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Teemo Build Guide by Make Support Killers

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Make Support Killers

When Teemo has a shroom, Just wait for the boom! (AP MID)

Make Support Killers Last updated on September 11, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 26

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Defense: 4

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Hi! This is my first guide so comments will be appreciated :)
Teemo is my main champion and I've been playing him a lot...
This guide is about playing Mid Teemo!


WRONG! Teemo is a great mid champion and this is why:
Teemo has a little passive which is called CAMOUFLAGE which is completely awesome!

And why is that? it's just stealth...

Just.... stealh....? with this little ability you can hide in front of your enemy, wait a little... and BAM! out of nowhere comes a deadly Blinding dart that makes the enemy unable to use his basic attack on you, than, Exhaust the enemy, making his movement speed and attack damage drastically reduce, than, using the element of surprise (that gives you more attack speed) you constantly keep shooting poisonous darts that DESTROY your enemy!

And what if he still runs away?

If, by any chance the enemy makes it through that last burst ,You just use Move Quick to quickly chase him down and hit him with more darts, which eventually kills him before he can respawn because of their over time damage!
and now...

P.S - I'm sorry for any bad english :)

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There's no much to explain here....
Camouflage: a great passive, after standing for a few seconds without doing anything Teemo becomes invisible, making you able to surprise attack an unsuspecting enemy champion, when you move and become visible again, you gain extra attack speed for 2 seconds which is great!

*Note - Dont stealth in places that the enemies are walking in, so when you will want to finally move or recall, you will be attacked by 3 enemy champions and die!

Blinding Dart: Your amazing Q, you use it to start a surprise attack, with your ability power it causes large amounts of damage, and BLINDS THE ENEMY! giving you a great advantage!

Move Quick: Your W, it's passive increases your movement speed unless you're hit by an enemy champion or tower, it's active doubles your movement speed for a short duration, making chases and escapes a lot easier :)

Toxic Shot: Your E, It's a passive ability, with a little amount of ability power, it makes your basic attack DEADLY, it makes them cause a lot more damage + 4 more seconds of damage that is dealt to your target, which helps you, to... you know... kill :)

Noxious Trap: Your R: one of the most deadly abilities for an AP Teemo, you can place invisible mushrooms that explode and deal tons of damage to your enemies! if you place them well in the places you know that the enemies are going to step in, you are guaranteed with tons of RSK ( random shroom kill) which help you to get well fed! :) you can also plant it on creep waves for nice farming!

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much to say here either...

Start with a Doran's Ring for extra ability power and health which help you with first bloods.

Continue with Berserker's Greaves Or Sorcerer's Shoes (your choise between MP or AS bonus)

Than buy [[Hextech Revolver] because a mid laner needs sustain!

Continue and buy Nashor's Tooth: A great item that combines attack speed with ability power and cooldown reduction

Get a Wit's End: An item that has both attack speed and +42 magic damage to your basic attacks and increases your magic resistance, which will help you against your mid lane enemy :)

upgrade your Hextech Revolver: into Will of the Ancients, an item with a nice amount of ability power, and 20% spell vamp, which will help you a lot for staying in lane and farm like hell!

Finally, for the completion, Buy Rabadon's Deathcap: The ultimate AP item that gives you 140 AP.... nuff said...

Than. If you have more gold and the game is not over yet, sell your Doran's Ring and buy Rylai's Crystal Scepter, an item that has health, ability power, and it slows your enemy, making you able to hit him more with your darts and make a kill!

And if the game lasts forever, you got ultra fed and you finished your build, you can just go crazy and buy another Rabadon's Deathcap and a zhoyna's hourglass and make your AP go extremely high, this will make your shrooms do 1000+ damage!

*Note: It may sound stupid to you, but if the game continues to last forever and ever and ever, and you completed doing all of the things above, to get completely undefeatable, sell your boots (only if you dont need the speed bonus) and buy Warmog's Armor or Guardian Angel

Other recommended items: Banshee's Veil: has MR and blocks abilities... nuff said
Mejai's Soulstealer: A snowballing item, if you see that you will own the lane and get tons of kills, buy this item.
Zhonya's Hourglass: Buy this if you're vs a team with a lot of attack damage.

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Summoner spells

I will write this shortly so:

Beginner mid teemo: Heal + Exhaust

Medium mid teemo: Exhaust + Ignite

Expert mid teemo: Exhaust / Flash + Ignite (your choise)

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When it comes to farming with teemo, dont spend your time auto attacking the minions, Just get the last hit, and you're good, when it comes to siege minions (the big ones) use your blinding dart on them if they attack you directly and you're on a low lvl...

if you're not sure that you can time your last hits good, hit with blinding dart instead, not so recommended because you need to save it for the enemy champion but you can use it on the siege minions.

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Offence - 26

Defence - 4

Utility - 0

Spend a lot of points on the reds cause they give you AD, AP, AS, And life steal which is nice sustain for the mid lane...

Spend the four points that you have after you spent 26 points on the reds, on the blues that gives you Magic resistance and armor, it will help you with dealing with your lane opponent

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Skill Sequence

Upgrade your Q to the max first at lvl 9, when it's lvl 5 it has 260 damage (without considering you ability power) and it blinds the enemy for 2.5 seconds, which gives you a nice time to destroy them with your poisonous darts...

*At lvl 4 upgrade your W once for nice chases.

After that, upgrade your E to it's max, it will give you basic attacks nice extra and over time damage.

Finally, upgrade your W to the max because it's the only thing left for you to upgrade :)

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Not a lot to say, You can see it in the cheat sheet, it's a combination of Ability power and Attack speed, it will give you a nice start for the game :)

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1 VS 1 Battles!

In every 1vs1 battle you will start with a BLINDING DART, and keep auto attacking the enemy, If the enemy stands in front of you, place a shroom where he stands for extra damage, ignite the enemy, if the enemy is an AD champion, exhaust them to make their AD drop.

*Note - If the enemy purchased GUARDIAN ANGEL and you killed him, put a shroom on top of him so when he will revive, he will take more damage and eventually die.

** Another note - always carry at least one shroom! you never know who will come to attack you!

*** MORE NOTES - When playing vs Fiddlesticks, be careful not to start attacking him unless his health is low enough (if not, harass him until it is) , because teemo's attack range is exactly the range that fiddles need for his drain, if he drains you, run away, it's hard to win against his drain!

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Here's a couple of champions that you should not go against in mid lane:

1) Veigar: His abilities grant him more ability power, and his R deals more magic damage that is 80% of your ability power, which is alot of damage if your ability power is high, and he also has his deadly E + W combination, that stuns you and than hits you and causes half (!) of your life to just disappear.

Difficulty: Hard

2) Varus : his abilities have ridiciolous range which is more than your ability range.

Difficulty: Medium

3) Morgana: She has good cc and sustain which lets her stay in lane forever and ever and ever...

Difficulty: Medium

4) Fiddlesticks: Already expained in the 1vs1 battles chapter, go there and look :)

Difficulty: Easy+