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Vayne Build Guide by Blakhart

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Blakhart

Vayne- Through the Shadows(REVAMPED)

Blakhart Last updated on September 16, 2011
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Welcome to another one of my guides that never makes it high in the ranks because so many trolls downvote them, featuring; Vayne, The Night Hunter

Before we get started, I'd like to thank the following people for major contributions to this guide, and for being great people to play with:

PsiGuard, JhoiJhoi

I made this guide a couple months ago, and it was the first Vayne guide released on Mobafire.
It never got too far because of the reason stated above... So I gave up on this guide and left it alone... but then a couple people found it and +1'd it... it then became #9 on the list, so this is my Vayne guide... REVAMPED!
Keep in mind, I do realize that this build turns her into a glass cannon, I know. But what do you have to do to glass in order to keep it from breaking?
Keep it away from things that can break it.
Vayne is like a baby, fragile, so you have to nurture her early on in order to succeed as a carry later on.
Enjoy this, and hopefully it works for you.
If you have any comments, post them down below, and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

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Pros / Cons

-Very strong throughout the entire game
-Can focus down single targets with ease, as long as she doesn't get CC'd
-Probably the Best Chaser in the game
-Can turn invisible, has a stun, and can increase the already high damage she has to ungodly amounts.

-Really squishy
-Needs some kills in order to actually do anything in the game
-Missing out on just a few minutes of farm can really affect how she is by end game
-No efficient escape mechanism

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Skill Sequence

I usually choose to max Vayne's True damage skill, Silver Bolts because my usual build focuses on attack speed with on hit effects, allowing me to do more damage overall.

Since Tumble is maxed closely after, I can do a ton more damage since my next attack after using this skill(at level 5) will do 60% more damage.

After using combos like this, I have received comments from opponents like:

"omfgbbqroflcopter they need to nerf vayne again she hits like a ****ing truck"

My perosnal favorite:
"**** you and your OP champion stupid scrub"

You are more than welcome to change the skilling order as you see fit, but this is just what I like to do.

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Summoner Spells

Yes, I always take Flash and Exhaust mainly due to the fact that Vayne has no real escape mechanism, except for her Tumble, even then, she doesn't get very far.


Yes, I get Exhaust because even though it's good for chasing, it can still be used defensively.
I've sometimes used it to escape an enemy that was a little faster than me, so I exhausted them, giving me the chance to run away easier.
It also works wonderfully when I 1v1 some one, and they Ignite me, while I Exhaust them, making it so they can't do as much attack or ability damage, while also lowering their resistances from Cripple and helping me kill them with no problem.

Other choices that I would suggest include:

Teleport : This is a good SS to use when your team need's a quick gank.
Simply push your lane a bit and walk back towards turret. Let your ally know that you are TP'ing on the ward they placed in a nearby bush. Use your ultimateFinal Houe, then Tumble on in invisibly, and unleash the fury of Vayne, and insure a kill or two.

Ghost : Again, no real escape mechanism, so using this helps a lot offensively, as well as defensively.

Ignite : This is great when you want to make sure you kill an enemy, allowing you to burn their soul... I mean burst their sole chance of winning the game.

Cleanse : Having issues with CC effects? Look no more, simply choose this as a summoner spell, and CC effects will have almost no effect on you at all. "OH NO, IT SEEMS I HAVE BEEN STUNNED" <:0 Click either D or F(depending on which slot you put it into) and you are free from pain. And with a short cooldown, who wouldn't want this?

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I notice some players going for the Vampiric Scepter
but I like going for the usual Doran's Blade. It gives that little extra punch, as well as some lane sustainability.

I recently started playing Vayne some what differently, after seeing enemies do other weird things too.
I sometimes get two Gold per 10 items, to help me get more gold, and also help my early game a bit as well.
You don't have to get any of them, but that's just me. If you want to only get one, I suggest the Philosopher's Stone if you are against another AD enemy, or the Avarice Blade if against an AP opponent.
I find it easier to recover from an AD mid, rather than an AP mid, that's why I suggest the philo for AD. As for the Avarice Blade and AP's; AP champs are generally squishier, so having that extra "oomph" helps take out their HP a lot easier in my personal opinion.
I personally grab Philo stone due to the fact that Vayne's last nerf made it so that she has some mana issues during the ealry laning phase.

My core is seen here:

With these, I have everything I need in order to make sure I get a kill, or do whatever I need to do in terms of killing the Dragon, or even escaping my enemies. I'll have AS, MS, HP, MP, Dmg, and some Crit, with a bonus proc for major domination.

If you are having troubles against a certain opponent, I have listed several items to grab to counter said enemies with ease.

If against a heavy AD team:

I realize these are weird choices as well, but if you would look to their effects, and see how they could counter an AD champion like Xin Zhao, and how he relies on attack speed to do anything... Then you can see that these lower his attack speeds, giving you the upper hand in that department, as well as him damaging himself from Thornmail's effect, plus the nice amount of armor they give, making you an actual Armored Tank carry.

If against a heavy AP team:

These are what I view as Anti-mage as well as Anti-CC when in combat. Hexdrinker has saved me so many times from unexpected **** like a Karthus' Requiem.
Banshee's Veil is just an amazing item, giving the user one "Get out of CC" free card, and the bonus mana and hp doesn't hurt either.
Quicksilver Sash IS A MUST, when against an enemy Mordekaiser.
His Ultimate, Children of the Grave will use you against your team, and make you feel like **** when you watch yourself destroy one of your own towers. As soon as you see that little helmet above you, quickly press the number key corresponding to your Sash, and you won't become a nuisance to your own allies.
If you don't want to get this, simply trade your Berserker's Greaves for Mercury's Treads

If against a Tanky team:

Having any of these items in your arsenal will make tanks fear you even MORE. Your true damage already pisses them off, then once they find out your grabbing items to weaken their resistances, and making them squishies, will make them feel useless when they can't even survive a few auto attacks from you.
Only Get Madred's Bloodrazor if the enemy is stacking a lot of HP. This item becomes almost useless when they don't have much hp, but lots of armor and mag. res.
Get Last Whisper if they are only if they stack a lot of armor, and Malady is only if there's a lot of mag. res. stacking. Grabbing Malady does sound very noobish, and will make your allies and opponents question your skills. Seeing as how Malady gives you attack speed, AND Ability power(which Vayne does not need since she has nothing in her kit that scales with ability power at all) even I question taking it. But when an enemy like Mordekaiser Singed and even Galio stacks a ton of magic resistance, making your AP carry unable to touch them... Grab this item, and you will make, even an enemy Galio, cringe since you are going to shred his magic resistance, and your AP carry will come in, and crush him like an insect.
Psiguard suggests, and I agree, only get Malady once you have your Madred's Bloodrazor Otherwise you won't do the necessary amount of damage needed.

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Last hit minions, and if there's not one to last hit for a few seconds, use that time to harass enemies, and don't be afraid to harass either. It's like a game of chicken... whoever backs out first... loses. If they try to fight you, and you are sure you can kill them, do so, but don't be stupid and fight under their tower. DO NOT TURRET DIVE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE.
As many Vayne games I've had, that's always been an issue. If they get away, let it be, use that time to over farm them, and kill them when they return. If you dive them, you will most likely:
-Lose a lot of hp, maybe even die(duh)
-Get killed by enemy because they CC you under turret
-Get the kill, but end up dying to turret, only to find out the kill went to the enemy(which is very bad)
-Lose some hp, they get away, and then you get ganked(which is also very bad)

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This is the way I play Vayne, after her nerfs. I find this to be the easiest way to completely dominate with her early, mid, and late game.
Vayne is one of the coolest, and most powerful champions in the game, and is one not to underestimate because of her squishiness.
Just because a champion has been nerfed, doesn't mean they aren't useless.
Take Evelynn for example. Sure, she's been hit with the nerf stick pretty hard, but I saw one person who was extremely good with her, and that made me realize that there are ways to overcome a a champion's weaknesses from nerfs. You just have to think of other options of how to approach your enemies with them. Shen is still a viable champ. Don't ask me how, just saying that he is, but that's another story.
I hope that this guide can help whoever reads it as a guideline, or inspiration to continue playing Vayne, and not giving up one this wonderful champion.

Thanks for reading, and please hit that +1 button. If there's something you see wrong in the guide, leave me a comment with some info, and I'll fix what I can or explain my reasoning better ^_^
Thanks again
Sincerely, Blakhart

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Friday, May 13 2011
Played some bot games in jungling, and due to the fact that Vayne does not have sufficient damage output, she can NOT jungle.

Monday, May 16 2011
A jungling build may be built due to recent information from Ineaus.
Also, comments are no longer necessary for voting.

Tuesday, May 17 2011
Added a small note in Intro stating that This was the first Vayne guide to appear on Mobafire

Thursday, May 19 2011
due to the fact that some people are going to troll and downgrade my guide for no apparent reason, I am now requesting voters to comment. I also added a Guardian Angel to both builds for more survivability

Friday, May 20 2011
I added another build based on Crit and attack speed. Although it goes against my beliefs on how to play Vayne, having the extra damage from critting along with silver bolts, her ulti, and tumble make her able to 2 shot(almost 1 shot) enemies no problem.

Monday, May 23 2011
Fixed some small errors and gave an alternative starting item while also changing the primary item build along with the skilling order for the patch, made a small note suggesting a jungling build, fixed a small section in the important item information, and left a small bit in the summary.

Wednesday, May 25 2011
Jungle testing is complete... it's a no go. see below under jungling.
Also changed the section known as "Bugs" to "Tips"

Friday, June 10 2011
Deleted the "Tips" section since the extra damage from tumble onto buildings is no longer existent. Also there was a small part in tips that everyone should know anyway... if they don't know it I'll be more than happy to include it if someone wants it.

August 13, 2011
Revamped my entire build to fit my own playstyle, as well as making her still hit like a mufugging train.

August 16, 2011
Added a "Laning" Section to hopefully help lower leveled players, or even current level 30 players learn to play her easier.

August 19, 2011
Fixed a few errors thanks to Psiguard, and just made some overall fixtures. Also changed masteries to a more offensive stance.

August 20, 2011
Added a Guardian Angel in order to balance her stats a little, so she's not too much of a glass cannon.