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Vi Build Guide by Laserman

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Laserman

Vi, Smurfette in the Jungle.

Laserman Last updated on May 23, 2013
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Smurfing Vi Jungle

Vi Build

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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First of all, I'll note again this is a Smurf build. If you try this build in ranked, I will not be amazed if you get outplayed. I decided to try out Vi again as she's in the free rotation this week, I had tried her out shortly after release but I didn't like her at the time. My first game I went bot lane and got 6/0 at the start, snowballing on with 20 stacks on Sword of the Occult and ending the game with 34/7. I noticed her recommended items were a jungler's and most people played her jungle, so as it's my favorite role I decided to try it. This is the result of my experience.

  • Dunking is fun
  • High burst
  • Fast movement speed
  • Decent CC
  • Dunking
  • Rarely in the rotation
  • Slow jungle clear at the start
  • If you can't pick up at the start, you're pretty doomed

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You can start with either cloth or machete, I prefer the machete for more clear speed to get your head start easier. When waiting at blue you should not spend your point, if you get ganked you should take Vault Breaker instead of Denting Blows so you can get a knockup on the gankers. Ideally you can do wolves first and then blue, but most of the time I wouldn't risk it and do a smiteless blue then do wolves with smite and Excessive Force. Head over to wraiths and then possibly to enemy wolves.

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You should try to aim for getting level 3/4, your first back to base and red buff as fast as possible. Gank mid, then bot if it's a good chance. If not, do enemy wraiths, your wolves, then check out top. Usually they'll be 1v2 and thus be having a bad time. You should gank as often as possible, but only if you have Vault Breaker off cooldown and have red buff on you, two jungles should give you 24/7 uptime. When you hit level 6 your ganks get even extremer, now nearly nothing should be able to withstand your ganks, with a knockback, knockup and a slow. Especially considering the burst you get off with 4 abilities and 2 Denting Blows procs.

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As this is a Smurf build, I only put up a 14 point mastery tree. Even though that's considered a high level to smurf according to me, so I'm listing them in order of importance again.

Summoner's Resolve
Improved Recall
Tough Skin

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I consider Ionian Boots, Inf Edge, Trinity and Black Cleaver core because they work very well together with Vi. Ionian Boots gives CDRed which is pretty hard to get for AD casters, Inf Edge gives high crit chance, high AD and added crit damage. I like to attach a Shiv too this to upgrade it's effectiveness. Trinity is a no-brainer for AD Carries. I heard everyone is hot for Iceborn Gauntlet nowadays, but I find it gives too much AP & mana and too little other stats. The slow is also pretty useless as you already have 3 sources of CC, 4 if you include red buff. Black Cleaver procs extremely fast with vi, I like to open with Vault Breaker, do one hit, immediately use Excessive Force. At this point your Denting Blows has procced, also causing physical damage. Before they even know what happened, they already have 4 debuffs from your black cleaver.

Optional items are rather spread, as you never know what'll happen. I once had a farmed Vi in the enemy, so I built Randuin's Omen. Once had a fed Syndra, so I built Maw. Usually I don't really have any fed enemies, in which case I build a Shiv and either a Phantom Dancer or a Bloodthirster.

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This is a rather short and uninformative guide, both compared to other Vi builds and my Yi build. That's because I rather rushed it and don't have enough matches played yet, in comparison to Yi.

I just decided to do it, because why not. I'd like to see people playing with my build, so I decided to share it early on.

As per my Yi build, here's my wins with this build.