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Vayne General Guide by Lowzz55

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lowzz55

Vayne Platinum Giude... the late-game hard carry

Lowzz55 Last updated on November 4, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Vayne with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Ezreal ezreal is a really easy enemy for vayne.. he is a skill shot adc and all of his skillshots except e can be dodged by your q.. dodge q also by staying behind minions and he is done.. when you have some attack speed you can reck him quite easily.. still try avoiding his q as much as possible
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Hello guys.. my name is jakajieunsong and i am currently plat 5 (plat 2 before summer decay).. i play on the eune server and i main adc.. adc or feed basically..
on my second account (when first is banned) i only play vayne on rankeds and even in plat games i pick vayne when i get the chance... it is harder to pick vayne in platinum games because people know your early game is really weak so they shut you down early..
i am italian but currently live in slovakia because of dad's job.. i study in a british school and i speak italian english french german and korean.. i always play lol with my korean friends as i have many.. this gives me lots of room for improvement because asians are op..
this is my first mobafire guide so i hope u like it..

i want to remind you guys that for an adc it is vital to farm and farm.. if you have double cs then enemy adc, it doesnt matter that much if you have 0/1 and enemy adc has 1/0...

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about vayne

As vayne has a really weak laning phase due to her low range (550), it is vitally important to keep a good creep score (cs) in order to get a decently good late game.. vayne has a quite good farming skills under the turret thanks to the bonus damage that tumble (her q) provides you.
using your e to last hit a minion can be quite stressing as it will consume half of your mana in the early game, but it is worth 1 minion and you probably will not need it before the cooldown expires.

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vayne's pros and cons


    really strong late game,
    tank melter (thanks to w)
    it does not have mana problems unlike other adcs unless you spam her e..
    no skillshots to land
    good at chasing down enemies
    stealth from your ulti is really useful mainly in team fights
    good kiting potential against no dash or slow champs.

    really weak early game (550 range)
    depends too much on team.. cant carry alone unless you are piglet
    condemn can only stun if there is a structure or wall behind the enemy
    you may save a player's life if they flash during your condemn because of the small delay
    vayne gets shut down by lots of ccs as she is really weak if focused
    exhaust shuts vayne down because she relies on attack speed

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Staring Items

Always start with a doran balde for the attack damage, health and life steal it gives. It is a very cost efficient item, but it should be avoided to buy lots of them. 2 doran's blade can be bought if u die and u have 440g but it is still better to buy a long sword and a potion if you can come back.. otherwise 2 doran's blade give u more survivability

take a red potion to heal you back up when you get to lower hp

take the warding totem instead of sweeping lens because you want to have vision of the bottom lane bush if enemy supports hide, if you hit your e then it is dangerous to face check after that, or to check if enemy jungler comes.

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support synergy with vayne

if your blitzcrank is good enough he will miss just a few hooks.. when they land and make enemy go airborne with his e, you have time to land 3 silver bolts on enemy and start the fight with a good advantage.. if the blitz hooks the enemy next to a wall you can start the fight with a free stun

blitz (8/10)

annie is a risky support for vayne.. annie becomes a really useless support if enemy bot lane starts to get fed with kills and assists. however she can turn the fights to your favour if she gets good 2 men stuns with w or with r..

annie (5/10) thresh is a good pickup for vayne.. if his hooks land, you can start the fight with a good advantage.. his e passive is good for poking when changed and he can save you with his lantern when you are in trouble. his e can save you from lots of initiations such as lee e, tristana w, etc.. the slow from the box (thresh ulti) gives you good chance to kite the enemy thanks to the slow it provides

(thresh 7/10)

sona is a decent pick for vayne.. it is really useful at keeping you in lane and go through your hard laning phase.. her q is good for poking enemies and her e is good for fleeing away when enemy jungler comes or you are in trouble.. her ultimate is really useful for vayne to quickly shut down the target while they are stunned.. however sona is a really fragile pick so if she is caught out or all-inned she is very vulnerable
(sona 7/10) play safe till 6 both

nami is a good support nowadays. her q is really annoying if it lands.. vayne can do what ever she wants during the enemy stun and gets lots of attack damage from nami's e.. good for trades where vayne is quite weak at in early games.. nami also has her w to sustain vayne and make her go thought early game.
(nami 6/10)

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damage items
blade of the ruined king - vayne's core item.. gives attack damage for farming and for auto attacks, gives attack speed for more damage with your w and gives life steal to heal back up when you are low, helping you stay in lane longer.

beserker's graves only choice for vayne.. she needs attack speed and movement speed.. i dont know why i mentioned them
take furor for better kiting in team fights
take enrichment if you are so fed and you have to walk far every time
take alacrity for more speed

phantom dancer the attack speed is vital for you. The critical change gives you much more damage on carries when it comes, movement speed is useful for more mobility and vayne needs lots of it

youmuu's ghostblade this is a better item than phantom dancer but requires more kiting skills as the active lasts only 8 seconds. it gives cooldown reduction, damage and armor penetration.. however, as i said, the attack speed bonus lasts only for 8 seconds and it is bad for long team fights..

infinity edge this item is really strong in combination with other crit chance items due to its passive.. this item gives you also the chance to 1 shot carries and non-tanky enemies.. do not take this if enemy has lots of tanks

last whisper helps vayne to melt tanks down due to passive.. i always hated this item because of the low attack damage and coz it is cheap but its passive is really strong

bloodthirster this is only if u want to go as flat ad vayne.. more damage on basic attacks then on w.. it provides shield for long range spells like global ulties and a very good amount of life steal.

defensive items
guadian angel if you play vs mixed ap and ad.. good for 2nd chance and rly useful if your positioning is good so you can respawn in a safe place

banshee's veil good vs ap and gives good amount of health.. it is safe and cancels long-range stun such as leona's ulti

randuin or thornmail only take this if enemy team has only ads or a super fed ad champ.. randuin gives less armor, more hp and good active for kiting.. thornmail just shuts down ads..

frozen mallet my favourite.. still gives you some ad, lots of ap and a really good passive for kiting.. only take this when you are really fed and have lots of money to spend

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farming on vayne

Farming is quite simple on Vayne.
Just remember the basics:
-A caster minion will die from 1 turret shot and 2 auto attacks until you get a 2nd dorans blade or vamp scepter.
-A melee minion will die from 2 turret shots and 1 auto attack at any stage in the game.
-A cannon minion will take your judgement, but I always use Tumble to ensure that I get this minion. This minion is very important and you should try to never miss that last hit.

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Team Fights

You always always want to stay in a safe place with vayne in a team fight. ALWAYS have your support next to you or someone who can protect you so you can deal damage safely. vayne depends a lot on team work and team plays, you need amazing mechanics and kiting to deal damage without protection..
It is also possible to come from the back in order to assassinate enemy carries, but i must highlight that is a really DANGEROUS play and it is reccomended when you are 98% sure u can survive or u get the kills on enemy adc and mid laner. (must have flash, support next to you, ulti on, etc.). if you kill both carries and you die, it is 85% of the times worth unless they have full damage top laner which can kill all team alone. be careful for this

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- farm, farm, farm, farm and chances of winning are higher
- do not get greedy for a kill unless you 100% have it..
- always watch out for turret shots. vayne is fragile so turret hurts vayne alot
- stay safe in team fights so you can deal lots of damage
- practise mechanics if you can (can carry games alone when you have good mechanics)

this is jakajieunsong and i have you do not feed because i might be in your game.
thank you and bye bye.


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