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Wukong Build Guide by Dilwo

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dilwo

Unstoppable Wukong (3v3)

Dilwo Last updated on December 26, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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A word of warning. Most of your games will end fast ;P

This is my guide to Wukong, I win almost every game even when I have a feeder teammate. It's EXTREMELY easy to carry with Wukong after a certain point. Now I have to mention this is a build for 3s, and while it does work on 5s, it's much easier to win in 3s with this build. You will get tons of hatred. But usually it's more like your team getting hatred because you're carrying so much and 1v3ing by level 14 :P. Tryndamere becomes a small worry to you, and there's not many champs who can take you as long as you play smart from the start (while a little aggressive, since you can normally fool a few people into coming after you with low health, which results in their death.) Give the build a try and I guarantee you'll enjoy Wukong even more than you did before.

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Pros / Cons


    Great harass early/mid game

    Escapes damage well with Decoy.

    Extremely good survivability

    Very good at clearing lanes mid/late game


    Gets focused instantly(Solved by Decoy)

    Not a great early game farmer because of melee

    People rage (Could be a pro?)

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The runes I choose are built around early game domination. Since in 3s your early game determines the rest of your game, and while Wukong is formidable even after it's been 15 minutes without any kills or any substantial shutting out of your enemies, Wukong becomes a major force to be reckoned with if you can get a few kills early.

The Greater Quintessence of Desolationx9 and Greater Mark of Desolationx9 easily put you over the 20 cap so you can easily ignore all armor early game, resulting in squishies being halfed at level 2.

The Greater Seal of Armorx9 and Greater Glyph of Magic Resistx9 provide you with the extra tankiness to be able to pull off harassment until level 3 without dying. Once you hit 3 you should never be hurt after harassing, unless it's a Caitlyn who knows how to aim.

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The masteries are also aimed at giving you the most damage and a bit of lifesteal right off the bat. The CD and crit is also much appreciated. The extra def/mres from defense tree only adds to your tankiness.

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You always want to open up with a Doran's Blade which gives you a very significant health and damage increase right off the bat. You'll sell it later so don't worry.

The second time you go back hopefully you can buy Sheen and your Boots of Speed if not your full Tier 2 boots. For boots it depends on the team. If you notice a lot of melee champs such as Tryndamere Jax Nasus Xin Zhao or such, then you definitely want to grab Ninja Tabi Not only do these actually help you harass by dodging minions early game, but they will save your life on many occasions where your Decoy is on cooldown and you dodge the last hit before being able to use it again. If the team has heavy cc such as Morgana Lux or others, grab Mercury's Treads.

On your third trip back you should be able to buy your Zeal If you don't have tier 2 boots by now and have exactly 1195 or close, buy these first. As the movement will help cover for your slowness.

After this you should only go back once you have 1615 so you can finish off your Trinity Force.

After getting TF, you're going to pick up a Giant's Belt For that instant boost to HP.

The next time you go back try to either get Atma's Impaler or parts of it. Finish this before finishing your Warmog's Armor.

After Warmog's it's all situational. If you're roflstomping go straight for Infinity Edge. If you're getting hurt badly but still able to pull out of a fight at the end, grab The Bloodthirster. Frozen Mallet is a definite want. However you can't have all three, and you should only mix FM in if you have problems with people getting away, or you don't have enough HP. For games where your team can push without you after you get an ace, grab FM&IE, for games where your other two teammates are both either mages, or people without aspeed, grab BT&FM, and for games where you never even get hurt because you're killing them too fast, grab IE&BT.

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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence is self explanatory, The Nimbus Strike first allows you to get those early ganks and first bloods, simply dash in, auto attack once, bam thats a halfed Annie And since the skill hits up to 3 enemies, you've effectively hurt all three members of their team, allowing for your teammates to attack either the one you're attacking, or the other two of their team for easy damage. The second spell you chose is extremely optional. If you notice you can't harass at all because you get extremely hurt by stuns and ranged carries, grab Decoy second over Crushing Blow. You'll want to max Crushing blow first since it not only puts out insane damage before and after you get sheen, but it decreases the enemies armor, combine that with the increased attack speed you get after dashing in with Nimbus Strike and your ability to get away with Decoy and you are now a harassment machine.

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Summoner Spells

I go with Flash and Ignite because combine these two early game with your dash and you're almost guaranteed a first blood if there's one enemy who sticks around too long. I like to simply dash in with nimbus strike once, auto attack, flash in front of them, auto attack twice more thanks to atk speed boost, and then ignite in the off chance they're still alive. Only champs who can survive this are Volibear's and people who grab heal early. Ignite Also helps all throughout the game against champs like Tryndamere, and Flash Is still great for juking combined with your Decoy even after the nerf to it's range.

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Team Work

Your job in the team (3v3) is to be the offtank/carry/assassin/jungler(after about 11)/awesome guy.

You will take bottom lane, unless you have bad luck and your solo laner is feeding, in which case you must switch. Otherwise you need those double kills/kill and assist/2 assists.

If you play like me by level 11 you will have Trinity Force and maybe Giant's Belt
at which point you become the initiator and the tank. Never run into a 3v3 fight without your Cyclone up. While you stand a good chance of winning, with your Cyclone up you'll almost never lose a teammate, and generally you will be the ones chasing your enemies. If not it's a great way of saving your teammates lives in the case you're losing, and allowing them to make a get away. (Followed by yourself with Decoy and the use of Flash).

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Why build Wukong this way?

It's simple. Wukong excels at taking damage, while dishing out more. So why not build him to that effect? I used to be like everybody else who built wukong full damage and never bought health. Sure you would do great some games, but alot of games you were just too squishy and couldn't turn games around, and would end up losing. With this build if you ever lose a game it's not your fault if you're playing smart. Just don't get cocky when you have a lead. A few of your deaths can be a HUGE bonus to the other team.

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This is why Wukong is hot.

This kind of match history is what you'll have 80% of the time.
Some recent games. Others are still wins, still positive, but not as worthy of showing.

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Wukong is an amazing champ for 3v3. I'd definitely place him in God tier, only people who can beat me (with difficulty) would be a very well played Lee Sin, or an average Sion Cuz yknow, it's Sion.

The way I play him is extremely effective, and I almost always have a 9/1 win ratio on my Match history page. Never going negative in kills, and always carrying my team to victory, with the odd Vayne or two killstealing me and ending up carrying along with me :P

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Ranked Play

I'm not level 30 yet so I've yet to play him in Ranked. I play against plenty of 30's though, so don't let that fool you.