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Miss Fortune Build Guide by JungleKing

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JungleKing

A Comprehensive guide to Miss Fortune

JungleKing Last updated on September 5, 2012
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AD/AP/On-Hit/Troll build

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello everyone, and welcome to my second guide, and this time on my new favorite ADC Miss Fortune. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed making it. Also, before we start, I ask all who upvote this guide to just tell me why and to all who downvote, tell me what I can improve.

Now, let's continue on with this guide, shall we?

EDIT: I have accidently published this guide. Please bare with me till I finish it but if I get too many downvotes, I will archive this.Thanks for reading

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What really is Miss Fortune? This section will help you decide if Miss Fortune suits your styles.


+ Great harass with Double Up
+ Make it Rain is an aoe slow as well as damaging.
+ Impure Shots gives her an ATS steroid and counters hp regen champs.
+ Bullet Time is so amazing in team fights. It can turn the tides.
+ Easy to play and use, although it takes time to master.
+ Sexy bounty hunter :D

-Have to be mana conservative or you will be oom a lot.
-No escape ability like Graves's Quick Draw.
-Her range is really average, so someone like Kog'Maw could be bad.
- Strut is hugely,amazingly, USELESS expect during traveling.
- Bullet Time can be dodged unless you have someone like Amumu.
-Farming with Make it Rain takes out chunks of your mana bar.

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Malicious Masteries

For ADC build.

I took pretty standard masteries of 21-0-9. Please remember this is not the only or necessarily best mastery page, It's just what I like.

Brute Force : Since I take Heal I don't take Summoner's Wrath . Therefore, I take Brute Force and Butcher for improved last-hitting.

Butcher : See above

Alacrity : Mostly to get to the next tier but, the 4% ATS comes in handy during duels or taking down turrets.

Weapon Expertise I freakin love this. It gives you 10% ArP, so it's most noticed late game although, early game it still has some subtle affect.

Deadliness This only gives 9 AD at level 18 but, it's better than Havoc or Arcane Knowledge so we put 4 points into it.

Lethality It gives 10% more critical damage per hit. With Your Infinity Edge and Phantom Dancer You will crit a lot, and crit hard. The second part is where this comes in.

Vampirism A decent 3% lifesteal to sustain yourself. With 1-2 Doran's Blade's, You will win trades or even if you lose, regain the health.

Sunder The ArPen from this and your Quints will make you reduce a squishy's armor by half.

Executioner More damage to fleeing low health targets? w00t w00t ^-^

Summoner's Resolve We take this for the improved Heal which allows for even more risky baiting/duels.

Hardiness The 6 armor really lets you trade with the enemy ADC.

Durability It gives us 108 more health late game and you never know if that health could save you.

Veteran's Scars Allows you to get 30 more health right from the beginning. Excellent for duels because you get a health advantage if the enemy ADC went 21-0-9.

These are my ADC masteries. Remember, this is just my style and can be changed to 21-0-9 or anything you desire.

AP Miss Fortune masteries.

This is pretty unorthodox. Since you're AP, you'll go mid. you need the mana regen and blue buff from utility and tankiness from defenseive so please, don't hate it because it's unusual.

Summoner's Wrath We take this because since we take Ignite we gain 5 bonus AP. not much, but still worth the 1 point.

Brute Force Even as AP Miss Fortune, you should farm mostly with AA's.

Sorcery 4% CDR for your long CD Make it Rain and Impure Shots.

Arcane Knowledge the last point in the offense tree. Lets you reduce the tanky people in teamfights's Magic resist a bit.

Resistance Necessary for mid lane, as it usually should have an AP Carry in it.

Hardiness To help with taking minimal damage when you try to or keep the lane frozen.

Durability Again, we take it for the increased survivability during team fights.

Veteran's Scars I don't take Doran's Ring because the MP/5 isn't needed but, if the enemy takes it, this makes up for the health difference a bit.

Indomitable It's wonderful. You take less damage from ALL sources so freezing the lane,Dueling the AP carry,Being ganked or whatever, it helps out.

Summoner's Insight We take it to shave 15 seconds off of Flash's huge cooldown. If you ever had the thought ''ZOMG so ****ty my flash was up in 5 seconds''. It'll happen a lot less now xD.

Good Hands shave some time off of your respawn timer. Helps when you have to run to a teamfight.

Expanded Mind It gives a nice mana boost because let's face it, no matter what stage of the game, Just using Bullet Time hurts your tiny blue bar.

Meditation It lets you spam your skills more. You can last hit 2 minions at the same time by spamming your Q and win trades with your W and finally, set up ganks with E.

Swiftness A little boost to your speed, nothing major.

Runic Affinity With a Blue Buff and Elixir of Brilliance, You'll hit the 40% CDR cap. this just lets you stay in God Mode longer :D.

Lastly, On-Hit Miss Fortune masteries. Again, Just my style after testing it out in some games.

Summoner's Wrath I take this for.. Surge. I'm gonna get hate, but I'm sticking to my choice.

Brute Force Again, to last hit.

Alacrity Just some ATS to help out. Mostly taken for the next tier.

Weapon Expertise I take this along with Arcane Knowledge just because we're going to do a mix of AP and AD damage so both are needed.

Arcane Knowledge See above.

Hardiness To trade with the ADC and freeze the lane more easily.

Resistance Not much but it might help against someone like Taric or Sona.

Durability For more sustain and to get to the next tier.

Veteran's Scars For a early advantage in health at level 1.

Indomitable Reduces all damage by 1 so helps during many things.

Summoner's Insight For a shorter CD Flash

Good Hands To shave 7% from your respawn timer.

Swiftness Again, Just some minor ms boost.

Expanded Mind / Meditation To solve your mana problems early on and late game.

Please remember, All the runes/masteries and items I use are personal preference. Feel free to tweak it to your style.

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Rambunctious Runes


Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Lethality

Greater Mark of Attack Damage
ADC runes:


Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Mana Regeneration
AP Miss Fortune runes.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is a great spell for anyone, especially you. You have no natural gap-closer or escape like other ADC's ( Graves, Tristana Caitlyn just to name a few) So this spell can be used to juke over walls, Get closer to your target or maybe a surprise Flash + Bullet Time combo.
I personally love Heal more than Ignite this is because, The Grievious Wound part is wasted and, Ignite is just a finisher. Heal lets you bait at your tower or duel the enemy then surprise them with Heal.
Ok, I know I just bashed Ignite but that was for AD Miss Fortune. As AP Miss Fortune, It's all in the burst and Ignite adds to that.

These are what I believe to be situational spells, IN MY OWN OPINION.

It's a vastly hated and underused spell. While it falls off late game, Early game it does more damage than Ignite or any other damaging SS. Take it on On Hit Miss Fortune and put a point in Summoner's Wrath for improved ATS.
Yes, this truly is situational. Usually, your support or Solo top or jungle will take this so in team fights and ganking and laning phase, It's alright. BUT, if no one took it or they have an ADC who could snowball hard (If in Draft Pick), Pick it up to win those 1v1's.
This could work. In longer chases, It outclasses Flash but with this, you can't just Flash+ Bullet Time and get a penta. You take the surprise and suddenness for a longer period of speed while you can be slowed/stunned/rooted/snared/CC'd. All up to the person themselves.

All other Summoner Spells aren't good enough on her to be mentioned. If you disagree, Comment or Whisper me.

TL;DR- AD Miss Fortune Flash+ Heal/ Exhaust AP Miss Fortune Flash Ignite and On-Hit Miss Fortune Surge/ Flash.

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Skill Sequence

  • Strut: Possibly the most useless passive for an ADC. Only thing it allows you is to get to teamfights or your lane back faster, So aside from saving you some cs and exp loss, nothing more to say.
  • Double Up: Amazing on AD and On-Hit MF. Trash on AP. This allows you to farm and harass from a safe distance at the same time or just farm 2 minions at a time every few seconds. I usually max this first for a stronger harass.
  • Impure Shots: This is On-Hit and ADC MF's ATS steroid. Use it again strong regen champs such as Volibear Vladmir Dr.Mundo Swain etc.
  • Make it Rain: Your 1 CC and your 2nd AoE damage dealer. Try to use it in conjunction with Bullet Time if no other form of harder CC is available. Try not to harass with it in lane, It's very mana consuming.

  • Bullet Time: A high risk High-reward Ultimate. It can and will be dodged but if the full duration is dealt out in a team fight, You have a huge chance of winning because you just dealt huge AoE damage.

    Tips and Tricks:
    Use Strut to get to teamfights/lane
    Use Impure Shots on champions who rely on HP regen.
    Use Make it Rain sparingly,It uses a lot of mana.
    Try to use Bullet Rain With something like Curse of the Sad Mummy

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Skilling Order

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

This is my standard skilling order for AD Miss Fortune. I max Q because it outscales Impure Shots and Make it Rain. I max W second and Make it Rain last because it's mainly for the utility of the slow. Of course, Always get your ultimate Bullet Time whenever possible (6,11,16). Bullet Time> Double Up> Impure Shots> Make it Rain.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

I have not played AP or On-hit Miss Fortune that much but, this is what I think makes sense.

Max Make it Rain by level 9 because it has the highest base scaling when you're not going to Double Up anymore. Then Impure Shots for taking down turrets/debuff. Max Q last and ultimate again, whenever possible.

TL;DR Bullet Time>[[Make it Rain> Impure Shots> Double Up
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

On-Hit Miss Fortune is about attacking very fast and doing magic/physical damage due to items and your Base AD. I max W first to sync with Surge and get OP ATS. Put an early point in Double Up as it procs On-Hit effects. Max E last again and Ultimate whenever possible.

Please remember, be flexible. Nothing on MobaFire is written in stone or atleast, the guides aren't :P.

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Mentality of AD/AP/On-Hit

I've included 3 builds into this guide, Even though ADC is my main focus. Before I started on about the items and such, I want to explain the mentality between all the roles.

AD Miss Fortune is fairly straight forward. Build like a standard ADC,Harass early game with Q, Use your W steroid in duels and team fights. Right click to win and do 800-ish crits.

AP Miss Fortune is a different story. Your Ultimate, Your R and your W have AP ratios that are decent. The thing is, they have big cooldowns. This means you need to nuke a target down in 1 combo. This is why we take DFG and opt for more power. Harass with E, Only use W for the debuff and farm with Q.

On-Hit Miss Fortune is abnormal to say the least. We use things like Surge to reach our goal. You simply have to get a high ATS,Some items giving magic damage and physical damage and Ta-DA. You're doing both types of damage, and very quickly.

If you do the number crunching, AD Carry Miss Fortune would be most optimal but hey, LoL is about fun, and annihilating someone in 3 seconds or shooting bullets faster than the fastest man on earth is pretty damn funny.

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Mesmeric Manamune

Yes, Manamune deserves it's own section because it is very tempting. I want to show you why I DON'T get it so please, If you're a fan of Manamune, This is just my opinion.

Let's look at what Manamune does and doesn't shall we?

  • Mana Regen to spam more spells
  • More AD based on your mana
  • 350 Mana.

Now let's see why that all is so bad, hmm?

Mana regen is fine but it doesn't warrant spending 1.3k gold. More AD based on your mana. This means buying some items like Frozen Heart or charging up the Manamune If you spam your skills, It should be maxed mid-late game. But in early game, this will happen. Caitlyn on the other team buys a B.F Sword. YOU ARE CRUSHED. This is because she got 45 immediate AD while you got a bunch of ****ty low AD till mid late game when she'll be fed and rocking 1k crits.

TL;DR It doesn't give enough AD and you will fall behind early game and so, Is not worth buying on Miss Fortune. Might as well rush a B.F Sword and some Mana Potions.

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Irresistible Items-AD

take this if you have someone like Soraka as your support, so you don't need as much sustain. If you don't, Go the classic Boots of Speed and Health Potion for 450 effective health and more mobility.
You should really aim to get this on your first Base back. If you can't afford it though, take 1-2 Doran's Blade's for an early advantage.

Your Goal should be an early Infinity Edge. If you couldn't get the B.F. Swordbefore buy it now. If you somehow got so fed to afford an Infinity Edge, Get a Zeal as we don't need T2 boots on Miss Fortune as much due to her passive.

Now, you need sustain and more attack speed. Try to grab both of these as the lifesteal will work well with your high AD and ATS from BG's and Zeal.
After this, you go like a standard ADC. Build a Phantom Dancer and get a defensive item, Banshee's Veil or Guardian Angel. Then we get a Last Whisper 113+ armor 2-3 targets or The Black Cleaver 112- armor 2-3 targets. We put the cherry on top with a The Bloodthirster.

Of course, every game doesn't go your way so you must adapt to the situation.


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Core Build-AD

/ .

These are my core items for Miss Fortune. Before I continued with situational items, I just want to explain why I get these items every single game and they prove to be effective.

Infinity Edge- This is your damage source,Your AK-47, whatever you want to call it. The +80 AD and 50% MORE damage on critical strikes is too good too pass up. Also the critical chance synergies with AA'ing.

The Bloodthirster-I might get controversy for this but, I find this is something which is needed. As an AD carry, you need a way to sustain yourself in and out of skirmishes and duels which isn't your support. Also The stackable AD/LS is very nice because you can farm amazingly fast mid-late game.

Berserker's Greaves Ah, the standard ADC boots. I run these because of a few things. A:You're squishy, if you get cc'd, Mercury Treads won't do anything major and Ninja Tabi] are for people who have to fight the AD carries in the front lines. B:The ATS is needed in early duels and they're pretty cheap for their price.

Last Whisper/ The Black Cleaver: I listed both of these items for a reason. Both are amazing but both have their own place. Last Whisper outclasses The Black Cleaver when most of them have 113+ armor but below that, The Black Cleaver wins. The Black Cleaver gives you AD ATS along with Armor Reduction which means they're armor is reduced to your teamates as well.

TL;DR Infinity Edge offers too much power The Bloodthirster gives more AD and Sustain Berserker's Greaves for more ATS and Last Whisper 113+ armor The Black Cleaver 112-.

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Optional Items-Offense

rocking double digit kills really early? You might wanna give these a try
Sword of Occult An amazing snowball item. Gives great AD and a ms boost but only buy it if you are being fed and not dying.
This is a pretty nice item. The AD AS and Armor are nice but the passive is the deal breaker. Get it if the opposing team is very tanky.
Phantom Dancerx2 Having 2 of these with Infinity Edge makes you crit on almost every strike and hit HARD.
The Bloodthirsterx2 Gives 100 more AD and a lot more sustain. Great when snowballing although you have to keep the stacks.
The Black Cleaver is for when the enemy has mostly squishies with 112 or less armor. Switch it for the Last Whisper.
The Brutalizer I need to test this more but in theory, the 25 AD and CDR/ArPen would be worth the 1.3k gold. If someone can test this in-depth, I would be very glad.

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Optional Items-Defense

When you're being zoned from cs, getting ganked 24/7 or just having a hard time, These could be for you.

Against Fed AP Carry:

Force of Nature Gives great MR MS and some HP/5. Shuts down their damage.
Quicksilver Sash If they have someone like Malzahar or Warwick who keep focusing you or just fed, This could be handy.
Banshee's Veil Some MR Some HP and MP and a spell shield. Pretty nice defensive item, Good against powerful finishing or delayed spells such as Requiem or Ace in the Hole.

Versus Fed AD Carries:

- Not a half bad item. Great armor and some other useful stats to live longer along with a decent ATS and Ms debuff. Take it if they have a lot of AD Champions.
-It gives the 2nd most armor in the game (loses to Thornmail by 1 and gives a very nice ATS debuff. Get it if they're a bunch of right-click to win champs ( Master Yi is an example).
-Has the highest armor from a item, 100. Thing is, the reason it's worth the 2k gold and better than say Frozen Heart is because of it's passive. If the enemy has some VERY hard hitters who just 1-2 shot you ( Tryndamere Vayne) this is your best friend.
-Not a bad item. Gives 700 more health, 20 AD and a built-in slow. My problem with it is that the AD is too low and that you already have a slow in the form of Make it Rain. Take it though if the enemy has mixed or a lot of true damage.

These are the defensive and Offensive items I believe can work on AD Miss Fortune. If you have some suggestions, Contact me.

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Mejai's Soulstealer

Yep, Another tempting item which deserves it's own section. Read on if you would like to know what I feel about the Mejai's Soulstealer

I made this section about the most tempting and strongest snowball item in the game, Mejai's Soulstealer. Let's see what this item gives us and when it is fine to buy it, hmm?

  • 160 AP at full stacks for only 1.3k Gold (OP to a new level)
  • 15% CDR at full stacks again, for only 1.3k gold.
  • Signals You're too pro for non-snowball items xD.

What this means is that is is High risk-High reward. These are the cons of this awesome item.

  • Need atleast 7 stacks to be cost effective.
  • Puts a sign over your head ''Focus me or I'll be OPPPP'' and you have no escape ability.
  • It might make you ks and that results in a weaker team if it happens too long.

It's really your choice. If your 7/0 at 15 minutes in, I'd say Yes and be sure 100%. 1-1 or so is a different story though.

TL;DR High Risk-High Reward. Amazing AP/CDR but will be targetted and might ks resulting in a weaker team.

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Item Explaination-AP

A standard AP build in my opinion. I'm open to criticism more here because while I have experience with AD Miss Fortune, I'm much newer to AP and On-Hit.
A standard and classic opening. It outclasses a Doran Ring start on Miss Fortune because our seals give enough MP/5 for now and we need the sustain plus the mobility to dodge skillshots.
On your first recall, If you just farmed and harassed, You should only have enough for Doran's Ringx2 probably. If somehow though you got some kills, Skip to your Needlessly Large Rod as it gives amazing AP.
Your first major spike in power as AP Miss Fortune. Due to your passive, You can rush this before your T2 boots.
If you're gonna have a huge amount of AP, You need Mpen to go with it as well. Gives you 20 MR penetration and some more MS.
As AP Miss Fortune You will be mana-hungry all game. this combined with your runes and masteries will fix that problem, even when you sell your Doran's Ring's.
This is something you absoulutely need. Unless they're squishy AD Carries, Your Make it Rain and Bullet Time combo won't kill the target, just get them low. This is a huge part of your burst late game as DFG+ Make it Rain Bullet Time + Ignite (if needed) nets an easy kill unless you're attacking the tank (which you should never do).
Yes, I might get hate for this but I picked it for now. It gives you 104 AP due to Rabadon's Deathcap 500 HP for some survivability and a slow on all your spells. Your Make it Rain slows already and it's AoE but, it'll still have better utility. Your Bullet Time will be harder to dodge now without something like Flash because if you land 1 bullet, you're likely to land them all with proper positioning.
I buy this because I'm guessing your enemy has brains. They should build MR to counter you but guess what, For just 2.3k gold you're gonna get 91 AP and take out 40% of your enemies MR.

So this is my main build for AP Miss Fortune. If you feel like I should get Rod of Ages or not get Rylai's Crystal Scepter or whatever, Just tell me.

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AP Miss Fortune-Core Build

Again, These are my core items for AP Miss Fortune. If you want to know why I get them items almost every game, read on.
It's the Infinity Edge of AP chars. Amazing damage and a great passive to increase your overall AP.
This is sooo OP on Miss Fortune and really needed. 104 AP, 15% CDR and a huge nuke. With this build, to estimate it, you have 600 AP. That means from 750 range (50 less than Make it Rain's range) you can take out 48% of someone's health which means a simple Make it Rain + maybe Ignite will probably finish them. Now Alex_Ich is wayy better than me, like Santa vs. the Tooth Fairy but I don't agree with a rushed DFG. Do it if you want but that's not this build's style.
Is this item really core? Nope, it actually isn't. The thing is that if you're a newer player in LoL, you might have mana management problems so this would be core for you. If you can handle your mana like me though, Feel free to switch it for another item which I will mention later on.
Your way to actually hurt tanky people. Sorcerer's Shoes might give you more than this early-mid game but in a normal game, This outclasses it late game when a lot of people have high MR. However if they don't, Keep Sorcerer's Shoes instead of changing into Mercury's Treads.

TL;DR Deathcap and DFG are needed. Athene's Unholy Grail and Void Staff can be replaced only a slight few amount of times.

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AP Miss Fortune-Offense

Are you just crushing those noobs with your OP damage and want even more? Try replacing some of your non-core items with these.

Man I love this item. 70 AP 70 AD and 20% Lifesteal/Spellvamp. Using your Make it Rain in a teamfight on 5 people can heal you very fast. Also the Active and 70 AP just add even more to your burst and if your burst can't finish them off (PWNDO might live but he'll run for his life) the 70 AD makes even your AA's hurt more. It's a snowball item on Miss Fortune, Replace it with Athene's Unholy Grail.
Muhaha, OP AA's are welcomed by Miss Fortune. It gives great AP some nice MS,MR and some mana. But the thing itsn't known for is it's passive. After using an ability, Your next AA will do (with this build) roughly 600-650 damage. With a Impure Shots+AA+ Make it Rain+AA and if they're not dead Double Up+AA+ Ignite. To round the numbers, 3.1k damage with 300-400 of it being true. This doesn't count in Deathfire Grasp or MR but I think I can safely say, Squishies Beware!
You know how I said you need Mana regen so you buy Athene's Unholy Grail? Well this item can easily replace it. If the enemy AP carry isn't strong enough to need the MR, Take this for a cheaper price and a active witch counters things like PWNDO or Swain or anyone based on HP regen. It's usefullness is cut in half due to Ignite but if you want to replace it, feel free to do so.
Kage's Lucky Pick If you're a little low on farm, buy this as you'll build it into a Deathfire Grasp anyway. Nice AP and GP/10 which we can use with ease.
Please refer to the chapter ''Mejai's Soulstealer''.
Further testing needed. Will be updated when I use it more on Miss Fortune.

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AP Miss Fortune-Defense

Try some of these items if you're being focused in teamfights or if the enemy AP carry is more fed (somehow).

if you need more health combined with some AP trade this for Rylai's Scepter.
Nice HP/Mana. If the enemy AP carry is fed or has a deadly delayed spell, Try this out.
Fed LeBlanc taking you out in 2 seconds flat? Try this out and make them whine for more Mpen.
Highest MR/Armor from 1 item. If they have a combination of well farmed or fed people, try it out as it negates both of theirs damage.
Got an enemy mid Malzahar? Jungle or solo top Warwick or Skarner? Try this out because suppresses are fatal and the MR it gives is great as well for a cheap price. Cleanse as an item.

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On-Hit Miss Fortune-Build explaination

Now before I start, always remember this build doesn't offer 1k crits or a 3k damage nuke.You do decent AD and AP damage and you shoot your bullets faster than Tony Hawk's Board.
A standard opening for mobility and sustain.