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Tryndamere Build Guide by WatchersGrim

Top =WG= Demon Incognito (Tryndamere) [Old Guide Still Viable]

Top =WG= Demon Incognito (Tryndamere) [Old Guide Still Viable]

Updated on June 17, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author WatchersGrim Build Guide By WatchersGrim 14 2 91,424 Views 2 Comments
14 2 91,424 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author WatchersGrim Tryndamere Build Guide By WatchersGrim Updated on June 17, 2020
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Tryndamere
    The Demon Incognito
  • LoL Champion: Tryndamere
    Jungle's True Nightmare


Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Bone Plating

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Introduction By: WatchersGrim

Welcome To My updated Guide for Tryndamere in Season 8!!!

Hello, my name is WatchersGrim(Current name on league: Arcade Kha'Zix). Currently I have played Tryndamere for 3 years and still one of my best Top laners other than Alistar and Nocturne. To me he is a Diamond in the rough with his very basic kit. Easily able to snowball but the meta is changing and so are old and new champions who bring in new and exciting kits! To me Tryndamere will be a favorite to me for staying the same thus far and hope to help you all become a better player with him!
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Jungling in Patch 8.8

Jungling in patch 8.8 isn't hard, nor is it difficult to understand pathing for Tryndamere. This Section will teach you the know how when it comes to jungling with tryndamere while giving details on everything you need to know, may it be jungle path, how to counter jungle, which ways to gank and much more.

Jungle Path:

Jungle pathing like said before, isn't hard to understand. With the picture above, you will see that we start RED BUFF and go into WOLF CAMP. After that we go for our BLUE BUFF into SCUTTLE.By the time we hit blue buff, we should be level 3. Killing scuttle after give us any health back we lost in the process of jungling. By this time you should be given the option to either gank mid or top.

Warding the jungle:

As seen in the picture above, deep wards are ment for warding the enemy jungle objectively to help out your team in some way. May it be vision on Dragon or Rift Herald/Baron, or may it being giving vision over gankable paths to give deep vision of the enemy jungler coming in for a gank. These spots are your general ward you will need to learn in order to becoming a better jungler overall. Remember also that pinks are necessary too! These are not only for supports, so use them accordingly to what the team needs constant vision of.

Jungle Gank Paths:

These are your normal gank paths for tryndamere. Learn these well as in any situation, you can use any one of these paths into your advantage. Remember even ganking behind tower can be useful as you do have a death defying ult. Your E gives you great mobility for ganks as you can go over walls if needed and you have a great slow.

Jungling for tryndamere is kind of like udyr, you clear jungle as either gank or counter jungle. You want to constantly farm the jungle as your build requires a lot of gold for you to be effective later on. Do not waist time waiting to gank a single lane, if the opportunity does not arise. Go back to farming your jungle. This is the key to jungling with Tryndamere and will help you in the long run.
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Why the runes as they are?


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The Laning Phase!

Now this shouldn't come as a shock but laning with tryndamere is more about farming than anything. Tryndamere has a great passive that help's early game with wave clear and an amazing E to help. But how do I (WatchersGrim)Play tryndamere in lane? Well good question and here's some thing I slighty do differently then the average tryndabear(get the joke you know the average bear, meh sorry, super bad at puns m8)Well for starters, I don't typically play aggressive until acted upon. So usually ill farm early game unless someone tries to duel me. Secondly I let a lane push to my tower so that I don't get ganked often(allowing a lane to push at your tower make's ganks impossible if you freeze lane at that point). Thus making it easy for me to last hit and if duel'd by and impatient top laner, I have a greater chance at winning a duel then fighting a 2v1. Secondly any time I do push, I make sure to push enough for two waves worth of minions so I can do a little counter jg while the enemy is returning to tower. Easy gold income/advantage over your opponent and possible early xp advantage for your team agaisnt the enemy jungler. Mid-late game, everything is yours...
Jungle, Minions, Towers, Enemies, Jungle, Nexus, Jungle, and again.... THE JUNGLE.
Mid to late game is the point where junglers don't really farm but participate in fights more often. So this give you the advantage of taking all wraith and golem camps getting that sweet sweet gold towards your heavy gold intake build that you need to popoff.
So don't be afraid to take everything including your own teammates jungle as you will need that to be TRYNDAMERE!!!

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Team Fights and how do I approach them???

Team fight's are to you as malphite is to going full AP in a game.
It's not unheard of but your more bound to farm and take objectives then fight in measily little teamfights. But don't get me wrong. You are the deadliest assassin and you will one shot adc's. Just walk your happy self into the back of a fight, destroy the adc and resume farming and taking objectives. That is what tryndamere does and how he need's to play. Most of the time you can just one shot almost anyone in the first place so if they try to stop your farming and tower taking, just show them the true powah of your massive dipstick. Because whats better than a tryndamere doing 1000 damage instantly every .5 seconds and just running away after he's done like me after my argument's

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What are my con's?

Well tryndamere is a pretty well built package of destruction so what con's do I have at all? Well the only problem is CC, if an enemy team has lot of cc then your going to have a bad time! If the enemy team is about to get into a teamfight and happen to notice you in the backline gunning for their adc's hot buns and they got hard cc, your going to have a bad time! If you just happen to take top inhib tower alone and no enemies are on the map, well damn hun your just screwed over more than an OCD dude with a problem with dirt and washing his hands at his house with a dirty faucet. Life sucks when enemy team's have a lot of cc and the only way around it is to have your teammates fall for you so you can get the important targets. That is just life for us and how things go.
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Some Games In My Past

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Ending To This Guide?

For now this guide will be coming to a close, though I will update this more and more often with content like video's and screenshots when available. Please note it will take me time as I record and post on youtube(other games, not league) and operate 3 forums so it will take time. Thank you all for tuning in and again FEEDBACK IS GREATLY APPRECIATED
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[1.1]Updated guide with new information.

[1.2]Added the conqueror rune build.

[1.3]Added a Jungle Build.

[1.4]Updated whole guide for patch 8.7

[1.5]Updated guide with new art for titles provided by: Hoppermh

[1.6]Updated guide for patch 8.8

[1.7]Updated jungle build with Kai'sa matchup. Also updated the jungle chapter with all new info and pictures

[1.8]Updated Guide to patch 9.13 with no real changes. Better updates will come out later.

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