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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dotter

Veigar - When Harry Potter is just too bad

Dotter Last updated on June 8, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Sup dudes?
This is my Veigar guide, focusing on early burst damage and not that much survivability, since I think Veigar shouldn't be in the middle of a teamfight. Please read it, try it and give constructive feedback, so I can improve it.

Veigar has one of the best bursts in the game, especially with DFG. He can take out casters in one combo, which is mainly why I love him. He is also a great farmer with low cooldowns, which makes him really fun to play. This build is focusing on getting your cooldowns really low, so you can spam your spells consistantly in teamfights. You will have tons of AP anyway, so lowering your cooldowns is a great way to make yourself a bigger threat in teamfights - Mainly because it gives you more CC.

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The True Legend of Veigar

Once upon a time in ancient times, a school called Hogwarts was founded. The school was an "only for awesome wizards" school, where only the best wizard dudes and girls went. One young boy called Veigar really wanted to go there, so he send an application to the magic school of awesomeness. Veigar was rejected with the words: "You are too small and insignificant, are you a baby midget wizard? trololol."
Veigar was filled with anger and badass evilness, and he really wanted to become strong enough to destroy Hogwarts and their little favourite student Harry Potter.
As Veigar grew to an adult, his powers were insane, since he had taught himself forbidden spells. He was still a really small dude, but none was evil as Veigar. One day, he returned to Hogwarts to get revenge. Sadly people started laughing at him, so he went all like: "Stop laughing, I am evil!". The students of Hogwarts, including Harry Potter responded in an arrogant manner only to be destroyed by Veigar's doom-like spells. The rumour of his powers spread like a *****'s legs, when she sees a 100-dollar bill, so Veigar was brought to the Fields of Justice, wherein he now causes horror to other wizards and magicians. People no longer laugh at the little fella.

"Yeah, Sarah Fortune, I did totally one-shot Hogwarts... Now, kiss me baby!" - Veigar

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Pros & Cons

- Sick burst damage.
- Nice CC
- Great farmer
- Can take out casters and sometimes other dudes in one combo.
- He can do great amounts of damage to tanks with certain items.
- He has low cooldowns and that makes him funnier to play.
- He is really evil.
- Works best in mid, but he is also viable in duo-lanes.

- Really squishy
- Will be focused alot in teamfights, due to his short CD nukes.
- Will have a hard time against AD-heavy teams.
- MR can ruin alot of his burst damage.
- He has a hard time agains silencers.
- Veigar is vulnerable to CC. (A stun in a teamfight can easily get him killed).

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Mastery Tree (9-0-21)

9 in mastery
Gives you a small amount of AP, CD-reduction and most importat: Archaic Knowledge. Spell penetration to give you a damage boost from your abilities/spells.

21 in utility
- Veigar is a caster, so getting mana regeneration good. The utility also CD-reduction, improved summoner spells and CD-reduction on those.. I really prefer going with 21 in utility, since Veigar is somewhat mana hungry, even though his passive gives better mana regeneration.

I wouldn't recommend going defensive, though Veigar is squishy. Mainly because he shouldn't be in the middle of a fight, and if he ends up there, he will be dead even with defensive masteries. He is a nuker, so he should be a bit away from the fight, spamming his spells. Going 9-0-21 is kinda the only way, which I would recommend. 21-0-9 is not that viable, Veigar has enough damage already.

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- Really standard for casters. More damage from your spells and that's about it. A nice boost in early game. With these, masteries and boots, you often wont need Void Staff.

9x Greater Seal of Replenishment
- Veigar is mana hungry and he has relatively low cooldowns. (really low cooldowns with this build). Therefore he needs mana regeneration, especially in order to farm with Q and W and buff up his AP with Baleful Strike. He spams his spells almost constantly, which is why these seals are really needed.

- More AP means more damage - It will be easier to last-hit minions with Veigar's Q-ability and you have better harrasing capabilities. Veigar is weakest in his early game, so it is here he needs most boosts from runes, which is why flat AP is best for Veigar. He will have tons of AP in lategame anyways.

- Same reasons as for the glyphs. You can also go with flat HP for a bit more survival in early game, though you often will be hiding behind creeps, farming with Baleful Strike.

You can also run with pr. level mana & ability power in seals and glyphs, but I recommend that you only use 3-4 of these, since Veigar has a weak laning phase from level 1-5. He just needs to farm here, and does not have that strong a nuke. He will, however be really strong in lategame, so the runebuild focuses on making his early game less weak.

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Summoner Spells

Main Summoner Spells

- There are several reasons why this summoner spell is great for Veigar:

Veigar has a relatively weak early game, where he simply needs to farm some AP with Baleful Strike. So he needs an escape mechanism if things get ****ty (for example if a jungler and your laning opponent tries to gank you.
It works really well with Veigars E-ability. Flash back to tower and stun the gankers. But remember that only the walls stun, so the enemies are free to run inside of Event Horizon. Basically it works as your escaping mechanism - through walls in the jungle and to get nearer your tower.

You can use flash for engaging on your enemy. Flash forward, stun, and use your combo to take them out - so basically your combo is e-w-q-r. But remember that only the walls stun, the enemy can move around freely inside the free space of the "cage".

To change position in a teamfight - You see an enemy coming at you and think: " I'mma **** a chicken!". But dude, you have flash - Use it to get further away from the enemy, stun him/her and kill the ***** with your combo, unless it's a tank or someone you can't one-shot. I think you get the point - In teamfights in the jungle you can use it to confuse your enemy, by flashing into a bush, so they can't target you and then you can freely fire off your combo, without being disturbed by CC. This require some time to master.

- Many players prefer ghost & flash on Veigar, but teleport is just plain awesomeness. Here's why:

It gives you an advantage in early game, where Veigar is a bit weak compared to other AP carries and AD carries you might face in mid. Your enemy will try do deny you from farming with Q, and therefore they will focus on harrasing you, so your late game will be weaker. Teleport is a great way to get back into lane fast to protect your turret and to keep farming AP.

Awesome for saving teammates from ganks / attacks: You see your teammates in a sidelane, where they are fighting. They might be about to lose. If your teammates have warded a bush, teleport to it and stun the enemies and go for a kill. With the assistance of your teammates, you might kill them both and be able to get a good push in. In some situations it is enough to take down a turret. This is awesome for supporting your team.

Teleport is great for pushing towers after a teamfight - if your HP pool is low, recall and teleport back near a turret, which is being pushed. Take down the turret and go all like: "yay, I know I'm kewl."

Other Viable Picks

- Veigar is really squishy, so having two escape mechanisms is great. It also let's you chase down enemies. You can't reach an enemy? pop ghost, stun, kill. It also let's you gank enemies, when you enter the sidelanes. It has quite some uses on Veigar. If you don't like teleport, this is the most recommendable number 2 summoner spell besides flash.

To be honest I haven't used other summoner spells often enough to know if they are valid. Ignite is also good for finishing off an enemy, but Veigar should normally be able to take him/her out in one combo (at least in late game). Clarity is not worth it, since you'll have a fine amount of mana regeneration from your items and from your passive & runes. Exhaust is not that good an idea either, since you shouldn't be close to enemies. It can be good in some situations. Cleanse can come in handy, but if you are hit with CC, then you are focused, and Veigar is supposed to be placed where the enemy team needs to eat their own fists to get there. (Eating your own fist = hard to do)

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Veigar's mana regen is increased by 0.75% for each 1% of mana missing.

- Benefits Veigar's need for spamming spells, especially for farmin some AP with his Q-ability. Not much more to say, but this is a good reason for not getting Clarity on him.

Active: Unleashes dark energy at target enemy dealing 80 / 125 / 170 / 215 / 260 (+60% of ability power) magic damage. If the target is killed, Veigar gains 1 ability power.

Passive: Veigar gains 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 ability power when he kills a champion from any source of damage.

- This is your bread and butter in early game. You simply need to last hit as many minions as possible, in order to boost your AP. The more AP you get, the easier it is to last hit, though it isn't that hard to begin with. It is also a good way to finish enemies with low HP and to harras your enemy, though it won't do that much damage on anything else, but squishy champions. The most important thing is to farm like a baoss with this. A well-farmed Veigar is devastating in lategame.

After 1.2 seconds, dark matter falls from the sky to the target location, dealing 120 / 170 / 220 / 270 / 320 (+100% of ability power) magic damage.

- This is a great farming spell and can easily take out minion waves when you have a decent amount of AP and you have farmed well with Q. This is a part of Veigar's awesome combo-burst. Use it to farm and harras enemies, it is nice for harrassing enemies, who towerhugs alot. More about the combo later.

Active: Veigar twists the edges of space around the target location for 3 seconds, stunning enemies who pass through the perimeter for 1.5 / 1.75 / 2 / 2.25 / 2.5 seconds.

- This is Veigar's only CC, but a it has a huge range. Just remember that only the walls of the spell stuns, so enemies can move freely in the area, which the walls surround. This spell makes Veigar a huge threat in teamfights, since a wellplaced Event Horizon equals massive damage to the stunned enemies. This is your initiating spell, when you want to burst the **** out of an enemy with your combo. I have no videoes for showing how to place this, but you can probably find some on youtube or learn it through practicing.

Blasts an enemy champion, dealing 250 / 375 / 500 (+100% of ability power) plus his target's AP in magic damage.

- This is one of the strongest single-target spells in the game, if not the strongest. I recommend using it on casters for a greater damage output, but you might also be able to take down AD carries with it: Squishees like Ashe, Miss Fortune, Caitlyn etc. This spell makes Veigar a great anti-caster, since the enemy AP carry only will receive more damage, the more AP they get.

The combo of pure awesomeness is:
+ + + + (Baleful is only if needed)

This combo is kinda "pick on to die" among squishees, especially casters. With a lot of cooldown reduction, you'll be able to do it more often, which is why I love CDR so much on Veigar.

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Starter items:

- More mana regeneration = More Baleful Strike = More AP. That's why.
This and a HP pot and a mana pot or just two HP pots and you're off to go.

Kage's Lucky Pick
You might as well get this early for the gold advantage. This build rushes a Deathfire Grasp, since it gives an early advantage in your lane as well as in teamfights, where the tank will have a harder time doing his job, if you use Deathfire on him (only if you can kill a squishy without DFG, if you need DFG for the kill, do that instead).

- For better mobility. You kinda need that before you get more damage.

- The last item before you can finish DFG. It gives CDR, AP and mana regeneration, which is awesome for Veigar.

- You are a caster, so getting these is kinda obvious. You need magic penetration for a better damage output.

- To get an early DFG will simply rape your enemies, since the burst deals tons of damage, because the enemies probably haven't bought MR (except for the tank). The early CDR gives a better farming and also more CC from Event Horizon. You can buy this before improved boots, I think both ways work just fine.

- I get this before Rabadons for two reasons:
1) More cooldown reduction to spam even more. -> more farm.
2) Mana regeneration -> You use tons of mana as Veigar.

- Time to boost your AP alot. When you get this, you should be able to take out the enemy AP carry in one combo for sure. (You might even do it before, depending on how much AP the enemy has).

- Some builds buy items, which provide tons of AP, but this also focuses on CDR, since it will allow Veigar to take out an enemy with his combo more often, while also being able to farm like a baoss.

- This provides some survivability and a lot of AP. Furthermore it has a nice passive, which gives you even more CC, since your W will slow after your stun has worn off.

There is now a spot left in your items slots. Remember, you can't follow the item sequence step by step in every game, sometimes you will need a bit of survivability or pushing capabilities. Here are some options for other items or a finishing item:

Void Stadd - The item is use most as finishing item. Your spells will be a carnival of wrecking balls, smashing through the enemies' souls. You can also take this before Rylai's if the enemy team is stacking alot of MR.

Archangel's Staff - If you find yourself to be extremely mana hungry. Personally I often find DFG and Morello's to be fine.

Mejai's Soulstealer - If you feel your team will dominate and that you wont die that much, grab this the first time you recall. It will give you tons of AP if you get fed.

Zhonya's Hourglass - Nice if you find yourself to be focused, but Veigar moves around alot in teamfights, so it can actually provide an even bigger threat to stand still for 2 seconds. It is a great item, but somewhat situational.

Lich Bane - If you really need to push towers, it is a nice item. The movement speed also provides some mobility in teamfights, which makes it easier to place yourself right.

Abyssal Mask - If you need MR, but still want some AP it is a decent choice. Just remember, that you aren't that close to combat, so the aura can be a bit of a waste.
Normally you should leave it to an AP/offtank or someone who is in the heat of a fight.

Banshee's Veil - If you lack survivability and the enemy has a strong nuke.

Quicksilver Sash - This is really situational, but I've used it against champions as Warwick, Malzahar and Mordekaiser with great succes.

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Mid vs Sidelanes

Veigar works fine in both sidelanes and in mid in my opinion. However, you should probably leave mid to a ranged carry, if they want it, since you can farm well in sidelanes as well. Furthermore Veigar can easily be denied a nice farm in mid against certain champions.

Mid laning
In mid you have to play quite passively and simply stay behind and farm with Q until you hit level 6. The good thing about going mid with Veigar is that you hit level 6 faster and therefore make a great threat to enemy AP champions. Just remember to be in range of exp, but try to go forth and back, while last hitting creeps with Baleful Strike. Keep aware of your enemy, so you won't be harrassed too much. When you are level 5 you can start harrassing your enemy with Q to warm up for a kill in level 6, if they don't recall. When you are level 6 you recall and either teleport to a sidelane to gank or simply walk back to mid on your small cute feet.

If you are sidelaning, you need a laning partner, who doesn't need a great creep farm to be strong. Furthermore you need someone, who can protect you with some sort of CC. Going with a tank or an offtank with some hard CC is probably the best way to sidelane. Examples of good laning partners are: Taric, Shen, Rammus, Alistar, Blitzcrank, Jarvan etc. These champions often buy items like HoG or Philosopher's, which is their source of gold. Therefore they won't need that many creep kills.
Some tanks need a rather good farm to become a significant threat to the enemy team. It may not be a problem, but a tank like Malphite is rather item dependant, so it can be a problem to lane with him. You still need to farm as much as possible and you don't have to play as passively as in mid, but shouldn't play aggressively either.

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Early Game

From level 1-5 you simply need to farm with Q to get stronger. If possible, it is a good idea to stay in lane to level 5 or 6, then go back and get Kage's Lucky Pick and as many items you can afford besides that. Then return to your lane and harras your opponent until you think you can kill your enemy with E-W-R-(Q). Try to finish DFG and to have Sorcerer's Shoes before early game is over.
If you sidelane tell your teammate that you will simply farm in the beginnin and that being too aggressive is not an option, unless the enemies are rather bad. Don't lane with someone, who also needs a good farm. When you hit level 6 you can play a lot more aggressive, since you now have a fear factor from your sick burst damage. This counts for both sidelanes and when midlaning.

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Mid Game

Now you have DFG and upgraded boots. Now it's time to either kill your laning enemy or to gank the sidelanes. Try to save your teleport for ganking sidelanes and just walk back to your lane on foot, unless the turret is under attack. Stay in lane to farm until you have money for a Fiendish Codex and Needlessly Large Rod. If you only have 1600 gold go for the rod first and take Fiendish Codex later.
Tell your teammates to set up wards in their bushes, so you can help gank or save them and maybe get a kill or two in the process. Remember to keep farming a lot to get as strong a late game as possible. Use W to farm the ranged minions and Q to lasthit those in the front. When mid game ends, you might have Rabadon's Deathcap and will therefore be able to toss out tons of damage. At about lvl 11-14 you are probably able to take out the enemy AP carry in one coombo. (If DFG is ready). When ganking, try to stun both of the enemies with your E. Try to get one kill yourself and maybe leave the other one to an AD carry, if the situation allows it. That way the enemy team will have a hard time deciding on how to defend themselves, when your team has wellfed AD & AP carries.

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Late Game

If you've played well, you should have some kills now and a sick farm. Rylai's is finished and you're probably getting a Void Staff as the finishing touch or Lich Bane if you need to push. Now the teamfight begins. In teamfights you are to stay behind your team - The enemies must get the feeling of having to sacrifice a lot to get to you. Just try to run around behind your team, stunning and nuking. If you see an opening to get a combo in on an enemy carry, do so, and watch yourself get a kill. Keep farming and do not overextend. If you lack an initiating tank in your team, which can be the case in normal games, your stun can be used as a way to approach the enemies. Especially if you hit 2+ enemies. Your skillorder is now:
E-W-Q-R - Sometimes you wont even need Q, and the R is enough. It depends on how much MR and AP their AP carry has.
Remember to place wards throughout the game, since map control is a vital part of this game. Wards in sidebushes are a must have if the enemy team has a jungler.

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Tips N' Tricks

Saving teammates/yourself
If you and/or teammates are being chased, the enemies will most like have targeted you with their cursor. When you see them running in a somewhat straight line towards you, that means they will have a hard time changing direction. This is when you pop your stun right in front of them, so they run into it. That way you get even further away from them, since they either has to run around the stun or get stunned. This is a lifesaver in so many situations. Make sure to stun them with the wall farthest away from yourself to gain more time to escape.

The Tryndakiller
If you face a Tryndamere, sometimes he isn't ready for a huge burst, so try and use ulti on him. I've got quite some kills, since can't react to it. It will piss him off and make you laugh, and laughing is healthy for your soul. Unless you are a ginger.

Camping = Kills
If you see enemies roaming around in an area, try to stand in a bush with some teammates. When they get close, stun them and engage them. They will often get raped, since they have no time to react, since your stun have such a huge range.

The Combo of **** Yeah
If you have a Galio on your team this is what you do: When he flashes in and ult wait for the taunt to be almost over, then put your stun on it. Enemies will naturally seek away when they can, and therefore they will run straight into the walls of Event Horizon. That way you can use W-Q-R for a kill or two.

The Annoying Gank
If one of your sidelanes is in a fight, where the enemies push your teammates back, teleport up behind them, if there is a creep and stun them. That way you can save your teammates and probably get yourself or your teammates 1-2 kills. I've done this so many times with Veigar, that I've come to really like Teleport on him.

Chargers and how to counter them
If you face champions as Xin, Vayne and so on, who can charge towards you, then you need to press your E down constantly when they are chasing you. Try to have it placed over yourself, so that you can stun the enemy exactly when they are close to you. Then flash away and use your combo. Often it will scare them off and/or kill them.

Some nice teammates are:
Roamers: They can support you in early game, where you are rather weak. Good roamers are: Taric, Alistar, Evelynn, Maokai etc.
Tanks with taunt: They are great at protecting you and keep their carries of your back.
Stealthers: It often forces your laning opponent to play defensively, which can provide you a better chance to farm without being zoned, harrassed & denyed in your lane.

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Final Words

Well, now the guide is about done. I hope you liked it & that you will give some constructive feedback, so I can improve it. Furthermore I hope you will have some great results using it. Have fun with Veigar and try not to make too many enemies leave after you've one-shotted them for the fifth time in a game. I might add more to the guide, if someone suggests something relevant. I could have gone more in debth with champions you face or more good teammates, but people often know about that anyway.

- Dotter