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Not Updated For Current Season

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Thresh Build Guide by lenithebot

Support What Delightful Agony We Shall Inflict | S 11 Thresh Guide

Support What Delightful Agony We Shall Inflict | S 11 Thresh Guide

Updated on September 2, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author lenithebot Build Guide By lenithebot 6 1 6,538 Views 0 Comments
6 1 6,538 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author lenithebot Thresh Build Guide By lenithebot Updated on September 2, 2021
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Runes: Aftershock

1 2
Font of Life
Bone Plating

Biscuit Delivery
Cosmic Insight

+8 ability haste
+6 Armor
+6 Armor


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Champion Build Guide

What Delightful Agony We Shall Inflict | S 11 Thresh Guide

By lenithebot
Pros and Cons
+ Really strong engage
+ Insane outplay potential
+ Can peel very well
+ Every ability is amazing
+ Has good scaling with passive
+ Extremely fun to play and fun to learn
+ Does a surprising amount of damage
Thresh has a very versatile and powerful kit. Thresh also has built in scaling with Damnation so he can technically get an infinite amount of Armor and AP. Thresh also has very good lockdown when he does catch someone. Thresh can do a lot of damage with his abilities and has insane outplay potential which can make him very fun to play.
- Very hard to hit mobile champions
- Good mage players can beat Thresh
- Very hard to get good at
- Engage can be predictable to good players
Thresh is very weak to poke since he has no form of built in sustain so mage players can usually destroy you in lane. Thresh has one of the highest skill curves in the game so you will have to play him a lot to get good. Your engage is usually pretty predictable so you will need to outplay to be able to catch people.
Summoner Spells
Flash is very important for Thresh.You should take Flash every game since Flash allows you to make many plays such as Flash Death Sentence Flay. In lane, Flash can be used as a great offensive tool that puts an immense amount of pressure on the enemy. If they don't respect the fact that you have Flash and you have a stronger bot lane you can you can Flash Flay Death Sentence for an easy kill or trade summoners. Flash can also be used as a defensive tool to run away from a bad fight and save your life. It can also be used to dodge dodge or die skillshots such as Rocket Grab. There is also a trick where if you use Dark Passage and someone uses it you can Flash before they get to you to make it where they move farther so if you go for a play with the same Flash they will be closer.[/td]
Ignite is a summoner spell that has a lot of kill pressure in lane with the extra true damage you get from it. Also Ignite has an effect called grievous wounds. Ignite has 60% grievous wounds which means it reduces healing effects going to the person you used Ignite on by 60%.While using Ignite in lane remember to use it before the enemy uses Heal in a fight since the grievous wounds from Ignite can negate most of the healing from Heal. Ignite can also be useful against champions like Soraka Nami Swain Yasuo who have lots of healing since the grievous wounds from Ignite can help against their abundant healing
Exhaust is a good defensive summoner spell. It is good against hypercarry adcs like Vayne and Twitch. It is also good against assassins like Zed and Kha'Zix. Remember to use Exhaust on these targets before they do their damage so you can negate a lot of it in the beginning. Also during lane fights use it on the adc to lower their damage and gives you and your adc time to kill the enemy without taking a lot of damage. Exhaust can also be used to stop a pursuer from chasing you and your teammate(s) by slowing them with it.
Heal is good only when your adc did not go Heal and instead they went Cleanse Teleport or some other summoner spell. In lane both you and your adc should not go Heal since the healing from Heal is 50% as effective on a target after a Heal has been used in the previous 35 seconds on the same target. Remember that when using Heal do not use it while you or your adc have an Ignite on them since the heal would be 40% as effective on the person with Ignite because of the grievous wounds unless the use of Heal is absolutly neccesary. Heal also gives the people affected by it movement speed. This movement speed can be used to catch up to an enemy or run away.
Enemy champions, large minions and large monsters that die near Thresh drop a Soul for 8 seconds. Epic monsters drop 2 Souls instead. Small minions and lesser monsters have a 33.33% chance to drop a Soul.
Each collected soul grants Thresh 0.75 ability power and 0.75 armor.
Thresh throws out his scythe in the target direction, becoming unable to move or attack while it is in flight.
The scythe catches the first enemy it hits, dealing them magic damage, stunning them for 1.5 seconds, and hooking the target for 1.5 seconds, during which the target is revealed and Thresh is unable to declare basic attacks. Hitting an enemy reduces the cooldown of Death Sentence by 3 seconds and slows Thresh by 20% for 1 second.
While the target is stunned, Thresh tugs at his scythe's chain twice over 0.8 seconds, pulling the target a short distance towards himself with each tug. After 0.5 seconds of hitting an enemy or instantly after hitting a minion or monster, Thresh can recast the ability to cast Deathly Leap while the target is hooked, doing so will cause him to stop tugging.
RECAST: Thresh dashes to the hooked enemy within range, becoming able to attack again upon arrival. Thresh can cast any of his abilities while in flight with the exception of The Box.
Thresh throws his lantern to the target location which lands after 0.5 seconds, lasting for 6 seconds or until he moves too far away from it, granting sight of its surroundings.
Thresh and the first allied champion to come near the lantern are granted a Hybrid shield for 4 seconds. An ally can select the lantern while in the proximity of it, dashing to Thresh's current location and gaining the shield.
PASSIVE: Thresh's basic attacks deal bonus magic damage, with the AD ratio increasing based on the time spent not basic attacking enemies, up to 10 seconds.
ACTIVE: Thresh sweeps his chain around him and in a broad line in the target direction, dealing magic damage to enemies within the area, knocking them 200 units toward the chain's direction, and afterward slowing them for 1 second.
Thresh surrounds his location with a pentagon of spectral walls, each one lasting for up to 5 seconds. Walls break upon contact with an enemy champion, dealing them magic damage and slowing them by 99% for 2 seconds.
Enemy champions breaking any wall beyond the first take no damage and are slowed for only 1 second.
Boot Choices

Mobility Boots-1000 Gold
Thresh has very strong roaming potential therefore being able to get a lot of out of combat movement speed helps to go to lanes or objectives faster. It also helps to get back to lane. Mobility boots is also a cheaper option then Mercury's Treads and Plated Steelcaps. Although one down side of Mobility Boots is that in combat it does not offer as much as the other boots since it has low base movement speed and no defensive or offensive stats.

Plated Steelcaps-1100 Gold
Plated Steelcaps are great boots on Thresh. Plated Steelcaps is great into heavy AD comps since it gives a lot of armor and reduces damage from auto attacks by 12% therefore it is good against champs like Caitlyn Jhin etc. It is also a good choice if the enemy has a support who auto attacks a lot such as Senna or Pyke. Plated Steelcaps can also be used against AP threats who auto a lot like Kayle. If the enemy adc is fed then Plated Steelcaps are a perfect choice since it reduces auto attack damage. Plated Steelcaps also gives a lot of base movement speed. One drawback is that it is expensive it costs 1100 gold to buy so this can keep you back from your other items.

Mercury's Treads-1100 Gold
Mercury's Treads is a great choice for Thresh if the enemy has a lot of AP or/and a lot of CC. Since Mercury's Treads gives 30% tenacity to stuns, slows, taunts, fears, blinds, and immobilizes it also gives you 25 Magic Resist. Mercury's Treads is good against AP adcs like Seraphine Swain Ziggs etc. It is also good into heavy cc supports such as Leona and Nautilus. Mercury's Treads is also good for an enemy comp mixed with AP and AD if the AD threats have a lot of cc like Ashe and Jhin.

Boots of Swiftness-900 Gold

Boots of Swiftness is a rare yet good choice on Thresh. Boots of Swiftness gives the highest base movement speed of any boots in the game which is 60. Boots of Swiftness Also gives 25% slow reduction which can be useful against champions like Tahm Kench. Since Boots of Swiftness costs 900 gold it is the cheapest tier 2 boot in the game so it lets you get your items faster. The movement speed is good in a lot of situations such as running away chasing enemies and even roaming. Boots of Swiftness could also let you catch up to people and Flay or try and use Death Sentence on them.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity-950 Gold

Ionian Boots of Lucidity can be a good choice if the enemy is not heavy AD or Ap, not a lot of CC, and has some scaling champions. Since there are a lot of scaling champions on the enemy team they will expect you to roam and usually play safer since their early game would be weak this would make it where Mobility Boots would not be a good option. If the enemy team is also neither heavy AD nor AP and not a lot of CC Plated Steelcaps and Mercury's Treads would not be a great choice. Ionian Boots of Lucidity also gives a good amount of ability haste and summoner spell ability haste which means your Flash and whichever other spell you took will come up more often. Since Ionian Boots of Lucidity is 950 gold it is also a cheap option so you can reach your power spikes faster. This extra ability haste can let you use your abilities more and the summoner spell haste can allow you to go for some plays more often.

Mythic Options

Locket of the Iron Solari-2500 Gold

Locket of the Iron Solari is the go to mythic for all tank supports. This is the same with Thresh Locket of the Iron Solari grants 20 ability haste, 30 armor, 30 magic resistance, and 200 health. All these stats are great on Thresh since you want to get as tanky as possible. on top of that, this item's active is that when you use it grants all nearby allies a shield. This is really good in fights since when the enemy is about to drop a nuke on your team use this to take up the damage. Remember though to use Locket of the Iron Solari's item active when the enemy is doing their damage not when they already did it. This item also gives nearby allies 5 armor and 5 magic resistance. This is not an insane amount but it is still nice to have. The mythic passive of Locket of the Iron Solari empowers each of your other Legendary items with 2 bonus magic resist and armor for Locket of the Iron Solari's passive effect.

Turbo Chemtank-2800 Gold

Turbo Chemtank is a great mythic choice if you need an easier engage and some tank stats. Turbo Chemtank gives you 20 ability haste, 350 health, 25 armor, and 25 magic resistance. These stats are good for you because they make you become tankier. Turbo Chemtank's item active gives your character an insane speed boost when moving toward enemy champions. Also when you get close enough to an enemy it makes a shockwave that slows enemies. This item active is perfect for chasing down enemies and giving you a free engage because of the movement speed which lets you close the gap on them. Turbo Chemtank's passive also does a bit of damage to nearby enemies when you are attacked or attacking although it is not anything crazy. Turbo Chemtank's mythic passive gives every legendary item 5 ability haste. This lets you get more spell rotations in during a fight. The movement speed can be extremely strong to chase someone down for an easy Flay into Death Sentence or just go into a Death Sentence into Flay Overall this item is very fun to use and gives you an even greater engage and a bit of damage on top of that.
Thank you for reading my Threshguide I will continually update this guide I hope you'll come back to see what I added and good luck climbing.

Some Layouts from this guide were from
League of Legends Build Guide Author lenithebot
lenithebot Thresh Guide
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What Delightful Agony We Shall Inflict | S 11 Thresh Guide

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