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Kha'Zix Build Guide by Epixragequit

Jungle worst kha oce's khazix guide | so bad that hes gold iv

Jungle worst kha oce's khazix guide | so bad that hes gold iv

Updated on July 19, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Epixragequit Build Guide By Epixragequit 8,598 Views 0 Comments
8,598 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Epixragequit Kha'Zix Build Guide By Epixragequit Updated on July 19, 2019
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Runes: cheesy strat, i dont recommend it

1 2 3
Dark Harvest
Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter

Absolute Focus
Gathering Storm

+8 Ability Haste
+6 Armor
+6 Armor


take this every game
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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Champion Build Guide

worst kha oce's khazix guide | so bad that hes gold iv

By Epixragequit
I'm TheeKingKrispy, (I changed my name) and I guess I main jungle even though I'm terrible at it. I like playing khazix, nunu, tahm kench, and sometimes jhin. If you want a guide that's actually decent, don't go to my guide, because you probably can't trust me, a hardstuck gold 4 player.
Your jungle item can either be skirmishers or stalkers, but I prefer stalkers so I can secure kills and sometimes get away, because imo I think kha can just 1 shot without skirmishers. Always take enchantment warrior because you obviously need that damage. But it's your choice to get skirmishers or stalkers. (I'm pretty sure skirmishers is more meta) For boots, I buy tabi or mercury's. Sometimes mobis, but I don't really like them. For my second item, I usually buy duskblade, and sometimes (very rarely) cleaver. I get duskblade for the damage and the passive, which is super useful. I would usually never buy youmuus second because the duskblade passive is so much better. For the third item, it's usually youmuus or cleaver. If I'm ahead, I might even buy trinity force. Fourth is ga or deaths dance. Then I'd usually buy dominiks or something else. But most of the time I go talisman > stalkers warrior > tabi/mercurys > duskblade > youmuus > cleaver > ga
you can also start machete if you're starting blue buff, although i don't usually start blue buff.
Summoner Spells
99% of the time I'd take smite flash, but I've played smite ignite just so we could 5 man ignite, which is obviously really fun. But you should always take smite flash.
you can also take flash/ignite or flash/tp if youre playing khamet but i dont advise khamet in ranked, and i wont be explaining khamet in this guide.
You typically want to teamfight by waiting and waiting until most of their cc is gone. Then jump to a squishy one (preferably the enemy adc). Once you kill them you can either try to get more kills or run away.

You can also win teamfights by assassinating someone isolated before the teamfight even starts.
Electrocute is the best rune on Kha'Zix right now in my opinion, but apparently phase rush is also decent but it's only good against certain matchups in my opinion. Dark Harvest is ok, but only if you're playing cheesy. It's a high risk high reward rune and I don't advise taking it for new Kha'Zix players. Sudden impact is amazing for ganking and the burst of lethality is really useful, eyeball collection is good for the extra damage later in the game, and ravenous hunter is really good because your q does a ridiculous amount of damage and it's your main damage output so the healing is really useful. Triumph is good for towerdiving and being able to do a second jump after it resets while having more health. Coup De Grace is good for dealing more damage. I take adaptive force 2 times for more damage, and I take the armor so I can 1v1 better and tank more damage in teamfights if I do jump in. It does get more difficult to kill the adc later in the game so the armor doesn't really make a difference because it's a tiny bit but it's still something.
I don't really like using e to engage. I like saving it, so when the enemy uses flash/their dash you can jump onto them. You shouldn't usually towerdive if you aren't ahead because your r won't save you at all. You should towerdive when it looks like there's a free kill that you can get away with.
Typically what I do (for a normal gank) is ult, q, aa, w and I keep auto attacking and using q until they flash or use a dash ability. Then I'll e and finish them off. If that's not enough damage, you can flash. If they're too far away you can flash w.
My standard clear is red > krugs > raptors > blue > scuttle, no matter what side I'm on. Smite the medium sized krug, then aa the medium krug, then when the 2 tiny krugs appear, use w.
My other clear is red > raptors > blue > gromp > scuttle. I'd smite the gromp here, but sometimes I'll smite blue instead.
I look for a gank after this, or I sometimes invade, if you think you can 1v1 them and you have priority.
When I counterjungle, I usually get vision of the opposite side of the wall to see if a enemy will come anytime soon. If their health is higher, and you're certain you can't kill them, just run. If you think you can take the camp and then run, don't do it. From my experience, I very rarely get away. If the laner is coming, start spam pinging your own laners because you're a non toxic good citizen player. And don't let the enemy counterjungle you.
Not Dying
Only camp in a bush if you're confident that the enemy don't have vision there. If they do, it's probably too late. They'll just cc you to death. Only burn your flash if you're confident you're going to get away alive. Otherwise, just try ult cheese and go the other way. Then wait for them to seperate and try to kill one. If you dive into a teamfight with cc, you're dead. If you roam the jungle alone with all the enemy team alive and missing, you're also probably dead.
Stealing Drakes/Baron
To be honest, die for infernal, baron, and elder. But that's from a gold 4. So don't trust me. If you jump too early, you're probably dead, so either ult and flash or just stay still. But if you jump at the right time, you need to keep your eyes on the health bar, then smite it at the right time. If you're super lucky, you might even be able to make it out alive!
My mini guide on kha'zix as a adc
Summoner Spells
Take heal and flash, and play it safe until you hit level 6. If the enemy plays really aggressive, constantly jump on them and do your combo (e > q > w > aa > q). Then if you die, you're not allowed to blame me.

Your Build
Start dorans blade, then buy duskblade. Make sure to buy lots of health pots on the way to level 6 because you're going to get poked to death. Then youmuus for the movement speed and the damage. Then start buying items like dominiks cleaver deaths dance ga tabi mercurys. Basically items that you can take on assassins.

How to survive lane
Always leash your jungler if they need it. If they don't need a leash, do not push the lane. Let the enemy push the lane. Play extremely passive until you hit level 6, then you can start camping in the side bushes in bot.

How to kill enemies
Just jump on them and kill them if they overextend. They'll never expect it coming. After laning phase, just wait in bushes and kill enemies.

How to be a terrible bug
Type random things in all chat. Make sure it's not toxic because you're not that mean. Then you want to jump on the enemy as soon as you've finished typing, and you've distracted them. Now you're a terrible bug.
I think Kha'Zix is a really fun champ to play, especially in norms. Currently, I have a 64% winrate on kha in ranked with a 4.73 kda average (at the time of writing) but you have no permission whatsoever to look at my match history. I don't really play kha in ranked that much because I win more games abusing nunu.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Epixragequit
Epixragequit Kha'Zix Guide
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worst kha oce's khazix guide | so bad that hes gold iv

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