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Viktor Build Guide by Entropyy

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Entropyy

Viktor: The Machine Herald

Entropyy Last updated on January 1, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello everyone! My name is Entropyy, and i have been playing LoL for more than half a year. I may not be as seasoned as the rest of the players making guides, but you can try looking at the guide, and see if it helps you in anyway. This may not be the absolute best way to play Viktor, but so far, I found I enjoy this play style the best.

Any feedback, suggestions, ideas, are more than welcome. Its my first guide, and I would like to hear what you guys think.

Will update as patches and changes come alone, be sure to check back!

If you wanna talk to me in chat, I am logged in most of the time. I play on NA servers, send me a friend invite if you feel the desire to.

Good luck Summoners!

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Runes Choice

For runes I take the standard AP caster choice of Greater Mark of Magic Penetrationx9 , Greater Glyph of Ability Powerx9, Greater Seal of Replenishmentx9, and Greater Quintessence of Ability Powerx3. With this rune setup, I strive to make my dominance in the early game, using Death Ray for precise pokes as well as farming. You can switch out the Greater Seal of Replenishment for Greater Seal of Health, Greater Seal of Ability Power, or Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration. Personally I choose the Flat Mana Regen Seals because of the high mana cost of Death Ray.

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I take 21/0/9, aiming purely for offensive. There are many different ways to play Viktor, but my setup is aimed to bully the enemy champ out of your lane. You could take a more defensive setup, going 21/9/0, but I feel as if the extra mana regen is more vital than the extra health.

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The Good, The Bad, and..Death Ray!

The Good
-Great harass early game, if you know how to aim ;)
- Gravity Field provides some cc against/for ganks
-Maxing Death Ray first gives you great area of effect damage when used with Gravity Field and Chaos Storm
-Getting blue can keep you in your lane forever, more harass, more farm.
- Chaos Storm is a strong ult that will chase its victims down

The Bad
-not many ways to escape besides taking Flash, and placing that Gravity Field just right.
-If your getting smashed in your lane, it can be hard to recover
-damage seems to fall of end game if the enemy team is building moderately tanking
-has a high learning curve.

Death Ray!
-He has an arm attached to his back that shoots a death ray. Pure Genius.

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Here is a breakdown of Viktor's abilities.

Evolving Technology- Viktor's passive gives you the Hex Core, which gives you initial stats, but can be later upgraded into 3 different items. I will explain the benefits of each in the next section.
Power Transfer- A single target spell that does magic damage, and returning a portion of the damage dealt as a shield. Useful to max first if laning against a solo AD.
Gravity Field - An area of effect spell that gives anyone inside the radius a stack that slows them. Once they have reached 3 stacks, the target is stunned for 1.5 seconds. An invaluable ability for Vicktor in team fights. If your enemy solo is not playing aggressive, you could skip this at level 3 and level Death Ray once more, giving you a stronger poke. Although you should always be wary of ganks, so choose a way of leveling that fits your play style.
Death Ray - An ability that strikes across a targeted path, doing magical damage to each target that is struck. This is my main harass ability. I max it first because once you upgrade your hex core, this harass can be quite strong, and the range on it is much larger than Power Transfer. If you are NOT the best at aiming skill shots, this play style might not be for you.
Chaos storm - Your ultimate, an area of effect spell that does initial magical damage, and then deals additional damage every second for 7 seconds. This provides for both hilarious and useful tactics, as you can control this by reactivating the ability and clicking the target area. It will follow targets into towers, and unlike you, it doesn't take damage. Be creative with this :)

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The Hex Core

Viktor starts with an item that gives you 3 AP per level. For 1200g, this item can be upgraded into 1 of 3 different items, each adding bonus effects to your abilities.
Although there are currently no icons for the Hex Core at this time, I will break down how each augment changes your abilities.
Augment:Power Affected Ability: Power Transfer +3 AP per level, 220 health, +6 health regeneration per 5 seconds. This will cause your Power Transfer to also grant you a 30% movement speed increase for 3 seconds. I feel as if this augment would be used by people that play very aggressive. Personally, I do not need the extra movement speed to keep myself alive.

Augment:Gravity Affected Ability: Gravity Field +3 AP per level, 200 Mana, 10% Cooldown Reduction, +5 Mana regen per 5 seconds. This will allow you an extra 30% cast range when using Gravity Field, giving you that extra play with your CC, if you so desire. With the cooldown reduction and extra mana, this might be useful if your team needs a little more CC.

Augment:Death Affected Ability: Death Ray giving you +3 AP per level and an extra 45 Ability Power, these stats alone can have a great impact on your harass and farm early game. The augment also gives your Death Ray a burning effect, causing the anyone in the path of the ability to take 30% additional magic damage over 4 seconds. This is my favorite augment, as it improves Viktor as a burst mage more than the other augments. If you quickly rush this upgrade, it will make farming minions much easier, and your pokes will become sharp jabs.

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The Laser.

The reason I feel as if my build differs from others is because I take advantage of my precision with skill shots. If you are like me, and can think quickly, id suggest playing him like this, and not maxing Power Transfer first as many others do. Here I will demonstrate the difference in range between Death Ray and Power Transfer
As you can see, I can be close to my turrent while still able to give Cassiopeia a bit of harass until help arrives.

Now lets look at the range of Power Transfer.
I have to get much closer to her for me to do anything. With power transfer maxed, your range goes down by a large amount. You can still hit with Death Ray, but you wont be doing optimal damage, and you are not being as flexible as you could be.

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1.) Doran's Ring - This is your first item. You could stack two of these, at the most. I feel as if his base damage is enough. Some people feel it is necessary to build Rod of Ages for Viktor. I feel as if the health from Rylai's Crystal Scepter is enough to take a bit of damage. Once again, my play style is centered on Death Ray and taking advantage of the range. But if you feel as if you need Rod of Ages, you can start Sapphire Crystal and Health Potionx2, rush Catalyst the protector and continue on.

2.) Boots of Speed Fiendish Codex I try as best as I can to only buy Boots of Speed, Mana Potion, and sight ward while I save for my Augment. I've noticed the more I play with him and this build is that his mana can be a problem. The starting cost of Death Ray is 70, and it increases by 10 every time it is leveled. For this reason ive started to get Fiendish Codex before i buy Augement:Death, and later I finish with Morello's Evil Tome. If you cannot stay in the lane long enough, completing them for Sorcerer's Shoes should hold you over until you are able to. The farm from Death Ray and harassing your opponent at the same time should either give you kills, and/or a lot of farm.

3.) When you reach 1200g, you can upgrade your Hex Core. As i stated, this will greatly increase your damage output, as well as your capability to farm. If you haven't got a kill before finishing the Augment, you should now.

4. Sorcerer's Shoes Giant's Belt Blasting Wand From here, you can finish those boots you put off for the Augment, and start working on completing Rylai's Crystal Scepter.You can either grab some extra health or ability power. In almost all cases, I choose the Giant's Belt so I have more survivability in team fights. If you are not having a problem being focused (and this is a rare case) you can grab the Blasting Wand and Amplifying Tome first.

5.) Rylai's Crystal Scepter Rabadon's Deathcap Morello's Evil TomeYou can finish off that Rylai's Crystal Scepter and start moving towards the pure ability power, Rabadon's Deathcap. It's an expensive buy, but it will take your ability power above 500. Not only do you have great output, your also not made of complete glass. you can take a bit of damage and still get away. I used to use Void Staff in my build, but I reailzed that he has mana troubles. For this reason it is essential that you have either Clarity or Morello's Evil Tome. The cooldown reduction from Morello's is great, and the Mana-Regen is the reason i switched to this.

6.) Abyssal Mask Guardian Angel Banshee's Veil Zhonya's Hourglass The last item is up to you, its all about how the game is going. If it looks like its going to be a long one, build that Guardian Angel. Enemy AP carry giving you trouble? Abyssal Mask and Banshee's Veil are both good for that. Make the choice, try to keep his damage up while staying alive.I have noticed that Viktor is a huge priority for focus. If you have the trouble of dieing before you can even get a ability off, Zhonya's Hourglass could be a huge benefit. The armor bonus and the AP are great, along with the amazing passive.

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Summoner Spells

1.)Flash: A must. Even after the nerf in range, there's nothing like being able to disappear through a wall. Flexibility on the field is key. Absolutely Necessary Writer's Choice

2.)Ignite: When paired with Chaos Storm the damage over time can easily finish up a champion, or your ignite alone can do the same. Writer's Choice

3.)Exhaust: Can be used to slow down the focus for the team ensuring they do not escape. Good for chasing as well. Recommended

4.)Clarity: if you simply do not have the I.P. for greater seal of replenishment, or you just cant aim very well, this may be for you. Recommended

5.)Cleanse: If you notice the enemy team has a lot of crowd control, this could work. Useful

6.)Teleport: Some AP mids just cannot live without teleport. I wouldnt recommend it. In most situations you can stay in your lane for long periods of time. It is, however, great for saving towers, and you can target Sight Wards for this as well. Useful

7.)Ghost:Another escaping tool, But i dont feel as its as valuable as Flash. However some people prefer Ghost instead. Useful

Everything else is pretty useless for Viktor, you don't need Clairvoyance, that's the support's job. If you need Revive, then your just trolling.

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The End

So there ya have it, that's the way I use Viktor. Once again any feedback would be great, I would love to hear what you guys think of it, good or bad. But no trolling please. I play to have fun, but I take feedback very seriously. If you would like to contact me personally, message me on League of Legends. Im on the US servers.

Good luck and Have Fun Summoners!