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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Evelynn Build Guide by JungleKing

Jungle Evelynn, the reworked killer.

Jungle Evelynn, the reworked killer.

Updated on August 23, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author JungleKing Build Guide By JungleKing 12 2 97,290 Views 33 Comments
12 2 97,290 Views 33 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author JungleKing Evelynn Build Guide By JungleKing Updated on August 23, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite



Hello fellow reader, and welcome to my Jungle Evelynn, the reworked killer guide! This actually is my 2nd guide on mobafire but my 1st one was made when I wasn't experienced in LoL or guide making. Now that I have obtained more experience in both things, I will be writing a guide on jungling with Evelynn so please, upvote if you enjoyed it and if you notice something wrong, please give me constructive criticism and help make this guide even better.

Now enough of my chitchat, let's get on with this guide!

P.S Evelynn's new skills are not on moba fire yet so in my skilling order, just think of it as q>e>e>w and then it goes on.
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Phenomenal Pros/ Catastrophic Cons

Now like all champions in League of Legends, Evelynn has her pros and cons. The following are what I believe them to be.

  • Amazing Damage output with Trinity Force
  • Her E is the biggest attack speed boost in the game at rank 5 at an extraordinary 120%
  • If allowed to snowball, nearly unstoppable.
  • Built in speed boost along with an active similar to Garen's Judgment getting rid of all slows

  • VERY Squishy
  • Her boobs are so OP, you might just get dazed looking at them
  • Till Sheen, her damage output is not as much as other junglers.
  • Blue Buff dependent as Evelynnspams Hate Spike to clear the jungle faster
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Majestic Masteries


Summoner's Wrath Reduces the person you Exhaust's armor and magic resist by 10.

Weapon Expertise Whoever said no to 10% Armour Penetration? This combined with Sunder will provide enough Armour Penetration till you buy a Last Whisper or Black Cleaver

Deadliness This is one mastery that can usually be switched in my opinion. Evelynn has very short cooldowns but take Sorcery if you would like to. Also I believe this outshines Havoc because 1.5% is pathetic till you have a lot of power and even then, it's barely noticed.

Executioner Let's you deal just a little more damage to low health targets. It screams Assassin but hey, We do huge damage so we'll be using it a lot.


Summoner's Resolve Every time you Smite, you gain 10 additional gold. That may not seem like a lot but in the jungle, you welcome all gold available unless you're ganking like a pro.

Hardiness 6 more armour from champions,minions and jungle creeps. Helps when holding down lanes and jungling.

Bladed Armor I freakin love this mastery. It allows you to attack the blue wraith and by the time you're done, the red lower level ones are already dead! Saves you valuable time jungling.
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Radical Runes

This is a rune page that differs a little from most ad carries as we are jungling and need raw damage over ArPen first.

Greater Mark of Attack Damage these are pretty standard runes when jungling. .95 x 9= 8.55 more damage to go faster in the jungle.

Greater Seal of Resiilience again, standard for a jungler. I've said that Evelynn is squishy before in this guide, so this really helps her more than other junglers. this combined with our masteries really gives you early sustainability.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist Being an ad carry, you don't have much MR. I go per lvl/mr because by level 7 they surpass flat magic resist and as you are jungling, you will face ap carries later on unless a Fiddlesticks counter-jungles you or anything like that.

Greater Quintessence of Desolation These combined with your masteries makes you do nearly true damage to champions when ganking.

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage They give you a faster jungle but fall of late game when ArPen is needed.

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed While I think more mobility on Evelynn isn't optimal, It never hurts. Let's you get close or away from mobile people like Master Yi Lee Sin Renekton and others.

Please note that this is just the rune page I personally use. There are different runes and rune combos you can use, this is just my own style.
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Stupendous Summoner Spells

Preferred Spells.

In my opinion Flash is still the best Summoner Spell even after it's nerf.
Now that Shadow Walk is your passive, you don't have an immediate escape anymore, making Flash a great spell although, Evelynn is still good at escaping.

YOU NEED TO TAKE SMITE WHEN JUNGLING, NO QUESTIONS. This is because, (a. Smite makes your jungling a lot faster (b. If you have a half component enemy jungler, You will lose every Blue,Red,Dragon and Baron because, they have a ranged instant nuke while you don't. I mean I could go pojo jumping naked but it wouldn't be smart, would it?

Viable Spells! All these spells should only replace Flash as Smite is needed during jungling.

I might just replace Flash with Exhaust. After testing it in some games, I see how valuable it is on Evelynn. It shuts down AD/AP carries in teamfights/during ganks AND lowers their movement speed. If you take Exhaust, put a point in Summoner's Wrath to lower their armour/MR a tad bit.

Some people like going Smite and Ignite to finish someone off. I believe that Evelynn has the power and skill to kill a runner but, if you know you will be fighting a strong regen champion like Dr. Mundo or Vladmir, this will shut them down

I would never run this to be honest. with Mobility Boots + Trinity Force and your W, more speed would be overkill.

This spell is VERY situational. (a. unless you can handle your micro seconds well, please don't even touch this spell. (b. instead of wasting a valuable Summoner Spell for Cleanse instead of Flash, just take Quicksilver Sash.

I mean, Evelynn does have some mana problems early game spamming Hate Spike but after your 1st blue's duration is finished, it shouldn't be a problem anymore.

I've been testing this and Surge. I would only take this if A. you know the enemy jungler will counter jungle you and is a better dueler. B. Are going to have to gank hard lanes where you might die without Heal.

This spell is HUGELY underrated in my opinion. the AP is not really wasted as it makes your Q,E and R hit just a little more but, the attack speed is ridiculous. I mean 12 whole seconds of 35% attack speed no matter what level you are? Sorta OP.

All other spells are what I consider to be not viable on Evelynn. If you disagree, please leave me a message saying what summoner spell you think is viable and why it is.
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Sinister Skills

After the remake, this was made into your passive. After a short period of time, you become invisible too all but allies and enemies in range of your passive.
This is amazing for ganking and roaming, let's you be a ninja and go behind the enemy then go all kung-fu on them.

A very nice spell. It scales with AP and AD,has a very low cd so it is what you mainly use to proc Trinity Force and can hit multiple enemies. While jungling, aim it so it hits all the creeps to make your jungle faster.

This is pretty decent. It gives you a lot of mobility and takes off all slows applied to you, like Garen's Decisive Strike. Using it makes you not invisible though so be careful where you use it.

The focus of my AD build. It does nice damage the but the attack speed boost is ridiculous. 120% more makes people like Tristana feel ashamed of herself. Use it on a minion if there is one nearby when taking down turrets, it really makes a difference.

A great ultimate. It casts a pool of mystical black energy where your cursor is and all the enemies hit by it take damage based of % of their maximum health. It also gives a health shield which can change a 1v1. A handy little trick is to use it as a finisher because it does damage on % MAX and not current health.

Tips and Tricks:
When ganking, Go behind the enemy if they're pushing the lane.
Use Hate Spike in the jungle to hit all the creeps
Use Hate Spike to proc Sheen
Use Dark Frenzy for a speed boost and to get rid of slows
Use Ravage when in a 1v1 or taking a turret down
Use Agony's Embrace as a finisher/when enemies are clumped up
or when you need the health shield in a fight.

tl;dr: Evelynn has a nice kit with many uses, Use them with creativity.
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Intense Items

Time for the items!

I run either Cloth Armour and Health Potion x5 or Boots and Health Potion x3. Go Cloth Armour if you plan to jungle more, and boots if you know you will roam/gank more.

After that our next priority is Wriggles Lantern which is our first core item. We benefit from the damage,armour,life steal and the huge proc for killing camps. All while getting a free Sight Ward every 3 minutes for dragon/Baron.

Once we get Wriggle's Lantern, our next priority is speed. Grab a Boots if you went Cloth Armour or, if you went Boots in the beginning, go ahead and buy Mobility Boots which allow you to roam 10 times better.

Once you acquire your upgraded boots, we need more damage output. So now we buy a Sheen. This increases your damage output HIGHLY because, even though your Hate Spike is less spammable now, It still has a measly 1.5 second cooldown thus, you will be proc'ing Sheen a lot.

On to your 2nd core Item, Trinity Force. Let's just look at what this items gives, shall we?
30 AP, 30 AD, 30% Attack Speed, 15% critical chance,250 health, 250 mana,move speed, an on-hit slow and finally, 150% more damage of your base damage on hit after casting a spell. In the same order, let's see how we use Trinity Force's stats. 30 AP-Stronger Q and E 30 AD= more AA damage 30% attack speed=great synergy with your E, 15% critical chance= much more damage when an Infinity Edge is acquired. 250 health= gets rid of some squishiness 250 mana= takes care of her early mana problems Move speed= this+ your w+ Mobility Boots= Ultimate roamer. On hit slow= With this build, you have a decent attack spped even without your E, which will make chasing a breeze. Finally 150% more base physical damage after casting a spell= OPness. With your Hate Spike still reasonably spammable, this will be proc'd so much, your damage will HURT!

After this, we build like a standard AD carry.

Infinity Edge= 80 raw damage is nothing to scoff at but, the passive is what makes it worth 3.8k gold. more critical chance and 50% more damage on crits.

Black Cleaver More Ats,Damage and ARpen. If the enemy is stacking armour and most of them have over 113 armour, Switch to Last Whisper.

Banshee's Veil this gives you MR, a little more health/mana AND a spell shield every 45 seconds. This can be used to live through that Requiem and make a Karthus rage quit or block fatal delayed spells like Ace in the Hole from killing you.

Blood Thirster / Guardian Angel The Blood Thirster tops off your damage and gives you even MORE damage. I would only replace it with Guardian Angel if you (a. need Mr and Armour at the same time or (b. are dying too often.

Note! Some people would sell Wriggles Lantern when you reach full slots but, I dont advise it for this simple reason. If your slots are full, You cannot not buy anymore wards. SO WHY IN THE NAME OF FLIPPIN NINJAS WOULD YOU SELL AN ITEM GIVING FREE WARDS?
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Viable Offensive Items

In my build, I have 3 core items. By ''core'' I mean I build them every game and believe that this build revolves around them.

Damage,Armour,Lifesteal and Wards sound pretty good right? Funny thing is, while all of that benefits us nicely, the proc is the main reason we buy it as a jungle. It's like a mini Smite every few seconds (depending on your luck)

This item makes Evelynn a real BOSS. Evelynn benefits from the health,mana,damage,AP,Crit chance and Move speed, it's passive is the real bomb. after Every spell cast, your next AutoAttack will deal 150% more damage and with a Q of 1.5 seconds, you use this wonderfully. Also the other great passive of Trinity Force is that you have a 25% chance to slow them by 35%. This allows you to stick to opponents much better.

This makes you a real threat in late game. this provides 80 more attack damage, a hefty amount. but the reason this item is expensive and a core part of my Evelynn build is the passive. it makes your crits hurt so much more, it's not even funny. after finishing Trinity Force, you should have a 40% critical chance. In theory every 2.5 attacks will crit and late game you will have around 350 AD and 1 attack per second (excluding your E). So ''in theory'' every 2.5 seconds you will be doing 800-880 crits. Now if you put that in gameplay and luck, you could potentially do up to 2.4k damage in 3 seconds. Sick right?

Feel free to replace any of my other items with these as not any game is the same.

Madred's Bloodrazor if your enemies are getting health items, get this to make it all worthless.

Last Whisper If your enemies have 113 or more armour, this item surpasses Black Cleaver.

Phantom Dancer If you believe in more crit chance to couple with Infinity Edge feel free to buy this.

The Brutalizer for early ARpen and Attack Damage

Sword of Occult While it is not hard to stack on Evelynn PLEASE DON'T BUY THIS IF YOU'RE NOT ABSOLUTELY RAPING!
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Viable Defensive Items

These items are for those games when that AP or AD carry is so fed you actually cry.

Force of Nature this items gives the highest MR from a single item in all of LoL. make that fed AP carry ragequit when his spells do 100 damage xD.

Maw of Maltortius Again, A defensive item against AP champions. Along with 36 MR, an AP damage shield it gives you some decent AD and more as you drop in health.

Atma's Impaler This is actually a decent item. In my build I get Evelynn a lot of damage yet, she has roughly 2.6k hp. with this in mind, for 2.3k gold, you're getting 45 armour, 18% critical chance for your Infinity Edge and 39 AD. A B.F Sword + Cloak of Agility + Chain Vest is the stats an Atmas's Impaler expect saving you 2 Item slots yet has 5 less damage than a B.F Sword. So let's compare the prices shall we?

1650+700+830=3180g vs 2355g seems a win for Atmas's Impaler, don't you think? After some more testing, I might put this in my main build.

Thornmail Got a fed enemy Tryndamere or Vayne? this will make them kill themselves

Randuin's Omen only use this if your enemy team is mostly composed of AD carries AND are fed.

Wit's End This is another decent Item. It gives you attack speed, Magic damage on hit AND Mr. stacks easily with your E and natural attack speed.

Guardian Angel as a MELEE DPS character, you will be focused and easily killed. GA gives great MR and armour plus a unique passive giving you a ''free get out of jail card''. 5 more and we're a cat.. xD

Frozen Mallet Now many people think that buying Frozen Mallet and Trinity Force at the same time isn't smart but, I disagree. I mean it sure as hell isn't optimal but, it gives a decent 700 HP and 20 more AD.

Warmog's Armour if you feel that LeBlanc Cassiopia or any other AP carry is demolishing you, go Atmogs for a lot more health and AD to go with it.
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Basic Jungle Information

I'm gonna keep this section simple and not pretty. (NOTE: I can not figure out how to put in pictures of the actual Creeps, Any help with that would be much appreciated.)

Now as a jungler you need basic knowledge of camp spawn and respawn times.

Wolves, Wraiths and Double Golems- Lesser Creeps- these creatures spawn at 1:40. Wolves/Wraiths have a 1 minute respawn time and Double Golems have a 75 second respawn timer. Gives little gold and experience but, if you counter jungle or get counter-jungled these will be the targets till you/the enemy jungler can easily take the red/blue buff and get out fast.

Blue Buff- Spawn time 1:55 Respawn- every 5 minutesThis is an amazing buff for Evelynn. On your first run, this cures your hunger for mana and let's you clear the jungle with no trouble. Later on, it's usually best to give it to your mid unless they're someone like Akali (uses energy). Gives 20% CDR at all levels and huge mana regeneration.

Red Buff- Spawn time, 1:55 Respawn every 5 minutes. Ahh, the buff version of Frozen Mallet's passive. It does DoT every time you AA and slows the target by 8,16 and 24% (5,10,15% for ranged) per every attack. Wonderful for ganking as the slow is very much needed, and the DoT can mean a kill or someone living my 8 health. Take it yourself mid-late game as well unless someone like Master Yi or Tryndamere who can use it better.

Dragon-Spawn time 2:30 respawn every 6 minutes. This is the focus of Junglers and really, your team early-mid game. It gives 190 global gold to each of your team members. 190x5=950g (the same as a turret). After you get Wriggle's Lantern you can probably solo dragon BUT, ANY COMPOTENT TEAM WILL WARD IT so asking your bot/mid to help would be smart.

Baron- Spawn time 15:00 Respawn in 7 minutes. This is the most important objective in the game (aside from the Nexus). Killing it gives 1500 GLOBAL GOLD and an amazing buff to everyone on your team who is alive that grants AD, AP, and increased HP/MP regen. Taking it could decide if you win or lose a game.

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Jungle Route

Time for the main event of this guide! Jungling.

Now I start Cloth Armour Health Potion or Boots and Health Potion go the 1st if you think you'll jungle more and the latter if you'll be ganking/roaming more.
1st off: Wolves. Since these spawn at 1:40 and the blue at 1:55, ask your mid to do some damage then finish them off losing a little bit of health.

Now go over to the Blue Buff and ask your mid to leash it. Start AA'ing him along with Hate Spike whenever it goes off cooldown. Use Smite when the Golem is at roughly 445 health. Now put a point in your E and head over to Wraiths while using 1 of your potions. Hit the Blue one with your E then instantly Hate Spike. Continue AA'ing it till it dies then quickly finish off the lower wraiths.

After this go over to wolves again and kill it with your standard combo. E+ Hate Spike AA's. if you are a little low on health, use a Health Potion. Now you have to make a choice: If you're looking to gank at 3, put a point in your W. If not, Put a point in your E instead. Go grab Red Buff or Double Golems depending on if you need more money or are looking to gank soon. As soon as you have 700g, B and buy a Madred's Razor for much faster Jungling.

TL;Dr Wolves-Blue-Wraiths-Wolves-Red or Double Golems- Either gank if your health is 75-100% up or continue farming your Madred's Razor
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Now that I've explained how I jungle Evelynn, It is still important to know how to gank with Evelynn.

No matter what lane you're ganking, these procedures will help you execute it with a much more chance of success.

While Jungling, If you see an overextended lane and want to gank, think about these important questions.

1. Are the overextend enemies fed?
2. Do they have an Oracle's Elixir? (Not true anymore, Oracle's Elixir range is less than your passive.
3. Are your teamates ready?
4. Do they have an escape mechanism example: ( Ezreal's Arcane Shift )
5. Are the odds in yours or their favor?

If you have a postive answer for those questions, You can Gank that lane. Why so?


1. If they're fed, you and your teammates will probably die
2. Oracle's Elixir is your bane (NOT TRUE ANYMORE. Check #2 in the above list.
3. If you go into a 1v2 or 1v1 with a laner, things could go wrong.
4.Ganking a lane means exposing yourself. If you waste health and the element of surprise attacking some like Ezreal who'll just Arcane Shift + Flash away, you're wasting your time.
5. If it seems like you ganking the lane will give your ally or allies dominance, do it! Please do not however engage 2 fed AD carries by yourself and a support.

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Team Fights

Ok, I have decided to make a more detailed section about team fights.

You are needed in every team fight just like the tank. Without you your team lacks the damage to win a team fight and team fights can heavily decide a game,Giving the enemy turrets or even inhibitors so please,for the sake of all things holy and unholy, please do not go pushing a turret in top lane when there's a teamfight at baron.

During a teamfight, First let the tank initate ex: Rammus Shen Dr.Mundo. Wait till the offtanks or AP carries blow their cc, then join into the battle. Your target should normally be the AD Carry who can deal constant and huge damage to your whole team. The only time you should focus the AP carry is if they have a huge nuke and are too big of a dangerous threat ex: Annie.

After killing your first target turn to the next highest threat. If it looks like your team will lose the teamfight, don't back off yet but when your tank dies or starts to run. that's your sign to split like a banana from the enemy.

Tips and Tricks:

If the team is bunched up, Cast your ultimate to get a huge health shield ( Janna would be jealous) and do a nice amount of damage.

Try to cast Hate Spike in a way so it hates the most targets as to help your team have a bigger ''health'' advantage.

On an example team composed of: Master Yi Ashe Sona Rammus
Ahri these would be your priorities:

#1: Master Yi he has the most damage and can deal it out faster than the others
#2: Ashe She has AD, a fight changing ulti and she can keep her dps constant as she is also an AA'er
#3: Ahri she's a burst mage so she needs to die quickly after the AD carries.
#4: Sona A support is usually squishy so they're easily taken out and when they're not, they scan save their team's ***.
#5: Rammus The tank. Always attack him last. If you don't, you need to go to a mental hospital because the tank is the most durable and usually least threatening.

This is my opinion, I realize a fed Ahri is stronger than a underfed Ashe who's ******ed and has a screwy build but this is meant in an average game with the AD and AP having high cs,some kills,and skill.
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Well.. It seems we are coming to an end on this Evelynn guide. As this guide is published, It will have a lot of room for improvement. I will be adding Videos,pictures,more sections,more tips and just trying to make this guide as all the great ones on MobaFire. I don't mind upvotes at all but constructive criticism is most appreciated.

I would also like to thank:

jhoijhoi ''Joy Joy'' for her amazing guide ''How to make a guide''. Here's a link if you have not read it all ready. JhoiJhoi's ''How to make a Guide''

Mobafire, for housing this guide and for Housing other great guides who help LoL players all over the world. So as I leave, Please help make this guide better and LET'S BRING BACK OP EVE!!!
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Change Log

7/21/12- Guide Published
7/23/12- Added Surge / Heal as viable.
7/23/12- Explained Exhuast in more-depth.
7/23/12- explained my core items
8/2/12-Did some editing, Added a part about Jungle camps.
Coming soon! A video of my jungle route,ganking and photos of warding
8/18/12- Expanded teamfights, Changed masteries. My vidoes were deleted somehow so I have to make them again. Sorry for the inconvenience guys.
8/18/12- Expanded Skill section, Working on counter-jungling and how to deal with it section.
8/23/12- #5 Evelynn guide! Thanks so much guys, I have updates coming today or tomorrow, be sure to check them out.
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