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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Vayne Build Guide by RGL Aces

AD Carry Vayne the True Assassin [RGL Chief 5.12 ]

AD Carry Vayne the True Assassin [RGL Chief 5.12 ]

Updated on June 23, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author RGL Aces Build Guide By RGL Aces 17,516 Views 0 Comments
17,516 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author RGL Aces Vayne Build Guide By RGL Aces Updated on June 23, 2015
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Introduction to Vayne Guide

Welcome to my Season 5 Vayne Guide.I will try my best to update this guide after every Patch.Eventho i stopped playing ADC as of early 2014 and rotate to Mid Lane due to its jaw dropping assasination power that attracts me,i still play Vayne alot.

I suggest you only take this as a guide which is what it is and just adapt accordingly to your own play style.This is how i play my Vayne and I've had the most success with this type of builds and so I think it might work well for you too.As we knows it,game to game,team comps are never the same and builds keep changing to adapt to the situation,but the core item[Blade of the Ruined King] remains the same for this champion. players you may play with may either be extremely good which might mean an easy win and you might think this build is definitely working well or extremely bad teammates and nothing's working your way and so this guide isn't good. No definitely not that!

Moving on to the guide,the guide i will be showing you right now will be the one i have the most success with when i play Vayne and the things I have learnt while playing Him.

He's a strong mid-late game carry as he does true damage based on Silver Bolts[W].Vayne is weak against certain champions such as Corki but its possible to win the lane.Play as smart as you can - using tumble to dodge skillshots,its a brilliant ability! Due to the Season 5 changes,this is my build for Vayne.And this is what ive had the most success with so far.
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Runes,its all about the True Damage

Here we go! Im gonna talk abit about the runes i prefer.I really love the Quints of Attack Speed x3.It lets Vayne proc herSilver Bolts[W] on every 3rd Auto-Attack really fast at early levels.
I just love the true damage Vayne can dish out,so why not bring more of it!

But of course you can go whatever runes you wish to,but ive a high success rate on this runes set up.
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(Passive) Night Hunter

Vayne's passive gives you a bunch of free movement speed when chasing. The bonus gets a lot stronger when you use Final Hour(R), which is what lets you chase for kills and reposition more quickly in team fights.

(Q) Tumble

Cooldown: 6/5/4/3/2 seconds
This is your primary ability. You'll want to use this to get that little bit of range for your auto attack, dodge an ability, activate your stealth, anything basically! You can't go over walls with this tho :(

(W) Silver Bolts

Your primary damaging ability. It activates after every 3rd auto attack in a row on the same target. This can also be activated with your Condemn. Condemn should give you a stack of Silver Bolts which is insane damage once the 3rd proc activates

(E) Condemn

Cooldown: 20/18/16/14/12 seconds
You can slam summoners onto walls and that would stun them plus Condemn itself gives a stack of Silver Bolts.It can also be used to interrupt most gap-closing abilities if timed well.

(R) Final Hour

Cooldown: 100/85/70 seconds
This is your damage steroid for that extra overall power you need to kill somebody. Use this at the start of any duel and spam your Tumble while in this. If you achieve a wall-bang during this do NOT use your Tumble for the duration of the stun. The main use of your Tumble is to cancel the enemies' auto-attacks, start up your next auto, and make the enemy guess where you are. With every Tumble you should be changing direction to make your enemy even more confused.
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Early Game

You would want to start with Dorans Blade since you're not running any lifesteal quints.Any other start might make a difference between winning or losing early game trades.Apart from Dorans Blade,get your Health Potion and Warding Totem.For your first buy,get a Bilgewater Cutlass.That builds into Blade of The Ruined King.After the Bilgewater Cutlass,if you cant afford to buy Blade of The Ruined King and you have Boots of Speed + Dagger + 225g,buy Berserker Greaves

Mid Game

If you havent gotten your Berserker Greaves because you rushed Blade of the Ruined King,buy it now! Those two items are the core items.You would want to buy Youmuu's Ghostblade since it scales insanely well with Blade of The Ruined King.The active gives you even more movement speed + your Passive(Night Hunter) + Final Hour,your chasing power is just Boommmmm*mindblown*

Your next buy will depend on the enemy team and the gold you have in your inventory ;
-If the enemy team has armor,go Last Whisper
-If the enemy team has no armor,go Infinity Edge (if you have 1550g)
-If the enemy team has no armor and you dont have 1550 in inventory,go Phantom Dancer! (It gives you the nice Attack Speed,Movement Speed and Crit Chance) (More movement speed,more chasing power)

Late Game

By now,you would want to get your defensive item.Depending on the situation,
-Get QuickSilver Slash if there are undodgeable spells.(Zed Ulti,Twisted Fate Gold Card)
-Get Banshee's Veil against naturally strong AP Champs(Fizz,Ahri,Fiddlesticks,Le Blanc,Katarina etc)
I personally dont go for defensive items,for real.UNLESS,like ive mentioned,they have undodgeable spells or they have an AP Mid Champion that have gap closers for example; Katarina,Fizz,Le Blanc.
For the 6th item,get what you need! And if youve already built everything,sell your boots for Zephyr for Tenacity + Attack Speed + AD + Cooldown Reduction.
You may ask what does Tenacity do,well im not here to insult your intelligence but im just gonna tell those who dont know what it is.
Tenacity ; The duration of stuns, slows, taunts, fears, silences, blinds, polymorphs, and immobilizes are reduced by 35%.This actually means alot,thats an item that offers Vayne almost everything she needs.Cooldowns for more tumble,Crowd Control effects are reduced by 35%,Vayne just becomes a beast late game.
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Vayne is a great DPS(damage persecond) ADC/Marksman during teamfights.Deals tons of damage with Blade of Ruined King + Silver Bolts(W) proc.Position yourself at the back of the team or somewhere you'll be safe to DPS so you wont get caught by Crowd Control effects.Use your Final Hour(R)(damage steroid) for extra damage and your tumbles will allow you to stealth for 1 second.Remember to always go for the enemy that is a threat to you or the closest one to you.You dont always have to chase a target thru the entire opponent team just to finish him off,switch targets and continue doing DPS to the nearest target.But if you're really fed,why not.

If champions like Mao Kai managed to root you,use Final Hour(R) and Tumble(Q) to go stealth and use Blade of the Ruined King at the same time,for movement speed boost and reposition for the teamfight.If you have Youmuu's Ghostblade,thats even better,gives you insane movement speed


Against Zed/Twisted Fate ; Be quick to use QuickSilver Slash right after you get Ult'd by Zed or get hit by Twisted Fate's Gold Card.

Against Jax for example; Be ready to use Condemn(E) on him once he uses Counterstrike(E) and Leap Strike(Q) onto you,that will push him away.If he gets condemned to a wall,fight him back knowing he doesnt have Counterstrike(E) and Leap Strike(Q) since its on cooldown.If he tries to run away(taking into consideration he has Flash),use Final Hour(R)+ Blade of the Ruined King passive + Youmuu's Ghostblade passive to chase him down.Doing so gives you tons of movement speed boost given by your Final Hour(R)[Night Hunter's movement speed increase is tripled]
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In lane,you would want to secure as much CS(Creep Score) as possible while dodging enemy's skillshots(if they have one) by using Tumble(Q) or sidestepping it.If there's an opportunity to hit the enemy AD when he's CS-ing,go for it and dont waste that chance(unless they have someone like Sona,which can do a significant amount of damage early game to you). At any point when you engage,try to proc the Silver Bolts by auto-attacking thrice or double auto + Condemn.If you get the chance to Condemn the enemy AD or support,do so!
Or if your jungler comes and you want to secure a kill before getting Dragon,Tumble(Q) forward + Flash and Condemn(E) them into the wall.Before you pull off this move,calculate and be sure that they'll get condemned.If they dont,congratulations,you just wasted your Flash and the enemy didnt get condemned to the wall.Now base and buy 6 tear of goddess ;_;
Okay no i was just joking.
For matchups tips whatsoever,refer to "THREATS TO VAYNE WITH THIS BUILD" below the Masteries Chart!
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Upcoming Guides

From now onwards,im going to make guides for champions that are viable at Mid since i myself am a Mid Laner.I'll make a Le Blanc guide and it should be up by 26/12/2014.
Thank you for visiting my guides and if it has helped you understand Vayne abit more,its my pleasure.If there's anything else i could add on to this guide,visit my social websites and drop me a message! And remember, players you may play with may either be extremely good which might mean an easy win and you might think this build is definitely working well or extremely bad teammates and nothing's working your way and so this guide isn't good. Definitely not that,just keep on trying and NEVER GIVE UP
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