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Udyr Build Guide by Borialas

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Borialas

Unkillable Udyr Jungle Beast.

Borialas Last updated on September 25, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys. First off I'd just like to thank you for taking the time to look into my guide. This is my first one so, I hope that I can give you guys a little bit of insight into how I play Udyr and what kind of build I like to do. Please feel free to leave any tips and opinions as to where you think I could make some adjustments. Lets get started.

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So I go with the runes I do because it gives you a nice balance between the attack speed, the extra movement speed especially with your bear maxxed and boots. The armor and M.Resist just makes you that much harder to kill early and late game.

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So to go over the items, I Start with the Hunters Machete, as this is a standard jungler item. I then move onto the Mandred Razor and the Spirit stone for the huge sustain you will get. After you get these two items you wont need to back unless you are going back for items. I then move onto trinity force starting it off with Phage and then moving onto Sheen and then purchasing the item. This gives you "Tons of Damage" very early in the game and makes securing ganks way easier for you and your teammates. From this point on it really depends on the other teams builds. Look for if they are building AP or AD. if you have only 1 AP then build full defence. In this case Id generally go with Randuins and then Frozen heart. If its more balanced, Instead of Frozen heart go with the Spirit Visage. If you are tanking super hard core and hit 18 way before everyone I like to sometimes use the Sunfire cape. Its passive makes a 5 second battle amount to 200+ damage to the enemy. At a lower level their HP wont be that high so, it makes you that much more deadly and the 45 def helps too. If its going slow though, stick with spirit Visage. Now, after all that is done i have my 6 items. If the enemy team is going hard core and iv got a lot of stacks, id advise you to sell your spirit stone because you wont need the mana sustain for getting jungle kills, and then buy the Warmong's. This will put you at just shy of 4k HP and if you have randuins as well as frozen heart you will be next to impossible to kill.

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Pros / Cons

Udyr can be really tanky. Theres not many people who can 1 v 1 him. Beware of heavy hitters that use items like Blade of The Ruined King. Kog'Maw with his W will hurt doing a whopping 14% of your current health on each hit. at almost 4k Hp thats over 400 HP per shot not including critical's so watch out for that.

Udyr can take a lot and is one of the best junglers. He doesnt really have a down point at any time in the game. Unlike Junglers like Lee Sin who can fall off very quickly, Udyr has the potential to do huge damage and sustain himself while doing it.

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Creeping / Jungling

As for my jungling patterns, I start off with Red Buff>Reapers>Blue Buff>Write>Wolves>Reapers>Golems and then drop down to Write camp>Wolfs>Reapers>Golems and just repeat that until you have a fair amount of stacks. Udyr depends on his feral flare to do damage with his R so having a lot of stacks helps. Place tons of wards too near enemy buffs and in the river so you have an idea of where the enemy jungler is. If you see them on the other side of the map or ganking far from you, take that opportunity to steal his buffs/camps.
As important as getting stacks are, don't let your teammates die because you were too busy getting stacks. Youre there to help so make opportunity to gank when needed, and if not stack stack stack. Itll help you early mid>late game.

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All in all, Udyr is a VERY versatile champion with lots of different ways you can play him. I like this one because it gives you the ability to hit very hard if you can balance out ganking and getting camps on top of the huge sustain you will have with his W for life steal and his massive amount of def and HP you can have. In my opinion, he is the best all round jungler and ganker. His E gives a nice stun and allows for your team to come in and lock in a kill. hes incredibly mobile with E as well and enables you to get out of sticky situations as well as move around the map ridiculously fast. I hope this guide helps anyone looking to try out Udyr. If there are any adjustments you can suggest please feel free letting me know. Embrace the spirit :)