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Viktor Build Guide by CaptainJew

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author CaptainJew

Viktor Guide - Function over Form

CaptainJew Last updated on April 20, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Quick Notes

Just the quick version of the build, for those of you who don't want to read the guide and just want the fast facts:

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Early Game

Early game you want to use your E+Q to your utmost advantage- the extra range on your E makes it SUPER effective.

If they get in too close and try to attack you, launch your Q (i usually have mine quick casted, so i can just do a quick tap of the Q) at them to poke them, and it will also protect you from incoming pokes.

Use your E to poke back at a relatively safe distance.

If you can get their health low enough, i go so far as to even turret dive in order to get a kill. Make sure to have your pots (health potions) on reserve so if need be, you can heal yourself after. For a quick heal, use the heal, which is broken at the moment.

Early game Viktor runs out of mana faster than any champ i know. Ask your jungler to help you get blue buff, or if you get an early kill, go back and recharge there. I sometimes use mana pots after level 4.

Also, if you can use you'r W to trap the person, you can spam your E+Q combo's and if you are at the right level, use your ultimate, to kill them.

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Early Game Build

I almost always start with a Dorans Ring, two pots and a trinket.

After that, i almost always rush Archangel's Staff (which transforms into Seraph's Embrace) maybe pausing to buy boots.

Then proceed to work on your Sorcerers Shoes and Rabadons Deathcap.

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Mid Game

Things are starting to heat up. This is when the team fighting is beginning, and every champ is exploring each other, like a little game of cat and mouse.

You poke, they run, they poke, you run, you all poke, giant team fight, people die, and the first few team fights generally decide who will win the game.

Your Mid Game build as well as what Augment you chose for your Hex Core will greatly affect the outcome of those team fights.

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Mid Game Build / Augments

Your Augments are the main focus of your Mid Game build, as they decide what kind of Viktor you will be playing.

Augment: Death upgrades your Death Ray, and causing you to do more damage, putting you more in the AP Carry mode.

Augment: Gravity upgrades your Gravity Field, gives you more mana, mana regen and cooldown times, and increases the range of your Gravity Field. Gravity isn't defined into a category, but i would have to say that if you are mainly assisting kills, its a great AP Support/Carry Augment to have. It is also very good for escapes and defending.

Augment: Power upgrades your Power Transfer, increasing your Health, Health regen, and giving you a 30% movement speed boost VERY useful for escapes, and mainly used when you need to go on ALL OUT DEFENCE.

Chose your Augment VERY VERY wisely, as once you upgrade, you can't change it.

TIP: If you can't decide on what to upgrade too, because you aren't sure on whether you are going to defend or attack, Augment: Gravity is your best bet. Paired with the Seraph's Embrace, you get a little more AP to go along with the mana you get from the upgrade, and the extra cast range you get on Gravity Field is HUGE.

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End/Late Game

At this point you should have a bunch of items, 5-6 or be in the process of finishing them up. the team fights should be progressing smoother, either very unbalanced or decidedly even.

If you build a Void Staff as your 5th or 6th item, you can usually catch the enemy team unawares, and the damage cutting through their MR (Magic Resist) can usually take them out fairly quickly. Pair the item with some quick ability spamming and a stun from your W, and you have a kill or two already.

Back off and come back for more later :).

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End/Late Game Build

Item 5 - Zhonya's Hourglass

Provides you with some more AP, and a good shielding device to stop Ult's. Also gives you decent armour, super good against AD Champs.


Item 5 - Liandry's Torment

MORE MAGIC PENETRATION! Get under their MR and destroy them! add it together with the slow burning of Augment Death AND Liandry's passive, and you almost certainly have a kill. Paired with your boots and a Void staff, and the damage can be higher than the sky.


Item 5 - Abyssal Scepter

Gives you MR against a strong AP team, AND knocks off some of their MR when they get near you. throw it together with your existing Magic Penn, and a void staff, and you can do some serious damage.


Though this Item is situational, i HIGHLY recommend it. It's a LOT more useful on champs with high armour, but honestly, its good on just about anyone. USE IT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE.

GL Summoners, and HF.

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Team Work

As i always say, Team work makes the dream work.

And in this game, the dream is to win all day, all the time.

As a high powered AP champ, it is your job to put the team on your back- that is- carry, and get some high damage in. so you have some options on how you want to interact with your fellow champions. do you want to be the one to snipe all the precision damage and take the majority of the kills? or do you want to focus more on AoE (Area of Effect) type of damage, and splash large amount of damage onto many enemies, and allow your friends to go in for the kill?

In the end it's up to you, and Viktor can do both. his E makes for some fair damage dealing, allowing him to poke multiple enemies, and his Q goes after just one champion, making it a fairly good precision tool.

Try to work with your team mates to create a good environment. just because you don't get as many kills as the next guy doesn't mean your bad. just means your being really supportive. And maybe thats what your team needs to win. But maybe the also need someone to initiate with large damage, and then they can finish it. and then maybe they need someone to finish a fight they initiate. Try to be super tolerant of your team and what they need and be considerate towards them, and i guarantee you will win.

This goes for any champ, but with Viktor you have to be really careful, because though you can spam, often cooldown times can be a bit too long for the fight.

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Unique Skills

Extended Reach

Viktor's E has one of the longest ranges in the game. If you get Augment: Gravity, his W's range get's even larger, allowing him to poke and attack from VERY far away. it makes Viktor especially dangerous to everyone and anyone.

High damage Early Game

Vik' does a lot of damage early game, he's good from about level 3 onward, and he can survive most ganks, even with his limited health. Watch out if you try to gank him though, because He can hit you with his Q and make all your efforts futile. especially if he follows up with an E.