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Vi General Guide by FakkerJackson

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League of Legends Build Guide Author FakkerJackson

Vi Jungle - Burst Mode SEASON 7

FakkerJackson Last updated on November 11, 2016
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Hello Buddies and welcome to my little Guide.

What is this Guide about? Clearly i can say, that is the Build that i'm actually playing in normal's and ranked's. If u have strong lanes than go for a gank and take the assist ^^. But always be careful with the auto xD i always KS in lanes cause this Build is freaking fast :P

Make sure u test this build and tell me how well u clear the jungle and get your Kills ^^

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I use my Runes very similar. A bit AD, a bit armor and magic resist.

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In Season 6 i tried a lot of Items on Vi. The best Match up is in this Build. I really tried to play Vi only on Damage not Attack Speed and it also going well.

Gameplay with Vi is really easy. First Gank on a lane must be at Level 3. If the Enemy don't flash u will kill him easily.

If the enemy isn't running away, then use your E first do two auto attacks and hit him with the Q and again with E. If he is running then use first Q, then E do an auto attack and E again. When you have your Ultimate up don't use it too early. Use it wisely. In the combination of the Spells it is very helpful to have the Ultimate. For Example: You Attack the Enemy with Q then E, but he flashes away, then you can use your Ultimate to stop him from getting away! Sometimes the Q is also ready and you can knock him Back ;)

Vi is a really strong Off Tank. Make sure that u always in the Fight. I have so much fun playing her always in Front off my Team and Killing the enemy Team :D

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I hope you are enjoying this Build so much as i DO :D


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