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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Evelynn Build Guide by ISniffGlueToo

Volleyball Evelynn

Volleyball Evelynn

Updated on September 6, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ISniffGlueToo Build Guide By ISniffGlueToo 7,574 Views 7 Comments
7,574 Views 7 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ISniffGlueToo Evelynn Build Guide By ISniffGlueToo Updated on September 6, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


What does this build aim to do?

Evelynn is a unique champion, whose passive stealth sets her apart from the rest of the champions currently available. This build is best followed by summoners who would like to capitalize on Eve's sustained AP damage output and her extreme potential for AP burst damage and successful ganks, through proper farming and lane control.

Hate Spike and Shadow Walk are the reason why Evelynn maintaining control in mid lane is not only viable, but incredibly effective.

(Note: Hopefully I can keep the text in this guide to a minimum - nothing beats short 'n' sweet, but when it's regarding Evelynn you can certainly forget about sweet).

If the champions one day decided to leave the Fields of Justice for a beach day, I'm sure their competitive nature would translate to the sand. A "friendly" game of beach volleyball would certainly put a spin on how summoners perceive their champions. I remain confident that none other than the Widowmaker herself - Evelynn - would bring the crowd to their feet. Why is this? Dat gurl can SPIKE.

Credit to Kukuyuro for this image
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Pros / Cons

  • Top tier ganker
  • Effective ranged low CD poke/farming tool
  • AoE dmg
  • Finally has a ranged slow
  • With the slow, her speed boost makes keeping up/escaping a breeze
  • Her W also removes slows
  • She is often understimated
  • Can often drive enemies to investing their gold in vision wards/oracles
  • Sneak behind enemy lines and finish off that low hp teemo
  • For this reason, she is more scary than Suprise Party Fiddlesticks

  • Doesn't have a Surprise Party skin (despite deserving one)
  • Squishy (as expected)
  • Vulnerable to CC (to an extent - W removes slows)
  • Her passive can be weakened by the use of vision wards and oracles (generally not a problem in Normals)
  • Relies on ally jungler if the enemy jungler is aggressive
  • She instigates alot of hatred just being chosen, let alone claiming mid in the pregame lobby (many do not realize how well she can mid)
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Summoner Spells

Ignite helps finish off those low hp enemies, although its more useful for its HpRegen reduction as Hate Spike tends to take out runners just as effectively at higher ranks.

Flash is the best escape tool - especially in Evelynn's case, where her Dark Frenzy might not be enough to flee enemies.

Alternative Spells

Exhaust can be handy when facing those Physical DPS champions and are far easier to face exhausted than ignited.

Ghost is another option, if one prefers an additional speed boost, although Eve's Dark Frenzy is there for a reason.

Teleport is handy for defending towers, or quickly reaching a low enemy tower to backdoor. More ganking opportunity exists when you have this spell, and it certainly makes up for this build's lack of Mobility Boots.
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This rune set aims to maximize her damage mid through to late game, as that is when she really begins to shine. Excessive AP is not necessary - that is purchased in-game, unlike the Mpen which is less available in-store.

Flat Armor seals are effective for reducing minion/AD-carry harass, while the flat Mres glyphs stop enemy AP in mid lane/AP support in bot lane from unleashing too much damage on you.
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----> ----> ---->

These items form the core build. Rabadon's massive AP boost compliments the active on DFG, which itself benefits from Abyssal Scepter/Sorc shoes' Mpen, and synchronizes nicely with the %Hp damage on Evelynn's Agony's Embrace.

Lich Bane is a good choice as it procs on Eve's spammable Q.

Guardian Angel ties together Eve's Armor and Mres quite evenly, whilst providing a handy second life.

Alternative Items

Rylai's Crystal Scepter not only boosts Eve's survivability, but also provides another (and spammable!) ranged slow in the form of her versatile Q (only 15% however as it is an AoE ability).

Void Staff has %-based Mpen and so it is effective against teams stacking Mres. It generally gets chosen in place of Abyssal Mask (rarely does this happen before late game).

Mejai's Soulstealer can snowball you to that nifty 20% CD, as an alternative to DFG. If you're feeling really bad*ss, replace Guardian Angel or Lich Bane with Mejais and keep DFG - it's all situational.
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R --> Q --> E --> W

Skill Combos

Prior to level 6 Evelynn should prioritize farming and, if feasible, harassing the enemy champ(s) with her Hate Spike.

Agony's Embrace

--> --> --> --> -->

Deathfire Grasp

--> --> -->

Lich Bane

--> Auto attack --> --> --> Auto attack followed by regular combo

Skill Descriptions

This skill is maxed first - it's all Eve relies on for damage in lane (unless you are executing a gank), and allows for a nice amount of creep score.

This speed boost is my second-favorite thing about Evelynn's rework. It makes ganking, despite the sight radius surrounding Evelynn during stealth, quite easy. It also makes for an easy escape, even if Eve has been slowed - it removes that slow instantaneously.

This is maxed second, but not until level 4 as its AttkSpeed buff and dmg output pales in comparison to the usefulness of the speed boost on W. It makes backdooring easier, as using Ravage on a minion near the enemy tower increase Eve's attack speed.

My favorite thing about Evelynn's rework. It makes her a real threat in team fights, especially towards tanky champions, and it works wonders if Eve uses Deathfire's active in the same encounter. It's slow is just as handy, and beats the slow that old Eve applied when attacking from stealth (which was replaced by the speed boost on W anyway). In addition to the slow, when escaping this skill provides a health shield for every enemy struck by the AoE ability - often saving Evelynn from death.
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Choose your battles wisely.

Take advantage of the small sight radius around you (i.e. hug far walls of lane to pass enemies).

Farm as much as you can.

Remember to spike, spike and spike. Evelynn sets for NO ONE.

I'll probably add information here later, maybe not, we'll see - depends how much sand i get in my knickers.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ISniffGlueToo
ISniffGlueToo Evelynn Guide
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Volleyball Evelynn

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