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Miss Fortune Build Guide by Jovy

ADC Wanted Dead or Alive - MF ADC

ADC Wanted Dead or Alive - MF ADC

Updated on October 29, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jovy Build Guide By Jovy 7096 342 25,104,084 Views 547 Comments
7096 342 25,104,084 Views 547 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Jovy Miss Fortune Build Guide By Jovy Updated on October 29, 2020
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Press the Attack
Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace

Nimbus Cloak
Gathering Storm

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


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Hello everyone and welcome to my Miss Fortune guide. I'm Jovy, an admin here and a long-time league player. I've been playing since season 2, having racked up well over three thousand games by now. My main role is actually the support role, but Miss Fortune is regardless my favourite champion as well as the champion on whom I have the highest mastery on.

I started playing Miss Fortune way back in Season 2 and she was the first champion that I really took an interest to. I mained her on my journey to 30 and continued to main her well after that and the reason I actually joined MOBAFire in the first place was to write a guide for her. Around the start of Season 3 I completely lost interest in MF, and ADC in general, and so I decided to archive the guide because it would become outdated and I wanted to focus on Support from then onwards. In Season 5 I had once again taken an interest to ADCs and so I thought it would be fitting to resurrect and revamp my original guide to Miss Fortune... and here we are!

Miss Fortune is a Marksman, a role that focuses on dealing large amounts of physical damage; usually to individual targets. Typically Marksmen scale extremely well with game time, and deal devastating levels of damage during the late phase of games. In addition to having a very good late game, Miss Fortune excels in lane. She's a lane bully who can dish out tons of burst with her ultimate and can poke extremely efficiently with her Double Up (Q).

+ High Mov Speed due to Strut
Although Miss Fortune has no actual gap closers, she's pretty mobile providing her W's passive - Strut - is active. Strut grants up to 100 movement speed when Miss Fortune is not being attacked. This makes travelling to lane, objectives or team fights much faster and it can help you dodge certain skillshots.

+ High AoE damage
Miss Fortune is the wombo combo queen. Her ultimate channels for 3 seconds and dishes out a huge amount of damage to everyone in sight. Coupled with Amumu's or Malphite's ultimate, for example, she's completely devastating in team fights.

+ Strong Laning Phase
Miss Fortune has a very potent lane phase and she transitions well into mid game, especially when she's ahead. She has a lot of poke potential with her Q and W, a slow with which she can follow up on ganks and after level 6 she has burst damage as well. Her passive makes roaming quick and she can take towers down quickly with Strut, this makes her mid game quite strong.

- No gap closers
Although Strut means she's not completely immobile, it doesn't make up for her lack of a proper gap closer. Having no gap closer means you need to play her more carefully than you would a different marksman, as with MF, if you get caught and you don't have flash, you'll likely die.

- Can't move when using ultimate
Bullet Time, Miss Fortune's ultimate, is an AoE physical damage dealing cone-shaped ability. It's a great spell when used and timed well, but it has one giant downside - you cannot move at all while it's channeling otherwise you'll cancel it. It channels for 3 seconds and if you want to use it for the whole 3, you'll just be standing still for that duration. This makes you extremely vulnerable as you won't be able to dodge anything, and you'll be a sitting duck for assassins.

This keystone works well with Miss Fortune because of her ability to easily proc it with her W-enhanced autos and her AA-cancel Q. The fastest way to get 3 Press the Attack stacks on someone is to do either AA Q AA, by which I mean activate your Q as soon as your first auto launches, or Q AA AA, wherein the second AA will launch a lot faster. Once an enemy has 3 stacks on them, any incoming damage is increased, which is great for team fights and your E R combo.

Triumph gives you a surge of health (and 20g) after you get a takedown (kill or assist). This is super helpful during early game when fights can be quite close but it remains useful for the rest of the game too because it restores 12% of your health, and not a flat amount (so it scales with you basically).

A small AS boost when you get Legend stacks; i.e. champion kills and assists or monster/minion kills.

An alternative to the above rune. This rune means we can skip out on a lifesteal item later on and build more raw damage instead, without being completely without the stat.

Coup De Grace gives us 7% more dmaage to targets below 40% health. Every damage dealer is great with an execution and MF is no exception to this.

Nimbus Cloak + Gathering Storm: Nimbus Cloak is a logical choice for someone as speedy as Miss Fortune; whereas Gathering Storm can ensure that you stay strong from early to late game.

Magical Footwear + Biscuit Delivery: Gives you a free pair of boots around 12 minutes (or earlier with takedowns) which is a good deal for MF since she is already naturally quick with her Strut passive. Biscuits give you better sustain in lane which is extra important against pokey bot lanes.

For summoner spells yet again we take the standard combo, Flash and Heal, for marksmen.

Flash is invaluable and you need to take it every single game. Its uses include chasing, escaping, repositioning and much more. Although it is necessary for every marksmen, and nearly every champion, it's especially vital for Miss Fortune who has no escapes and frequently may need Flash for team fights.

Heal is your second summoner spell and it's also something that doesn't really have any alternatives. Heal gives you health and movement speed and it has more than just one use. It can be used for escaping and kiting due to the small movement speed boost, it can be used to heal yourself or an ally and it can be used to bait the enemy out when you're low on health.

Love Tap: When Miss Fortune switches targets she deals extra physical damage to the new target.

During lane phase it's very obvious that Love Tap is a really strong passive. You're always against at least two opponents so you can easily proc your passive by coordinating shots between the enemy marksman and support. Even when both champions aren't present, there are always minions with which you can proc the passive.

Outside of laning phase, especially during team fights, is when you'll notice that the passive isn't quite as useful. During team fights, although there are many of champions to attack, you usually won't be able to coordinate your auto-attacks, and will just be forced to hit what is closest. Thus, in team fights your passive may prove to be somewhat useless.

One other thing to note is that Love Tap also procs on towers. Coupled with Strut's AS boost, you'll be able take down towers very fast by taking turns shooting minions and the tower.

Double Up: Your Q bounces off your target to hit the enemy behind it and deal bonus damage.

Double Up is your bread and butter ability. It deals a lot of damage but has a low CD and mana cost, and so it is theoretically spammable.

I say theoretically because Q spam is the #1 reason for Miss Fortune players going out of mana. Don't fall into the trap of using your Q off-cooldown just because it could potentially do a great deal of damage. Instead, time your Qs and only use them when you're almost positive that the Q bounce will hit your primary target.

By primary target, I naturally am referring to the person that the Q will bounce to. Your initial target should be a minion usually; by killing it with your Q, the bullet will ricochet and deal an ungodly amount of damage to the person behind them.

Q resets your auto-attack animation which makes it extremely potent during trades with the enemy marksman. Auto-attack your enemy, then use your Q on them and immediately auto-attack them afterwards for tons of damage.

Strut: Miss Fortune gains movement speed out of combat. Upon activation, MF gains attack speed.

Strut's attack speed buff has many good uses. It helps you CS faster and ensures you don't miss a last-hit. It'll make your trades stronger as you'll be able to dish out more shots. Essentially, you are right to activate it whenever you start a skirmish with the enemy bot laners. Its low mana cost and relatively low cooldown guarantees that you don't have to go without it during battles.

It also synergises well with your passive. Utilising your W, you'll be able to quickly and fluently swap between targets and maximise your damage output. It also synergises with your passive when you're taking down turrets, having both Love Tap and Strut activated will completely crumble them.

The movement speed will allow you to dodge certain skillshots, it'll help you get to lane faster as well as rotate between lanes. Overall, Strut is a very strong ability!

Make It Rain: An AoE slow that reveals and damages enemies in the area.

Make it Rain's slow gets gradually stronger as you increase the rank of the ability. By rank 5, it's a pretty potent slow which is helpful in many ways. As it's AoE, you can use when you're being chased to slow down multiple enemies. You can also use it when you're chasing someone - E's range is surprisingly long and as MF is quite fast, you can catch up to your enemy and E them to slow them. Another use of the slow is for setting up your ultimate. When your enemy is slowed, it's much more difficult to escape your ultimate's range unless they have flash up. However as the slow is not very strong until rank 5, you should namely rely on your allies to set you up for your ultimates or rescue you with CC.

E will also provide vision over the area it is cast on. That means that MF never has to facecheck; so don't! You can check for hiding enemies in brush, and, because of the long range of this ability, you can also check monster camps to see if anything worth taking is there.

Bullet Time: Miss Fortune unleashes an AoE cone of damage.

Bullet Time forces Miss Fortune to stand absolutely still, whilst channeling it, for up to 3 seconds. If you cancel it, that's it. You won't deal any more damage, so most ideally you'll want to stick out the 3 seconds.

The problem? I'm sure you can imagine the enemies won't like you obliterating them with your ultimate. They'll go after you, you can count on that. Not only because your ultimate can be interrupted by knock-ups, silances, stuns and etc, but also because you will be completely still and very vulnerable. You're practically BEGGING for someone like Talon, Katarina or Rengar to pounce onto you and destroy everything you love. This is why you need to position yourself well in order to avoid being caught out, and you'll ideally want your support or tank to take the shots for you and protect you. Whenever you can, it's a great tactic to use your ability from behind terrain. That way they'll have to close the gap before they can assassinate you.

Another issue is that sometimes people will walk out of your ultimate, and unlike Lucian's The Culling, you can't simply walk with them and continue dealing damage. Once someone walks out of your ult range, your ult is rendered useless and you need to cancel it quickly if you hope to catch up and still kill that person.

Something to keep in mind is that although MF's ult is obviously ideally used on several enemies, that doesn't mean it would be a waste to use it on just one person, especially if you think that it will kill them. MF's damage can come by surprise!

You max Q first because it's the key to your strong early game. More points in Q means more potent poke; and the more damage they take, the easier they are to take down with an all-in later on.

You will usually want to max W second to improve your DPS. It will help you take down turrets faster and dish out more damage in a fight.

Maxing E will allow you to be more self-reliant in that you will be able to setup your own ultimates and peel for yourself. You can take E at level 2 if you want to engage a level 2 fight; otherwise, you can leave it for level 4.

As with most if not all other champions, you put your first rank in R at lvl 6, and rank it up whenever it's possible - lvl 11 and then 16.

Doran's Blade is the standard starter item for Marksmen. Gives you a little bit of damage and a bit of survivability.

With the 50 leftover gold you get a health potion. You'll be chugging these things a lot during lane phase, so remember to buy one or two every time you recall.

If you can afford it off the bat, you can get B.F. Sword on your first recall and start building towards your first big item - Essence Reaver. Follow this up with Caulfield's Hammer and get Boots of Speed soon as well.

If you can't afford B.F., you may opt to do the triple-doran's start. This will give you a plethora of stats although on the whole you will have a slight bit less amount of AD than if you went with B.F.

Essence Reaver is your first big purchase. It synergizes well with MF who benefits from both some sort of mana replenishment (because of her Q, E) as well as CDR (for her ult).

IE will give you some raw damage, increasing your crit and AD by a huge amount. You will want to pair this item with some attack speed later on, so you can make more use out of its stats.

Since crit MF relies on her auto-attacks a lot more than Lethality MF, there's no reason not to opt for attack speed boots.

Rapid Firecannon is a package deal with Infinity Edge. With both, MF has both the damage and attack speed necessary to take down tankier and squishy units alike.

Bloodthirster is an item which increases your DPS as well as your survivability. It gives you an large amount of AD, and tons of life-steal. In addition to the lifesteal, when you are at full HP and attacking units, you'll overheal, getting a shield, effectively increasing your total health. It's smart to try and charge it up before a team fight is about to happen by attacking minions or monster camps.

PD gives you crit, movement speed and attack speed, all great stats for MF, and is a good general choice when you're playing against mixed damage teams.

Mortal is what you want to get if the enemy has a lot of healing. Enemy teams with the likes of Dr Mundo or Vladimir require this item for example. You may buy an Executioner's Calling early on to negate healing before you get to finishing this item.

When needing to deal with one specific ability, this is your item. Scimitar is built out of Quicksilver Sash, an item with a very valuable passive; it removes all debuffs from your champion; suppresses, slows and stuns, hooks etc. A recommended buy against heavy hard CC or Mordekaiser, Skarner and Malzahar in particular.

Guardian Angel gives you a mix of armour and AD as well as a unique Revive passive. Once you've died you'll respawn at the spot you fell, and you have a slim chance to escape or make some crazy play and win the team fight magically. This option allows you to buy a Stopwatch which can help you out in a clutch situation as well.

Before we delve into Miss Fortune specific gameplay, I want to take the time to talk about farming and wave control.

what is last hitting?

Time for a mindblowing definition of what wave control is. It is, essentially, controlling the minion wave. You will always want to be in the position to farm safely; so, the minion wave needs to be in a certain position for this to be possible for you. During laning phase, it is ideal for the minion wave to be close to your turret but not so close that the minions are getting hit by it; otherwise you risk losing out on CS because your turret is damaging the minions. You want to stay close to your turret because in that area it's much more difficult for the enemy jungler to gank but conversely it is easier for your own jungler to do so; if by some miracle you get a jungler who wants to gank bot lane.

You control the wave by either pushing or freezing the wave. When you push, your minions end up at the enemy's tower and this is dangerous for you because it means you need to be near the enemy tower as well, in order to get the enemy minions. This creates opportunity for the enemy jungler to gank, and it makes it difficult or impossible for your own jungler to gank. So is a scenario like this ever preferable? It is.

So, when? When your enemy laners aren't there. This means that you won't be in danger of a gank, as it's rare that the enemy jungler will attempt to 1v2 you and your support. Aside from just being safe for you, this also means that the enemy laners will lose valuable gold and experience because by pushing the lane, your minions will inevitably arrive to the enemy tower and, ideally, be killed by it. If they are killed by the tower and not by the enemy marksman, the enemy marksman won't get any gold from them, and if they're not close-by they won't get any experience either. You, on the other hand, got experience and gold from having pushed the enemy wave.

ok but how do I push?

The opposite of pushing the lane is freezing it. You freeze the lane by only last-hitting minions and not allowing them to go near your tower or the enemy tower - essentially, freezing the wave in place. However do note that in order to do this the enemy must have more minions than you. If it's an equal number and you're the only one there csing, last hitting will slightly push the lane, it won't freeze it.

What does freezing accomplish though? If you're behind, freezing the minion wave near your tower, where it's safe, will help you get CS without putting yourself in danger. If you're ahead, freezing the lane can potentially deny your enemy CS, as they'd need to come into your "zone" to last hit, and you can harass them at that range.

Orb walking is a technique that combines moving and attacking. It is essential for ADCs to master orb walking because it will not only maximise your damage output but it will also allow you to keep at a safe distance while you damage others.

The way to orb walk is to begin an auto-attack, wait for it to be in the air and then cancel the rest of the animation by clicking on the ground and moving to wherever you want to go (towards an enemy champion for example) then begin another auto-attack as soon as your auto-attack "cooldown" is finished. After that keep repeating that process.

Why should you orb walk? Orb walking is much more effective than simply clicking on the enemy and letting your champion aimlessly follow the enemy. For one, this is because your champion will, while in range, just stand still whereas the enemy will try to flee. Once they're out of range, you won't be able to catch up without a gap-closer. If you orb walk instead of just standing still you can keep up with them and continuously deal damage to them with your autos.

Additionally, orb walking is good when you're duelling enemies who have skillshots. By constantly moving from side to side in between your auto-attacks, you'll make it difficult for your enemy to decide where to throw their spells; whereas if you were just standing still you'd be very easy to hit.

So, finally, when should you orb walk? Basically all the time. There's no downsides to it, and the more you practice, the better at it you will get.

The key to winning bot lane is trading efficiently and last-hitting properly. Both are things that you will get better at as you play more. Trading will become as natural as breathing to you once you have a lot of experience with Miss Fortune. More experience means that you will always know how much damage you do at which stage in the game (with which items and at what level) as well as how much damage an enemy does AND also what the supports can do in a trade.

Knowing these things means knowing when you can take a trade and when you can't. Sounds like too much info to keep track of, but like I said with experience this will become a natural automatic process for you.

Immediately after getting into lane, you'll want to start pushing the lane with your auto-attacks in order to get to level 2 before your lane opponents do. Miss Fortune is especially good at doing this because, by using her Q, she can both farm and harass the enemy Marksman or Support.

What you hope to achieve is getting level 2 before your enemy does. If you do, your stats will be higher than the enemies', and you'll have a second ability that they don't. If you're a level ahead at this point, either force a trade or have your support engage somehow, because it's unlikely that they can win the fight when you are a level ahead. If you play it well, or if they play it badly, you can get a kill or blow some summoners. If they're smart though, they'll stand back and try to get a few last hits from a safe distance, and wait until they are level 2 as well before they try to provoke you.

If the enemy has gotten level 2 before you, then you should naturally do the smart thing and back off. It's easy to tell who will be level 2 first. What you need is to kill the entire first wave + 3 melee minions. If your enemy is about to kill the 3rd melee minion of the 2nd wave, they're about to hit level 2; so, back off.

Utilising your auto-attacks properly to poke is extremely important when you play ADC. MF's auto-attacks are quite potent due to Love Tap and should be used to poke alongside your Q and your W. The best time to harass is when the enemy ADC goes for a last hit. Once they launch their auto-attack onto a minion, you should seize the opportunity, and auto-attack them then. They won't be able to retaliate, as they have only just used their auto-attack, and it has gone on a cooldown, so to speak. Although that's only a small bit of damage, doing this many times will whittle the enemy ADC down, giving you a big advantage.

A great way to poke with Miss Fortune is to have your Q bounce off of an enemy caster minion onto the enemy ADC. Even at rank 1, Q does so much damage to squishy champions like ADCs and some supports. To increase the odds of hitting your Q, there are a couple of little tactics.
  • Use it when they're focusing on getting a last hit. It's unlikely that they'll be able to focus on both avoiding your Q and on getting a last hit, and usually in the heat of the moment, even though it's not actually favourable, they'll often take the last hit even if it means they'll be hit by your Q.
  • If they're in front of some minions, start moving towards them. They'll naturally back off so as to avoid getting hit by you, and you should now target the minion that was behind them. As they are retreating, by the time your Q bounces off the minion, the enemy ADC will be behind the minion, and he'll get hit by the Q bounce.
  • Since your goal is to kill a minion before the Q bounces to the enemy (this way you ensure a crit) you can auto-attack reset (AA Q AA) a caster minion. The animation is quite fast and the enemy will often not see it coming; particularly if the minion was not low to begin with. Enemies will be vary of standing behind low health minions but they might not be too worried about standing behind a full HP minion. If it does bounce to them then, it won't do an illegal amount of damage. However, a couple of ranks in Q, a couple of item components and an auto-attack reset on the minion may end up killing it and critting the enemy ADC cowering behind.

You should take advantage of your opponents if they have not reached level 6 after you already have. Your ultimate is absolutely devastating, even at this point in the game, and can really do some good damage if you time it well. You should attempt to whittle your opponent down with auto-attacks and your Q before 6, and then just finish them off with the help of your support, once you have your ultimate.

Post level 6 you can hope for some more extra-bot lane action. That is, you will be seeing more jungle, mid and sometimes top laner interference as well as an interest in the River area and Dragon. This activity will primarily come from the enemy team but on the rare occasion your own team may try to help out or attempt to get an objective.

Jokes aside, your allies can be a big help at this time and you're expected to help them out as well. Although ADC do not roam necessarily, you will need to join skirmishes in the River area and help out with Dragon.

Miss Fortune is considered a juicy target for ganks because she is a lane bully and immobile. Being a strong early game powerhouse draws the attention of the enemy jungler and mid laner because they may very likely have a whining bot lane. Assuming you're winning anyhow. Other than that, being immobile is quite attractive for the enemy since they know that the odds of killing you are quite decent even when you have Flash.

The way to avoid ganks is warding; you should purchase Control Wards with excess gold while you have inventory space because your support will not be able to keep the entire bot lane area safely warded. Other than that, use your trinket to ward as well. When you are approaching a bush to ward and don't know where the enemy is, use your E on it first to avoid facechecking.

If you failed to prevent a gank, the way to deal with it is to simply stop moving for 5 seconds and allow Miss Fortune's unique animation to activate. After the 5 seconds she will drop on the ground seemingly dead and the enemy will assume that she has simply and inexplicably died and therefore avoid her. But to be serious, you can use your E to slow oncoming enemies and simply hope your support can and will fend them off you or at the very least sacrifice their life for you.


Losing lane is not a very big deal and in fact it's what's expected from you as a Marksman. When you find yourself behind once the first turrets have started to fall, you will need to make up for the lost gold and experience by staying bot lane and freezing the minion wave in a safe area then farm up. You should do this alone for two reasons; 1) your support doesn't need to be anchored down by you and can instead go and help other lanes and 2) solo experience and gold will make catching up a lot speedier.

The most debilitating part about losing lane is succumbing to despair. If you start taking shots at your team and blaming others you may very well continue to stumble through the game and contribute to your team's defeat. If you instead focus on catching up in experience and getting your items, you will soon be able to rejoin the game and potentially save the game by becoming more powerful later. It's also possible that although you lost, your team is doing great and can simply carry you towards victory in a golden chariot. There's no shame in that, allow yourself to be carried by not making foolhardy plays and continuing to catch up in gold. You will be in the position to carry your team in the next game.

So after the first couple of towers go down, mid game ensues. As of then, more and more team fights will occur and there will be more and more fights over objectives, namely over Turrets, Dragon and Baron.

farming after laning phase

What I termed as skirmishes before turn into full blown team fights come mid and late game. Team fights can be extremely messy and chaotic so it's important to have certain things in mind about your goals and capabilities before you dive into one.

What is Miss Fortune's role in a team fight? I'm glad you asked. As a Marksman, your job is to unleash as much damage as possible. Although it's best to go for the most dangerous target (traditionally the enemy mid laner or ADC), this will often be impossible for you.

Just like the enemy Lucian is your target, and your team's target, so are you the target of the entire enemy team. You will be strike a balance between being aggressive towards the enemy in a team fight and doing DPS while also remaining as safe as possible. If you die early on, from being too aggressive, then you will have done less DPS than if you stayed safe and only got a few shots in.

With the goal of staying as safe as possible, but still being as impactful as possible, you should be staying in the back line and whittling down the enemy that is closest to you. Shooting at a Maokai may seem much less important than an Ashe because Ashe is 1) squishy and 2) able to wreak havoc on your team. However, you are the best person for whittling down tanks on your team as is, since your team will not have the attack speed to consistently wear down at a tank's defense.

We've already mentioned how difficult it is for a Miss Fortune to pull of a successful ultimate in a team fight. Still, this is a great team fighting tool considering it is AoE and deals a lot of damage. Team fights give you ample opportunity to unleash your ultimate as you will have lots of allies who can CC chain the enemy in place.

The biggest drawback is that Miss Fortune needs to stand still while channeling her ultimate. Where ever you choose to activate it, that's going to be your spot for the next few seconds in the team fight. In certain situations you can be perfectly safe - if you're, for example, far away from your enemy and your allies are in between you and the enemy, or if you're, for example, behind a wall where they can't reach you or can't see you. Other times you're completely vulnerable to being pounced on or CC'd and probably dying as well. All you can do is hope the position is safe enough or that your allies will have your back once you click R.

Another drawback is that MF has very little mobility, meaning that if you misposition you may well end up dying. However, this does not mean that you are doomed vs slippery champions. If fortune favours you, your allies will be there to peel off sticky assassins and bruisers, and you will be in the position to escape narrowly with shields and heals. You also have your Flash, your only gap closer, for when things are really difficult.

Although team fights can occur when a champion has been picked off unexpectedly or one champion looked funny at another, the most common cause of a team fight is a conflict over an objective. Important objectives are Dragons, Baron and structures; AKA turrets and inhibitors.

There are five types of Dragons - Infernal, Ocean, Cloud, Mountain and Elder Dragon. Each provides a different buff to the team who kills it and the third Dragon of the game determines the Rift's configuration - whether there will be more brush, less walls and etc. You can read about all the details here.

Dragon is a more relevant objective for you as a bot laner since fights for Dragon should almost always include you. To name a few; times when Dragon is a good idea:
  • The enemy bot lane has just died so you will definitely outnumber the enemy if they contest.
  • The enemy jungler has died so your jungler has no worry of smite steals.
  • The enemy bot lane has just recalled and you know the River isn't warded.


Baron Nashor is the strongest neutral monster on Summoner's Rift. He first spawns at the 20:00 minute mark, and respawns every 6 minutes. Killing him grants gold, experience and the Hand of Baron buff.

Hand of Baron grants up to 40 AD and AP, shortens your recall time and boosts minions nearby buffed champions. The minions are much stronger and tankier and can push down lanes and siege turrets with great ease.

Some of the times when taking Baron is a good idea are:
  • When the enemy's jungler is dead.
  • When you're extremely ahead and can win team fights even if you're being whittled down by Baron.
  • When you've had a successful team fight and most of the enemy team is dead.

If the enemy is doing Baron, you should keep in mind that it's possible for you to steal it with your ultimate, just like Dragon, if you can position yourself behind the pit.


Late game you take turrets down by sieging; trying to destroy a turret in a group. You and your teammates push down to an inhibitor turret and constantly pressure the enemy team while trying to whittle their turret down to dust.

As the ADC you'll be the one doing most of the damage on the turret. At the same time, you're probably the most vulnerable person on your team and you need to be extremely careful and play it safe. Don't get in too close if you're at risk of being caught out and killed. Simply harass from a distance, avoid being hit by skillshots and every so often, throw out an auto-attack on the turret when it's safe to do so.

Over time, the tower will be wittled down and destroyed, so your team can either move onto another objective or take the inhibitor the tower was protecting.

Nearly every support can successfully lane with Miss Fortune, but some are obviously better choices than others.

CC is very important. As MF has no escapes, some type of peel for team fights and skirmishes is necessary. In addition to this, CC is extremely valuable to MF because she needs her enemies to stay still when she's using her ult.

Sustain is helpful, but it isn't necessary. What you want is burst, or poke. Champions like Soraka and Bard are completely fine, but most of the time you'll always prefer having someone bursty or with tons of poke damage over that, because you need to take advantage of your early and mid game.

CC: S ______ Peel: S ______ Damage: B
Rakan's only drawbacks per se are that he doesn't do a lot of damage on his own and he's quite squishy. Regardless, he makes for a great partner to MF because he's got a lot of hard CC with his charm and knock-up. He's also a healer and shielder which are two more things the keep you alive with.

CC: S ______ Peel: S ______ Damage: A
Thresh has always been a highly popular support due to his tankiness, CC, damage and utility. He synergises well with every ADC, and MF is no exception. His hook and flay can lock an enemy in position for Bullet Time and his Dark Passage is very valuable as you have no escapes. His W provides a unique and extremely powerful peeling tool.

CC: S ______ Peel: S ______ Damage: S
Leona gets high marks on every criteria. She has long-lasting, low CD CC which she can utilize offensively and defensively and she is very tanky. She does a surprising amount of damage herself but what's more important is that her passive makes you do more damage, and she can keep people in place for your AAs and ultimate.

CC: S ______ Peel: A ______ Damage: A
Blitz gets an S in CC because his hook is a game-changer when used right. Otherwise his peel is not better than the above picks since all he can do is hook people away from you (assuming he's not next to you) (and this is unreliable as it's a skillshot) and knock them up for a short amount of time. His damage can be pretty potent if it's an AP Blitz, though more Blitzcranks opt to get bulkier.

CC: S ______ Peel: S ______ Damage: S
Lulu is another support with full marks and not just because she's one of my favourites. She's an enchanter with the unique ability to hold her own in a fight; her passive-enhanced autos and surprisingly high damage Q and E can make a big difference in a skirmish. Her W both enhances your normally sluggish autos and may also completely negate the enemy ADC in a fight.

CC: S ______ Peel: S ______ Damage: A
Braum is a classic big bulky tank with lots of CC since he comes from Freljord. He's got enough peel for you and the rest of your team and enough CC to keep people frozen in your ultimate for its entire duration. Only problem is his early game isn't very good in general and he struggles against poke due to him being melee and lacking sustain.

CC: A ______ Peel: S ______ Damage: A
Depending on the build, Morganas can do a lot of damage just like Lulus and Blitzcranks. She has good CC but that all depends on whether or not your support can hit her Q. Her peel is unique in that she can provide you with a CC-shield, this can be game-changing when you're against the likes of Sejuani, Vi, Yasuo, Ashe, Blitzcrank and a whole bag of other enemies.

quick Miss Fortune summary

And, well, that concludes my guide; which was originally published on the 18th of November in 2011. I hope you found it helpful, thanks for reading and good luck on the Rift! Thanks to my friend Shea for helping me keep this guide updated and accurate. Check out his guide on GP and Twisted Fate! Also to PsiGuard for helping me fix small and not so small outdated bits of info.

If you have any comments, suggestions or questions, please feel free to post in the comments or send me a private message. I will read everything and reply to all questions and criticism. I've written several other guides and you can check them out by clicking below!

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