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Warwick Build Guide by Arch Aspire

Support [Unranked] Theory of Warwick Support

Support [Unranked] Theory of Warwick Support

Updated on December 5, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Arch Aspire Build Guide By Arch Aspire 4,787 Views 0 Comments
4,787 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Arch Aspire Warwick Build Guide By Arch Aspire Updated on December 5, 2022
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Glacial Augment
Hextech Flashtraption
Biscuit Delivery
Cosmic Insight

Nimbus Cloak

+8 ability haste
+6 Armor
+8 Magic Resist


1 2 3
Be Everywhere
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Champion Build Guide

[Unranked] Theory of Warwick Support

By Arch Aspire
This build is largely untested and is mostly based off of theoretical scenarios and experiences with champs in an isolated bubble. I did some testing, however most of it was done in Coop vs AI, and I can say with confidence that that testing was not enough to confirm a lot of my claims.

Winning is not guaranteed... in fact it's not even likely if you lane against competent bot laners.

Just think of this guide as a "There's this guide on mobafire for (*insert dumb build idea*) can you believe it?" that you internet savvy people say to other mildly interested friends. If you're seriously thinking about Warwick Support, then you're welcome to use this guide as inspiration.

Also this is my second Warwick Support build guide, but I opted to create an all new guide since the old guide is almost 2 years old and the runes and ability paths are quite different. The combos have also changed somewhat.

With that out of the way...
Welcome to my Warwick Support guide!
Warwick support is a fun thing. His CC may be abysmal, and he lacks a support's engage kit, but yeeting yourself across the map to initiate a team fight never seizes to be fun.

But with joy, comes the challenges. You'll be using flash a lot for your engages, and you'll find the enemy botlane having the time of their lives poking you down to oblivion.

Still, if you manage to pull it off, and you got a competent ADC/APC who can follow through with your engages, you just might have a chance of pulling such a dumb build off!

Now, let's go through each ability briefly and talk about their impact as a warwick support, then we talk combos and strats.
[P] - Eternal Hunger
Warwick passive allows him to deal both physical damage as well as magic, which also gives him healing that increases based on missing health {100% healing if Ww is <50% health, 300% healing if Ww is <25% health}. In normal circumstances where you build him AD, this gives him the ability to do damage against those stacking just armor, which is helpful...

Unfortunately, Warwick support barely gets any AD, meaning that past early game, (if you go any path other than aggressive) you do so little damage the passive is essentially useless except for emergency healing when you're below 25% health.
[Q] - Jaws of the Beast
Warwick lunges forward towards the enemy if you tap Q, and launches himself ahead of the enemy if you hold Q. You also heal some health back.

This skill is extremely useful in normal sense, even doing some crazy heals.
As a support? The skill is equally important, but more for engage than healing.

Since your AD is very low, your healing is minimal, but by holding Q, you can launch yourself ahead of the enemy, which you can combo with your E. More on that later.

Also, if you don't know about Warwick's Q's jankiness, well... let's just say hilarity ensues if you time it correctly with a movement ability of any kind.
[W] - Blood Hunt
His W gives warwick attack speed and movement speed if:
- {Active} you cast W and you move towards the marked enemy
- {Passive} someone on the enemy team is below 50% health (effects trippled if they are below 20%)

As a support, this gives Warwick the steroids needed to dodge every skillshot and roots and stuns like a madlad. It can also be used to give warwick a boost of speed to get to lane quickly.
[E] - Primal Howl
Cast E to start mitigating damage, cast or let it recast itself to fear nearby enemies.

You don't really pay attention to this if you're normal warwick...
but as a support warwick, this is your bread 'n' butter.

This is where your main CC and utility is.
[R] - Infinite Duress
Leap forward and suppress an enemy champion for 1.5 seconds, the leap distance increasing the faster you move.

As a normal warwick you would use this to finish someone off or heal yourself back to a safe health range.
But as a support you want to use this as an engage tool.
Tactics on how to play Warwick Support
So, if you couldn't tell already, your normal warwick skills may carry over to a certain extent, but they could also be a detriment if you're used to thinking and being used to playing him one way or two.

Here's a brief summary of how you should change your way of thinking if you already main him:
<P> Your passive won't give you much extra damage, nor will it heal you much. Don't expect to pull off clutch self-healing.

<Q> Save your Q if you have flash/hex-flash ready. In early lane you use Q to peel rather than engage if your ADC/APC is not ready to follow up. If you're really low on health, use to give yourself a bit of health.

<W> Use in lane to give yourself a large movement boost to dodge skillshots, otherwise use to get to lane quicker.

<E> Use to absorb damage/engage/peel. This is your most important ability, so wasting one is like throwing a random blitz hook. To avoid such a scenario, the next section will touch on how to use E.

<R> You should use this exclusively as an engage/peel tool. Try not to use it to escape, especially if you're going down the engage path of items. This ability is best used with other abilities which will be detailed in the combo chapter.

Of course, it'll take some time getting used to, but eventually you'll get the general idea and even adapt it to your own playstyle!... or give up on this off-meta build which is the smarter choice.
E usage and how to.

Absorb damage

Use this to not die. If you are tower diving early game, take the first tower shot, then use E right as the second shot is going to you. Mitigate the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th tower shots. E will run out right when the 4th shot hits, but be careful not to run too far from the tower, otherwise the E may recast before the 4th shot hits. At level 1 with one point in E, you can survive all four tower shots. With just the support item, you survive with 80hp.


When engaging, make sure to save the E until you're 80% sure you'll be in fear range. You have a high likelyhood of succeeding if you flash ahead of the enemy champions such that they have to go through you to escape to tower. If you're engaging with Q, make sure you're already in Q range, then cast E, hold Q, recast E to fear them to your ADC/APC.


When you're helping a teammate peel, run towards the enemy champ, cast E a bit before you're in Q range such that your recast will be available just as they enter the Q range. Recast to fear the enemy, hold Q on the champ that got ahead of you to launch yourself back the other way, and run.


Sometimes you need to use E at different times, such as when your ADC/APC got the kill but the enemy minions are beating the **** out of them. In that scenario use your E to break the minion targeting.

With all of that in mind, now onto the combos.
Engage Combos
All of these were going to have gifs demonstrating the combos, but my computer refused to work with the stuff so I'll add them eventually.

Otherwise, here's some combos. I'll keep adding to this as time goes on.

Lunge+Fear: {E cast}{Q hold}{E recast}
If you are fast enough

Flash+Fear: {E cast}{Flash}{E recast}
"Classic" warwick support engage tool. E cast first so you can recast on demand.

(Hex)Flash+Fear: {Hexflash}{E cast}{E recast}
Order is slightly different since E will recast before or as you hexflash if you cast it in the same order as Flash+Fear.

Lane Fear: {W}{R}{E cast}{E recast}
Use this to engage with R, then use E to protect yourself.

Fear Hold: {W}{R}{E cast}{Q hold}{E recast}
Similar to the above, but as soon as your R ends, you set up fear such that they are CC'd again for maximum duration (which is like up to 3-4 seconds counting glacial)

Dispersive Engage: {W}{E cast}{R}
E is recast the moment you land your R, dispersing the enemy team away from the person you hit. If you miss, you can still use your fear to CC them. Use only if your team benefits from having the enemy team separated a bit.

Fast Fear (requires Nimbus): {Teleport}{E cast}{Q hold}{E recast}
Teleport to a ward or tower, then run to the enemy. Your nimbus cloak will make you fast enough to reach about the halfway mark between the towers.

Long Hold: {W}{E cast}{Q hold}{E recast}{Wait for Glacial augment}{R}{E cast}{Q hold}{E recast}
Once your E cooldown is lowered enough, you can just annoy the heck out of this one enemy who just wants to engage on someone. It's a cool combo to pull off, though I hardly believe anyone will care.
And yeah, that's it.

Feedback is much appreciated (if you try this build out for whatever insane reason your experience will help tons!)

I don't know what else to say so uhh...



  1. Try out a tankier rune i.e. Grasp or Aftershock
  2. Add pictures
  3. Test in Normals
  4. Don't forget the jigglebear

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