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Tryndamere Build Guide by mando

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League of Legends Build Guide Author mando

WHO'S YOUR DADDY?(updated and edited)

mando Last updated on February 24, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi and welcome to my Tryndamere champion guide and build. first i will show you his pros and cons.

pros: high critical chance and damage, good escape/chasing skills, good ulti

cons: lacks health, armor, magic resist, item dependant, hard to raise
For those who dunno me yet, I left a great scar on the build of tryndamere because of multiple bloodthirsters. for those weak trynda users who go for the usual weak build of crit/speed/lifesteal/dmg, you are like an ant going to get smashed by a demon with 200+ health regained from lifesteal and burst critical dmg of 800+. bwahaha!!! Jax and Xin Zhao pros with their team died already 5 to one! wahaha! The thirst of blood is unquenchable...

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For runes i mix crit chance,damage and crit damage. Ive fought many tryndamere users who went for attack speed runes, critical chance runes,and even Health runes! It is best to mix crit chance and dmg so your tryndamere can go for zeal after bf sword and berserks greaves. Crit runes alone won't hurt.

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Here are the items i always go for when playing demon tryn:

i usually go with knife & bottle of potion first. then i get a little farming gold then buy bf sword. after a few kill sealing/ assist/ pentakilling, i finish The Bloodthirster . then i go get Berserker's Greaves. then i finish another The Bloodthirster and build Phantom Dancer. at this point your already a god but i never stop at 20+ kills. i build another Phantom Dancer, if you get fed from weakling go get the Infinity Edge!!! wahahaha FTW!!!!!!!!!!

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Items to avoid

The Black Cleaver may have attack speed and armor reduction but no life steal and not such a good damage. It is not your role to debuff and shred their armor.

Youmuu's Ghostblade no! no! no! bad damage and only used for a free ghost.

Avarice Blade Holy! noobs item. i dont see the point of building this at all.

Ionic Spark WTF...

Last Whisper Oh please... Life steal is the most essential for tryndamere.

Rabadon's Deathcap Forget it if youre stupid enough to try this!!!

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Alternate items

Madred's Bloodrazor if they have a mundo and allistar why not?

Wriggle's Lantern if they gank too much use this for a sustainer.

zeke's herald it gives life steal and health with attack speed and armor reduction. awesome. build if you need to put on some meat.

Frozen Mallet If the enemies have so much meat on them and good ms, this is the item for you. build after zeal and wriggles.

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summoner spells usage

Exhaust-- use to remove armor and slow enemies. Never use against Master Yi. Everybody knows that.

Flash -- spin flash for sure survival against epic fail clashes. Try to use for crossing over walls and slopes in the map.

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Skill Usage

Bloodlust-builds up when you hit enemies. Activate its heal after your endless rage or before it ends. This is where you get your critical strike chance and damage. awesome right?

Spinning Slash-use to initiate, chase, spam, and escape. The cooldown is reduced when you get a critical. >:) Keep spamming it deals 300+ dmg. Don't over spam though. Carry heroes are better with normal attack. Spinning Slash----HIT,HIT,HIT, Spinning Slash. as for escaping or chasing, use to go over ledges.

Mocking Shout- An AoE exhaust or an attack speed reducer. Use this skill when you enter/chase. Spinning Slash----HIT,HIT,HIT, Spinning Slash,HIT,HIT, Mocking Shout=Kill

Undying Rage-- Ultimate skill! use when health drops below 300-500. Dont feel to pro to pull of a stunt of activating it below 200-100 health coz you will just look noob. Use to escape after clashes or to score a triple kill ALONE. NEVER USE TO SAVE *** WITHOUT KILL. its cooldown takes time. Get your money back insted. After surviving a clash where you are on the losing side, Undying Rage--- Spinning Slash---- Bloodlust. Youll survive. ;)

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trynd's best friends

Garen He will sustain you and cover you in the early mid game. he is a good initiator and shield.

Nunu his snowball and ss slow enemies giving you an easy time ganking and chasing.

Ashe stun+slow= tryndamere's wife.

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Who to avoid when playing trynd.

>.< heres the part where i tell you about champions who make tryndamere look like a piece of ****. Basically disablers like veigar,ashe,etc. Next up are the knock back guys(allistar&vayne). They make you look useless in a clash for 1.stunning you in place unable to dish out damage and 2.pushing you away from the fight. The answer to this is to exhaust them and finish them off or let your allies take the skills while you hit the squishy carries of the opposing team. ;) AVOID AKALI COZ SHE WILL KEEP INVI OVER AND OVER!

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Definition of tryndamere

When the enemy team is pushing mid like only 3 of them and the others are at bottom and top lanes, go and kill them. Thats -2 for the enemy team. Then go mid and help out. Always try to catch an enemy alone and by suprise. In clashes with my build, When you manage to escape from a clash but failed to end it, run to the nearest creep/jungle creep area and get your health back and go,go,go back to the clash from behind. NEVER WATCH YOUR TEAMMATES INITIATE FROM THE BRUSH AND REMAIN HIDDEN COZ OF FEAR.

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Team Work

Basically, youre the HOPE of winning clashes. When it comes to the part when the enemy team is pushing your mid., tell your allies to just def around until your tank gets half life and your allies start using their spells. Always come from behind or from the nearest patch of grass. Usually if the enemy team is caught by suprise and doesnt notice you right away, you end up getting a penta kill. Never backdoor when they havent been bruised enough. Ive commited that mistake before. All of the enemies were still full health and my tank has not given the go signal and i ended up killing the rest of my team all because of wrong timing! For three on five team clash where you are the outnumbered one, tell your thickest team mate to play as bait. After they think its safe enough to go for the kill come out with your assistant( best if its an Ashe or Veigar) Spin slash and heal the bait and go for the enemies heroes like Ashe, Master Yi, Ryze, Katarina first. never go tank first. Tanks are harmless without his damage dealers. but in the end... you will find out how the power of lifesteal is unstoppable by even the mighty jax, xin zhao, garen, etc.. >:))

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Creeping / Jungling

for jungling, always kill the red golem buff. Thats all tryn needs. he doesnt really jungle unless he is behind(gap of 2 levels) or is desperate to get items. Usually at lvl 6 with The Bloodthirster and Berserker's Greaves i go dragon.

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So i hoped you enjoyed my tryndamere guide! check out my Profile and match records if you are in phillipine server. User name: SOULREAPERZZ. The average tryndamere record runs up at 35 kills 1 deaths 12 assists. You guys should see me play jax! ill make a build on him also. He got me 42 kills 12 deaths before! My enemies played good defense thats why i got to my 2 rabaddons. Try this build anytime and improvise! pls like and comment! :)