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Miss Fortune Build Guide by Jovy

ADC Wanted Dead or Alive - MF ADC

ADC Wanted Dead or Alive - MF ADC

Updated on October 29, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jovy Build Guide By Jovy 7096 342 25,097,328 Views 547 Comments
7096 342 25,097,328 Views 547 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Jovy Miss Fortune Build Guide By Jovy Updated on October 29, 2020
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PsiGuard (1495) | April 19, 2020 10:19pm
Hey Jovy, here's your "official review." I really like this guide and its visuals, so don't be too put off by the amount of criticism below. Chances are if I didn't mention something, I thought it was either fine or great.

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This guide definitely seems aimed towards newer players, as you do a good job of introducing concepts that some authors take for granted and cover the basics of items and champions in case the reader isn't familiar with them. Some of the more advanced concepts in the gameplay sections are definitely welcome as well, since they're more likely to help players that are already familiar with the game and the champion. I think if you want higher ranked players (Gold/Plat) to get more out of this, you'll need to add in more detail on a few things. Build optimizations are nice to include when available, but the main thing I can think of would be expanding the matchups into its own full chapter of the guide and help readers understand how to crush their lane opponents and work with their supports. MF isn't too hard to play outside laning phase, but mastering the 2v2 (and occasional 2v5 :P) is what those mid-range players could really improve.

This review ended up being a bit longer than I expected and I had a lot of criticism to give, but overall I'd still say this is the best MF guide currently and other than a couple easily fixable hiccups, it's a perfectly usable resource for people to get started with the champion. Hopefully after you're done dealing with the nitpicks and maybe expand / improve a few sections, it'll be even more exceptional.

Hope you find this review helpful. If you want to discuss any points in depth, feel free to PM me on Discord. Good luck with your guide!
Jovy (947) | April 20, 2020 10:00am
Thanks for your time Joe, lots of helpful comments here :) To address a few points...:

PsiGuard (1495) | April 20, 2020 10:28am
Fair enough @ most of those points. I'll reply to a few.


1. Yeah just tweak the Note then.

3. I think LDR and Maw are both really necessary in some games. The PD shield is comparable to Maw, but you'd still be taking true damage from any mage with flat pen. Edge of Night can be skipped entirely if you think it's not worth buying.


Limiting the scope of the guide to more newer players is a fair decision. My only concern is that some of the simplified explanations can end up being misleading (e.g. in the guide it sounds like Freezing is pretty much strictly superior for winning lane, which isn't really true). Maybe I can come up with some more specific changes without making the content really complex. Let me know.

7. This is a relevant distinction both when last-hitting in lane and playing team fights, since in both cases you can often auto freely without being hit. If Mobility Boots worked while not taking damage instead of being out-of-combat only, they'd be broken.

10. In one situation you have your starting Doran's Blade + a B. F. Sword and in the other you have 3 blades. I just removed the common D Blade from both builds when talking numbers. Unless you're comparing BF to a total of 4 Doran's Blades, then it'd be 24 to 40.

20. You can probably just say to only give up farm to help the jungler in bot river / bot jg. Otherwise, don't give up CS to roam (push to tower first). The minutia of exactly when and how to roam is really difficult to teach, but I think the general conditions for roaming are simple enough.
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