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Shaco Build Guide by skillkiller

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author skillkiller

Wait, I thought Shaco was squishy... (Lane and Jungle)

skillkiller Last updated on November 7, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Updates on this build

Included Jungle Build

Updated runes due to mana problems.
Added Description on how to jungle properly.

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Hey guys, welcome to my new Build. The focus this time is on Shaco, the Demon Jester.

I wrote a few Build Guides so far, not really good ones but.. meh. At the moment, I am playing Shaco, because i think he's really fun to play and underrated.

But, as you see in Item Solutions on top, this is not a normal Shaco Build...

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The way of Shaco

Here you can see the Patch notes for Shaco, you see it's only nerf. Me as a Shaco Player, I hope for a Buff in the near future...

League of Legends v0.9.25.34

A New Champion Approaches: Shaco, the Demon Jester
○ Deceive: Shaco enters stealth and instantly teleports to target location. His next attack has a 100% chance to critical strike.
○ Jack-in-the-Box: Shaco drops a Jack-in-the-Box at target location, which will wait, stealthed, to fear nearby units and attack them when someone comes nearby.
○ Two-Shiv Poison: Passive: Shaco’s attacks poison targets on hit, reducing their chance to hit and slowing them. Active: Shaco throws his daggers to deal damage and poison the target.
○ Hallucinate: Shaco creates an illusion of himself that can attack nearby enemies. It explodes upon death dealing AoE damage.
○ Backstab (Passive): Shaco deals 25% bonus damage when striking a unit from behind.

League of Legends v1.0.0.52 (displays as

○ Deceive Cooldown increased from 9 to 10
○ Deceive Mana Cost increased from 80/70/60/50/40 to 90/80/70/60/50
○ Deceive Duration reduced from 5 to 4
○ Deceive Range reduced from 575 to 500
○ Two-Shiv Poison Mana Cost increased from 75 to 80
○ Jack in the Box Fear Range reduced from 450 to 400
○ Jack in the Box Base Health reduced from 200 to 150
○ Jack in the Boxes are no longer magic immune, but instead have 50 Magic Resist

League of Legends v1.0.0.61

○ Jack in the Box Magic Resist increased to 100 from 50

League of Legends v1.0.0.63

○ Jack in the Box's fear range will now match the activation range

League of Legends v1.0.0.70

○ Hallucinate clone’s damage taken is now set to a fixed percent bonus taken per level to 135/135/135 from 170/135/100
○ Hallucinate Cooldown increased in ranks 1 and 2 to 105/90/75 from 75/75/75
○ Deceive Cooldown now triggers when leaving stealth
○ Deceive cooldown reduced to 8.5 from 10 at all ranks
○ Fixed a bug in which Jack in the Box would sometimes not attack monsters
○ Fixed a bug where placing Jack in the Boxes atop of units caused them to spawn in unpredictable locations
○ Fixed a bug in which Shaco’s clone was dealing bonus damage
○ Fixed a bug where casting Hallucinate while you have the Deceive buff caused the clone to always crit

League of Legends v1.0.0.74

○ Fixed a bug where Jack-in-the-Boxes would stop firing after they killed a monster

League of Legends v1.0.0.79

○ Activating Two-Shiv Poison on a target while Shaco is in stealth will cause him to become visible
○ Two-Shiv Poison cooldown reduced to 8 from 13
○ Two-Shiv Poison mana cost reduced to 70 from 80
○ Deceive crit bonus reduced to 40/60/80/100/120 from 50/70/90/110/130%
○ Jack In The Box damage per hit reduced to 35/55/75/95/115 from 35/60/80/100/125
○ Jack In The Box damage AP ratio reduced to 25% from 35%
○ Jack In The Box mana cost reduced to 50/55/60/65/70 from 70/70/70/70/70

League of Legends v1.0.0.81

○ Increased the range on Two-Shiv Poison's active to 625 from 600

League of Legends v1.0.0.82

○ Fixed the mana cost on Jack in the Box to correctly be 50/55/60/65/70 from 60/60/60/60/60

League of Legends v1.0.0.94

○ Updated the Deceive tooltip to clarify that the damage is bonus damage not a true critical
○ Fixed a bug where Jack in the Boxes would acquire targets incorrectly
○ Fixed a bug where Jack in the Boxes would lose their stealth before their lifetime expired

League of Legends v1.0.0.94(b)

○ Hallucination now deals half damage to turrets
○ Fixed a bug where Hallucinate clones would proc on-hit effects an extra time

League of Legends v1.0.0.97

○ Deceive cooldown increased to 10 seconds from 8.5
○ Hallucinate’s clone will now take 150% increased damage at all ranks instead of 200/165/135%. The tooltip inaccurately stated that Shaco's clone would take 135% increased damage at all ranks

League of Legends v1.0.0.99

● Deceive
○ Cooldown increased to 11 from 10
○ Duration to 3.5 from 4 seconds
● Hallucinate
○ Cooldown increased to 100/90/80 from 90/75/60
○ Duration reduced to 18 from 30
○ Guardian Angel no longer revives the clone although will apply the passive particle
● Backstab (passive) bonus damage reduced to 20% from 25%
● Two Shiv Poison no longer blinds the target
● Jack In The Box will now break stealth upon cast

League of Legends v1.0.0.120

○ Hallucinate clone now correctly benefits from critical strikes
○ Fixed the dance animation to loop properly

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Shaco as Offtank. Why?


-You are tanky even though you make a good amount of damage and you can even tank a littlebit for your team
-Your clone approves Passives such as the one from Wit's end
-Sunfire Cape is just one of the coolest items ingame!


-Not that huge amounts of damage as AD Shaco

Thinking about other cons and pros

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I take some pretty tanky runes for lil Shaco! The only offensive Runes I chose are Armor Pen Marks.

Mana Reg Seals and Glyphs will always give you enough mana to stay long in lane and spread fear in form of boxes and knifes ;)

Flat Health Essences for more survivability earlygame on lane.

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I go a defensive Mastery Build: 0/21/9, grabbing armor and magic resist in Defense and Buff duration in Utility. Another solution is 21/9/0 or 21/0/9, but I like Defensive Masteries more for our little Shaco!

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Items: Core

My Core Items for Shaco are:

Wit's End, the Magic Resist and Attack Speed are just so cool!!!

Boots of Mobility or Mercury's Treads as boots, if you have many CC, grab Tenacity. It can save your life!

Sunfire Cape, i think it procs with your Ultimate, but i am still testing, so don't beat me if i'm wrong. Anyway a great Item which gives many HP and a lot of Armor!

Hexdrinker is IMO an underrated Item. It gives you AD which you really need as Shaco and it gives you MR and that cool Shield which every Karthus hates :)

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Items: Situational

Trinity Force, if you do well and roam a lot, grab this precious thing, it makes you feel like a boss, i promise!

Infinity Edge if you feel you need more damage, this is the one and only Item!!!

Thornmail if the enemy team has much AD or a fed Carry, grab Thornmail, don't underestimate it's passive!!

Banshee's Veil if the enemies have many casters or that Blitzcrank that always kills you ;)

To be continued...

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Summoner Spells

The choice of Summoner Spells is always important, I like Ghost and Ignite. They are both great to chase your opponents or to give them the last tick of damage that has been missing.

Also good are: Flash, a very great escape spell, but you already have your Q, so I prefer Ghost

Exhaust, but you have your E... If you like it though, take it instead of Ignite

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This may not be the fastest jungle rune, but it is the most efficient in my opinion. Start by grabbing a Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potion. Run to blue buff and set 3 or 4 boxes BEHIND him, the more there are, the faster Blue is down. You don't need someone to pull because your boxes will do that. Fight blue and set smite at around 500 health. This shouldn't take any longer than 6 or 7 seconds. Run to the Wolfcamp and Spam your skills including Jack in the Box as it fears the creeps and let them attack it. Focus always the big one. Continue by running to the wraiths, start by setting a box in the middle of them. Focus the blue one and never forget to use your E as it makes some damage you need to clear the whole jungle. Next, go to the Golems and kill them, do not use Smite. Now, we come to red buff. Place some boxes in the middle between the blue flower and the box before you attack, 2 should be enough. Use Deceive to initiate against him and make him run to the boxes you placed. Always use skills on cooldown, except for your Deceive as the Creeps will not attack you any longer and will regenerate. Smite Red at around 550 health. Now go and gank and if it's not already fallen, get First Blood. DON'T DIVE TOWERS. Just sayin ;)

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Yeah, that was my build guide for Shaco, the Demon Jester. Hope you liked it, please leave a comment ;)