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Veigar Build Guide by skippersd

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League of Legends Build Guide Author skippersd

Veigar - If you are under lvl 20

skippersd Last updated on November 14, 2012
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Veigar Build

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Welcome to my first guide on Mobafire, the " Veigar - If you are under lvl 20". There are quite many well written guides for Veigar, but they all assume that you have already reached lvl 30. I have been playing this little monster since lvl 6, as it was the first champion i bought.

That said, i will assume that you have read other guides and/or played with Veigar a few times, thus i won't explain his abilities, pros-cons, etc. I just want to point out a few things what is different between a high level summoner and a low level summoner.

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There are two ways I'd choose at the start of the game.

  1. Boots of Speed + Health Potionx2 + Mana Potion
  2. Meki Pendant + Health Potionx2

The first way is recommended if you will face someone with skillshots, or the enemy team has a jungler. Althought it is a valueable experience to not have speed increase as long as possible. That does sound weird, doesn't it? One of the most squshy champion it the game, without speed increase? You should say: "I'll be slaughtered without the boots!". Make no mistake, that is more than likely. You will get killed many times. The catch is, if you learn your limits without the boots, when you have them, you will be able to retreat from a bad positioning, because with the boots, that's not that bad positioning.

That said, boots or no boots, if you see someone like LeBlanc don't leave the tower's range.

The second option is my personal favorite. Since you have no runes, mana is a very real issue for you. The Meki Pendant obviously helps with that, and it builds right into a Tear of the Goddess.

On a side note. Why do we like, and why do we hate the Archangel's Staff?

It's a great item, since it gives mana regeneration, more mana, and AP. The most obvious drawback is, it needs time to snowball. Also, some say it's a bad item, because it does not give anything else. I'll say, 'it's not a bug, it's a feature'! I used to say, when someone accused me with feeding, that Veigar's middle name is snack. You don't need more HP, armor, or magic resist. If they were able to hit you more than once, you did something very wrong.

Back on track. Either you choose to buy Boots of Speed or not, your first priority is to rush to Tear of the Goddess. Once you got that, and also have the Boots of Speed, you have to consider the enemy team. Are they squishy enought for me to kill? A perfect yes wouly be Ashe, a definite no is for example Dr. Mundo.


An other possible item for the mana regen issue is the Chalice of Harmony. It synergises incedibly well with your passive, and it can be built into an Athene's Unholy Grail. Not to mention since the DFG does not give CDR any longer, rushing to it became a not that great idea.

The first three item choices are:
The first option gives you more gold, the second or third is for mana regen. The former gives you more manaregen, the latter more mana. Not to mention, it lets you snowball. Hard.

The first Legenary item should be the Rabadon's Deathcap.

Make no mistake, at the early-mid game, you won't have enought AP to kill anyone you cross. That means you can either go with the team, or ambush some unlucky guy. Obviously, the latter is risky, and you don't want to give the enemy team free kills. That leaves moving with the team, or at least with someone. Thus it does not matter weather you can nuke the enemy chapion or not, sometimes it's enought to just stun them.

Make no mistake, you shoud not get into teamfights without the Rabadon's Deathcap. If top/bot is pushed, you can go and help out your teammates, but do not pick fights if it's not necessary.

Once you got the Archangel's Staff, you can go and tear nearly anyone apart, but you still have a terribly long CD. That can be helped in two ways. Either you can get the Crest of the Ancient Golem , or a CDR item, like Morello's Evil Tome, or Athene's Unholy Grail. You can need the CDR item for many reasons, like:
  • You may die, and with that the blue buff is lost
  • The enemy might have a good jungler, who always steals it
  • You may have someone in your team, who (thinks he) needs it more than you do.

The last item is entirely up the situation. You may get an other Archangel's Staff for more AP, a Void Staff for magic penetration, or a Banshee's Veil or a Quicksilver Sash against CCs.

There is one item that may sound absurd, but it does make sense if you are somewhat a carry in your team. That is the Lich Bane. Althought you are a nuker, even with 40% CDR you have one minute between two burst. That's when the Lich Bane comes into play. If you see your teammate struggling with an enemy, just give them a Event Horizon+ Dark Matter + basic attack, then a Baleful Strike + basic attack combo. That means 580 + 3.6 x AP damage. Even with 500 AP, that's 2380 Damage. And you will have around 1000 AP at late game. That's over 4000 damage every 10 seconds!

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The basic tactic with Veigar at early game can be summarised in two simple senteces.

My favorite, and easiest way to achieve this is: DO NOT PUSH
The why is quite obvious. First, and foremost, if you push, you can be ganked, and you may die... Make that you will die. If you don't push, you put you opponeit in those shoes. He will risk getting ganked every second he spends near your turret. Do not forget, even if you can't kill him, you can take down him to half HP at most, within 1.5 seconds. (after lvl 6 of course). You will most likely just sit in you lane, farm like the devil, and get ready for late-game.

At mid game (when the lanes are abadoned, and everyone is running around like a headless chiken) you have to act like a support. Stun, force the enemy team to break formation with Dark Matter, and stay the hell back. In short, bide your time. Late game is your friend.

A farmed Veigar is an incredible threat late game. Or to paraphrase Fury from Avengers, you are not a threat, you are a promise. A promise that you will nuke the **** out of those who don't have MR. How can you know that you did well? Winning is the obvious answer, but not necessarily correct. You did well if the whole enemy team stacks MR. Of course, that might mean you can't nuke them like you were used to.

BUT, every item that gives MR has a counterpart that does not, but gives more of other goodies. With every MR item you force them to buy, you deprived them from more AD, armor, CDR, and every other stat. If they do not have much armor, your AD carry can fluorish. If they have less AD, your tank can live longer.

Every second you stay alive, and off CD, is making them the afformentioned promise. So plan is, stay alive. How to do that, especially in those heretic teamfights?
Simple, do not charge in. More precisely, do not rush in, if you don't know every enemy's location. It's a common tactic to start a 4vs5 teamfight, and the fifth member cricles the enemy team, and attacks those squisy high priority targets form behind. If you see your team attacking 4 opponeits, and the fifth is MIA, stay behind. That poor bastard have three choices, either wait, and watch his team get beaten, try to attack your team from behind, and get buttraped by you, or attack you, and still get killed.

On the other hand, if it's an all out 5vs5, you might try to 'poke'. Wait for a good target to break formation for a poking shot, nuke him, and run like hell. In about ten seconds, you will have your stun back, so you are useful again. The other guy is not. He's either dead, or so close, that he will not dare to attack again.

The last queston is, who is your target?
  1. AD carry (The guy with Infinity Edge and Phantom Dancer)
  2. AP carry (most likely who you laned against)
  3. support with good CC (ie. Leona, Sona)
  4. Bruiser (ie. Jax)
  5. Tank

You want to get the AD carry first, since he has sustained damage, instead of the AP carry's burst damage. And most AD carryes have good lifesteal, so if they ran away with 10 HP, they can heal back to full from killing a few minions.

Usually the AD carry is the biggest threat, with not too much HP nonetheless. Of course, if they have a 20/0 Jax, you want to kill him instead.

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That's all folks. If you think i should add something, please tell me so! Other than that, do not deny the darkness in your soul...