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Blitzcrank Build Guide by Dikholesmash

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dikholesmash

(Work in progress sry) Blitzcrank theory. Super efficiency.

Dikholesmash Last updated on August 15, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Comments would be greatly appreciated. I know the guide quality is ****, but as far as viability please speak your mind.

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Pros / Cons

Let's start with CONS.

1: Can disrupt team cohesion. Attempting something far enough outside the meta can be a point of contention for your team, for one of two reasons: Either you may indeed have a bad idea, or they just do not understand fully the potential applications of your strat.

It's important to COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY. Let jungle know you won't KS, and can provide a dope smite leash. If your jungle starts opposite on the map, inform him and your ADC that you are only after a start game gromp / golem for an early lvl 2 advantage. Don't even bother with an early game camp unless you can get your ADC to leash.

2: Gank susceptible. With no sightstone, or exhaust, you lack vision and peel. While split from your ADC or engaging monsters you or your ADC could be vunerable. Take calculated risks.

1: Bigger, Stronger, Faster. Full support item Blitz in my exp. generally suffers from a mediocre to inadequate late game if your team falls behind. Even in an evenly matched game your presence may begin to ebb due to losing towers to operate under and an inability to increase your damage output.
This build bolsters your weak sauce with scaling MR, scaling health big time, and farm by the acres! Cinderhulk trailblazer provides SUPERB utility/efficiency. An ulti + smite will evaporate an entire hoard late game. Even with no damage items you can push lanes or wave clear like a boss.

2: No exhaust, no problem! Solo gromp exp will net you or your ADC lvl 2. If you catch the enemy unaware you can often land an E then Q on the first wave. You will either kill, burn a flash, or just dominate that trade.

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MARKS: Flat armor x9

GLYPHS: Scaling Magic resist x9. There are not many good MR items to choose from so go with these

SEALS: Flat armor or flat health seems like a waste to me. Be the better player is my philosophy. Flats offer 1/3 potential value for a minor advantage that is negligible at around lvl 3-5. Although flat health seals when compared to scaling health seals net +61 lvl 1 health, or close to 10% more for most champions and this is significant... my advice would be to avoid any trades you are not confident in.

Consider scaling health with cinderhulk and masteries. 24x 1.28= 30.7 not bad. This is your best tanky choice as a seal. The extra health helps negate the disparity between your armor and lack of MR.

QUINTS: For the quints I take base armor x3.

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0/9/21. Standard.

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Item buying is never an exact science; the core items I've selected for this build are intended to create a well rounded blitz that can satisfy an important variety of team / situational needs. The item build achieves nearly maximum efficiency.

Symmetry + benefits to consider:
ZZ'ROTS: gives good move speed (albeit limited) to go with tankiness. The void gate is
good bait or just a flat distraction.
MERCURY TREADS: gives tenacity.
RANGERS CINDERHULK: gives great income, health, and wave clear + objective contol.
RANDUINS: provides a slow along with unparalleled tank stats.
FACE OF THE MOUNTAIN: Lets you nab many many CS, and sustains.

Consider the synergy with the following goals in mind:
1: Maximum Tankiness.
2: Adequate damage output.
3: High mobility / team support.

Goal 1 tankiness. All 6 items in the core build contribute to tankiness and come with additional benefits. Very efficient.
Health = 5,122: 2200 base health at lvl 18. +36 (masteries) +216 (runes) +300 (cinder) +500 (face of the mountain) +500 (randuins) +250 (Trinity) totaling to 4002 HP. With the bonus 25% and 3% of cinder and juggernaut mastery this increases to 5,122 HP.
Armor = 235: At lvl 18 he brings a base 84 armor. 12.78 + 8.19 (runes) rounds to 21. Randuins, and ZZ'rot add 130. Totaling 235 armor.
Magic Res. = 165.4: At 18 a base 53.4. +27 from Runes. +60 +25 from mercury treads and ZZ'rots. 165.4

Goal 2 Damage: The two items that increase damage (Trinity, Trailblazer Cinder) are just phenomenal across the board with synergy. I won't break down the damage math, suffice to say it's adequate. Consider the wave clear, additional income, and astronomical amount of health rangers cinderhulk provides. By my math 300, and 25%, cinder provides 1300 HP with this build. Trinity is good for obvious reasons.

Goal 3: Adequate enough

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Skill Sequence

At level 3 I will sometimes go rocket grab 2 instead of overdrive 1 because blitz is so mana intensive. You want more bang for your buck on your grab. I normally max overdrive second for several reasons. When trading early game it is less likely to be an extended trade where you need to land two power fists.

Overdrive is great for map presence. Getting to that tower before the farm is gone, or setting up wards. It's also great for closing the gap to set up rocket grab, good for escaping. So I believe overdrive is better for the laning / roaming phase. Maxed power fist is better for extended team fights or jungling which tend to be later game.

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