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Warwick Build Guide by cami.n

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League of Legends Build Guide Author cami.n

Warwick Jungling All Day

cami.n Last updated on August 22, 2013
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Hello, my name is Cameron1635 and this is my first time making a guide. The reason I chose to make a guide for Warwick is that I feel like he's easily the safest jungler and one of the best post-6 gankers. Before we get into the rest of this guide, I want to clarify a few things 1.) I'm only silver 4, so I can almost guarantee that if you think some part of my build should be changed, you're probably right. 2.) If you really feel like this guide should be downvoted, please be reasonable and write why. 3.) Since this is my first guide constructive criticism is always appreciated, don't be afraid to comment on this.

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Pros / Cons


Good duelist/Slow clear times
One of the best post-6 gankers/Reliant on team to survive until lvl 6 for ganks
Infinite sustain/Requires good follow up on ganks(your ult is not enough)
Can take early dragon/Reliant on blue for repeated ganks
Gap closer with a supress/Very mana hungry when you max your q

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For marks, I take attack speed since ww needs something to speed his clear times up. Alternatively, you can take attack damage or armor pen, it's more of a preference, but I really like attack speed for junglers. We'll use standard defense runes, which means armor seals and scaling mr, not to much room for change there. Lastly, we have the quints, these are the most versatile seeing as there is no such thing as a secondary quint. If you were reading along you should know that i use ap quints, not really the best choice. Armor pen imo might be the best choice, since jungle creeps have a little armor, this will really shred it to 0.

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I take 16-1-13. Though it's a little awkward, it gives you nice stats. In the offense category, you will get hybrid damage and a minuscule boost for farming the jungle. The one defense point will help your gold income. The utility section is probably the most important part. You will get cdr on summoners and blade of the ruined king, which helps a little, some movement speed for faster clears, spell vamp and life steal and a biscuit for more sustain.

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For my items i believe them to be the best setup for ww. This will combine health, armor, and mr for a durable, but high damage dealer. Blade of the ruined king will make your ult chunk health, frozen mallet and your e will insure kills cant escape from you. Mercury treads are just to even out the mr with the armor. Spirit of the spectral wraith will help with sustain and early solo dragons. Spirit visage is, in my opinion, the best mr item possible it gives so much more utility than banshee's veil with its healing buffs, cdr and health regen. Finally I get randuin's which is just an overall great item, it gives added tankiness, strong armor, a good active and an attack speed debuff. If it wasn't for spirit visage's unique passive it would be behind randuin's.

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Skill Sequence

When jungling, maxing q is important for sustain. After 3 points in w, taking anymore is redundant since late game w's main purpose is taking turrets. I guess you could say I max e second, this skill is helpful against people who have strong juking abilities and tend to escape at low health. Warwick's ganking usually should be pretty smooth, start of with the supress, q them, (by this time your e should have gone off) activate w, use bilgewater cutlass' active, and aa to finish. At earlier levels ganking like this shouldn't leave anyone alive.

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Team Work

A few notes here, since you are jungling and ganking for people in a lane, you have to remember that they have lane opponents. It is crucial that you help them get kills, that means GIVE THEM THE KILLS WHEN YOU GANK. Another thing, unless your ally is dead or at base, you should never be taking their farm. I see alot of junglers do this when they fail a gank, all you are doing is setting your teammates back. You have the jungle, they have creep waves. Since warwick needs blue, but doesn't need red as much(your ult gives you enough cc) you should try and give lanes that buff. If your mid laner desperately needs blue, what you can do is wait for your blue to spawn (the other jungler should have taken it aprox. the same time you did) and head to the enemy jungle. Hide in the bush next to blue buff, if the jungler is taking wait and last hit it with smite, if not and you have a ward, use the ward in the outer part of the bush and start taking blue. If the jungler comes, show him whos boss and try and chase him off, if they are fed or you know it's a fight you'll lose, cut your losses and run.

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This is the end of my guide to jungling warwick. I would like to hear some feedback about how I did writing this. Thank you for reading this and remember constructive criticism is always welcome.