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Viktor Build Guide by hadbre

Top Viktor Top!

Top Viktor Top!

Updated on November 7, 2018
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League of Legends Build Guide Author hadbre Build Guide By hadbre 30 2 48,442 Views 4 Comments
30 2 48,442 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author hadbre Viktor Build Guide By hadbre Updated on November 7, 2018
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Viktor top?

Yes, Viktor top.
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Summoner spells

- flash and tp, everything clear.
-why not ign?: Because its on top after first few 6-7 lvls it will be harder for you to kill your opponent in top lane (if they didnt completely feed their *** of), so tp will have more use even if it has bigger couldown.
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-Start: You will take Corrupting Potion so you could out sustain your oponent, and so you can spam your abilities.

- Iceborn Gauntlet: tankines, mana, kiting, this item basicly wins you the game.

-core items: you take your hex cores after iceborn, no batter option and you take Rylai's Crystal Scepter for even more kiting.

- Other good dmg items: Luden's Tempest- really helps you 1 shot, even if i think you could buy batter items, this one is really fun and works quite well. Liandry's Torment, really good on viktor- gives you tankiness and ap, but its passive works so well with your ult. Lich Bane- this is an item you want to take 3rd or 4th (unle*** they have a really tanky team- than go liandry's, and if they have too much healing go morellonomicon, but at 1 point you want this in your inventory)- it will give you a lot of dmg, works veary well with your build and fast combo, and its bonus ms is really good for extra kiting. Morellonomicon- it's great if they buy mr, and a must if they have lots healing. Rabadon's Deathcap- *don't take it before 4th item* this item just gives you ton of dmg.
-Defensive items: Zhonya's Hourglass- if you need armour and/or if you need its active. banshees vail- if you need mr.
-Elixirs: You would usually take scorcery, but if your team doesn't have a tank, it is prob batter to take iron.
!Don't forget control wards!
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Hex core ability upgrade order

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Abilitiy use

Q ( Siphon Power)- poke, half of your dmg later on (not counting your ult), and when you upgrade it it will be a kiting tool with its movement speed buff.

W ( Gravity Field)- this will save you a lot, basicly you can completely zone someone off with this, and if you have smth with a rakan, you can stun 4-5 people, and at that point they are dead from your ult.

E ( Death Ray)- Other half of your dmg, also really long range poke that is really hard to dodge (but takes some time to get used to), also a lot of aoe dmg, source of your great wave clear.

R ( Chaos Storm)- huge aoe dmg that can move.
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Dmg fast combo

1. Throw your Q
2. cast your E and an empovered auto from q
(this will 1-shot squishies if you are slightly fed)

If there are a lot of enemys infront of you, throw your W so they cant get to you quickly, do the first combo and add ult
(if you are really fed, this will clear most of them up and if not you, in most casec, can easily run away after this).
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There are only 4 hard top lanners for viktor. Camille, Aatrox, Renekton and Urgot. While playing against a Renekton you need to watch out, don't get to close, now if you are carefull this should be easy, but if you misstep he will kill you. Camille, just side step her stun (which ain't easy to do). Urgot- he is harder at the start as he is ranged, so its a bit trickier to poke him. If he hits his nock up, and he is good you are probably dead. Aatrox is harder version of renekton.
*Riven- just play like you are playing against an Aatrox.
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Lanning faze plan

1. Ward well
2. Do your best to freeze
3. Poke
4. Repeat.
*Keep in mind that first part of your Q triggers minion aggro, so that can ruin your freeze and cost you a lot of health, play around it.
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