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Warwick Build Guide by dreadfulbunny

Warwick-The Alpha of the Jungle!

By dreadfulbunny | Updated on May 16, 2012

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  • LoL Champion: Warwick
  • LoL Champion: Warwick


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Hello! I'm Dreadfulbunny, and this is my Warwick build! Now Warwick was always my favorite champion. The first one I ever got good at, so i figured he should be the first one I should make a build for. I build Warwick off of Damage, Lifesteal, Attack Speed, and Critical Strike. The reason i am making this build is because:
  • I enjoy playing Warwick and want others to as well
  • I want people to see how I play Warwick and hopefully like it
  • I am tired of seeing Warwick builds that don't take advantage of Warwick's lifesteal
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In case you didn't know.

In this guide I will use a few abbreviations.
  • WW stands for Warwick
  • AD stands for Attack Damage
  • AP stands for Ability Power
  • Crit stands for Critical Srtike/Critical Strike Chance
  • AS stands for Attack Speed
  • LS stands for Lifesteal
  • CC stands for Croud Control
I might not use these all the time but in the case i do, you will know what they mean.
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Pros / Cons


+Tanky and can solo turrets/baron
+Easy jungling
+Amazing lifesteal potential
+Great pusher
+Great chaser with
+Awesome stun with
+Great initiator with
+Not blue buff dependent
+Can win 1V1s easily
+Scares your opponents

- can give you away
-Usually targeted first because of ult.
-Lacks natural escape ability
-Can be countered with armor
-Incredibly weakened with CC
-Countered against champs like Caitlyn
-Scary E makes enemies back down
-Can get greedy
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Abilities and Ability tips

This section will cover what each ability does, how to use it, and when to use it. Warwick's abilities are quite simple.
Eternal Thirst

Warwick's passive, Eternal Thirst, is sort of like built in lifesteal. It deals small amounts of magic damage, and heals WW in return. Each consecutive hit causes the next hit to heal for more.(Maximum of three times) Simple enough.

Hungering Strike

This is Warwick's Q ability. It deals damage to the target you use it on, and heals you in return. This ability has a surprisingly long range for what seems like a melee attack. You can use this in a variety of cases that all can potentially save your life or get you that last hit on the enemy champion. Use Hungering Strike when your health is dropping (obviously). Try to keep your health completely full if you can. If you are chasing after an enemy, and there health is super close to zero, try to get into range to swipe them with Hungering Strike. DO NOT SPAM THIS ABILITY!It is extremely costly on your mana! Only use when needed, or if you have blue buff!

Hunters Call

This is Warwick's W, and his most versatile ability. When activated Warwick, and all allied champions around him are buffed with increased attack speed for a small duration of time. This ability can assist you greatly in jungling, taking down turrets, inhibitors, and the nexus. Hunters Call is also a potential life saver if you have good lifesteal. You would use this in a 1v1 and have an upper hand. Even in team fights, you buff your allies, and can pick off the enemy one by one. It costs low mana so feel free to use in any, and all fights.

Blood Scent

This is Warwick's E ability, and is the game changer when it comes to chasing and ganking low health champions. Blood Scent causes Warwick to run at increased speed when he is near a low health champion, and reveal that champion. Don't underestimate it though, because the range and the speed is incredibly high. If you are ganking a lane, and you know an enemy champion is at low health, turn this off! It can give let the enemy champions know you are close, and cause them to back down. Do not turn on until a few seconds before a gank.

Infinite Duress

And last but not least, Warwick's R ability. Infinite Duress is Warwick's ultimate, and ultimate it is! It teleports Warwick behind an enemy champion, and suppresses it for a limited time. In this process, Warwick is constantly attacking his opponent dealing magic damage. Now this ability is where the real thinking, strategy, and skill comes in. There are numerous things that Warwick's ultimate is good at. Stopping a chaser, suppressing a high damage champion, initiating a team fight, saving an ally, gank opponents, etc. This literally has endless uses. But be smart! The cooldown is long and bad choices could set you back.I will talk about who, and when to suppress later on in the "Ganking"section.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
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Masteries and Runes

The masteries are fairly simple, focusing on AD and defense from jungle monsters. I don't feel i need to expand any more on that.

I am not very "wealthy" on League of Legends, and can only by a few runes. These runes are my basic AD runes, and they seem to suit Warwick well. I choose armor penetration quints and marks, because AD can be countered easily with armor. Also, in early game, most people don't have any armor, so you are doing even more damage. Think of it as setting their armor in the negatives.


Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush
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These items that I have chosen work out really well. My first build is based on health, lifesteal and attack speed. The second build adds more magic resist, and a little bit more of a tanky aspect.

Build 1
This is an AD Warwick build. Pretty simple and good IMO.

Vampiric Scepter

Vampiric Scepter is my first item for jungling. The reason I chose this is because when you are taking damage in the jungle, you basically just counter-act that damage, and rarely ever lose more than two bars of health. Also, when you take in mind Warwick's passive, the health increase is buffed even more.

Wriggle's Lantern

Wriggle's Lantern. The jungler's best friend. The Wriggle's Lantern gives you life-steal(same deal with Vampiric Scepter), 30 armor, 23 AD, and some awesome uniques. The armor makes the monsters, and AD champions, hit weaker, and the AD makes you hit harder. Now Wriggle's Lantern has one unique passive and one unique active. The active allows you to set a ward anywhere you want. A free ward all game! That is until you sell it at the end. This can save your buffs, and your allies from other junglers. Its passive gives you a 20% chance to deal over 400 damage to a minion or monster. Enough said.


Rather than talk about what each boot does, I'm going to explain when to buy which boot. Buy these boots according to the enemy team. If the enemy team looks AP then get . If they are AD then get . Simple enough right? Well not really. The smarter choice would be to take in mind what I explained earlier, and go more in-depth. Here is an example.

My apposing team composition was: Dr. Mundo, Kassadin, Sona, Gangplank, and Graves. I saw that they had one tank, two AP, and two AD. So it was even. My first thought was that i hate Gangplank, and I should counter him as best as I can. Then I saw Kassadin and realized that he is going to be putting out a lot of magic damage. Then I looked at Sona and immediately bought . Why? Because of Sona's stun. I needed to reduce that as much as possible. Unfortunately, only me and one other person saw this, and her stun devastated us.


One thing that I found in my previous Warwick builds is that he was very squishy. And his life-steal couldn't make up for it most of the time. So i figured, what has health and AD? So yes, I picked Phage. Phage definitively steps Warwick up a level. It's health helps a lot, and the slow just makes chasing even easier.

Sunfire Cape

Sunfire Cape is another defensive item, because what good is a dead Warwick? I choose to buy this because I don't want to spend too much time on health items, but still get some items. Well Sunfire Cape gives you plenty of health, and does damage to all surrounding enemies. This item is actually really useful. Not to mention it looks awesome with The "Firefang" Warwick skin.

Phantom Dancer

I honestly don't feel I need to explain this item to much. It has almost all of the stats that this guide is trying to get. Just make sure you buy Zeal first, when building up to it.

Frozen Mallet

Frozen Mallet is just a buffed version of Phage . The health, slow, and damage are greatly increased. That's all there is to it.

The Bloodthirster

The Bloodthirster is another awesome item because it is so simple, and yet extremely useful. It gives you AD and life-steal. It also has a passive that gives you a stack every time you kill something. Each stack increases you AD and life-steal. But be careful because you lose half your stacks upon death, and Warwick is usually targeted first.

Build 2
This build focus's more on defense. These items allow you to tank your way through a fight, and do enough damage to matter.

Long Sword

The long sword provides extra damage so you can take out those monster camps faster. This and a health pot and you are good to go! Now I am not sure which starting items are the "best". Personally I think you can buy any of the normal starting items and do well in the jungle. This includes: Long Sword, Vampiric Scepter, Cloth Armor. All of these are fine because they build up to Wriggle's Lantern.

Wriggle's Lantern

Please see Build 1.


Please see Build 1!!

Spirit Visage

This item seems like it was made just for Warwick. Plus health and magic resist to make him tanky, cd reduction and healing buff to let him heal for more, and more often. What more could you want?

Wit's End

As you probably know, I like attack speed. Wit's End just so happens to have attack speed, and a lot more. Yes I know you can see the stats of the item on your own so rather than tell you what they are, I'm going to tell you why they coincide so well with Warwick. Attack Speed lets you hit faster(obviously) and in turn uses your passive more often. That means more healing, and bonus damage. Wit's End actually adds on to that bonus damage! Also, each time you hit, you get a stack that increases your magic resist. So let's put it this way. If you ult in the center of a group you are going to end up getting full stacks of Wit's End.(Not to mention the bonus damage on each ult hit.) Now with these stacks you have even more magic resist! That way those pesky mages won't be able to shut you down as easily, right after you engage.

If the other team does not have enough magic damage, and your team does, feel free to replace this with Malady.

Madred's Bloodrazor

OOO MAMA!(<3 Dunky) The cherry on top. Tanks be warned, you are about to be shredded. Stats, stats, stats. Yes it gives armor, attack damage, and attack speed (O.O). This let's you be tanky and still get some necessary damage out. But that isn't even the best part! The passive on this item is super great. Your basic attacks deal bonus magic damage equal to 4% of the targets maximum health!! Let me first say that this can easily help you shred baron.

Now lets do some math. Lets say an enemy Shen has roughly 3000 health by the time you get this. (Don't target him in team fights btw) If you are fighting him, each basic attack does roughly 3000รท4=750. Woah.... Unless the stats are liars you are already doing 750 damage! Now add that onto how hard you already hit. Attack Damage+16+42... Now the attack damage will vary but lets go with 90 damage assuming the target has armor. So 90+16+41=148! 148+750=898. That's almost 900 damage per hit!

But of course there is one problem. This damage is delivered through magic damage. That means it can easily be countered with a Force of Nature or any other magic resist items. But of course You can get through that too. If you chose Malady instead of Wit's End then you are already there. It might now be a devastating counter, but it's enough to help.


Please see build 1.

Zeke's Herald

Zeke's herald
Personally I think Warwick without lifesteal just isn't as good as he could be. So in this build I decided to settle with a tanky item that gives everyone lifesteal and attackspeed (0.0)!!

Frozen Mallet

Please see build 1.
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This section will cover Warwick's jungling style, the numerous routes that you can take, and how to gank. So lets get started!

The Golem Path

The Golem Route is my favorite and most recommended route. I like it just because the route is in a straight line rather than just a bunch of twists and turns.READ! Don't just look at map!

1. Golems
2. Wraiths
3. Wolves(Repeat Until Level 3)
4. Blue Golem
5. Red Lizard
6. Gank if needed
7. Farm
8. Dragon at level 8

Read everything after this very carefully.Okay so start at golems. Don't ask for leash or anything. At the very most ask a ally to guard the buffs for a minute or two. Use your hinters callHunters Call and start. Kill small one first!!! I can't stress that enough. Unless you want to be pounded down and lose more health than needed, target the smallest one. He has less health and does moderate amounts of damage. Smite the big golem once he is at around 400-500 health.

Next move on to the wraiths. Target the first one and use your Hunters Call, again. Simple enough. Same thing with the wolves.

Keep jungling until you are level 3. At level 2 pick up Hungering Strike. At level 3 get your Blood Scent. This is essential for ganking. Now once you are level 3 pick up the blue buff and red buff. Get the blue first. Now I'm not saying that Warwick can't get these buffs below level 3 but you don't need them until then.

To kill the Blue Golem, and Red Lizard start with Hunters Call, and start. Make sure you start at Blue Golem! Target the big guys first. Only use your Hungering Strike when you have lost 2-3 bars of health. Use your Smite on the Blue Golem once he has 500-600 health. Then move on the Red buff. Do the same thing except you don't need (and won't have) Smite. If you are low on health go to Wraiths and spam your Hungering Strike.

After you have both buffs, pick a lane that you think needs the most help. The most common lanes would be middle and top. If these two lanes are dominating go bottom. If all your lanes are doing well, gank anyway. For more information go to the section called "GANKING".

The Wraith Route

The Wraith Route is a fairly simple route to take. READ! Don't just look at the map!

1. Wraiths
2. Wolves
3. Golems (Repeat Until Level 3)
4. Blue Golem
5. Red Lizard
6. Gank if needed
7. Farm
8. Dragon at level 8

The wraith route has the same deal as the golem route. The only difference is where you start. Read the golem route for specific instructions on jungling.

NOTICE!!!! I will not show instructions on starting with the Blue Buff! I don't believe in the route as Warwick! Warwick does not need blue at level 2 and is a waste. Taking this route causes you to lose Blue Buff when you want to gank!!

TIP!!!!! At around level 6 and higher, hand off the Blue Buff to allies!! They will be forever grateful and will help them dominate more. Be careful who u give it to though. Give it to mana hungry characters that aren't dying often.
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This section will cover who to gank, when to gank, and how to gank as Warwick. Now be warned. Ganking as Warwick at any level below level 6 can be a challenge and can result in failure if you do not plan it correctly. You may be referred to as "useless" and "worst ganker ever". Just wait for your ultimate, own, then watch everyone stop insulting.

Ganking Below Level 6

Ganking people below level 6 can be a challenge as Warwick, if not executed well. Now before I continue, I must make a confession. I D': ....Used to be a Warwick who would not gank until level 6... I started trying recently and am still getting used to it. Anyway... Warwick's ganking at level 5 and under are exceptional... It all depends on the situation. This is a short Pros/Cons list of Warwick's ganking below level 6.

Good: Warwick can gank low health opponents with .
Warwick can buff his allies in a gank fight.

Even though this list is short, your team needs your help, so you need to try.

Bad: Warwick has no slow, stun, etc, to trap the enemy.
Warwick has to be played well, and smart to get the gank.
Ganking with Warwick might require patience.

Now this list is more the player than it is Warwick. But because of Warwick's lack of CC's, it makes ganking harder for the player.

Ganking at Level 6+

Once you have hit that special number, you will see the magic happen. Your ultimate is crucial to your ganks. Once you have this ability, most of the cons, from the list above, are gone and you finally get your suppression.

When To Use Your Ultimate

Warwick's ultimate is a game changer. Unless the other team is well prepared, and knows how to counter it, WW's R will devastate them. With that said, I bring you: When To Use Your Ultimate!!!!! *applause* Yes, yes, thank you. In this section, I will first briefly explain what to think about when engaging the enemy team, and then will give you a series of scenarios that all show when and when to not use your ultimate. I'm just as excited as you are!!

If you are about to gank, think about what can happen, and what you want to happen. Do you want to instantly jump on the squishy champion? Or run in, attack them down, and suppress anyone who tries to run? If you are about to jump on opponent, consider the surrounding champions. Do they have a Blitzcrank, who can pull you off, or knock you up? Do they have stuns? Also consider who to suppress. Suppressing the support could stop any heals, but is kind of not worth it if the support doesn't heal for too much, or if your damage outweighs her heals. Suppressing the tank, is risky but could potentially work, if he has plenty of AOEs or stuns. But the best choice is to probably suppress the champion putting out the most damage.

Boring huh? Well you need to watch out for those things, and be smart!!! Pick your battles. Now for the Scenarios!

Well Sorry folks. I won't be doing the scenarios just yet. D: Yes i know and I am very sorry. But I'll make a promise. If this build get some reputation and becomes popular, then I will make the videos.
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I am not an expert on warding, but once you get your Wriggle's Lantern you should always use your ward. Place this in places based on the situation.

1. If your top lane is being pushed back from ganks, or is pushing too far.
2. If your bottom lane is being pushed back from ganks, or is pushing too far.
3. If you middle lane is being pushed back from ganks, or is pushing too far. Remember that there are two bushes for the gank on mid. Pick the one that seems most likely.
4. If all of the lanes are neutral during early game, or if your game is past laning phase.
5. Late game baron protection.




4. Notice how the ward is far enough out so you can see the river, and the dragon.

5. Notice how the ward is far enough out so you can see the river, and Baron.
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Legional Geographic Brings You: The Werewolve's Upshot!

The final outcome of my, and possibly your, games! If you want your game score to be recorded here, send me the picture!

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Well ladies and gentleman, this has been a build by Dreadfulbunny. Do well, play nice and have fun. If there is anything you would like me to add, leave a comment and I'll consider it. I hope the beautiful colors didn't hurt your eyes and let me know how I did! Also if you win any games with this build, please send me a picture! I might put them on the build somewhere! Thanks.

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Special Thanks.

I just want to thank a few people for helping me with this build.

Thanks jhoijhoi for your awesome guide on making a guide!
Thanks "Kaschsten" for that awesome Warwick picture in the "Farewell" section.
Thank YOU for reading my guide!
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Change Log

4/25/12: Guide Released
4/28/12: Added Build2
4/28/12: Added game wins section
4/28/12: Added Change Log section
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