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Vayne Build Guide by Hershyy

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hershyy

Vayne - 3-hit-wonder(build)

Hershyy Last updated on November 15, 2011
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Vayne is one of the better AD Carry champs in the game because of her early damage potential with Tumble and Silver Bolts. Her late game potential is even more deadly with her ultimate Final Hour and Tumble combo and her ability to cc champs with Condemn. Vayne is a tough champ and if played well can be deadly at any level of gameplay. My guide focus more on a build for Vayne and not so much the gameplay. Won't be too long, enjoy!

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Pros / Cons

-Great early game laning ability
-Passive gives inproved chasing ability
-Can reposition enemies with Condemn
-Can farm well early game while harassing with Tumble

-Very squishy
- Oracles Elixer can shut down her stealth'ed tumbles
-Focused... Alot...

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I have a simple Ad Carry runeset which can be tweaked depending on what type of early game player you are.

Greater Mark of Desolation: Armor Penetration marks are probably the most important runes on a ranged AD. They help you farm better and harrass in the lane. Definitely take these.

Greater Seal of Attack Speed: Attack Speed seals improve your early DPS in the lane. Mainly for harrassing, but also helpful if you find yourself mis-timing your shot on the creeps early game.
Greater Seal of Armor: These flat armor seals beef up Vayne a little bit. I recommend these if you don't need the extra Attack Speed from the Alacrity seals to farm.

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction: These flat CDR glyphs gives Vayne more spamability with her tumble.

Greater Quintessence of Desolation: Having three Armor Penetration Quints gives a flat 10 Armor Penetration at level 1. In combination with Armor Penetration marks, you start out with 25 Armor Penetration or 31 with level 3 Sunder .
Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage: Unless you really need the extra damage early game to farm better, I recommend sticking with the Greater Quintessence of Desolation.

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Summoner Spells

: A great summoner spell for chasing or escaping. In Vayne's case put Ghost at 2nd priority simple because her passive allows for great chasing ability.

: This spell is TOP PRIORITY. You can use it to escape in the jungle, flash closer to an enemy that flashed away, or even to flash into position for Condemn. I always take this spell on Vayne.

: This is also TOP PRIORITY for me. It can shut down any enemy champion in a 1v1 situation. It can help you chase or even shut down the main damage dealer in team fights. One of my favorite summoner spells in the game.

All of the other spells don't really help Vayne much. The only other one I can think of is Teleport but having 2 offensive spells on Vayne would be much better than a lane control spell.
: I think ignite on Vayne isn't that great. If you really need to get that last hit on someone, just Tumble. If your team needs ignite for someone like Swain or Tryndamere get it if no one else is willing to get it.

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Core Items and Viable items

Starting items
Doran's Blade: The best starting item for most AD ranged carries. It provides an extra 100 health at level 1 which is what everyone wants. The 10 extra attack damage gives you a stronger harrass and more importantly, a wider window to last hit minions. The 3% lifesteal is barely noticeable if your not auto-attacking minions. An all around good item to start off with.
Boots of Speed+3x Health Potion: These items are also a good possibility. The early movement speed can help you harrass better and chase early if your enemy gets low. The three Health Potions can keep you in the lane after a minor skirmish in your lane. I personally use this route because I find that in the lane I like to harrass a alot while knowing I can pop a Health Potion if I need it.

Mid-Game items
Berserker's Greaves+ Vampiric Scepter: You should be able to afford both of these items before 6 if your farming well. I like to upgrade my boots before beginning any other core items because the extra Attack Speed in combination with Silver Bolts helps the pushing of your lane and gives you a higher chance of getting all 3 shots in on an enemy champion. I grab the the lifesteal next to help Vayne's sustainability and to lengthen her time in a 1v1 situation.
By this time you should begin ganking and working towards your core items.

Mid-Game items(core)
: I grab The Black Cleaver next. The 55 attack damage and 30% attack speed is very helpful, but the thing that makes this item the start of my core is its passive. It synergizes well with Silver Bolts and provides a bit more dps.

: I begin building Infinity Edge next. The 80 attack damage hurts alot, the increased crit chance is helpful, and the 250% crit damage passive is no joke. This is where your real damage begins and the kills begin to roll in. Before my next item grab a Zeal for the movement speed, crit chance, and attack speed.

late-game items(core)
: Remember that Vampiric Scepter we bought earlier? Time for an upgrade! I now get a The Bloodthirster and begin farming it. Around this time in the game, its all about team fighting and pushing so you want to stay near your team while trying to farm it. I suggest you make use of the nearby jungle while trying to stay close to your team.

: Now we finish our Phantom Dancer for the attack speed and crit chance mainly. The movement speed is helpful, but with your Final Hour and Tumble you'll be able to catch runners pretty easily.

Optional Items
: Trinity Force is a great item for Vayne because the bonus damage from the Sheen portion synergizes well with Tumble. The slow effect from the Phage portion makes chasing down your enemy easier. Trinity Force also provides crit chance, attack speed, movement speed, and Health/Mana. Great item, but the time it takes to build it as a first item would slow down the rest of her build and what are the chances of you finishing the whole thing as a last item before the games over? Sticking it in the middle of the core would mess up the synergy of the core items which is why I don't use this item much.

: Banshee's Veil is a great defensive item to prevent against a fight changing cc and to help a bit against Ap Casters. I only recommend this item if your finding it tough to stay alive in fights because your being bursted down by an Ap champ.

: Madred's Bloodrazor is a good item if the opponent is a bit too tanky for you to handle. The attack speed is also pretty decent.

: Getting another one of these would be helpful in many ways. The extra crit chance and attack speed will make your enemies angry at how fast you can kill them.

: This item has good attack speed and gives a nice little damage boost. My only issue with this item is it's reliability late game. When your going against a champ like Annie or Brand, you want to make sure the intial stun won't shut you down and whos to say your gonna be able to get a few hits off to make your Wit's End useful? It's too risky of an item to rely on and should only be used if your going against casters like Karthus or Ryze or Vladimir(really?).

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Vayne... is a truck throughout the whole game. The build I propose has high damage, even higher crits, but not much survivability. My reasoning is, if you have good control of her stealth in teamfights then you should be able to kill off the opponents main damage source(s) before it gets out of hand. Vayne is a TON of fun and one of my favorite champions. She can seem OP sometimes or all the time when your 3-shotting people, but remember that farm and skill is the MOST important thing when playing as any champion.

Feel free to ask me anything from my build to the weather. Comment and Vote!