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Darius Build Guide by NekoKiro

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NekoKiro

Very first placement carrying teams in ranked. Not smurfing.

NekoKiro Last updated on October 6, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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What's up today the topic is Darius. And how to be a Top Lane Bully as him.

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Darius is not a champion meant to play passive unless necessary. As Darius your role is to get the edge up by standing between the opponent top laner and them getting farm. Now certain occasions this will be really difficult such as dueling a Vladimir since he not only has range nor uses mana but he has spellvamp. But playing against champions sch as Olaf, or especially Nasus its important to bully them from there farm.

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Pros / Cons

1. Darius has high damage output, and engage utilities
2. It's fairly easy to farm with him as you stop enemy from farming
3. His passive is painful if done right
4. Late game Darius can be a heavy hitter and even carry the game
5. Even if you slip early the comeback is not impossible
1. Darius has a slow start
2. If paired against marksman or mage it can be rough
3. Unless you bully the opponent he is just a wet noxian noodle
4. He doesn't have any disengages so be wary of ganks if not fed

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Building a runepage for Darius is all personal preferences. Since I can play passive and very aggresive.

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Building his items is very important. Depending on if your comfortable or not when it comes to buying AD or Tank can result in feeding early.

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Skill Sequence

Darius has one of the most painful passives in all of League Of Legends in my opinion. "Hemorrhage." Maxing at 5 stacks every time basic attack, or hit with the blade on your Q, or hit with your W, or even with Ult "R" but I wouldn't lead with your Ultimate and I'll explain why later. Early game Darius's main baby maker is his Q "Decimate" this ability does the most damage in his utility besides his Ult and if the blade hits the enemy they receive a hemorrhage stack and you heal 12% per enemy champion hit up to 36% max. So the combo with Darius is Basic Attack , E, Basic Attack, W, Basic attack Q.
His basic attack does 1 Hemorrhage stack, E pulls the enemy close to you reducing a percentage of there armor as a passive, Following up with another basic attack (2 Hemorrhage stacks), then your W resets basic attack and does extra AD while slowing them and there attack speed (3 stacks of Hemorrhage), Another basic attack (4 Stacks of Hemorrhage), It is IMPORTANT that you hit them with your blade and not the handle when you end the combo with your Q (Maxing at 5 hemorrhage stacks.) The reason to hit that combo before using your Ult is because for every stack of Hemorrhage, His Ult "Noxian Guillotine" does 20% more damage. 5 stacks at 20% more damage per stack is 100% the damage and his ult is true damage. At level one and two of his ult. Killing an enemy with his Ult restore 25/50 mana and can be recast for 20 seconds. At level 3 if you kill enemy returns full mana and cooldown completely reset.

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Most top laners run Teleport and Flash. So you don't miss farm and you have an escape. As Darius I run ignite in place of flash because his W slows and his passive stacks along with ignite secure the kill.

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Team Work

It's good to bully your lane and take the turret as soon as possible so you can grab your damage and boots and split push other lanes. Not everyone may be on par with your level so sometimes instead of blaming that your mid fed or your adc is a potato. Prove your a team player by helping them. And it is very wise that if you are fed don't always take EVERY kill. If you are already fed set you jungler, mid laner, or adc up for a kill. One person fed makes a game better but having 2 other fed teammates makes it an easy win.

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Farming as Darius plays 2 parts. 1. The actual farming process getting that gold. and 2. Bullying the enemy. If you see that your doing more damage to the enemy then they are to you and you know this stand between the enemy champion and your minions while you farm. Freezing a lane closer to your turrets also makes it easier to not get ganked. If the enemy is feeling froggy and decides to poke let them hit you and get closer to your minions as you trade back. Minion aggro against the enemy is free damage you dont have to sustain. Aka free kill. However if it'n an enemy like Vlad focus on farming if he poke and realized he has the advantage. Use your top bushes to your advantage to get free poke to stack hemorrhage.

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Well that's it for this guide if you liked it or it helped give it a positive review if you think something should be different sent me a PM if you want to play send me a message and we can see what's good. Thanks.