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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LightningFlash2nd

Vlad: ap build ...or why you fail

LightningFlash2nd Last updated on March 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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-Why did I write this build?
Well Vladimir has always been one of my favorites. But why do I write a build NOW? Simple reasons: A lot of "op crying" and (especially when he was for free) a lot of guys failing so hard with him.

-Why is this build description so short?
Vladimir, like most other casters, is not that hrad to learn. But it requires some practise. I will tell you some basics but I won't go into detail since I think learning by doin gives the best results. Also if u want to learn something about overall-gameplay check out any highrated build and enjoy yourself reading some hours.

-So is Vlad really op?
Yes. Why? The deathcapes are the reason. Vlads ap cap was way lower before that. Now he can nearly reach the amount of a normal manabased caster (around 950 with 20 stacks or a 4th deathcape which means like 700 damage with one transfusion (which has like 2 sec cd with 20 stacks) Also alongside with Sion he is like the only caster that doesnt drop dead in half a sec.
*Note: The ap amount above (in the championstats) is not true for this build. I do not know why or how to change this. It should be around 950.

-Why do so many fools fail with him?
Well they usually build wrong. Note that the above is not the only way to build him - there some other builds that work good it is jsut my prefered one. Still most people neither use mine nor any other good. Also a lot of folks feel strong because they are playing (op) Vladimir and then fail early game which is Vladimirs greatest weakness.

-So you claim to be the best Vlad in LoL?
Probably far from it. But this build works exceptionally well for me. Feel free to give me advise with your own experencies.

-Why do u fail so hard in english?
It is not my first language and I am sorry for any inconvenience due to that.

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-Marks: Magic penetration - Vlad is a caster (and no you should never play him as a tank)

-Seals: Hp/level - Well you could go AP/level as well but i like the hp runes more - do as you please.

-Glyphs: AP/Level - Vlad is a caster. Also consider he has small damage output before level 6 (or even 9) and the per level runes equal flat runes at level 6.

-Quints: Flat AP - Caster. I chose flat runes here to get a little more damage/heal at the beginning (tho thats a really small amount). Also per level quints equal flat later (level 9 or 10)

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Summoner Spells

- Best in my opinion:
Flashing over walls for a escape (also for escaping a mid gank: bloodpool and then flash to your turret) or for getting in range to place a last transfusion or pop your killcombo in early/mid game.
Should get you some kills. Also great to counter strong healing ults like those of Mundo or Swain.

- You could get:
instead of Flash. Most other Mobafire recommend Ghost because of the bloodpool + ghost combo. In my opinion it is a good choice but Flash is better. Also consider here that you have to pop ghost BEFORE going into the pool which slows you down evading a heavy gank.

- Wow you fail:
You heal yourself.
You have no mana.

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Caster masteries - pretty obvious. Just be carefull to not pick any manaboosts.
You could probably go 21-0-9 too but you would miss out summonerspell cdr, skill cdr and movespeed which I all consider of heavy importance.

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This is your most important skill - level it as fast as possible! It heals and does damage and only got like 2.3 sec cd when maxed out.

Sanguine Pool
2nd most important skill. It is a great escape option combine with Flash since you cannot be targeted anymore and also get some speed. Also use thise in a fight to gap your cd on Transfusion and Tides of Blood. If you are full hp do not use it for farming since it costs you 20% of your CURRENT health to activate.

Tides of Blood
You should not pay much attention to this skill in early levels. Set a point in it and use it in fights. The costs are pretty high (the damage you recieve) compared with the damage it does. Still in mid/late game this skill does a lot of damage and can hit really hard in a teamfight. Also ever walked up to a minionwave, pressed "E" and the wave vanished?

Your ultimate. The right time and place to use this spell requires some practising (no not as much as with a skillshot). It buffs the damage your team does to everyone marked with it so use it wisely.

Killcombo / little more stuff on the skills: check out "Basic Gameplay"

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-Some explanations:

Amplifying Tome & Health Potion
ALWAYS start with those. AP is always good and you are going to need that potion because of the long cooldown on Transfusion.

Mejai's Soulstealer
Well I definetly DO NOT like this item in general. But on a carefull Vlad it really can hit hard if you got some experience (You will get some kills and assissts but rarely die if you and your team are not to bad so why not use this). Still I always judge my enemy (specially the mid laning one) carefully and if I think they are playing realy defensive/are really good on ganks or any other stuff that could cost you a lot of stacks I do not buy it.
Another note here: If you are in a really long game and towards the end cannot keep your stacks at 20 you might sell it and get another deathcape. You will lose the cdr (which you do not have anyway if you cannot keep your stacks) and have nearly as much ap as with a full stacked soulstealer.

Sorcerer's Shoes
Never get other boots. You do not need the extra cdr from the ionian boots (with 20 stacks + masteries you allready should only have 2 sec cd on Transfusion left)
Rabadon's Deathcap AP, AP, AP and more AP. Stacking it (the flat AP bonus (155) stacks, the 30% do not) is the best way to get AP with Vlad (stacking Rylais is not bad but not as effective)

Lich Bane
Great item on most casters. You can for example kill turrets really fast. Also after your killcombo you to wait about 1 sec - what to do? Uh the autoattack does 100% ap dmg?! (Works perfectly with hittin "E" all the time when attacking a turret since "E" doesnt need a target)

-Occassional Items:

Zhonya's Hourglass
Might turn out usefull if you are focused down in teamfights since you got high stacks (which is not the smartest thing to do as your enemy since you then also got 3-4k HP) Still might save your life (and with it stacks and the gold the enemy would get) sometimes. Rarely get it though.

Void Staff
You usually will not need this seeing that if their tanks gets that much magic resist that you would need it, he shouldnt have enough armor to survive against your physical teammate.


Warmog's Armor
With the full build you got around 4k hp - why would you need that? Also you lose quite some AP (yes you get some with the passive but way fewer then with another deathcape).

Hextech Revolver & Will of the Ancients
I have seen those two on a Vlad nearly as often as a Warmogs - why would you need more healing? Transfusion heals 350 hp fullbuild, with 2 sec cd that should be enough. Also if you really get low you can still use Sanguine Pool for some healing.

Spirit Visage
Combine both points from above.

Force of Nature
Same again.

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Basic Gameplay

I think most champs (if not all) can only be learned by doing a good amount of games and practise, practise, practise. I could write a whole book about different situations and stuff and I still would not cover all. This is why the following is to be seen as the real basics only for those who have never played Vlad before.

-Your killcombo should be similar to this (this also apllies) for teamfights: (R,) Q, E, W, Q, E, Ignite. Change it depending on the current situation.

-Your ganking: Hide in the grass at the sidelane, ping your target, run in pop ult + Q + E + W to slow them. Now either your teammate (from the lane) should kill him (them) or u should finish him of with another Q + E and ignite

-You getting ganked: Hit W as fast as possible and run towards your turret. If u can make it without dying - fine. If not pop Flash. This should really save you from nearly every gank.

-Besides the week early game Vladimir has another great weakness: Silent, stun and taunt. Keep an eye open for those enemies. ( For example a Kassadin can make you have a really hard time laning against in mid)

-General early game (untill about levels 6-9):
Ok this is the hard phase with Vladimir. His early game is really weak. Your Transfusion cd takes like for ever and its damage is not really high. Focus on last hitting minions here. Q can help you a lot there and also heals you. You can use Q to harras from time to time but do not focus on that because most other mid champs should have a higher damage output in those early levels than you have. When you reach level 6 you can keep your eyes wide open for a possible kill. You should practise this to be able to judge your damage output and your damage taken. If there is no opportunity recall and get your Soulstealer and (depending on your last-hitting skill) boots or even the sorc. boots. When you turn level 9 the real fun begins and you should be able to grab a kill against most midlaners (you might need to use flash to land your combo).

-General mid/late game
Well you should dominate midlane, get some stacks and farm well. Always care for misses and ganks tho - Flash has a cd too;) If your midlane goes miss/recall/you killed him you might as well get a gank going yourself.
Now theres gona be some point when teamfights will occure. Be sure to not initiate but to pop your ult early. Try to hit as many enemies as possible with your ult (do not coutn the tank here because your ult will be over until your team is going to attack him). Then you should focus down there low health champs. Transfusion should hit them really hard as well as the tides. They may try to kill/CC you in focus after they realize what you are doin. Well you should not be alone and there should be other people in your team doin some damage as well - so if you happen to be the focus just pop your bloodpool and keep on focusing their squishies. Even if you die and take down two of their main damage dealers it should be a won teamfight. Remember those things: this is a teamgame - either all of you win or noone, even if you play a op champ that does not mean you allready won and that does not mean that you cannot die!

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> OP!

Well this got longer than I planned it to be. This still is intended to be brief overview and not a build/guid covering every aspect. The focus here are the Items and Runes. The gameplaypart is addressed to newer players.

Gimme hintz, ideas and experiences so i can improvez tha guid:)
(Note: i have exams coming up: won't be able to do much here till march)

Hope you enjoyed the read and you guna ownz nao!