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Vi General Guide by keanu650

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author keanu650

Vi Hitting it hard all the time

keanu650 Last updated on February 24, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Introduction to Vi

Hi everyone this is my first time making a guide so please message me anything that you think is better for vi and i might check it out =D

Vi is one of those champions that is very easy to play, in addition to that she also is a very good bruiser that can destroy you even if u have lots of armor. She is the type of champion that i would recommend to people who have just started the game because she is very easy to play. For example she has barley anyone who can counter her. two is that she deal massive amounts of damage in beginning of the game to the ending of the game. Last is that can get away and close to people very easy one by her q to dash away from people and her r to get to people. Vi is one of my favorite champs and i will show you the ways of Vi...

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SO the runes i chose for vi were Armor pen for her marks because these help her very much with her E skill which hits anything behind the target you just hit. also because all her skills use AD so armor pen will bonus all her skills. For the seals i got armor because one the people she goes against top are usually gonna be ad so if you have armor then she will not take that much damage. For her glyph s i got magic res because later in the game the person mid is going to have about 300-400 AP. magic res is going to help you so much because it is going to reduce some of the damage from her ability's. also i would also recommend the scaling magic res glyph so that later in the game you will have more magic res. Last of all for my quint's i got attack damage. one is because most bruisers use attack damage so it i also good to have it. also since i have the armor pen marks this is a bonus for the player because the armor pen is going to make you abilities way stronger.

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The reason i chose these masteries for Vi is because one who doesn't like a free 8% armor pen? also more damage attack speed and more hp for her passive. Also the masteries i chose go with Vi is because right when you get into the game your have about 74 attack damage. so that means if you didn't have runes you would have 64. if you bought a doran's blade then you would have 74 that mans that you pretty much have a long sword with you from the start of the game.

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So the reason i chose thee items is because all these items make Vi strong with about 300+ damage, about 150 defense and about 3500 hp. Also her passive shield gives her 500 extra. so she is very good with these items. the reason i chose the mercury treads is because one if you are going against a team with a lot of cc then you are going to be in trouble. Also the reason i got the Phantom dancers is because of her w passive. her w passive needs a lot of attack speed to get it off alot. also the phantom dancers give her crit so when you crit with her w skill then they re going to lose alot of hp. Also the phantom dancer and the black clever go together because while the black clever lowers his def the w skill dos to. and if that happens her punches do lots more damage making her really strong. The reason i put the frozen mallet on there is so that if they are running then you can catch up to them. also because the hp on it is also a nice bonus. The ravenous hydra is a nice touch of damage to everyone around it. it hits everyone not just one person and it has god life steal so you can reg better.

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Skill Sequence

The reason i got my E skill all the way maxed out first is because its the one that does all the damage. you can tell this by just looking at its damage ratio. Also it hits everything in a certain radius of the person it hits. so everything behind it that i very close will be inflicted with damage. the reason i got my q maxed out 2nd is because that skill also dos lots of damage and it is going to be used alot to get away and to get to people. also if you charge it all the way up then it can do without anything on it 280 damage. with items it will do like 500 damage. the reason i got my w last is because it is only useful when my attack speed is up. but i don't get it till the end. Her r skill is one of her best skill's because they ant escape it unless they have a zhonia's hourglass. she dashes to a locked on enemies and even if she is stunned it wont work because she is unstoppable in her ult.

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The reason i put ignite as the first skill to get is because ignite is very good for people who try to run away. Vi BTW if you didn't know this runs out of mana very fast. her skills cost lots of mana and when she cant use her q to get to someone she can use ignite to kill them. this goes for everyone who is out of mana. Also the reason i got flash is to get away from people and also to get close to people.

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Vi is one of my favorite champs because she is easy to play, does outstanding damage and is a very good ganker. She has an unstoppable ult unless someone uses zhonia's hourglass. but overall she is one of the easiest champions i would say.

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Pros / Cons

She can get away from people very easy
she is very good at farming
She has an unstoppable ult
very good at ganking
She has very little mana and uses it up fsst
she has a very sort range
she cannot 1v2 very well
cannot i mean cannot play against a singed worst person against her


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