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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Alx Man

Unstoppable Cho'gath

Alx Man Last updated on February 4, 2011
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So due to a couple comments on my other Cho'gath build having no magic resist a give you this build. You don't have near as much health, and there for less damage ( Atma's Impaler), but you do have more Armor and Magic Resist. The old guide can be found HERE, which is all health and damage.

Cho'Gath is a pretty simple champion to use, but still takes practice to perfect. Something I had to learn the hard way is that Cho isn't too impressive off the get go. You still need to play conservatively until you get a decent amount of health. About half way through the game your enemies will run from you if they are alone, and late game they wont bother attacking you without a full team there. Get used to the timing of Rupture and it will score you a couple kills and even save your life and the lives of your teammates.

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration - Gives you a little Magic Penetration for your Rupture and Vorpal Spikes (which launch every time you attack).

Greater Seal of Regeneration - Health Regen helps any tank, Cho'gath included.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist - A little magic resist never hurt anybody. :)

Greater Quintessence of Vitality - Bonus health for a little more survivability and damage with Atma's Impaler.

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Defense is your primary and utility is your secondary. They are pretty self explanatory so I'm not going to Barney style all of them. If you're not level 30 then this is the order i'd get them, but really it's up to you.

Follow #1 if you're below Summoner Level 21, and #2 for 21 and over.

#1 - level 1 is Haste (You'll see why through the rest of the guide). Levels 2-11 are put on Resistance, Hardiness, and Evasion. Levels 12-19 are put into Perseverance, Awareness, and Greed. Level 20 is Harden Skin.

#2 - 21 points all the way down Defense and then 9 down Utility. Simple and easy. :)

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My item tree is a little situational and flexible, so you'll need to make a couple judgement calls based off of what's going on mid-game. I suggest starting with a Regrowth Pendant and a Health Potion. This will give you good health regen and will later turn into either a Warmog's Armor or a Force of Nature, but I'll cover that later.

Your next two items will be a Heart of Gold and Boots of Swiftness. I go with the HoG first because it gives you 5 gold every ten seconds, but you may prefer to have the Movement Speed first. This will help you afford all the expensive items at a faster rate. You will keep the HoG almost all game until you need room for a better item and no longer need the gold (because you've got all your items). I use the boots of swiftness because it's crucial not to die. You will eventually get stacks on your Leviathan and Cho'gath's ultimate, Feast, and will loose stacks on both when you die.

Ahh, Leviathan... The game winner. Keep this in mind... If you're dieing too much (for whatever reason I can not imagine) to keep stacks, this item wont work well for you. With it though, you get 2 stacks for every kill and 1 for every assist. Every stack you get adds to your Max Health by 32 (820 HP and 20 stacks plus the flat 180) and at 20 stacks REDUCES ALL DAMAGE TAKEN BY 15%!!! With this at max stacks, Cho'gath is nearly impossible to kill. SO DON'T DIE!!! :)

Okay, now it's decision time. Remember that Regrowth Pendant you bought at the start?? Yeah, now you actually get to do something with it. If you have a lot of AP stacked magic slingers, you should probably turn it into a Force of Nature. If your team isn't getting nuked by a little midget named Veigar or someone equally annoying, go for Warmog's Armor.

Now here comes Cho'gath's damage buff, Atma's Impaler. If everything has gone well, you have a couple stacks on Leviathan and Feast, you should have an outrageous amount of health for this point in the game. Atma's Impaler will give you a little Armor and Critical Strike... no big deal right?? Wrong. It also takes 2% of your MAX HP and converts it to bonus damage. So now all that health we've been stacking on is being used to smack n00bs around.

The last two items in the build should be a Warmog's Armor (two if you don't already have one) and a Force of Nature (if you don't already have one).


Substitute Leviathan for another Warmog's Armor, a Guardian Angel, or even a Thornmail.

Substitute the second Warmog's Armor for a Guardian Angel, Thornmail, or a Frozen Mallet is a good thing to have sometimes.

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Skill Sequence

Rupture will be your primary tool for pretty much anything. It knocks your enemies into the air and does pretty good damage too. It's essential to get really good about it's timing and placement, it can save your life, your allies, and even score you a couple kills. Get it first and level it as fast as possible.

Vorpal Spikes is a passive attack that you can toggle on and off. It does magical damage in a strait line in front of you while you attack. The only time I suggest turning it off is when you're taking down a tower. If an enemy champion is behind the tower and the Vorpal Spikes touch them the tower will automatically target you instead of the minions, causing you more damage than necessary. This should be leveled right behind Rupture as your number two spell (number three if you count the ultimate). You will need to get Feral Scream at level four though, it does come in handy.

Feral Scream, like I said, should be learned at level four but shouldn't be leveled past that until you have nothing else to level. Feral Scream will deal magic damage to all enemies in a cone shape as well as silence them for a short time period. It's a handy tool, but doesn't do enough damage for me to set it as a priority.

Feast is amazing. It is what make Cho'Gath feared. It does a large deal of damage to an enemy monster or minion (1,000 flat at all levels) or champion (300/550/800 +50% AP) ignoring its Magic Resistance. If the move kills the unit Cho'gath grows giving him additional health (90/120/150), stacks up to a max of six times. If you don't know when to use it on an enemy to score a the kill simply scroll over Feast to see how much damage it currently does and then click on the enemy to see their health. Obviously use Feast when the damage will exceed their current life. If you don't have that much time and you're close to death, just use it... It tends to send them running. :)

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Summoner Spells

Ghost + Haste + Boots of Swiftness = A lifesaving combo that will also save your stacks. :)

With Ghost you can easily tower dive a near death champion or catch them running as well. So this combo comes in very handy pretty much all game. :)

Teleport is pretty obvious. Porting to a tower to save it, a Teemo Mushroom to gank a champion, or a ward to steal Baron ... It's all very handy. Btw, I have ported to a ward and used Feast to steal Baron and Ghost + Haste + Boots of Swiftness combo to run away before. It's utterly hilarious, but needs to be timed PERFECTLY to be successful.

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Creeping / Jungling

Blue buff is pretty much a must for Cho'Gath for late game team fights, you'll practically be spamming Rupture and Feral Scream. It never hurts to get it early game either. Finish off the bad bad with you're Feast, it's faster and you get your health bonus. :)

I don't suggest jungling with Cho'Gath, that just seems like a bad idea... but I'd be interested in hearing about it. *Hint Hint* :)

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My Cho'gath Strategy

From the start get your items and take your lane. As I mentioned earlier Cho'Gath isn't too impressive to start, so don't be reckless. You can go in any lane with Cho'Gath, even solo mid or a side lane if you have a jungle champion. Try to kill as many minions as possible without taking too much damage and save your mana for the champions. As soon as you reach level six start using Feast on minions and if possible champions, the faster you get your six stacks, the better. Keep in mind that if you die you will lose half of your stacks on feast and a third on your item stacks, so staying alive is essential (Not too hard either).

After you get Leviathan start jumping in on some team fights, even assists with get you stacks. This is where Teleport comes in handy, you can stay in your lane and gain experiance and gold but pop into help your allies for a couple assists. You'll gain stacks fast in late game team fights, but you'll want to have as many as possible before you get there.

When it comes to rushing the enemy base, be the first one in. You will take damage, but with all that HP who cares?? Late game there is no need to wait for minions to take tower damage for you. If you have the support of your team, you can take the hits from the towers so the team can tear them down.

In a team fight you'll need to focus on a couple things. First off if an ally is low on HP and trying to get away use Rupture to knock up and slow down pursuing enemies. If everyone is "fine" try to keep your enemies off balance. Use Rupture to knock up the enemy physical damage champions and use Feral Scream to silence the ability based ones. If you ever see an enemy champion with low HP, try to swallow them with Feast. Even if it doesn't kill them, they'll be hurting and run away.

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Just keep this in mind... You wont always get the kills, but you will be a BIG (no pun intended) part of your teams success. As a tank you are meant to suck up damage, which Cho'Gath does very well, and you even put out some great damage while keeping your enemies off balance.

Cho'Gath is by far one of my favorite champions, I always have fun with him. Even when you're team is having a "bad game" it's great to be the size of a tower and practically unstoppable.

Please rate the build and tell me what you think. I hope this helps someone do better with Cho'Gath, and if anything get a laugh.