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Warwick Build Guide by Technikk

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Technikk

Warwick Guide-Bark at the Moon

Technikk Last updated on January 29, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey everyone I am Technikk and I am here to show you how to play my favorite champ: Warwick
Warwick is a wolf-like champ with natural life steal. He is a great champ in my opinion and I shall share my knowledge with you.
I have been playing League for about 4 years. And Warwick for about 2.

Warwick is my main character and I know just about everything about him.

Without further ado, here is my Warwick guide.

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Pros and Cons

Pros / Cons


+ Natural Life Steal
+ Suppressing Ult
+ Nice Last Hit
+ Tons of Damage Dealer
+ Lots of Potential
+ Not Commonly Played
+ Easily Sustainable


- Bad Defense
- Quite Item Dependent
- Infinite Duress Keeps Warwick in place
- Slow Movement Speed
- Not Many Escape Potential
- Needs Farm

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So the masteries are for AD and AS. Adding more damage is necessary to be successful. His attack speeds boosts his life steal and helps him sustain and farm, and eventually escalate to OP.

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Summoner Spells

I like Ignite. If I don't catch them I can ignite them for some extra damage.
or Ghost. Blood Scent gives you some great chase so you can usually catch them with your normal skills. Ghost helps you escape, as your escape roots are limited with Warwick.
For Summoner's Rift
Flash for escaping and chasing over walls and across distances.

Keep in mind this is a Twisted Treeline guide.

Smite Warwick is a great jungler. So if you jungle, this is a great skill. Twisted Treeline is NOT RECOMMENDED but still possible.
Heal for quick health when you are getting torn down.

Skill 1. Ghost or Ignite Summoner's Rift- Flash
Skill 2. Ghost or Ignite. Heal or Smite.

My preferred is.
TT- Heal and Ghost
SR- Flash and Ignite

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Tanks, and carrys.
Cho'Gath, Darius, Dr. Mundo, Master Yi, Vladimir, Teemo, Pantheon
These champs all have high health. Warwick can outlast all of these champions.

Countered By
Mordekaiser, Jax, Rengar, Tryndamere
These targets can do great damage while takeing lots or little.

Singed, Yorick, Warwick,
These champs all have abilities to counter chasing or Warwick's abilities.

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Warwick needs items. Similar to Hecarim, they both have good base, but need items. Warwick has natural life steal from Eternal Thirst and in order to buff that he needs attack speed. Every hit he makes gives him some health back, when you can out hit your opponent you can end a fight with more health than you started!

Ok, for boots.
Warwick needs Berserker's Greaves to buff his attack speed. Everyone needs the movement speed boost, but Warwick needs the additional attack speed, plus other items give him some movement speed.

These items are great for starting. They both require daggers for the recipe, these will boost attack speed by a small amount.
Stinger gives quite a good amount of attack speed. Plus you get some cool down reduction for warwicks's ultimate.
Nashor's Tooth gives nice attack speed as well as Stinger. In addition you get some AP to help Warwick's Hungering Strike. Warwick is occasionally mana hungry so the mana regen is quite helpful. And again, some cool down reduction.

Phantom Dancer is pretty straight forward. Fundamental for most AD and AD Carries. You need Phantom Dancer for Warwick in order to destroy. Great attack speed buff along with movement speed. Also ignores unit collision.
Zephyr Gives great movement speed and attack speed along with Phantom Dancer

These are 2 great items to have.

These are your 2 defense items.
Frozen Mallet gives great damage and health for Warwick's sustainability.
Sunfire Cape works great for armor and with Phantom Dancer or Zephyr's movement speed buffs you can out run and do damage to a chaser.

If you are playing
Get nothing but attack speed if you don't like my guide. Or get a combo like Wit's End which gives great attack speed and magic resistance.
Get some health. The great thing is you can build attack speed combo (such as Wit's End) and still be able to be quite defensive. His natural life steal is a great asset to bruise and survive.
Warwick can out DPS many people with just Wit's End and Frozen Mallet due to his sustainability.

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Warwick can play a number of rolls. Here they are and why.

AD (Carry)- He can do high amounts of damage and can snowball. He gets health back with is a great asset.

AP I guess Warwick does magic damage with Eternal Thirst and Hungering Strike so technically he can be played as AP.

Offtank/Offcarry His lifesteal gives him tank-like health and sustainability with out actually being a tank. He can shut down carries and tanks like Darius and Cho'Gath

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Warwick makes a great team member, and a honorable opponent.
He has a variety of skills and can be great at almost anything.

Twisted Treeline
Excellent bottom lane team fighter.
Although he can farm on top and has great sustainability on top lane against most champs.

Summoner's Rift
He is a great single top laner if there are supports or junglers on each team. He is terrible at 1v2 if team 1 has a jungler and team 2 doesn't.
Again, he makes a great 2 on 2 team fighter but can farm and do great on top.

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Alright get ready. I am about to drop the info on all of Warwick's skills. Please remember that I do have 2 years experience with Warwick.

Eternal Thirst
In my opinion this is one of the best passives in the game.
Warwick's passive allows him to due additional magic damage and get and equal amount back in damage. The amount of which increases by level.
This is great because:
A. It does magic damage on top of basic damage

Warwick's life steal is amazing. Nasus has a similar passive. I have both and I think that Warwick's is better.
Life steal is great for sustainability. Warwick can just use Hunters Call and fight some minions or creeps and get a great portion of his health bar back. Then he may return to lane and get some kills or push or defend against the enemy team.

Hungering Strike
This is your main damage source.
Hungering Strike does wonders. It does an amount of damage (plus AP) then gives you back 80% of the damage output as health. Great for quick healing with some cool down reduction.
You want to max this one out before other skills to reach great healing and damage.

There is one downside, this does have a moderate cool down. And it does cost a bit of mana ;(.

Good for quick health on big targets. I don't recommend using this on minions or wraiths. This only gives you 80% of damage that the opposition takes not just what you deal.

Hunter's Call
This is your buffing ability.
When you cast Hunters Call you gain 40/50/60/70/80 % attack speed. Allied champions within 1200 get half of what you recieve (20,25,30,35,40 % attack speed)

This is great for pushing when you need that little speed boost when taking down a turret. Also great for out DPS'ing an enemy. You can take down champs with less health than they do with a combination of Hungering Strike and Hunters Call because of your passive, Eternal Thirst.

Blood Scent
This is your additional passive.

Blood scent is what gives Warwick the infamous title of THE BEST CHASER IN THE GAME!
When an enemy is close by under half health they become visible on the map to Warwick. Warwick also gains a movement buff. Can you see why he is great at chasing?

This is SUPREME for killing and chasing. When they become closer to death, they become easier to hit. Blood Scent is toggle-able but it can be used at no cost.

Infinite Duress
This is your powerful ultimate.

You jump to a target and suppress them for 1.8 seconds. Warwick gains 30% more lifesteal during this ability.

You can reap health of the target or even a kill. I personally like his ability to jump quite far to an enemy champion and do damage.
This is a great ultimate and can be used in a close fight to turn the table toward yourself. You can suppress the target so they cannot attack you, and then get a great deal of health from your target.

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So you like Warwick and you think you can become a pro eh?
Well here are my tips from long time experience.

Passive Tips

Eternal Thirst

You have probably read all about attack speed and Warwick. But if you ever want to be good with Warwick you must know that:

attack speed=health, health=sustain, sustain=farm, farm=gold + XP, gold + XP= VICTORY.

Farming is a good part of Warwick. And his sustainability is what makes him considered OP. He needs to get attack speed to buff eternal thirst. Once you get attack speed down, you can become amazing at the blood hunter.

Q Tips

Hungering Strike

This is used to reap a high amount of health from a target. This ability scales of AP. This is why Nashor's Tooth is useful.

This ability can be also used to last hit enemies for the kill.
Use it on golems and strong minions and creeps for a good health raise.

W Tips

Hunter's Call

This is a very useful attack speed buff (Even Riot knows you need attack speed ;) )
If you need health you can destroy a minion wave with this (or should I say a minion slaughter?)
Or if you want to push a lane this is great for tearing towers apart.

Use with Blood Scent when chasing to assure a quick hit/kill.

E Tips

Blood Scent
This is your chase.

I believe there is actually a cool down when casting this, so keep it on.
This is a good hunting tactic. You will get a random speed buff, so check your minimap.

The only downside is the fact that your opponent under 50% health gets a thing on their head (It's a pair of Warwick's eyes.)

Flash works great with this to catch and kill an enemy, just flash over a wall (Summoner's Rift). Mix this with Hungering Strike for a nice kill, use Blood Scent as a way to catch up to your enemies, then hit 'em with ya' Q for a nice kill.

If you can get your chaser's health low enough this is a good escape tactic.

Ultimate Tips

Infinite Duress

This is your amazing ult.
Use the suppress as a way to get the enemy still for a team kill or as a method to make up some health while doing damage.

I like to suppress under a turret for a quick and easy kill. Make sure they are getting targeted first.

Use the 30% lifesteal boost to your advantage. That and along with the range of your jump.

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Change Log and Thanks

V1 29/01. First publish of guide
V1-1 29/01. Spelt Pantheon wrong ;(
Thanks to:
jhoijhoi- Great tips and examples.
FokEya-Great information.