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Vi Build Guide by IcyTehDude

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author IcyTehDude

Vi the Crushing Mistress

IcyTehDude Last updated on October 18, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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My summoner name is IcyTehDude
In start of season 3 I was placed in bronze, but slowly I managed to climb to platinum.
With this guide I'm trying to give my view on how to play Vi.
This is my first Mobafire guide aswell. ^^

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My thoughts on different jungle Vi builds that I have seen been used

Vi has been my favorite champion in League of Legends for quite some time.
The thing that I love about playing her, is that her kit is incredibly versatile, and it also has a great balance within itself. Vi is one of the best junglers when it comes to dealing consistent damage to high hp targets for example: dragon / baron.
There are several roles that Vi can undertake while jungling.

The most common of course is building her as a tank.
*Vi has insanely good scaling even without powerful AD items, she especially shines in 2 categories while playing tanky.
1. Starting a team fight and zoning/killing the opponent adc/apc.
2. Peeling the opponent tank line while your ADC beats the **** out of them, this works especially well with Black Cleaver since you'll have a douple armor shred with your AA's.

Then there is the bruiser build, usually you don't need to build AD items, but if by chance you are the fed one in your team and your teammates lack damage, only having tankyness isn't going to cut it in team fights. When I'm talking about not only having tanky items I'm not saying you should build classcannon, what I am saying is that you go for a a bit more damage orientated build, sacrificing about 2 tanky items to get more damage.
Examples for those 2 AD items could be: Trinity force & Black cleaver / This combination works well since they both give the stats that Vi needs, Mobility/Tankyness/TONS of Damage.

Glass cannon build
I can see the potential in lower elo's since you get fed a lot easier then higher elo's.
Usually I would not recommend building glass cannon since although nice in certain aspects with Vi, it does not work as well with her kit as the other 2 builds. And in team fights you'll be close to useless if your opponents catch you in a bad position or just focus you (since you are playing as a carry with this build).

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Use of her abilities

Usage of Vi's Q can make or break a gank, if you use it too early in their field of vision they can try to dodge it with their abilities, or use the Flash summoner spell.

Too late and it wont do massive damage since you have only a little time to power it up.

Maxing E first gives you the safest way to farm and the most accessible way to proc your passive and a decent way to get stacks for your W.

After many games that I have done with Vi, I've found that although pre6 it is a good choice to put 3 points into Excessive Force, it might be even better to put 2 points into your Q and 2 to your E. This way your damage is spread more evenly across the abilities early on.

You still do about the same damage level 5, but your damage is not so reliant on only 1 ability, and the CD of Q is reduced greatly.

Aaaah the ultimate.
This ability can win you the teamfight, or get you killed extremely easily.
If your target is very slippery and has many escapes for example: Fizz , Zed , Kassadin you need to be careful that you don't use your ulti on them while they have their escapes up, the wrong usage of this ultimate can bring you to a very bad position if they run to their teammates/turrets.
So you share that akward moment with Maokai.
You also need to be intelligent with the way you use this ultimate, it is a great zoning/picking off tool, but it is also is needed to be used to defend your carries from their tank lines aswell.

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After thoughts

This was my attempt on a small scale guide.
I'll be adding more sections if I get asked a specific questions in the comments.
Thank you for reading through my first ever guide.