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Shyvana Build Guide by koyomilikesbloods

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League of Legends Build Guide Author koyomilikesbloods

What Do You Get When A Dragon Sneezes?...

koyomilikesbloods Last updated on December 3, 2015
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Allow Me To Introduce Myself...

Hello, I am koyomilikesbloods here with another jungle build. This is the second seriously OP jungle build I've made and it's one that I'm quite proud to share with everyone.

Shyvana was one of the first, if not the very first (Very very first as in I played her in the tutorial, I can't really remember) champion I've ever played. I've been playing her for a while but I've also never really been that good at playing her. To be fair I played her when I didn't really understand much about the game and about jungling do my performance on her wasn't very good. I've quite recently started to play her again and have realized just how not so secretly OP this champion is.

Shyvana has The Best Jungle Clears in League of Legends. I am quite certain in this after playing her again after some time. For the longest time I was positive that Diana had the fastest clears in the game since every time that I played her I would easily get sated at about the 15 minute mark without fail. {{Shyvana}} does the same thing, except she will be ganking, counter-jungling, getting kills, and taking objectives all the while. Every time I play this champion, I am the highest level, have the most CS, and the most gold at all points in the game. I will almost always be level 3 before even the mid laner is and continue to be about the same level as them before getting Stalker's Blade - Devourer.

The point of this build isn't to be a tank. The point of this build isn't to be a fighter. The point of this build isn't even to be a bruiser champion. The point of this build is to do insane amounts of damage without being easily killable. You can clearly see this by the lack of defensive items in this build and the large amount of health and damage items being built. This build will just make Shyvana eventually become something like a Jax where you kinda just have to leave them alone since you can't do anything to them and they do so much damage so quickly. The difference between Shyvana and Jax being the amount of damage that they are able to do in a certain amount of time, The Dragon having the higher of the two.

I think I've wasted enough time on this introduction already so I'm just going to get to the build.

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Runes and Masteries Always Come First

It's been something like a tradition in my builds that I put the Runes and Masteries into one whole large section and just go over them together right after doing the introduction. This guide is no different.


This rune page is just here to maximize DPS without being super squishy. Shyvana is a champion that benefits greatly from attack speed, especially early on in the game, and this rune page is the reason why she is able to clear camps very efficiently.

I have:
9 Greater Mark of Attack Damage
3 Greater Seal of Attack Speed and 6 Greater Seal of Armor
3 Greater Glyph of Armor and 6 Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
1 Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage and 2 Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed

Total: 11 AD, 13% Attack Speed, 8 Armor, 8 MR


The mastery page, due to recent changes, helps Shyvana with early jungle clears and helps her stay healthy for longer in the jungle. For this page, I went the classic 18/0/12 for a nice mix between damage and sustain.

T1: Sorcery--2% more damage from abilities
T2: Double-Edged Sword --deal 3% more damage and take 1.5% more damage
T3: Vampirism --2% life steal and spell vamp
T4: Oppressor --deal 2.5% more damage to targets with impaired movement
T5: Battering Blows --7% bonus armor penetration
T6: Fervor of Battle --basic attacks and spells grant one stack of fervor for 5 seconds; each stack adds 1-8 more physical damage to basic attacks against champions (based on level); fervor can stack up to 10 times

From Double-Edged Sword and Sorcery, Shyvana will have a total of 5% increased spell damage and 3% increased basic attack damage (doesn't increase amount of AD of AP but the damage that it deals). Vampirism heals 2% of all of the damage that Shyvana deals to everything. This is especially potent in the jungle and just having Burnout active will, at some point, begin to noticeably heal her for some amount of health since it's hitting everything in the camp at once. The damage from Twin Bite will heal Shyvana for a noticeable chunk of health that will grow to be quite large as she scales.

T1: Unyielding --6% bonus armor and magic resist
T2: Explorer --+12 movement speed when in brush or river
T3: Veteran's Scars --4% bonus health
T4: Perseverance --+50% base health regen; +200% when below 25% max health

These mastery points make her a quite resistant to damage and stacks very nicely with Dragonborn. The passive health regen and movement speed Shyvana gets from Explorer and Perseverance help her farm faster and longer. The movement speed helps her cross the river faster at earlier points in the game that becomes less noticeable later on, and the regen keeps her healthy and very unlikely to die to camps in the jungle. As long as she is attacking camps, she won't die to them. After getting Stalker's Blade, she won't need to smite any camps since she will always be at full health in the jungle.

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Spells and Skilling Order

Before I start this section, I would just like to talk about Flame Breath: It is a strong ability that amplifies Shyvana's damage by making her basic attacks and abilities deal 2.5% of a target's max health while they are marked. I don't think this ability is very relevant until later in the game due to the way that it scales.

Shyvana is able to deal much much more damage without this ability because it is only really useful once everyone begins to scale and gets some health. Not having this ability allows for Twin Bite and Burnout to reach max rank more quickly, which is what you want since these two abilities are where pretty much all of Shyvana's damage come from. She doesn't need some % max health to be strong--the point of me saying this in the first place is because Flame Breath isn't that strong of an ability early on in the game. She does millions of times better without it and is able to scale much faster and harder because of it.

The Dovahkiin

Shyvana is The One of Legend, the Dragonborn. Being one of dragon descent, Shyvana being the hybrid of a dragon and human, is somewhat comparable to both. She has the strength of a dragon while taking the shape of a humanoid. Her passive ability, Dragonborn, gives Shyvana 5/10/15/20 bonus armor and magic resist, increasing every five levels and doubling in value while in Dragon Form.

This ability makes Shyvana tanky no matter what. She will be able to build offensively without sacrificing a whole lot of defensive stats. This passive is very effective in the mid and late game since they really hit their peak at max rank, when Shyvana will have 40 bonus armor and MR while in Dragon Form.

The Reason Why This Build Is OP

Twin Bite is one of Shyvana's two main sources of damage. This ability being the main reason why getting Stalker's Blade - Devourer Sated is so powerful.

Twin Bite is an on-hit effect that basically makes this empowered basic attack do double damage. This ability makes Shyvana strike twice at once, this first doing full damage, second dealing 80/85/90/95/100% of the damage, and both applying on-hit effects. While Sated, Twin Bite has the potential to apply damage three times instead of two. Twin Bite has a 9/8/7/6/5 second cooldown that is reduced by .5 seconds each time she autoattacks anything but an enemy structure.

Twin Bite is to be skilled alongside Burnout. What I mean by this is to alternatingly skill these abilities. Burnout is to be skilled first, and then it progresses from there. At level 7 you should have 3 points in Twin Bite and Burnout and one in Dragon's Descent respectively.

Baby, We Flamin'

For the next 3 seconds, Shyvana is a god and is able to deal insane amounts of damage very quickly:

While Burnout is active, Shyvana deals 20/33/45/58/70 (+20% bonus AD) magic damage around her (does 20% more damage to monsters), and gains 30/35/40/45/50% bonus movement speed that decays over this activation period. Additionally, Shyvana's basic attacks deal 25% of the damage this ability does. Burnout's duration increases when Shyvana autoattacks an enemy (max of +4 seconds). The longer the duration, the more damage Shyvana's basic attacks will do ( twim bite damage is also increased by this).

This ability is unique one since it scales only with AD but does magic damage. This ability very greatly mixes Shyvana's sources of damage and makes her quite difficult to build against since, no matter what, she will be doing lots of damage to you. This ability is best when skiilled alongside Twin Bite since their damage are synonymous and work off of each other; they increases each others' damage greatly at their peak. They get very very strong when they are both at max rank making it the reason behind them Flame Breath not being skilled at all until level 13.

Burning Through Health

This ability is a very potent ability, and is one that scales Shyvana's damage into another dimension. It's truly astonishing to deal the amount of damage that she does with this ability since it makes her unfightable in the realest sense.

Flame Breath deals 60/100/140/180/220 (+60% AP) magic damage to all enemies in a 925 unit-long line. This ability marks all enemies effected for the next 5 seconds. Enemies that are marked by Shyvana in this way are more vulnerable to her basic attacks since they will deal 2.5% of a target's max health for the duration. That doesn't seem like much, but with just a Sated Stalker's Blade - Devourer, Twin Bite will have the potential to deal 7.5% of a target's max health (just as bonus damage due to the mark this doesn't include the ability's individual damage) all at once. It will only hurt more while Burnout is active.

The reason why getting this ability at level 13 is advantageous is because it allows Shyvana to be strong at all points in the game. Skipping this ability entirely until later in the game, when it's actually useful, will just allow her to deal more damage earlier. Since enemies won't have much health until until about level 11, Shyvana won't need % max health damage, the kind of damage that is used against targets with lots of health.

Just trust me. It's kind of hard to explain, but once you've tried it out, you'll see what I mean. Shyvana just benefits a lot more from Burnout and Twin Bite earlier in the game that she does from Flame Breath. They are more efficient and effective sources of damage.

The Mythical Dragonborn

This ability has a passive and an active side to it. The passive really only tells you when you can use the active, but it's also a really important part of this ability.

passive: Shyvana gains 2 fury when she autoattacks or uses Twin Bite on things (wards, champions, monsters, structures, pets, etc.)--this also works while in Dragon Form. Only in Human Form does she generate 1/2/3 (based on rank) fury every 1.5 seconds.

active: When Shyvana's fury bar caps at 100, she can use this ability. She dashes in a targeted direction, transforming into a dragon, and knocking back and dealing 175/300/425 (+70% AP) magic damage to all enemies in her path. Shyvana loses 5 fury while in this state and returns to normal when her fury bar is empty.

Additionally, her abilities gain bonuses and extra effects to them:
P : Bonuses are doubled
Q : Damage is applied to all units in front of Shyvana in a cone, will apply full damage and all on-hit effects to all enemies effected, and will grant twice as much fury
W : Shyvana leaves a trail of fire, while this ability is active, that lingers for 5 seconds and continuously deals the ability's magic damage to enemies on the trail.
E : This ability now covers a cone instead of a line.

This ability has a cast range of 1000. It has a cooldown of 150/75/50 if Shyvana doesn't attack and fury passively generates, that is decreased to a maximum possible 10.5 seconds with max attack speed and Sated. With just Sated, the cooldown will be about 20-25 seconds. This ability has a duration of 20 seconds when not attacking anything, and a duration that can potentially be extended indefinitely with max attack speed or Sated + about 1.7 attack speed.
Information from LoL Wiki

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The Items Are The Key

The items of this build is probably what makes it so incredibly strong. I've struggled with the last two items since it's rare that any game I play and do this build in don't last long enough for me to complete the build. After lots of different item combinations over lots of games, I've come to the solid conclusion that this item set is, in fact, the strongest. Blade of the Ruined King is a good item on Shyvana, but it's not the right one for this build since it doesn't give her enough of what she needs that she doesn't already have more than enough of from Stalker's Blade - Devourer.

I'm going to go through items in the section in the exact order of purchase--I'm being literal with this part. Build items in the exact order that I'm presenting them in, it's very important that this is done and understood.

Farming-Induced Victory

This item is the one that you absolutely need ASAP. Always keep an eye out for how much gold you are holding because Shyvana needs this item to be Sated before the 20 minute mark. It won't take that long unless you've been messing around for an extended period of time. It won't even take 20 minutes to get Sated if you haven't taken Dragon or Herald.

Stalker's Blade - Devourer gives Shyvana:
+40% Attack Speed
+60 On-hit Magic Damage
+10% Life Steal vs. Monsters

This item isn't so important that you can't acknowledge the strives of your allies and cannot help them in their dire straits. Ganking is encouraged since you are playing the jungle role, but do recognize when a lane is, at the moment, ungankable and that you are wasting your own time. If the enemy jungler is ganking a lane that you aren't close enough to assist, go counter jungle and take several camps while your at it since it will just increase your gold income, allow you to stack more than you usually would in 1 minute, and punish the enemy jungler for ganking. Even if the gank is successful, there wasn't anything other than counter jungle that you could have done and, honestly, it's more effective than a successful gank in the long-run.

Here's Where You Sink Their Ship To Victory

I don't think that this item has the work Titanic in it to refer to the sinking ship, but I'm going to use it in this case because it's entirely true here. This is it--this is the mid-game powerspike. Where some champions will farm for a Luden's Echo, an Infinity Edge, or a Trinity Force, Shyvana will farm for a Titanic Hydra. This item will pose probably the most potent powerspike in all of League of Legends since it scales 3 different things that makes Shyvana strong all in one fell swoop.

Titanic Hydra give Shyvana:
+50 Attack Damage
+450 Health
+100% Base Health Regeneration
+Cleave passive: Basic attacks to primary target deal 5 (+ 1% of Shyvana's max health) and 40 (+2.5% of Shyvana's max health) physical damage to all targets but the primary in a cone in front of her.
+Active: Next basic attack deals 40 (+10% of Shyvana's max health) physical damage to all targets, including the primary, in a cone in front of her. (20 second CD)

Titanic Hydra is the best item to get on Shyvana at this point because it makes her quite healthy while still being able to hit like a bus. Titanic Hydra does damage in a cone-shaped cleave in front of Shyvana dealing damage based on how much health she has. Basic attacks deal 5 (+1% of Shyvana's max health) physical damage to the primary target only. Damage that goes off in a cone doesn't effect the primary target (the one you auto'd) and deals 40 (+2.5% of Shyvana's max health) physical damage.

The active on Titanic Hydra is what makes it so strong on Shyvana as it makes the cone larger and deal more damage to all targets (including the primary one) to deal 40 (+10% of Shyvana's max health) physical damage. Hydra's cleave is an on-hit effect that can be triggered by Twin Bite, in fact the cleave is activated twice. This is quite strong indeed, especially once Sated since instead of Twin Bite activating it twice, it'll trigger three times and cause the next basic attack to proc a phantom one as well. This is a large amount of damage all at once in an AOE; Sated Twin Bite + Titanic Hydra = 3 Cleaving Basic Attacks; Post- Twin Bite Phantom Basic Attack + Titanic Hydra active = 2 Large Damage Cleaving Basic Attacks. This damage is expended VERY quickly, so quickly that it looks as though the damage was all done at once. This amount of damage in this short of a period is enough to one-shot most champions, especially later in the game once Shyvana gets healthier items and more AD scaling.


At this point in time you should have some boots, Boots of Speed at least. If you are ahead, you can wait to build the Mercury's Treads until after completing Warmog's Armor. Actually, in every case except when you are behind just wait to finish Mercs and only buy Boots of Speed until completing Warmog's Armor. The only reason why I put Mercs before Warmog's is to tell you this.

Mercury's Treads gives Shyvana:
+25 Magic Resist
+45 Movement Speed
+Tenacity passive: The duration of CC, blinds, taunts, fears, silences, and immobilizes are reduced by 25%

The reason why these boots are the best is because of the Tenacity that they give you. Tenacity is a very valuable thing since it helps you chase more effectively, get out of situations that you might not survive had you been CC'd for longer, and the MR that it gives you. It's good to have some amount of MR since Ability Power is so potent.

You Are Healthy, But You Are Not A Tank

This item makes it so that you never have to back unless its to get out of a sticky situation or to shop since the very potent and visible regeneration and raw health stats that it gives Shyvana are the highest in the game. This item isn't being purchased for defense, but for offensive purposes.

Warmog's Armor gives Shyvana:
+850 Health
+200% Base Health Regeneration
+Warmog's Heart passive: Regenerates 3% of Shyvana's missing HP every second if she has at least 3000 health and hasn't been damaged in 8 seconds.

The % health regen that Warmog's Armor gives Shyvana allows her to stick around for a very long time. She won't have to back for health because this item will fill her health back up in about 30 seconds if she's really low and it does it so incredibly quickly--you can actually see large chunks of her health just regenerate back. The 800 HP that Warmog's Armor gives Shyvana helps to scale her Titanic Hydra and make it do more damage.

This Item Is Broken

Cleaver is the perfect item for this build and it more than aptly fill the role that it's supposed to.

The Black Cleaver gives Shyvana:
+55 Attack Damage
+300 Health
+20% Cooldown Reduction
+30% Armor Reduction
+Rage passive (From Phage): Grants 20 movement speed for damaging something; grants 60 for killing an enemy champion

The fact that this item gives a modest amount of health and a considerable amount of AD makes it fit into this build better than any other item could. The other stats are just icing, while the very large and tasty cake are the AD and HP stats.

The Black Cleaver with this set of items on Shyvana are quite broken. She becomes impossible to 1v1 and simply does too much damage too quickly to be bested.

The Game Will End Soon After Getting This

This is the "cheat-day" item. The only analogy that I could think of that would be able to adequately describe what this item is to this build was the diet analogy. When someone is on a diet, they usually have a day every month where they allow themselves to eat some of the foods that they like instead of what their diet agrees with; it's unhealthy, but extremely tasty.

The Bloodthirster gives Shyvana:
+75 Attack Damage
+passive: Life steal can now overheal and grants a shield that blocks 50-350 (based on level) damage.
+Unique passive: +20% Life Steal

The Bloodthirster is something like a Cupcake on Cheat-day since it's not really that good for you, but you love it. It's only a matter of time til you get your hands on it. Actually, no: the bloodsthirster isn't a cupcake on cheat-day, it's a Gift on Christmas. Shyvana's always wanted this, and she didn't think that she would get it, but you surprised her. An item, quite like Thor's Hammer in this regard, that it's something that only Shyvana can wield in any really effective way.

This item, as a last item and never any sooner, is such an incredibly powerful item for Shyvana to use that it literally makes Burnout melt the faces of her opponents off of their heads. The lifesteal stat and overheal passive this item provides her with are so incredibly powerful that, at this point only, she can solo baron nashor easily. Twin Bite heals for a staggeringly visible amount of health and is almost always off of it's cooldown.

This item and Shyvana together are indescribable and isn't something that should be taken lightly at all since it could be the thing that one-shot's you.

These items don't make Shyvana a tank, if that was the goal of this build then instead of building just health it would be health, armor, and magic resist all together. What I did her was stack health and AD, and it's so incredibly strong that its something that you need to try to believe.