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Warwick Build Guide by Airin

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Airin

Warwick - The early minigun.

Airin Last updated on October 10, 2011
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So, this is my very first guide in MOBA fire. I've been playing warwick for a long time (it's been my main since the game was out actually). And throughout all the various modifications done to this champion, i've been able to put up a very efficient way to play it. I hope this guide will be of use to some of you.
I will mention just two important points :
1) please do not judge this build before actually trying it.
2) this build is open for discussions and any comment is very welcomed.

So let's start this guide for our favorite wolf.

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This build, as every single build, has a lot of advantages, but also a few drawbacks.


1) Very efficient jungling (you can solo the dragon at lvl 5 actually, note that this depends on your luck with madred's razor)
2) Early damage
3) Fast ganker and perfect finisher (can catch anyone under a tower at lvl 6)
4) Very resistant during all the game
5) does not require lifesteal
6) Allows another character to gain more xp by soloing


1) Very mana dependant (blue buff is your best friend)
2) Ganks are difficult before lvl 6
3) Needs a perfect team communication (annoucing the moves of the enemy team is mandatory)
4) Leaves another player in a 2vs1 situation
5) Late game items are quite expensive
6) Very vulnerable to crowd control

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As you will see, i've gone for a full Attack Speed build. Yes it is by far the less subtle way to play warwick. But, it has three main advantages :

1) It will make your jungling faster

2) You will finish your first round of jungling without one back needed (and usually half of you hp, which is pretty useful), because it increases the efficiency of Eternal Thirst and therefore gives you one of the best heal of the game.

3) As soon as you have your Berserker's Greaves, you are already at 1.5 Attack Speed (using Hunter's Call), which is indeed pretty useful when ganking in early game.

I've seen players using Armor Penetration runes, and after trying those, they are useful too, slighty less efficient in my opinion though for one reason : you will not increase your heal obtained with Hungering Strike for it is based on the Magic Damage dealt to the target, and you will not improve you passive skill.

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Summoner spells

: Playing junglewick makes a lot of things useless, but not this spell. Fastens your jungling (fastens you levelling, reduces the damage you take) by taking down small mobs in one shot, and giving you a incredible way to deal with the big ones (who said Dragon ??). Also, when improved with your masteries, it gives you an average of 5 gold every 70 seconds ( Greed gives you 7 in the meantime, but it does not reduces the damage and fastens you levelling does it ?)

: Best Ganking spell in my opinion. Reduces the armor (and therefore improves the damage you do) and the damage dealt by the target, and more than those, reduces the movement speed, you will see that warwick being one of the best chaser around, reducing your taget movements is pretty interesting to finish her faster. Can easily be improved thanks to Cripple. And t's easier to use than Flash

The other spell that is pretty useful :

: Improves you ability to gank, and allows you to escape faster in case of emergency. Tower dive -> Hungering Strike -> Flash allows you to kill you enemy, regain the hp lost because of the tower and flash to dodge further damage taken from the tower. But you might want to be careful, because a mouse cursor can easily be in the wrong place.

For the other spells, they are eaither completely useless (Ghost, Ignite and Teleport) or become useless in late game because of your spells (Heal) or the Cooldown (Rally).

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The main idea behind the masteries i choose is eimple : you want to deal damages ans you also want to improve your jungling.

Let's start with the Utility tree :

: Grants you a better mana and Hit Points regeneration, which is pretty interesting especially when you the blue buff is not active (or that you've given it to one of your mage, only in late game).

: In an ideal game, you do not die (already happened to me, true story) but eventually you will. And you also need 4 points in the tree to unlock the next tier, since you don't use Ghost or Teleport you might as well choose something that will be useful.

: Mandatory. Plain and simple, no questions asked. You will Xp at a fast rate, which is one of the best thing you can do as a jungler (ganking on a lane where the enemies are lvl 4 when you're lvl 6 is a great satisfaction).

: Mandatory either, improves the duration of red and blue buffs. And as i said before, during early jungling, blue buff is your best friend.


You can also take the second point, it is indeed as useful as the point i choose in offence tree.

Now for the full offence i pick.

: Reduces even more the armor and magic resist of the target and the duration of the debuff. Mandatory if you choose exhaust.

: Don't ask why, just read it, and you'll know why you must take it.

the two remaining points can be put where you want (critical strike or AP) but i usually go with Archmage Savvy to improve the damage dealt by Hungering Strike a little, and therefore increase the gain of Hit Points you gain with it.

: Spamming Hungering Strike and Hunters Call is a major bonus for jungling. And reducing the cooldown of Infinite Duress will allow you to gank more, with a greater chance of success.

: Works perfectly with wolfy, meaning that Eternal Thirst will be even more effective. And yes, this passive is the best skill you'll have in teamfights, you'll see.

: Since i don't take armor penetration in my runes, it is indeed useful to take some here, ans therefore improve your damages.

: Useful against minions, allows you to increase your early damage.

: Same as before, more damage, useful, nothing else to say.

: okay so this one is basically to improve your damage... Again. Improving your magical damage by 4% means that the heal you'll have thanks to Hungering Strike will be improved by 3.2%. I have found this point to be very useful, slightly more than the second point in Utility Mastery but it definitely a point you can change.

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Now is the interesting part of this build. My item build might look strange, because it is truly based on items that grants you a strong survivability and thers that will give you quite the damage.

: Since you have plenty of attack speed, and more damages thanks to your masteries, you can focus on dealing more damages at lvl 1. Indeed this item is more effective than the others (and if you were thinks about doran's blade, forget it, lifesteal is some bs when you play warwick).

The Health Potion is mandatory, because you'll need it for your early jungling.

: the object of your dreams, armor and damage and a chance to one shot all the small minions. If you're lucky, you'll take down the dragon at lvl 5 with those. And since the % of luck to deal the 500 dmg is based on each hit, more hit (so a greater atack spped) is better.

Beresrker's Greaves : Pretty cheap, considering how useful the attack speed is

are also useful, cause it always is useful, it is basically your call on this one.

: You'll love this one. Reduces your cooldowns, give you a bit of Hit Points and magic resist, which in early game is incredibly useful, but the best feature is definitely the fact that it increases your heals and regen. With the cd reduction and the attack spped you'll have Hungering Strike and Eternal Thirst will go from good to great skills.

: More attack speed, will allow you to unlock another one later.

: More magic resist, hit points ans mana. Basically this one will allow you to get rid of the blue buff. It will give you a good amount of hit points, increasing your survivability. And the shield will also protect you for a bit (and annoy some char because you'll resist their stun/snare/blind/dot)

: More damage, a bit more armor, no attack speed but a great passive, very useful against all the characters, because it gives you another source of magical damage.

: Lots of hit points, a bit of damage, and another very interesting skill that will allow you to track every character down and usually kill them very easily.

: Unless the game is very tight and lasts for a long long time, this one will never be bought. But if it is, you'll see how powerful it is when you'll use Infinite Duress and you'll obliterate your ennemy.

For your last item, you can pretty much take everything you want, but the other ones are really the core of this build. It gives you a lot of hit points, some armor and magic resist, a bit of mana and attack speed. And all the passive properties of the objects are very useful with Wolfy.

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Skill Sequence

This one is simple. You will go for one simple order :

1) : the one you'll improve as soon as possible. Great when jungling, perfect for a final blow, it has a nice range that will allow you to inish players from a relatively safe distance. YOu will open and finish a fight with this one. And spam it as soon as you can.

2) : Great skill for you and for your team. If there are some ad carries (Master Yi, Jax, Trynd, Caitlyn, Vayne for example) they will love this one, so it's definitely the one you'll improve next. must be up as always as possible.

3) : You'll put a point in this one ASAP. It is a core item so you'll basically be a fearsome ganker. The key is not to use it to engage the gank, exhast your opponent first and get close to him, engage him with a Hungering Strike, and when he tries to escape, you jump on him. Deadly and efficient because the cd of your strike should be up when the stun is over allowing you to deal the last blow.

4) : Take one point at lvl 4, because it is great to chase an ennemy and sometimes to escape too. But you must be extremely careful with this skill. Sometimes you must switch it off in order to get close to your opponent before unleashing the beast on him. But it is not necessary to improve this one until the end.

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I do not have a video for my jungling route yet, but i'll try to make one asap.

The route i choose is as the rest of this guide logical and not very subtle.

1) Golem

You'll engage this one by focusing the golem, you'll use smite of one of the lizard next to him so you'll reduce the damage you take, you'll spam hungering strike and use your health potion in order to survive.

2) Wolves

Hungering Strike, and Hunters Call, you'll basically use those ones to replenish your hit points and gain some xp.

3) Wraith

Smite the big one, focus the small one. If your timing is good, you won't lose a single hit point.

4) Lizard

At first you'll take down the two small lizards.

5) Golem

The usual, Hunters Call and Hungering strike, simple yet efficient.

6) Lizard

: Take the red buff. Use Smite against this one.

After that you have a few choices :

A) Ganking or going to help a weak lane
B) Go into the ennemy jungle and start this cicle again.


C) Kill 2,3 and 5 at respawn

Note that the blue and red uff will respawn after 5 minutes. So you can easily calculate when they'll be back. You must also gank as fast as possible, to give your team a great advantage.

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I think i have said all i can about my Warwick build. If i forgot anything or if you have any questions regarding this build, feel free to comment and i'll answer as fast as i can. Also if you think a part is missing, tell me and i'll add it. Thank you for reading until the end, and good luck when you'll be playing this badass wolf.