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Warwick Build Guide by JungleKing

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JungleKing

Warwick-JungleKing to LaneKing

JungleKing Last updated on March 12, 2012
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Hello MobaFire to my guide about Warwick. This happens to be my 1st guide on mobafire so please if you have any thoughts or see something I should fix just please leave a comment and I'll do my best to reply. Also please don't downvote after about 1 chapter for all my explanations are in this guide. If you still feel like downvoting at the end please leave a comment on why.

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Phenominal Pros/Cruddy Cons

Now Warwick has a plethora of great qualities, But there's also Cons. Here are most of the Pros/Cons related to Warwick.

-Great Jungler
-Wonderful Ganker
- Late game huge damage and attack speed
-Combined with Wriggle's Lantern kills mobs of minions in seconds.
-Fun to Play and not that difficult.
-A Ultimate with suppression.

-Ulti can be stopped if hit
-Can't gank effectively till level 6

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Magnificent Masteries

This Subject is a little different than others. Warwick has a lot of choices for masteries. In
my guide the object is to jungle effectively then Gank/Lane the rest of the game So, I pick 21/0/9. With this you can handle laning more efficiently when fighting someone like taric or any tank really. The utility is for the buff longevity. As it is, A longer blue/red buff can sometimes win the game. If you don't like 21/0/9 another much used build is 21/9/0. It still gives you damage but also defense for tanking other dps champions. If you prefer 21/9/0 I suggest paying a visit to jhoijhoi's guide. Either way the 21 points in offense will result in more minion kills and possibly more champion kills for champions who have under 40% hp take more damage from you.

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Righteous Runes

Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed: I picked this rune for warwick is primarily really about lifesteal,damage and attack speed to me. This is a really nice boost to your attack speed and can end up getting you some of fast champions instead of dying while chasing them. example: Miss Fortune

Now that I have said I like lifesteal,damage,att. speed and anything related to them like armor pen. and skills that attack yet still heal you. With that said you can see why I'd pick those Runes. Of course there are many other builds, but my guide is built on these runes.

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JungleKing :D

Awesome! Jungle time

You just got put into the Fields of Justice. You go to the store , and you see like a billion things. Well You can buy what LoL recommends or what most junglers buy. Cloth Armor and x5 Health Potion.

Jungling Routes I use

-This is one I use the most, I will post others if this one is just not your style.

First off you should have Cloth Armor and x5 Health Potion or Long Sword and pots.

You should have Smite and Flash. Go to wraith spawn near middle and smite the big one which is a 1 hit. Auto-attack the other 3 with Hunter's Call on. Once they are dead you should be at 80-90% hp.Use a hp pot while you head to wolves. Only use Hunters Call to kill them. You should be lvl 2, so pick hungering strike.

After this go to golem Smite and then use Hunters Call.Pot if you see it necessary. After hitting about 3 do lizard and then at 6 dragon. After that start ganking with your ultimate and keep killing dragon for that gold.

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Insta-Kill Items

This is where I'll explain the different Items you should buy and what they affect about warwick. The one I use most is at the top of this guide. If you have stacked your bloodthirsters full and the enemy teams defense is destroyed with your 1 cleaver you might wanna think about selling the lantern. It gives nice damage/def/lifesteal of course,but if you don't need those stats in your match try for a Madred Bloodrazor as it greatly increases your ulti. So if you went a different build then me and your main source of kills is your ultimate, try the razor.

Btw I named it Instant-Kill Items because in the end game you will rock havoc on tanks to squishy mages.

Survivability Items

Note: Out of time at this moment will put in defensive items soon. Sorry for the inconvenience
. Btw thanks to Scenvresh for bringing it to my attention that you can't kill like crazy if you're dying like crazy.

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Satisfying Summoner Spells

Best Summoner Spells

Smite is like THE jungling spell if there is one. Very helpful in early jungling. Disadvantage: Very useless in laning, but still a great spell for warwick.

Great ganking skill. You can teleport to a team fight and quickly change the tide. Disadvantage: Not used in jungling.

With those 2 skills you cover LaneKing and JungleKing.

If you don't like those 2 other acceptable ones are ghost,heal or teleport. Smite is really neccasary for jungling unless you're adept at jungling.

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Scintillating Skills

Well after some comments, I decided to put a section about the skills warwick has and how they should be used. Here goes,

This is a great Passive. It's what's makes warwick such a great jungle. When you auto-attack it heals you going nicely with Hunters Call.

As I said before this goes well with Eternal Thirst as Hunters Call gives a lot of attack speed resulting in faster healing while jungling. Also don't forget it's a global buff, though only gives half of it's effect to your teammates.

This is your last hit type of skill and a nice jungling ability. After you get the blue buff don't be afraid to use it in case you need extra health and damage. Also if you're chasing a fast champion that's like 25 range away just use it and it's short range will hit hard. I recommend using it's range's potential to chase champions even more easily.

Now this is your 'bread and butter' chasing skill because if you gank and the target runs with <50% hp you will get a nice amount of movement speed resulting in much more kills.

Oh Yeah! Ultimate time! This is truly your best ganking ability. It deals very nice damage and uses suppression. suppression means that the target can not move while you dish out the damage and then easily finish off if the target is at low health. Just remember it's not that good of a choice to use it on champions like Annie when her stun is up for she can stun you then summon Tiber.

Cons of some of your skills:
Ultimate can be stopped
Hungering Strike has very little range
If you don't shut off blood scent before ganking you give your position away.

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Well my Guide is almost over. I would like to say thank you to Moba Fire for making such a website and jhoijhoi. She has a great guide on how to make a guide which you should check out if you need help making a guide.

Also if you get any degree of success with my guide please post a screenshot, and if you can,upvote. Again don't be afraid to criticize as long as you do it in a non-harsh way.

P.S I will update this guide with more jungling routes and builds

One of my games with this stratergy: