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Vi Build Guide by PhuPham

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PhuPham

Vi, Undefeatable S3 [In-depth jungle guide]

PhuPham Last updated on January 6, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Heya guys, i'm PhuPham@EUNE. This is my first guide here on Mobafire and i hope you find it useful.
I'm a silver-ranked player and i mostly focus on Twisted Treeline map. English is not my mother language so if you find anything that i wrote wrong, please let me know.

This guide will focus her as a junlger.

This guide is just an example on how i play Vi, it's my way that i'm sharing. If you disagree, please leave a comment and tell me why and i'm more that happy to add it in the item section.

Credits to jhoijhoi for the template, which you can find here.

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Pros / Cons

Pros / Cons


+ // High Damage Output
+ // Fast clear speed makes her
a good jungler
+ // She has 2 CCs, as much as .
Kay her cc isnt that good, but just enough for a succesful gank.
+ // High sustain due to


- // Squishy early game
- // auto attack reset is kind of weird, try it and you will find out.
- // Her Q can be canceled easily.

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  • : // We do not only buy this for the magic resist it provides. The 35% Tenacy makes it the best boots in game so far and for an offtank like Vi, the magic resistance ist just a great bonus. Upgrade with or
  • : // This is just a upgrade of . It gets you armor, life steal, attack damage and a free ward every 3 minutes for a price of 1600. Very cheap.
  • : // A great AD Off-tank item, it provides you a perma-slow if you keep auto attacking your target. + 700 HP and 30 Attack damage.
  • : // Great item against AP users, but not only that. It gets your ad based from how much hp missing, and gets your a shield whenever your hp drops less than 30% by magic damage.
  • : // This item is just too OP. CDR, armor penetration, armor and hp in one single item. That passive takes 3 auto attacks to fully stack, so does your Denting Blows, which takes the op to the next level, haha.

  • : // The last item is depending on your enemy team, who is most fed. AP carry? Ad carry? . Everyone is fed or has fed?
  • : // or ? This is a hard decision actually. I do recommend thornmail even if the enemy has an incredible attack speed which you can counter with because reflects damage back to your target, the faster your target hit..the more damage will he/she take from . it is cool isnt it?
  • : // or ? If you feel like you can handle your enemy without the passive from i still dont recommend you to choose . Just remember that the saves lives. It can even block a . It is just too strong to skip this item.
    If you don't want to choose any of those items, go ahead and pick yours.

Trinity force can be an option because it gives so many stats that it's sick, most people buy for the passive it grants, the passive is also a good comination with your . I just don't want to spend 4200 gold for one piece of item. That is almost a muliplied by 3. Pure math, if you take the 4200 gold and invest on and add a little bit more gold to buy a . You will be as strong as someone with or even stronger, right?

I've seen alot of top build use this item, i found it useless. Why? The Unique passive does NOT stack with your Mercury treads. Making this item not an option unless you change boots. You are srsly not going to buy something twice with the effect of one item. No one is that stupid right?

I like this item alot actually, but i think it is really situational, and cheap by the way haha. I could replace with when jungling gets easier and that's what i always do.

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Summoner Spells

All junglers pick not just to clear the creeps faster, it is a MUST as a jungler. Counter jungle, to steal Baron Nashor/Dragon. The sky is the limit haha. Even if my team doesnt have a jungler, i usually tell people to pick Smite anyway because it can be really rewarding.

Heal is the last spell i would pick, because obviously the spell heals you. It is not worth to sacrifice a spot for heal when you will have built in life steal with this build, and you will be TANKY, tanky enough to not use that heal spell. If you need a deffensive spell, go for Exhaust since it works both deffensive or offensive. The slow from Exhaust is just a huge bonus.

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These are awesome for a jungler, it gets you enough armor to survive the first recall of your game.
That is why is choosed flat armor runes instead of armor per level runes.

Damage boost, kinda obvious. I personally like this over Armor Penetration runes because it helps last hitting, Armor Penetration is what u will get from The black cleaver or Last Whisper late game.

Awesome against Ability Power users. You will never know when these will come in handy. Dont forget that Baron Nashor also uses spells and there should be atleast 2 AP enemies. These runes are not totally useless and is an all round thing. Runes like this works with adc or bruisers aswell.

As i have stated before, i like flat damage runes better than penetration runes.

This set of runes will get you far when it comes to jungling, and probably good at laning too.
You are able to replace for penetration runes if you like it better that way.

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  • Blast shied: // Awesome passive, but not viable early game since it has a kinda long cooldown then. The CD of this passive decreases at level 6,11 and 16.
  • Vault Breaker (Q): // A dash and her second damage dealing spell, viable for initiating but less viable for escaping. I max this second because it doesnt do as good damage as your Excessive Force, it's a skill shot and has kind of high cooldown.
  • Denting blows (W): // Useful attack speed boost when you are in the jungle, even though you wont see a big difference when facing an enemy champion. I max this last but puts a point into this spell because upgrading it doesnt make a big difference.
  • Excessive Force (E): // Favourite spell and what makes her good, AOE damage, great clear speed in the jungle, epic damage. This is her main damaging skill and should be maxed before any other spells.
  • Assault and Battery (R): Her ultimate should be maxed whenever it is possible because 100% of all the champions in the League of Legends max their ultimate as soon as they can, Vi is not an exception. We named it ultimate for a reason. Vi's ultimate makes her immune to cc, a gap-closer and a knockup, deals a decent amount of damage aswell.

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The masteries above are mostly focused on jungling, sustain and attack damage. Some points might be spend to proceed down the tree. From this mastery set up you will get =

4% attack speed
3 Attack damage
Increases damage dealt by 2%
8% Armor penetration
6 Armor penetration
10% Critical Chance
5 Armor
+30 HP

These are only flat stats included. It basically gives you armor hp and attack damage which is really necessary to become a succesful jungler.

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Jungle as our beloved Vi should be pretty simple and the + 5x potions should be enough until your next recall. I usually start off with red or blue buff then clear the whole jungle. Depending on your HP left you have 3 options. Gank, counter jungle or recall. Always look for opportunities to gank since you are leaving your mate alone at top.

Also try not to wait for too long in the brush to gank, once you arrived you should pop up and surprise your enemies. Note that you don't always have to kill them to make it a succesful gank, make them waste flash, ghost or whatever is awesome too.


// In a teamfight your job is to initiate, to jump and them and make your the move. Unless you have a tank with you. I usually hunt the the ad carry or the biggest threat to my team. If you have a tank with you, wait for his move before you initiate, because we want the tank to take all the damage for us, that's why tanks exist right? Your job is to make sure the most important roles are alive, like the ad carry or ap carry, because usually they are the one who is able to turn the defeat into victory.

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The end

Goodluck in the League of Legends!
Thanks guys for reading the guide, hope that it helped.
In order to improve my guide, please leave a comment about what i can do better, i will update this as time passes.