare of the items to pick, as I would only recommend it if you're carrying your team AND the other team is using silences and slows and stuns out the butt. If you follow this build you will completely control your lane, and bring the enemy team to their knees. Say hello to the ultimate Jinx Carry.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Stiikmann
Stiikmann Jinx Guide
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