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Warwick General Guide by Bulld0zerss

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bulld0zerss

Warwick Lets make this fun!!!!

Bulld0zerss Last updated on March 5, 2013
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Warwick.... AUUUUUUU XD

I choose 2 builds, this first warwcik is the best.. we start our warwick in jungle, wolves if we have some help then blue... after that we took wraiths and red. Now we have 2 options, end the early jungle or go to gank, golems or top/mid gank.

The ap ww can lane in top or bot, so its very simple get money killing minnions and restore ur life with ur enemys.

Both Ww start to be agressive at lvl 6 cuz our ult, the ap Ww needs to hurt the enemies and be smarter, the jungler Ww can go alone or w8 and gank with the lane. Our jungler Ww needs to be farming all the time in jungle, u cant stay watching the game cuz we loose a lot of exp and money... The ap Ww need to farm with minions whe doesnt need to get kills if we have a good farm.

Remember both builds should have an excellent start, becasue our jungler is a good farmer and you shouldnt have problems... bad ww starts happend when YOU fail...

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Well we use our runes to be a little more tanky and to get more mov speed, not hard to understand but if u want you can change with some magic penetration, up to you. ( Specially the ap ww)

x3 = Mov speed, hell yeah our hunter need this!

all x9 = Thats how we make our hunter tanky, very good 4 start and it gives u calm at farm.

x3= optional if you want to do more dmg, thats how we do it... but i would take the mov speed, again up to you.

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All our masteries are made to get some magic penetration, some ap, some speed and stats to be tanker. I choosed 2 builds the jungler and the ap Ww, so...

Ap ww = ap .... and cd reductions + some speed.

Jungler ww = mov speed and cd.

If u have any other idea plz msg me cuz ive been looking to see more options... ty

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This is very important to pay some atention...

+ x4 = perfect start for our jungler, you dont need more and its very helpful against minnions, in the last season i used to pick but with the runes it is enough.

= i dont need to explain this...

= great item, this make us stronger and faster against minnions, life steal some dmg and some armor, nice start.

= One of the best options 4 our hero, the attack speed that our madreds gave us in last season... we need it back, another options are or , if we need to get mr, the sorcers shoes are very useful cuz our other items like witz, Blade of the Ruined King and sun fires cape.

= health, armor and ap dmg... just what we need we are going to be tanker and we can have more fun.... and remember that when we use this item is dealing dmg aswell.... so it stacks...

or = Well... witz is very effective and nice... but in late game isnt that good as other items, if we have gold and good score we can get witz, it will help us to be more agressive the first 20 min, then in late we should change it for other items..

I have made a lot of changes cuz of the parch but we have more options, thats why i made more builds for different ww´s. The idea is to be better with dmg and attack speed, but its important to get some health 2. These builds are made just to get an idea cuz every game is different and u must be able to decide and change some items while the game is running.

Last Item

and = If you want dmg its easy... The Black Cleaver is perfect, come on... cd reduction, armor penetration, some health some dmg, it stack´s with our ult... perfect...
Malmortius... only if u need dmg and heavy ap dmg... nothing more.. but we have more options like; , health and nice 2 chase or , speed, cd and attack speed... im just saying, Ww has a base, in my opinion..., that i put in my builds but like i said u must see how the game runs and how the enemys build their gears.

Top and ap wws have more health cuz ur adversary is fighting against you all the time and he is watching ur items.. plus he has ganks. We need more life and be able to fight any champion in that lane, a singed is a tank that is hated by everybody cuz his abilitys and health.. both ww can deal against him if u play save and smart, u are able to farm and counter his q with ur life steal and ur q.

= i dont like it very much... i put it cuz it works very good but in few ocasions... it helps but i choose other items.

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Skill Sequence

= great passive... this make our jungler the BEST jungler ever....

= Best skill health + dmg... You must pick this one to jungle... best option, DONT CHANGE IT!

= Its going to help us with red jungle, so pick this before blood scent... its gonna help to take turret down.

= beautiful skill to hunt but remember to active and to unactive it when you are near enemies... if you are hurt and you are escaping... keep it on to run faster but if you are near them in bush and they are hurt because a team fight... turn it off or they are going to escape... its very easy and stupid to say but a LOT of people do this mistakes...

= AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW YEAH!!!!! should i say something¿? perfect skill... xD and remember it stacks with , , and more items... cool.

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Summoner Spells

= only for top adn ap ww, it works awesome with our E and our R.

= Hunter spell... we have attack speed, nice dmg, nice move speed (+ ), great ap dmg and it helps a lot to gank at ANY time, even at start in lvl 2

= more speed and + + + = death ....

= very good too, it helps to escape and short jumps to hunt... im better with ghost but its up to yop

= Ww dont need this... but if u like it, i guess you can get it... in my opinion its 4 noobs... xD because you dont need at start, true that its gonna make your jungle a little faster... 3segs??? and waste a spell?? for ALL the game??? i mean... with the guear dragon and baron are easy targets...

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Great jungler and team fighter... use it good and you are not going to have problems, very good with early ganks, mid and later team work, you can hunt and help to get some turrets. Remember to be smart, this jungler must be used good because if you try to get a kill and your tem go back, you are going to feed them and make your game lower... The only reason that ww could fail is because of stupids ambitions to get a kill... remember that you are playing with THE BEST JUNGLER, and one of the best 1v1 characters even better that any new champ, they are fews that could challenge you in 1v1, but if u are smart its easy even against a jax, a rangar, etc...

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Pros / Cons


Best jungler

Very good at 1v1

Great hunter and nice lifesteal

Very good ganks

Easy to play


Very easy to get killed because of our stupid decisions...


Sometimes you are going to need some mana, so try to get blue each time you could...

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Creeping / Jungling

Our lycan is a Very good farmer in lanes and at jungle, so no problems at that, just focus on last hits and try to be always farming... dont waste time staying alone, if you dont have anything to do in your lane (after u took the turret) go to another lane or go to the jungle... this is very important, because we must be farming ALL the game, and try to be a good jungler and help bot and top lane.... this dudes are going to cry if you dont help xD...

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Farming (start jungle)

Well its not my map... so follow the numbers...

We start with 3... better if we have some leash with wolves...
Then 4 ... same better with leash...
8, remember to get the small minnions first, if u have all the exp from 3 4 and 2 we are going to be in lvl 3 vs the big red.
I usually go to 3 and 2 again after a gank so blue its up again and if we have our with a witz or something more heavier we can go for drag alone or ask for some help to get it quicker.
You can invade their jungle with caution during the game... but dont die... you always get their red and blue or the enemies golems, just do it quick and be alert.

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Nice character, try it and plz comment, all ideas and helps are wellcome. Gl Hf GG!!!!



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