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Ezreal Build Guide by ConnerBlake

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ConnerBlake

Wildcard Ezreal: ADC

ConnerBlake Last updated on January 9, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Why WildCard Ezreal?

Wild Card Ezreal
I love playing Ezreal as well as about half the LOL population XD

But with Season 3 I wanted to look at a number of things and started to develop Ezreal’s R&M (Runes and Masteries) and builds so that I could play Ezreal in 1 of 5 positions. I play Ezreal Top, Jungle, Mid, ADC, or Support and this guide will show you one of them.

But Why? Why learn Ezreal to play in every position? This is why. If you look at my guide “Phases of Summoner’s Rift” you will see a section that describes the priorities and things to keep in mind throughout the entire game, including Champion Select. This Wildcard Ezreal is for The Champion Select Phase:

First!: WildCard Ezreal is designed for 5v5 premade games.

First-pick Ezreal, this should bait out a counterpick for ADC (Example: Graves), but now your team gets to counterpick Graves. The enemy team is confused, they either assume a kill lane or that Ezreal is going Mid, so they counter Ezreal Mid (Example: Ahri), and now you get to counter pick Ahri. Continue this until each lane has an advantage and put your Wild Card Ezreal where ever the gods have placed him.

:) Enjoy.

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ADC Ezreal is the most common Ezreal. As I go through this guide I also want to introduce some terminology I use.
1st: in a lane, you have three choices: Excel, Maintain, and Fail. Excel: When you are winning the lane, out CS'ing, out leveling, and even getting some (or a lot of) kills on the opponent. Maintain: If counterpicked, or excessively ganked, Maintaining a Lane is a Neutral state when you are not losing, but not winning. Fail: Failing a lane is the result of poor playing, lack of ward coverage, or being outplayed, often times a Failing lane is cause of an enemy who has been fed.
2nd: I have a Summoners Rift Guide that separates the game into Phases, with different focuses, priorities and "What to Watch For's". To save space and time I will not list all of these, only the Phases themselves, which are (in order): Invade Phase, Laning Phase, Objective Phase, Inhibitor Phase, The End Phase, and an oddball phase I titled the Baron Phase (which has no specific time placement)

Lastly, This is 1 of 5 builds I have for Ezreal (Top, Jungle, Mid, ADC, Support) When I play my WildCard Ezreal (anywhere) I SkinCode (like color coding to help trigger memories) Frosted Ezreal to my ADC Ezreal.

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I start out Boots + Pots. If I am Excelling in my lane I rush an early Sheen to help propel that lead. If my lane is having trouble and I find myself recalling a number of times I quickly purchase a Vampiric Scepter so that I can stay in lane and Maintain it. Each game will be different, however I make it a goal to get my Infinity Edge before the Laning Phase ends and (what I call it) the Objective Phase begins. Throughout the Objective Phase I try to build the rest of my items. Currently, the Black Cleaver is a grossly overpowered item but is a solid substitute for the Last Whisper. In case I have not updated this build, in the event of a nerf to the item, The Last Whisper is your alternative item.

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Skill Sequence

I level Ezreal's skill differently then the conventional ADC Ezreal. 1st: Mystic Shot 2nd: Arcane Shift. I do not Level Essence Flux until these two spells have been maxed. I trade the additional Laning Phase damage of Essence Flux to boost my Objective Phase escapability. By maxing Arcane Shift you can drastically reduce it's CDR from what it is at level 1 and level 5.

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My Masteries are 23-0-7 building into Mana, and Mana Regen in Utility and Getting 7 specific points in Offense: Lethality, Frenzy, and Sorcery. So that I have increase Crit Damage, to stack on my Infinity Edge and Sorcery to give Ezreal a little bit more CDR.

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To keep this guide current I have two different Rune Pages I would Vary between but the only Runes I use are Physical Damage and/or Armor Pen.
Right now, because of the Black Cleaver's popularity Armor is NOT very popular, so I like to put only Attack Damage Runes on Ezreal. However, I generally like to use Armor Pen Marks and/or Quintessences depending on what kind of champions are being played against.