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Blitzcrank Build Guide by Lemonmonkye

Other Versatile Blitzcrank

Other Versatile Blitzcrank

Updated on April 5, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lemonmonkye Build Guide By Lemonmonkye 18,520 Views 1 Comments
18,520 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Lemonmonkye Blitzcrank Build Guide By Lemonmonkye Updated on April 5, 2013
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Hello, I'm Lemonmonkye and I do love my Blitzcrank build, so I'd like to share it. I chanced upon Blitz on a week he was free (3 weeks after I started playing) and was destroying, so I've used him since. Everyone seems to specialize Blitz, and I know he is meant for certain duties, but I prefer my Blitz to be able to do more than a bit of everything. Its also important that he is powerful to beat anyone 1-on-1, especially late in the game.

That said, you can solo top with this build, as I often do but you can't be too aggressive. There are times when I'm just close enough to get some exp from minion kills but making sure enemy champions can't reach me. I don't want to get to into the strategy here though, so lets continue!
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Pros & Cons

This is just a quick list of some reason to, and not to play Blitzcrank just in case you're reading this looking for a character and want to decide before reading the whole guide:

Mana Barrier - Lets you get away when it looks like you're in trouble, or lets you hang in and finish your fight, both useful.
Rocket Grab - What else do you think of when you think, "Blitz"?
All of his abilities link together to create a deadly chain to anyone who comes to close.
Great at disrupting enemy spells as 3 of his abilities do so.
Almost impossible to lose a tower if Blitz is there.

    Starts pretty slow with movement speed.
    Can run out of mana early which reduces the
Mana Barrier's effectiveness.
Need to be able to aim the Rocket Grab. People can get pretty mad at you if you miss.

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Summoner Spells

I mentioned a few above, so let me explain them a bit more:

Mana Barrier - Blitz's second chance. If you fall below 20% health, half your remaining mana becomes a personal shield for 1o seconds. Great for this high mana build.

Rocket Grab - activate with Q. You can't have Blitz without Rocket Grab. Always get this first. Can take an enemy at full health and, if timed well, take him down in seconds. (More on that later!)

Overdrive - activate with W. A great ability that can help a slow starter zip around the map late game. It also offers a leg up in a fight or clearing out a ton of minions. Finally, it's an escape mechanism as well as you can outrun almost anyone with some boots and Overdrive.

Power Fist - activate with E. With only a 3 second cooldown with this build, you'll be using it a lot! Its great for basically changing any plans your opponent has. Trying to cast a spell, run away, get out of reach? Nope! Pop them with one of these and they'll go flying into the air.

Static Field - activate with R. Blitz's ultimate. Passively, it will strike enemies at random with a bolt of lightening (as long as its not on cooldown.) This can be used on some less experienced players as you can hide in bushes when low on health and have the lightening kill minions. The active ability releases a giant electric shock wave which also silences enemies for a short time. Using this in a crowd of minions followed by an Overdrive will get you a ton of cash, and quick.
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I'll just go through the steps I take, and note variations, so you can get an idea of my purchases:

Tear of the Goddess - A must have for this build. The more mana the more health you have and the more abilities you can cast. You should buy the saphire crystal part of it first to get an early mana shield boost.
2. Sheen - You have a lot to by so having more money can never hurt. The added ability power is just that much better
3. Ionian Boots of Lucidity - Starting your cooldown reduction these boots help you get around a lot faster and cast more spells.
5. Manamuna - Time to upgrade your tear. This will increase the mana you gain with each cast. It'll also help you regenerate your mana as well as add some attack damage. Finally, the more mana you have, the more attack damage it gives you.
6. Glacial Shroud - They're getting stronger, so just having a giant mana shield might be a stretch, time to get some armor. This will cover everything this build wants: more mana, cooldown reduction, and some armor to boot.
7. Frozen Heart - Finishing out this line, you'll get more of it all: armor, mana, and 20% cooldown reduction. Added bonus: reduces the attack speed of enemies by 20%!
8. Frostfire Gauntlet - Finally adding some good damage to your game, this item is great for some quick lane pushes. Also proficient at clearing out groups whether it be minions or champions.
9. Rod of Ages - The gift that keeps on giving. Gives you a very nice boost to health, mana, and ability power and will just keep giving you more the longer you stay alive.
10. Runic Bulwark - Completing the puzzle. Gives you another health and armor boost late game as everyone else will just be more powerful than ever. Also gives a boost to all your allies as you might be grouping on a lane to make a big push.
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Now the important part: the strategy

I go top by choice, but really this all works just as well bottom. Anyway, get your tome, your grab and get up to that tower. I never move up much past the tower unless my lane mate (if I have one) gets into the brush safely. There isn't much need to be aggressive in the beginning. Dying will only help them more. I do all I can to level up at least twice and get 330 before having to heal up. That way you can get Tear of the Goddess as soon as possible which is when you start getting powerful.

I always let a lane mate heal first if we're both low and if you have the boots don't be afraid to aid another lane if they ask for it. Many times you can let enemies kill some of your minions as you sit back. It's amazing how many people will think they can beat Blitz's grab, but can't. All it takes it one grab into a turrets range and you've got them. Hit them with a power fist so the turret gets 1 or 2 more hits in. Then chase him down with an overdrive. If need be ignite them to make sure you down them even if they make it out of range.

Don't worry about attacking towers either. If they're camping within its range, grab them out! They might escape without you getting a kill, but they'll probably need to heal, giving you a chance to take down the tower. Advance in this manner, but don't be afraid to fall back. If you can start running right above 20% health people will chase you looking for the kill. Of course, you might and should have your mana barrier ready in case they do get some hits in. If they over pursue you grab them into the tower and turn the tables very quickly. This about sums it up. Just going off of whats above you'll find yourself a very powerful character that can take people down, take a ton of damage, defend anywhere that needs it, and get there fast. Try not to worry about ks, its most important that they die regardless of the means. I usually get about 10 more assists than kills and still end up having gotten the most money by the end of the game.

League of Legends Build Guide Author Lemonmonkye
Lemonmonkye Blitzcrank Guide
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Versatile Blitzcrank

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