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League of Legends Build Guide Author laiZazn

Wanna own endgame? Well here you go!

laiZazn Last updated on September 20, 2011
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Art of the dps


Team 2

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Ok, so this build is mainly for those of you who love to kill, and carry the team endgame and win right? Well, I'm here to give you the answer. I use this build on any ad dps champion and i guarantee you, you will own. This doesn't only specify the champions I have in the build, I just thought I could help with tips and how I play these champions.

Warning: if the other champion has thornmail, or if you get 5 man ganked by decent players, then you will die due to squishyness.

In the end, if you go against champs without cc or ignite, then you can easily solo about 2-3 champs alone. The other day, I soloed a blitz, a cait, and a yorick! Also, you drop ppl in about 2-3 seconds usually. With xin, I killed a kayle w/3k hp in the air

Sorry i dont post any scores, I really dont know how.... So if you want scores, just comment below!

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See my runes? These are probably the most effective runes in the game for ad dps champions. First of all, in the beginning, you start off with 15%-23% critical chance. By endgame, after purchasing the 2 phantoms and infinity edge, you will have 100% crit chance and 278% critical damage. WOW, sounds like something huh? Well that's not it. After you get EVERTYHING in the build, it's gg. You will have 50% lifesteal with max bloodthirster stacks, and around 400+ ad after the trinity force. Do the math, and be impressed.

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I go 21-0-9 for the most damage output, along with the 9 for some utility and for the extra exp to level up faster. These are just typical masteries, so theres not much to say imo...

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First off, for any of the champions in this build, you need to last hit minions and farm CONSTANTLY. I cannot stress how important this is. Play defensively if you have to, or chase and focus someone only if you know you can kill them. Other than that, starting off is basically set. Try laning with a good support character though, like sona or soraka, or even singe for his fling! Just make sure they feed you though, tell them to trust that you know what you're doing.

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My item sequences are VITAL to your success in this build. I have a reason for why you should build these fine items in this order, just to balance things out a bit ^^ I have a friend who bought things out of order and he's pretty stupid and failed with this build... so don't be him.

Reasoning: brawlers gloves will give you that extra chance to own your opponant. 23% at lvl 1 is a good chance to do 1-200 damage in a basic attack. After getting berserker's, you will have a good amount of attack speed. Also, most ad dpsers all have a skill that will give you even more attack speed, esp noc and xin. Next is infinity edge, this will up your crits to a good 50ish% along with its dmg, you will do 400ish damage to minions! the vampiric scepter will let you farm and do bunches of stuff so you can get more money withouth having to back every 2 minutes. The phantom will give you even more attack speed and up your crit chance to a good 70% after that, I say bloodthirster because you need more damage and lifesteal, so basically, you will shred ppl faster. After this, you get another phantom for a good 2 or so atk speed dealing 600+ to minions and such. Finally, its your 2nd blood thirster time. This time, your crits will do a yummy 1k or so each hit towards minions and maybe 600 to champs. This will kill them like crazy! and they cant kill you since you have 50% lifesteal at max bt stacks. If you really get fed, then ditch your boots for trinity. PHantoms and trinity give you enough running speed, you will be zooming around the map and the extra ad from trinity will up your crits to do about 1.2k towards minions ^^

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Skill Sequence

I'm sorry for any skill sequences that don't match, I'm just giving you a general idea of what to max first. It comes out really well too.

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Summoner Spells

Well, theres not much to it. Ignite is a great spell overall, it does better than exhaust imo. Igiting at lvl 1 is brutal for getting your first kill to *****s that run away. Use it to finish em off and get set for later! (especially useful on tryn when he uses his ult, make sure to ignite him before he gets away, then claim the kill) =] Flash is a great getaway skill, just be sure to use it on walls when running, it'll save your life. If not, then it'll give you the extra boost you need ^^ its also good for last hit champ chasing btw... or getting the fck out of turret range! :O

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How to play TF

Ok, I'd say TF is my main. I really like his style and his pain in the *** harrassing early game. I personally HATE going mid, mainly because if you screw up, you're screwd for the game, and all your teammates rage at you, but if you do see a great advantage and think you'll do well, then go ahead in mid. Playing tf, learning to use pick a card is KEY TO SUCCESS!

How to harrass: ok, so you have your brawlers gloves to deal them crits and your e for first skill. What you do is hit a minion 3x (last hit them) then, you go throw the card at the champ, dealing your basic dmg, plus some 50 or so magic damage, with a chance of crit. If you do get crit, then say yellow to half an hp bar of enemy health!. at lvl 2, you get pick a card. repeat the process except this time, pick blue card for most dmg. There's an extra however much bonus damage from blue card, along with crits and your e! ^^ When your enemy is low enough, rush in with yellow, and finish him off! ignite helps too if needed.

Tips: Once you get wild cards, you'd wanna pick a yellow and throw wild right after and then auto attack. The extra dmg for a sure hit (cuz of stun) helps! Also, before you use your ulti, ready yellow card before you tele, for sure hit of a stun ^^

Another tip is to use tower aggro to your advantage... LOL. There's a reason this game is LOL, to give a good laugh. If a noob ever charges at you low level (or high lvl), hurry and get yellow card ready. You need to master pick a card perfectly! once your enemy gets tower aggro, throw that stun at him and watch the tower shred him to pieces. This has happened many times and I couldnt stop laughing for the next however so minutes ^^

Use your ult to your advantage. Sure you can come to ganks, but if a noob ever gets away, teleport inbetween towers to finish him off! Also, teleport a little ahead of your victim to make sure you hit him! Also, use your ult to tele to towers if needed. Be a good team player!

Another helpful hint for yellow card is when you're getting chased. Ready it up as you run and unexpectedly hit your noob chaser and stun him! then gtfo and you'll be safe unless a karthus or gp or something kills you ^^

Last thing is how to counter thornmail 1v1. If someone has thornmail, you go and attack him! Once you get low without dying, and if he's still alive, then make sure there are mininos/jungle near you. They most likely WILL chase you. and throw a few shots at whatever minion there is. With your lifesteal, I go from having 1-3 bars of hp to full! each hit giving me a good 500 or so hp! then run back at the thornmail ****** and rip him to shreds! be sure to stun as much as possible!

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How to play Twitch

Well, for everything, its basically the same as TF. For early game, just poke at your enemies and hope a crit strikes. Twitch is awesome for ganking, just remember that you're screwd if the enemy team has oracles! Other than that, the skill combo is fairly simple. At endgame, you will have INSANE atk speed. ONce you poop out of nowhere, land a few shots, THEN use your w and e for max damage and effect!

Also, when you run, activate your stealth, it is a LIFESAVER

Your ult comes in handy in team fights. You're so effing squishy so extra range with champ pen sound good? with the dmg you're going to do, then hello easy multikills! (quadra/penta/etc)

Again, build/masteries/runes is same as tf one!

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How to play Xin

Well, hes pretty easy, just use the combo 3talonstrike- audacious charge- then ult- battle cry. What this does is prepare you for 3 talon strike, charge up to your enemy, then use your ult for most dmg, knock em in air and auto atk with a ****load of atk speed. Not much else with him. This skill sequence is a HUGE dmg nuke, so have fun ^^

same, build/runes/masteries all same as TF, BUTT for xin, start out with a dagger in place of brawlers gloves. You'll need the extra atk speed early

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How to play Sion!

Sion is a freaking nonsquishy dps with this build. Tips to play him is to activate your shield, then when its about 4 secs, stun your enemy, blow up, and auto atk. Use your ult in teamfights! or if you get ganked ;3 pretty nice! strong as hell too ^^

Same runes/masteries BUT start out with vampiric scepter to compensate hp lost by your e. Also, your e will compensate the ad for a bloodthirster, so get more attack speed! then own with higher dmg

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Here is a champion I would love to call this the "ability spammer." (urgots one too, but i dont feel like going into detail, but this build works well for him too) For ezreal, going insane dps doesnt go TOO well in my experiences, although it could work, I just play him this way because its more fun. For ezreal, dont mind runes/masteries/items nd such above. For him, you might want to harrass a LOT. Your runes help you greatly early game, giving you some ad and a good amount of armor pen. His masteries, go with the ignite cuz it gives you some ap that he can use.

Items: The brutalizer is a great starting item! it gives ad and armor pen, so you will do quite a lot of dmg. Manamune helps his mana and ability spamming along with his dmg, so why not? Ie gives him crit for when at times, you will auto atk and when you do, it will do a lot of dmg! Bloodthirster gives ad and lifesteal as before, and black cleaver will just be a simple upgrade of the brutilizer, so just sell it. His boots help with cooldowns.

Skills: strategies are to run in with e, then use w and q really fast and hit them! for good burst. and if they run away, use your ult to finish them off! Also, be away of other lanes, and watch where enemies run into bushes nd such. Launch your ult, and free kill! ^^

Other ways to play: Ok, you can use the crit runes above as well! that way, you can get a good 40% or so crit chance in place of 25. In the end, crits do as much as 1.2-1.5k dmg to minions on your auto atks. Im not sure if crit scales in with his mystic shot. If so, then theres another reason to go for crit runes!
Crit runes with the build i have for the other champs above are another way to play him. If you choose this route, use the same strategy as a mininuke and then auto atk like crazy for more dmg! This will take your enemy down REALLY fast, and pretty funny! So just try out the ways and see which you like most! ^^

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All in all, these are my AD/dps builds. I hope you like them! Please give feedback and like! =] I'm sorry for any gramatical errors or anything. If you want tips on any other champ, just ask! I've played most of them, and if not, then i'll get back to you asap. I really like playing ad, and I'll play ap when i finish my ap runes, and if all goes well, I'll post an ap build too. Thanks to you all, much appreciated (:

Don't forget to say hi to me if you ever get in a game with me :D add me if you want, ign is laiZazn Have fun!


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