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Janna Build Guide by jamespongebob

Support Weather the Storm [Mini Support Janna Guide]

Support Weather the Storm [Mini Support Janna Guide]

Updated on October 1, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author jamespongebob Build Guide By jamespongebob 41,350 Views 18 Comments
41,350 Views 18 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author jamespongebob Janna Build Guide By jamespongebob Updated on October 1, 2014
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• Intro •

Channel Listings
Janna is a ranged support who is primarily known for her ability to peel and her questionable outfit choices. She has a very high movement speed along with a ton of CC. She can disengage from fights quite well, and she's one of the few supports who focuses on protecting her carry and has the kit to do so. On the down side, Janna lacks the aggression most supports have nowadays and deals very minimal damage in lane. Her ult can easily ruin fights if used incorrectly, and she's also an easy champion to kill.

This program aims to teach you how to build and play Janna effectively. We'll be back after these messages.

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• Pre-game •

Summoner Spells

Other Options:
For summoner spells, you should always be taking Flash on Janna. It's a very versatile spell that gives you a gap closer and a way to go over terrain. You can use it in escaping fights, repositioning, chasing enemies, and many more. Flash + Monsoon also allows you to easily set up plays for your team.

Your second summoner spell is up to you. Exhaust is usually the best choice, as it allows you to single out targets or to protect your carry (or yourself) from assassins. Heal's also a pretty good defensive spell, and you should be taking it if your marksman doesn't. Ignite is an offensive spell some supports take on solo queue, but it isn't all that great on Janna. It's an option though if you want more kill potential.

Greater mark of hybrid penetration

Other Options:

Rune pages can be made in various different ways, and they're often tailored to one's own preferences. The sample rune page mainly goes for defense, but you opt for utility, offense, or any combination of the three as well.

For marks, HPen is usually the best option for damage, since you'll be harassing with your auto attacks and abilities early on. If you can't afford HPen, AD can work decently as well. If you want defensive marks, then you could opt for Armor. Some people also take a Crit Mark if they're feeling lucky.

Health Seals are good because Janna's base health is pretty low. It will be especially helpful early on if your enemies deal burst damage.

For glyphs, MR is a good choice against magic damage, whereas MP5 can keep you from running out of mana. You can also get flat AP on your glyphs. Flat AP isn't necessarily a bad choice on a support who's more passive, as Janna also has a ton of AP ratios.

AP Quints are decent options as well, but on the other hand, Armor Quints are often better options, since you'll be up against a marksman and minions who deals attack damage. Some people also take a Gold Quint, which isn't bad per se, but keep in mind support income is a lot higher than it used to be.


Other Options:
For Janna, my recommended mastery set up is 0 • 9 • 21, putting points in defense and utility. This set up is common on ranged supports, as it provides a lot of utility, while providing some defense for the laning phase.

In the defense tree, Block and Unyielding help you trade better early game, whereas Veteran Scars offers flat HP which is good for general survivability. Juggernaut is an okay mastery for your final point. There isn't really any better alternative, and for only one mastery point, 3% more health isn't bad.

Your "filler" mastery is Recovery , as it's used mostly to unlock the next tier. It's stronger than Enchanted Armor , which only scales off of your bonus defenses.

In the utility tree, you'll want Meditation in the first tier to keep you from guzzling your mana completely. In the second tier, Summoner's Insight is pretty good for the reduced CDs on summoner spells. Alchemist + Culinary Master is mainly for more regen early game. Greed , Scavenger , Wealth , and Bandit increase your gold income, and Intelligence offers CDs on items (most supports purchase items with actives, making this very useful) in addition to regular CDR. Lastly, Wanderer will let you zoom around the map even more quickly.

Your filler mastery is Fleet of Foot , although you can opt to put or divide those three points in Scout or Phasewalker if you prefer. I personally don't like Inspiration as later on, you'll be off warding or roaming well away from minions, making the bonus XP useless.

If you want to opt for a different set up, there's 4 • 5 • 21(a similar set up that will let you pick up Sorcery for easy CDR), 0 • 21 • 9 (a very tanky page that will still let you pick up Meditation and Summoner's Insight ), and 0 • 16 • 14 (a more even mix of defense and utility) to try.

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• Items •

On Spawn

Other Options:
Supports tend to start with one of three basic items made specifically for supports. On Janna, I recommend taking the Spellthief's Edge as your main starting item, as it gives you stronger laning and harass. Ancient Coin is an alternative starting item if you want better regeneration. You'll also have to consider the fact that Janna doesn't have very strong poke, and that her auto attack range is rather short, so Ancient Coin would be the better option in some match ups. Keep in mind that you don't necessarily have to buy Ancient Coin if you want a talisman of ascension, as you can sell your Spellthief's Edge/ Frostfang later on.

With your remaining gold, purchase some consumables. The Total Biscuit of Rejuvenation is good for sustain, but you can get wards or mana pots if you prefer. You and your marksman should take the Stealth Ward as your trinket for vision in lane.

Early Game

Other Options:
You'll want to upgrade your Spellthief's Edge into Frostfang early on for the improved stats. If you started with Ancient Coin, you'll want to do he same and upgrade it into a Nomad's Medallion. Take Boots whenever you can for the extra MS.

Sightstone is a core item on any support, and it will spare you gold spend on buying wards. The flat health will also make you a bit tankier. Due to the ward limit, upgrading it into a Ruby Sightstone isn't really necessary, and you can opt to only do so very late in the game if at all. You can also purchase Vision Wards at this point for objective control.

Swap Into
Once you have your Sightstone, a Stealth Ward becomes unnecessary, and you'll want to sell it for a Sweeping Lens. The Sweeping Lens is used to clear wards and further help in objective control. Vision Wards alone aren't reliable enough to keep vision, as they are too easy to destroy.

Mid Game

Other Options:talisman of ascension
Mikael's Blessing is a popular support item right now, and its stats are really good on Janna. Chalice of Harmony on its own is pretty good for the mana regen, but the additional stats help you become more tanky. Most importantly though, the active is extremely useful when your carries are being locked down by CC.

For boots, Mobility Boots is the usual choice for supports, as it lets you move even faster around the map. This helps mainly in warding and roaming. Ionian Boots of Lucidity is a decent alternative for some extra CDR.

Frost Queen's Claim improves on the stats of Frostfang and also has an active which is useful in chasing and peeling, but I find that talisman of ascension's active has much more uses (such as disengaging from a team fight, chasing fleeing enemies, or rushing in to use your ult). Whichever you take is your choice.


Other Options:
As far as enchantments go, any of them will do on Janna except for Enchantment: Furor. Do know when you ought to buy them though, as they can delay purchasing more important items. Enchantment: Distortion is my personal favorite, as you'll want to have Flash up as much as possible for emergency cases or a Flash + Monsoon combo. Enchantment: Homeguard is a common purchase to save time in going out of base. Enchantment: Alacrity is an okay purchase for basic MS. Enchantment: Captain would be the "support" thing to buy, and it goes quite well with your passive.

Late Game

Other Options: zeke's herald
At this point you'll have few vacant spots for whatever items you'd prefer late game. These items are very situational, and it's up to you which ones you'll have.

Banshee's Veil is a defensive item that gives you a shield, which is mostly used to keep you from getting caught by CC and poke. The defensive stats also help make you more tankier. Other good defensive choices are the Locket of the Iron Solari and Randuin's Omen. The Locket of the Iron Solari provides a shield which can be used to soak up damage in a fight, and Randuin's Omen has an active which is good for peeling for your carry. You can also upgrade your Sightstone for more health at this point as well.

Ardent Censer is a newly introduced item that works quite well if your marksman benefits from extra attack speed. It's particularly good on Janna as you can easily proc the passive with Eye Of The Storm (the passive can also apply on turrets) and Monsoon (the passive applies on every tick). zeke's herald is a solid purchase on an AD-oriented team, and Twin Shadows will give you a fair amount of AP and a way to scout unwarded areas. Lastly, Frozen Heart makes for a okay item for the stats, but keep in mind that Janna can't always afford to be in range of the enemy marksman to trigger its passive.

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• Abilities •

• Passive: Tailwind •
Janna's passive is fairly straightforward. Champions within 1000 range of her gain extra movement speed. There's nothing really else to it.
• Q: Howling Gale •
Your Q is a long-ranged charging skillshot that knocks up all targets hit. The damage, knock up duration and range increases the longer you charge it. You're going to want to use this skill mainly to peel, to chain CC, and to initiate. Its drawbacks are that the mana cost is pretty high, and it can be rather easy to dodge if your enemy sees it charging.
• W: Zephyr •
Zephyr's passive increases your movement speed and lets you ignore unit collision, which is useful for the extra mobility. The active is a single-target slow that's useful to slow down enemies for your allies or to help you land your Q more easily. It's not as good in fleeing because you'll lose your bonus movement speed upon using the active.
• E: Eye of the Storm •
In addition to providing a shield, Eye Of The Storm provides bonus AD on whoever it is cast on (other than allies, it can be cast on turrets). This makes it extremely effective to use on marksmen or any champion with high AS. In the laning phase, your E will be very useful in trading, and it can also be used on turrets early on when they're at their strongest.
• R: Monsoon •
Timing is very essential in using Janna's ult. It's an AoE knockback that also functions as a channeling heal afterwards, and it can easily make or break any fight. Use it to peel, push enemies to turrets, disrupt channeling abilities, to disengage from a team fight, to seperate enemy carries from their team, to protect your team from DoT abilities, and many more.

Skill Sequence
On Janna, you'll want to max your ult first, followed by Eye Of The Storm, then Zephyr, and finally, Howling Gale.

The order of levels from levels 1-5 is usually dependent of the situation. EQWEE is the usual start, but you can mix it up if you prefer, such as getting your Zephyr sooner, or delaying Howling Gale.

In any case, level Monsoon whenever you can, primarily for the reduced cooldown. Your next priority will be Eye Of The Storm.

It's really useful in laning, as it will let your marksman trade better. At max level, the bonus AD it offers is equivalent to a B. F. Sword.

Afterwards, you'll want to max Zephyr, as the slow and MS goes up with levels.

Your last priority would be Howling Gale. A single point is enough for the laning phase, and it's your one-point wonder skill.

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• Gameplay •

Laning Phase
As a support, you're going to be heading to the bot lane accompanied by a marksman. So what is your goal? Generally, supports let their marksman farm whilst protecting them and warding for vision control. What you do also depends on the type of support you're playing. Janna is more of a baby-sitter type of support, as she lacks enough damage of her own, so your main objective is keeping your carry alive.

Janna doesn't do particularly bad with any marksman per se, and it's not really worth complaining about what champion you'll be laning with. It's more dependent on the actual player than the champion. That being said, there are however a few champions who have kits that go quite well with Janna's.

Here are some examples of marksmen that have strong synergy well with Janna. Three of four of them don't have the best of laning phases, which is why they'll enjoy the peel and shield Janna has. Ashe, despite having a weak laning phase, could do tremendous damage at level 1 with an Eye Of The Storm. Caitlyn + Janna makes for a decent poke lane because of their range. Their ults also have special synergy because you can use yours to keep enemies from blocking Ace in the Hole. Kog'Maw and Vayne can be bullied very hard whilst laning, so Janna keeping them from being forced into unfavorable trades would be very helpful, letting them scale better into late game.

This is a pretty situational aspect of the game, as there are many factors you'll want to consider. You can't just say don't pick x against y, and keep in mind that knowing how the actual player functions would probably be more useful. In any case, knowledge is power. Simply know who you're facing and how to play against them.
Here are some examples of favorable match ups. They're are all-in tanky champions who would have trouble with Janna's disengage and peels. For example, you can send in a Howling Gale as Leona rushes in with Zenith Blade, stopping her in her tracks. Note that just because you have the tools that counter them, that doesn't mean you should avoid playing carefully. They're all very tanky, and they can easily blow you up whilst your abilities are on cool down.
These are more... unfavorable match ups. All of them are also utility supports, but the main difference is that they have a lot more lane presence. Their poke is a lot stronger than yours, and as are their engages. Sona and Nami also outsustain you. Though your shield can be used to reduce poke, it doesn't have a short cool down and it will drain your mana. I recommend playing more conservatively and try to avoid trades altogether, unless you have a good opening.

Janna being a relatively passive support does not mean you should avoid fights. If you find an opening for a favorable fight, then by all means, go in. Your standard combo is AAs (or Q first), while using your shield on your marksman. If your jungler is also present, you can easily use your CC to follow up a gank.

On the left is a simple image of ideal places to ward early game. During the laning phase, you'll mostly be using your trinket to ward. Important places to ward are the brush by the river (for possible ganks) and in the lane brush (for lane control). You could also opt to ward the tribush at your side to keep an eye for any invaded by the enemy jungler. As the game goes on, you'll no longer have to ward as much in your own lane. Controlling objectives will become more of an issue, and you'll be using your Sightstone instead of constantly purchasing consumables.

Post-Laning Phase
The end of the laning phase isn't concretely marked by a set time or anything. It's when you're no longer as confined to your lane, and you'll find yourself roaming more often or focusing on objective control. You ought to be very aware of the map and know where you should be going and such.

Objective Control
Mid game and onwards, you'll mostly be warding important objectives with the help of your team. One of the main objectives of mid game is Dragon , and you're going to want to use your Sightstone + Vision Wards to keep vision on it, and if necessary, clear out enemy wards with your trinket. Late game, baron nashor can make or break the game, and you should know when you and your team should go for it or avoid doing so, as one misstep can lead to a defeat.

Team Fights
Full blown team fights start to break out more often later on, and during so, you're going to want to stick to your carries in a fight. Depending on how the fight initiated, you may want to use Monsoon immediately, but otherwise, save it in case you'll need to break the enemy team apart and heal your team.

Your marksman will try to work her way through the enemy team, and she'll be the ideal target for your shield. In team fights, it's easier to use Howling Gale since they're all clustered together, and you'll be able to let it charge if no one's going anywhere. Zephyr will mostly be used to single out targets, and don't forget to use Exhaust if necessary as well.

Lastly, don't forget about the actives on your items. Mikael's Blessing should be used to get your carries out of dangerous situations. You can use Talisman of Ascension in either the beginning or end of a team fight. If you have Frost Queen's Claim, you can use it for initiation because of its powerful slow. Activate Randuin's Omen if enemy assassins and bruisers are trying to jump on your carries. Locket of the Iron Solari should be used to soak up some damage.

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• End •

This would be the conclusion of this guide. If you want to see any of my other guides, I have ones for Miss Fortune and for Jinx. I also have A Coding Service you could check out. In any case, if you have any feedback or questions, don't hesitate to leave them in the comment section or shoot me a PM.
League of Legends Build Guide Author jamespongebob
jamespongebob Janna Guide
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