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Volibear General Guide by Splashing Goose

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Splashing Goose

Volibear - How to Flip off those Low Elo Noobs (Jungle)

Splashing Goose Last updated on September 7, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome Loved Ones. Let's take a Journey.

What's up kids. Now I know that all of you reading my guide are either low elo noobs who want to be as good as me, or you are other low elo players who can't stand these noobs and want to get out of elo hell.

"But elo hell isn't real right?" **** yeah it is, mostly because of people like you...

Moving on, this is my guide to jungle Voli so that you can stomp these noobs to the ground. If you want to carry yourself out of elo hell, then you are in the right place.

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Pros and Cons

The pros of our beloved Volibear.
    Good all game performance
    Building tanky = Building damage
    Good clear time
    Nice ganks
    Great teamfight potential
    Flips off noobs with style
    Best dance ever

The cons of our beloved Volibear.
    I got nothin... :/

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If you think runes are important.

So we have the regular melee jungle runes. You know, the average marks of ad, seals of armor, glyphs of scaling MR, and some nice old attack speed quints.

Right now you're thinking, "So why are you telling me this, runes are just some rocks in the store to waste IP on right?" Well, I expected such a question from another one of you noobs.

But don't worry, there is still a chance for you. So, to answer your question. Runes are magical stones in the store that you buy to buff your in-game stats, without them, it wouldn't really be worth it to jungle.

Guide Top


Take a close look at my item build... Looks like a normal jungles build right? Like I don't even need to explain any of it? Well, for the most part you're right, but you might have missed something. So I want you to look closer...




That is the response I thought I would get. You know how? Because I'm a freakin genius. But I bet you already knew that.

Now that that's over, let me explain. You may have noticed that I have flash instead of ghost on my build. You may think, "Why flash lol??? all the cool people take ghost for those extremely sexy 690 movement speed ganks. What a noob..."

Don't call me a noob you ******.

As much as I like the numbers 6 and 9, I also like the great and wonderful summoner spell that is called flash. Think about it, you get the nice utility and team movement speed buff from Shurelyas, plus you can also take flash for yourself. It's like 3 summoner on one champ.

With flash and Shurelyas, your ganks will be sexier than you could ever imagine.

Guide Top

Jungle Route

Now that we went over everything that Volibear will need in the game, we can move on to the noob stomping part. Personally, my favorite.

For right now, we will focus on the jungling route.

Always start blue unless you're ballsy enough to invade red, but make sure that if you invade red, rush over to either bot or top lane to get your top or adc first blood. Of course it depends which side you are on.

Now for the safe jungle route. Start blue with a smiteless leash. Always smiteless, if you question this, leave now you noobs. Next, rush over to your red and smite it. 3 minute doublebuff, gg lol right?


You must put these buffs to use. If you want you can keep farming in your jungle, and that's okay. But farming with doublebuffs is for little *******.

You have great power, go get to level 4 as quickly as possible and go kick some carry's ***.

Once you get first blood you can go jungle and farm.

But never... ever... lose your much needed buffs.

If you do, say gg already and go hump a pole in your misery.


Guide Top

Early game

Jungle, farm, play safe, gank some lanes and get your carries fed.

If you do this you'll do quite alright.

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Mid game

Ok, a towers down, people start roaming.

Buy wards. Please by wards. Dont't expect your noobass support to ward the jungle.

Your job to keep everyone safe. With vision, set up some counter ganks, pick some roamers, and go expand your wardrobe.

Guide Top

Late game

By now if you are any good, you should have gotten at least on carry fed, or if they are unreliable, you picked up some kills yourself.

This is when you start destroying the other team. Get all your friends, go flip off the other team, ult, and get a penta, easy as that.

Now that you got a penta, go push, take inhib, and keep pressure on them everywhere.

Guide Top

The proper way to get kills. VERY IMPORTANT.

I can't stress this enough. I'm solo queuing and I see a voli get a kill then either continues to farm or back to buy his undeserved sh*t.

If you don't know, I'm sorry for you, but voli has the best dance in the game and the most trolly passive. A perfect combo.

You are 1v1ing some guy, you are both getting low, he thinks he can easily kill you, but LOL, I got passive!!! "Dat health regen, ugh..."

At this elo people don't know that ignite halves your passive, so take advantage.

After trolling and killing your opponent with you amazing passive, go press control 3 and dance on their bodies til there's no tomorrow.

If you forget this, don't ever play Volibear again. Please don't.

Guide Top

Conclusion: See ya nerds!

Finally, it's finally over.

"But that was the greatest guide ever made! I need to up vote this now!"

Yes, I know you all loved it, but all good things have to come to the end.

This was actually my first guide and I hope you enjoyed. If your cool, please up vote, if you're a hater, go die and don't down vote .

Leave as many comments as you like, I'm open to your opinions but I probably won't change much because I'm already perfect.

But don't worry, if you follow this guide, you can be perfect too.


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