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Urgot Build Guide by NOH giel

Top Urgoat, Crab yourself a victory!

Top Urgoat, Crab yourself a victory!

Updated on March 12, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author NOH giel Build Guide By NOH giel 16 2 50,623 Views 4 Comments
16 2 50,623 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author NOH giel Urgot Build Guide By NOH giel Updated on March 12, 2019
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Runes: Standard

1 2
Unsealed Spellbook
Magical Footwear
Minion Dematerializer
Time Warp Tonic

Shield Bash
Bone Plating

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
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Champion Build Guide

Urgoat, Crab yourself a victory!

By NOH giel
Hello community!

My name is Giel and I bring you this Urgot guide.
I have been playing League since season 1 and have been playing ranked since season 2.

I've been an Urgot main since half of season 8. And I am Champion mastery 7 for quite some time now.
This guide is mostly based on personal experience with Urgot, and the many match-ups I have played against.

This guide is an In-depth guide in which I have left the logical and easy things out. I don't think it is very usefull to waste your time on telling you that Corrosive Charge is the main thing in the kit of Urgot because you poke with it a lot. When you play Urgot 2 games you will notice that yourself. This is a guide to which you can learn how to play Urgot better in lane and what the best build is in my opinion.
Should YOU play Urgot

- Lane Bully

- Tanky from 2 items forward

- Killing squishy's in a véry short time space

- Good and dominant early game

- Okay when losing/feeding in lane

- Great mid game

- Good late game

- Your damage output always stays high

- Great wave clear

- Probs getting a minor ability REWORK!

- Very slow base move speed

- Mana consuming (since patch 9.4)

- Big hitbox

- Slow AA animation

- Very gank vurnerable early game

- It's hard to recover from CC in a teamfight

- E has a charge time - easier to dodge

- R has a charge time - easier to dodge

- Can't trade with fast champions
Runes - Inspiration
Inspiration is the best tree available for Urgot.
The keystone Unsealed Spellbook is the best one of the tree, I would not recommend the other two.

What you wanna do, is switch the spell you have already used in 6th minute (Can be Flash or Teleport) to Ignite. When you get Ignite, you get a huge advantage on your opponent. When you get Ignite, you can go in for the kill with your full combo, when you strike him with your ult Fear Beyond Death, instantly pop Ignite as well. Now you can just watch him burn untill you can grind him in.

When you are losing lane however, you can also switch to Ghost first. Say you got ganked in the 3rd or 4th minute. You had to back and use tp so you wouldn't lose a lot of farm. Then you can also switch to Ghost. Ghost has three perks, that are very usefull for Urgot. Since Urgot is very slow he is very vulnerable for ganks. When you have pushed up the wave and the jungler shows up, after you have had to use Flash to disengage last time, with Ghost you have an extra way out of it. The best time to use Ghost is when you had to back and your opponent is on your tower. if you know you can take him, pop Ghost in time so you can go full speed at him. When you do this, you will scare him at first so you can do free damage under your own tower, after this your opponent probably wants to run off and if you have timed your Ghost right, you can follow him easily.
The third option to use ghost is when you had to back for a second time, and you use it to get back to lane faster. This is never viable, but you can use it when your far behind and can't lose any seconds walking to lane.

The Magical Footwear rune is a must have, especially because of the 10 extra ms you get.
Minion Dematerializer is a very handy rune, since your shotgun knees have a (long) cooldown in the early game, and without your knees it could be hard to lasthit cannons.
Time Warp Tonic is one of my favourite runes on Urgot. When your enemy laner/jungler tends to dive you and you have a charge of your Corrupting Potion left, the instant heal always helps out. Even in a 1 v 1, the enemy will never count on you getting a bit of instant HP back.

The Resolve tree is simple, there are a lot of good options, but these two are the best for Urgot.
Shield Bash gives you some nice extra damage on your W and bone plating helps against the instant retaliate from the enemy when you poke/all-in them.
Demolish can be good versus some match-ups, but to be safe you always want these two runes.

Your damage early is pretty high because of your shotgun knees. This makes up that you can use the armor way more than two adaptive stones. Furthermore the extra health is very nice for surviving in lane.
Runes - Sorcery
These runes work well when your plan is to constant poke and win lane hard.
Arcane Comet is your best friend in this tree. giving you some extra damage but most importantly, a great extra slow. Combined with your q poke, this can make your enemy laner completely sick of you. It gives you great extra opportunities to engage.
With patch 9.4 this tree could become more popular on Urgot, mostly because of the extra mana that will be obtained with Manaflow Band. Since this is just the beginning of the patch, we will have to see how this pans out. I will keep this guide updated with every piece of information I can gather!

The other runes in this tree speak for themself. You can choose some runes different, like you can choose for Gathering Storm. Yet I think this works the best on Urgot, giving yourself as much ms as you can get.

Your secondary tree in this is optional. You could go more tank with Resolve second, I prefer to still get the Magical Footwear and Minion Dematerializer. Because the boots give you extra ms and when your shotgun knees are down the dematerializer is extremely handy for that free cannon minions or wave control.

If you want to be more tank, just follow the secondary tree of the first rune page, take Resolve with Bone Plating and Shield Bash.
Start of the game
You will usually have to start with Corrupting Potion.
This is the most viable option, because your damage is already there with your shotgun knees.
Best lanes to start corrupting potion are versus ranged match-ups (Jayce, Liss, Ryze, Viktor).

Doran's Shield is a viable option when your against a melee matchup that recuirers a lot of mana to react to your poke (think Malphite.) Furthermore Doran's shield can be good if you want a fast back, when you know you will be outpoked, or simply because you want to back before lvl 6 so that you can instantly change teleport into ignite.

Doran's Blade is the least viable option on Urgot. Altough if you are 100% sure you are gonna win your lane you can take this for extra damage. I won't recommend it, especially because the lifesteal is to minimal for Urgot.
First backing
At your first back you must always go for Phage, or components of Phage. Phage is the most essential early game item for Urgot. The movement speed you get for killing a minion or champion with phage is incredible for engages, or disengages.
When you want to engage with Phage, just hit your q to slow him, kill an minion instantly (maybe hit the minion with the q you hit the enemy with) and run to him to flip him over you.
Since patch 9.4 your mana use has gone up with a lot. This will mean you need to buy a Sapphire Crystal in your first backing. Although you should never buy a Sapphire Crystal if you have enough for only Phage. Only buy it as an extra.

When you want to disengage because you got ganked or failed your e, just kill a minion with a basic attack, and run for it. Never kill a minion with your q on a disengage, because the slow on your q helps you allot to get away.
When you are really fed on your first back you can always add a Kindlegem to your kit. But i would always recommend buying Cloth Armor or Null-Magic Mantle, so that you are somewhat more equipped for the damage of the enemy team.

You will always get your Magical Footwear from your runes, so make sure you have space for boots around the 9/10 minute.
Always start with a Black Cleaver. This is your most important item. Black Cleaver gives you the damage you need to start really hurting enemy's.

After that you can make the choice yourself. I usually go with Turbo Chemtank, because I really like the ms you gain when you pop it when walking towards an enemy for an engage, or disengage. Movement speed is key on Urgot, and you don't get a lot from his base stats.

Frozen Mallet is in my opinion better then all the other third items that are out there for Urgot. The amount of health you get from it and the slow on your basic attacks are amazing. You feel very tanky after 3 items.

I personally prefer this over Gargoyle Stoneplate. When i buy Gargoyle Stoneplate as third item, I feel weak, and I also feel my catch potential has gone down a lot.

Also, Adaptive Helm does not do the trick for me on Urgot.
These are all viable options for Urgot. You would be suprised how much health you gain back with Death's Dance. Furthermore this part of the build works all very well when build versus the right match up.
When the enemy has a lot of magic damage (Fed mage mid or top, maybe even support or jungle) build Spirit Visage. When they have almost no AP, build Dead Man's Plate or Thornmail. This is up to yourself.

The only thing i recommend building of this list, Gargoyle Stoneplate! When you got the health of your Frozen Mallet, and bought like a Guardian Angel or Dead Man's Plate, Gargoyle Stoneplate is a perfect item. It gives you just the extra tankiness you will need in a teamfight. When you jump in with Gargoyle Stoneplate as 5th or 6th item, and pop it, you will feel unkillable for a while, while still dealing tons of damage to their front and backline.

Of course when one person on the other team is incredibly fed, a better choice would be to just buy an item that counters them, like only armor (Dead mans) or MR (Spirit visage)
Games as Urgot

Laning with Urgot is pretty easy to do. You stand back and farm with your AA. Furthermore you can poke the enemy as much as you like with your Q.
You need to make sure you know were the enemy jungler is at all times, since a gank can be fatal to you, especially because of your slow ms.

Once you hit level 3, you can look for engages and trades. When you want to engage, make sure you hit your Q for the slow and make sure you knock him over. After that pop your W, this will shield you for his initial counter damage. Also when you mark him with your Q it will fully focus him. when he starts to run back, make sure you step in the direction of which your shotgun knees are on cooldown. This way he runs back to his tower but still gets your full shotgun knees damage over him.
Because you are so slow you will probably not kill him level 3, but making one engage usually puts you in control in lane.

After this first engage you have two options. The first one being zoning him of the farm, and making sure you get a lead in CS and Exp. The second option is starting to act like your playing very defensive, wait for your cooldowns and after that just engage on him again, when he walks up for CS.

Always hope for a jungler to dive you in the early levels. People really underestimated the power of your shield from your W so when they dive you, a lot of the times you can even use Unsealed Spellbook to get Barrier or Heal if you expect a dive for some more surprise effect. If you play your cards right you can get a kill from a dive on you 70% of the time. Also, if the enemy thinks about diving you, you can always flip them in turret range if they are teasing you. When Teemo tries to poisen you from outside turret range, flip him in for extra damage.

If you execute this good, he will probably have backed for the first time. When this happens, make sure to push in the wave under their tower, and back yourself.
Get items and head back to lane, Since you will be around the time you can switch your abilities for the first time, look around the map to make a Teleport play (If your lvl 6). Otherwise you can Teleport back to lane (If necessary) or just walk back. When you get to lane with your CS advantage, there are 2 options.
The first option, is to switch Teleport for Ignite. This is aggressive. When you do this you need to make sure you can kill him. If you do this, make sure to hit your Q before you engage and make sure you hit your ult so you can execute them. After this you will still have your teleport up and ready to go.
The second option is to play normally and casual in lane, try making trades and when you feel comfortable you can still switch to Ignite and go for the kill.
Otherwise you can keep looking around the map for a Teleport play.
WATCH OUT! The only time you want to make a Teleport play is if you are sure you can get something out of it. It is NOT worth to Teleport to bot and lose 1/2 plates.

If you lose lane, try keeping your tp up so when you get to low you can back fast and buy more components for you Black Cleaver.

If you get outdamaged on lane ( Darius), play it defensive and make sure you farm with your abilities and AA without getting grabbed.

When your around minute 15 and you have won lane, and got your first items, think about Black Cleaver and Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads, maybe a component of Turbo Chemtank. You should start thinking more objectively. You can solo Rift from that point on forward, so push in your lane every time, and make sure if you can't get your turret, to prepare for rift togheter with your jungler or alone. When you push your enemy in for the 3rd or 4th time, act like your gonna back, and go to rift. Always make sure the enemy jungler is at the bot side, either battling with bot or going for the dragon. This is a perfect time for you to do the Rift. Doing the rift will take you about 1 minute, but it is worth the trouble once you get it.
This rift can be used on multiple places. You should use it when a gank to mid or gank on top went well and you are with at least one more person in your team. After you kill the enemy solo laner, feel free to pop rift and try to make it charge at least 2 times.

After this part of the game is over, you get in to the teamfights. Urgot is no split pusher, so make sure you only clear the lanes when necessary and make sure you are grouped with the damage dealers on your team (ADC, mid).

Once the enemy groups up, try to switch your Teleport or Flash to Ghost. Once you have Ghost and Turbo Chemtank ready, you can run so fast enemy's won't even know what is happening. This is what you can use for a perfect engage. As Urgot you are a bruiser, which means you'll deal damage and can also take a lot of damage.

When you face an assasin ( Zed, Rengar) try to focus on helping your real damage dealers on the team. Make sure you flip a Rengar away from your squishy team members and let them deal their damage, use your ult to slow or snipe people who are getting away.
When you are really fed and your team is not doing to well, make sure you do non of the above. Let your team die to the assasin, as they can't kill you, try to kill their adc or big damage dealer to you. This way, one person of the frontline (normally support) is going to help their ADC which means you are keeping 2 members of their team busy and leaving your team in a 4 v 3. Try to kill the ADC and then switch your focus fast to another squishy member on their team, like the assasin who has used all his skills on your ADC.

After you win a fight, make sure you stick with your team, use abilities to push up the wave and take objectives or tank dragon or baron. Don't go and solo push because you won't earn much of that.

If you lose the teamfight, try to make it out alive. You will always be a valuable member of the team, since you can take a lot of damage and can clear waves very easy. Try to interfere with their attempt to take drake or baron, or make sure their waves are dead so they have a hard time pushing. You do this with your W and shotgun knees.
The biggest weakness Urgot has, is his extremely slow ms. If you get ganked 2/3 times before level 6 you are a free kill. When this happens make sure to ward up and play ultra defensive, so you don't have to run over the lane to escape. When you stand defensive you can always E away from the enemy.
A lot of the times it is tempting to push yourself up the lane versus an melee match up. The important thing is to know where the jungler is.

Important to knowing the junglers position, looking at where the jungler start.
If botlane comes instantly to lane and top lane is somewhat late, you know the jungler started at red and you can expect a gank around the 2:00 mark.
If the top lane is instantly on lane and bot isn't, the jungler started at blue. Then you can expect a gank around 2:30.

An other weakness Urgot has is his consume of mana. Since patch 9.4 Urgot mana costs has gone up by quite a bit. This means you will be less able to poke, and you probably want to buy that Sapphire Crystal somewhat early on.
This is my guide for Urgot, please leave an upvote if you like it and want me to make more, this is only my first guide. I would like to make more if people think it's interesting.

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