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Vi General Guide by incarnate

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League of Legends Build Guide Author incarnate

Vi just doesn't give a f-

incarnate Last updated on December 21, 2012
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Skill Sequence

Q is okay
W is meh
E is G0DLY
R is good

Save 2 charges of E when you decide to engage, then you're doing it right.

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Just get damage an lifesteal

No, seriously. Pulling my hair out at how underwhelming playing Bruiser Vi is - sub-par dueling, lackluster chasing, lackluster damage, big target on your forehead when you dash in, die and all that attack speed I got was for not.

All middle of the road stuff that in theory supplements her skill set: tried Phage, Black Cleaver, Trihard-Force (Tri-Force sux on her), Treads, Zephyr, Swiftness, Warmog's, etc. BC was okay, but 10 armor pen, 10 CDR, 250 health, is a little of everything - which is nice, but then I'm sacrificing that sweet sweet damage that Vi's skills LOVE. Jack of all trades, master of none.

I was so irritated at how lackluster she seemed, then I said f*** it and rushed Bloodthirster for a few games because I could. Worked out pretty awesome, I ended up doing sooo much more damage and killing sh** so fast that my non-tankiness didn't matter most of the time. Her R closes distance so quickly and easily that you will nearly always be able to land two of those painful E cones. Her Q also helps you get close enough as well.

Saying f*** it and not building anything was a great choice, it's hard not to build Treads and build Swiftness, but man Swiftness really helps you position better and stick to targets without sacrificing moneyz$$$ for damage.

So I just build damage and/or life steal, assassinate the ADC/squishies w/an initiate (R or Q) and two E's and attempt to clean up the rest if I'm still alive. It does't seem to matter that I don't build anything defensive ever, because she is so so bursty and has two gap closers; that if I can get at least 2 champs in the range of my E, I done good. In team fights though, it's easy to get 3+ champs.

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Late game

I'll get back to you, I haven't reached it too much times yet, but IE/damage has been wrecking so far. She's got a neo-Talon vibe going on. I really like damage over everything else. Health and Attack speed have been really meh in my trials.

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Just rush Bloodthirster, that is the main idea. Screw double Doran's, maybe one... Nah; but she's not an all-around champ, she's just a high-octane, kill-everything-in-front-of-me, zoning assassin. I'm pretty convinced if she doesn't get nerfed, rushing BT will be seen as viable. Try it. Sounds crazy, but try it. And buy lots of pots.


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