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Shaco Build Guide by pinkwardlol

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author pinkwardlol


pinkwardlol Last updated on November 21, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Threats to Shaco with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Vladimir Vlad is a very hard match up due to Vlad's amount of sustain and poke. Hard match up, I suggest sitting on tower and trying to outplay if you see an opportunity. Stacking boxes is the best way I find to deal with vlad because it allows for a high burst if he walks into it, giving you a chance to start winning lane.
Rumble Rumble has a high amount of poke with his flame spitter, making him super hard to exchange with. Stacking boxes is the best way I find to deal with rumble because it allows for a high burst if he walks into it, giving you a chance to start winning lane.
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Joining the Illuminati, are you worthy?

WELCOME, to your intro to the Illuminati. This journey you have begun will be rigorous and only the strong will succeed. I appreciate the view but if you are not ready to begun your entrance to this society, then please turn close your browser and do not return until ready.

Since you are reading this far, then you must be ready for the trial ahead, it will be terrifying and you may want to turn back, but do be warned, you'll take 20% more damage ;)

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Champion of Choice

Shaco is the Illuminati's champion of choice, it would be Teemo, but Satan had already claimed him. Diving straight into things, Shaco is a very reliable champion in the right hands. It takes time to get accompanied to his strengths and weaknesses, but if you are meant to use him, then you should be fine.

I will be describing each of Shaco's Illuminatious ways in the next few chapters.

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    Safety when lanning
    High damage output
    Split push potential
    Good Teamfighter


    Countered by true sight
    Low Sustain inlane

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You won't see it coming... (Backstab -- passive )

You feel the damage from behind, knowing that you're vulnerable. The Illuminati knows this too. Your enemy doesn't though, they've never played Shaco, they have not joined the glorious society. No one remembers that Shaco does more damage from behind because of his passive so while they're running from you make sure you get a few hits from behind. If initiating make sure to get in behind them first then attack!

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What?! When?! How?! I thought I got away.. (Deceive -- Q)

Heh, they thought they got away, what imbeciles. The Illuminati always do their business in the shadows. No one knows they're coming. Shaco lives up to the name and attacks from the shadows. Using your Q to initiate, get close to poke, or to get out of the enemy's sight will be your greatest use for Shaco's Deceive. They never see you coming, besides for the slight puff of smoke. That puff of smoke is the rumors that go around about the Illuminati, everyone thinks they're real, but no one outside of the society knows it's true. You will spread the rumors with this puff of smoke, tricking people into thinking you're going in but really just running to keep our secret.

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Box box box, 3 boxes, 3 sides, ILLUMINATI?! (Jack in the box -- W)

Shaco is a great split pusher, team fighter, troll, and all of those good sorts of things. His power lies in his boxes and the ability to bait using your own body. The Illuminati like him for his ability to place these boxes. The triangular pattern you will be using on your journey will forever be the most strategical strength you have in your arsenal to defeat your enemy. When baiting the enemy into this triangle, they will succumb to horrifying and mind blowing enigmas that will cause them to cry out in fear, pushing them to tilt. This is what you want, you want to push them over, make them rage at their team, make their team rage at them, "losing to a top ap shaco?! what are you noob?! you die to the same thing everytime?!" they will say again and again. Even in their teamchat you can hear them cry and scream over the horrors seen at top lane.

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You'll never get away (Two-Shiv Poison -- E)

They thought they were gonna get away from you. They thought they'd survive the poke. But the fact is, no one can survive the damage from this spell. It's to strong, with its 1-1 ap ratio and ad ratio, you'll eat through their shields, health, heals, sustain (heh maybe).. Your shiv is the thoughts that eat at the mind of your enemy. Not knowing if you're really are not they just get their body destroyed by those thoughts. The shiv eats away at them and due to them running from you to get away from your shiv the 20% extra damage will always be very beneficial. They never saw you coming from behind.

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Are they real?! fake?! do you know?

Shaco is the master of disguise. He tutors the Illuminati's underlings in the Art of Stealth and deception. This is not the only thing he teaches his students. Whether in the heat of a battle or setting up a trap, Shaco teaches his students to use the enemy's minds against them. Tricking them into seeing a clone of you, you will use this clone to massacre your enemy. This clone will be one of the key factors into baiting the enemy into your triangle. The clone will be your substitute when you are low on mana and hp. You will use your clone to bait the enemy lanner into your traps by using emotes and dancing, taunting them to initiate on you. But what they don't see is the position of your boxes and all the dirty secrets that lie in the shadows. Use this to your advantage and crush your opponent.

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The early game is both Shaco's key weakness and strength. Depending on what champion you are going against, range or melee, whether they have hard initiate or not, will depend on how you play this lane out.

Let us start with the easier of the two, melee's with hard engages. These champions, such as irelia, jax, fiora, riven, among others, have hard engages that will bring them into the grasp of your triangle of torment. Farming is essential, but whether it be champs or creeps you decide. While in lane you want to conserve your mana as much as possible for your boxes. You want to keep atleast 90 mana for a quick deceive ( Q ) escape when ganked. You want to get your boxes down to save you incase the hard initiator goes on you. When they do go on you, most of the time they will not stop, greed consuming their mind they'll push onto you until your dead. This is where baiting them into your boxes is easy. They easily walk into the boxes as you taunt and laugh until they're dead. If all your boxes are popped only stay until the fear finishes. Once it is over you need to get out as soon as possible because if they aren't dead yet you most likely will be.

Next, let us talk about range matchups and tank matchups. These 2 are slightly more difficult. These champions are usually ones such as malphite, lissandra, kennen, gnar, and others. They have utility that make them strong while also have good initiation skills. Most of these champions will have poke that you will need to mechanically be able to dodge or you will lose the lane no matter if you're playing shaco or any other champion top lane. There are 2 things you can do against these few. 1, you can max your E, using it to poke them down. You always want to get level 2 in your W at level 4 allowing for you to get some worth out of the box in the early game while using your max level E to poke them down. These champions will usually have a lot of sustain or high mr discouraging this poke so you can go with the 2nd option, maxing W, while getting level 2 in E, and farming up on tower. At level 5 you want to get your level 2 in E which will help with last hitting on tower. You do not need to conserve mana while sitting on tower because you will not need to place as many boxes (but still want to keep 1-2 up incase of ganks). Farming is your second and only other option.

The third point I want to make is that your ult is a key factor to farming. If there is a key time to use your ult, it is when a big wave is pushing onto your tower. Until the new ap item (which will make shaco amazing) comes out, you have to use your ult as your wave clear. When using your ult, try to time it on when a cannon wave is coming at your tower. When you use your ult, it will be back up by the time the next cannon wave comes. This allows for you to minimize the damage done to your tower in the early game.

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Mid-Late (Team fighting/Split pushing)

The mid/late game depend completely on how well you did in the early game. There are 2 options you have for the late game.

Option 1 : If you have done well in the early game there is a chance you have taken there tower. Do not stop pushing unless your lane completely leaves and goes to help their team. If this happens you will want to try to get the enemy 2nd tier tower down as fast as possible allowing for you to pull pressure from your team while also being able to get the free global gold. Since you are doing well, you do not want to completely stray away what you were doing in the earlier part of the game. Everything builds upon each other. When pushing to the enemy 2nd tower, you will want to place your boxes near the bushes on each respective side (if on blue side, you want to put it near the bush above krugs, and if on purple/red side you want to put it to the left of the bush above gromp). Putting it at this area will allow for it to be just in deceive range for a quick getaway/bait and will be just far enough so that creeps don't accidentally get pulled into the boxes and activating them.
This is the split pushing strat, next I will talk about how to Teamfight with shaco.

Option 2: Teamfighting is obviously a key component to every game haha. It wins/loses games. With Shaco it's really a mind game. I will explain it in 2 parts.

Part 1 -- Box placement is key before teamfights. You will want to place boxes near key points and objectives that are going to be fought over. You want to try to think out the area before you will fight, acknowledging what the enemy team can do. Remember you have full cdr and can get 6 boxes place before 1 dies. There are 2 ways you can place your boxes. 1 is in the double triangle -- 2 boxes ontop of each other in a regular triangle pattern, this allows for cancelling of enemy jumps/engages. 2 is the rectangular pattern -- in teamfights this will cause the most chaos when they aren't swept before the fight. Getting these boxes down in this pattern allow for the most utilization of your fear. Usually you will want to get 3-5 boxes down first though and hold onto that 6th box for part 2.

Part 2 -- This is the 'fun' part heh.. You will utilize your invisibility and clone in this part of the teamfight. After getting 3-5 of your boxes placed, you want to move around the enemy team. You want to try to get at the backline and poke them with your shiv. You can also use your clone as a distraction, but it is a powerful nuke that works well when mechanically and strategically placed in teamfights. You want to place 1-2 boxes down where you are going to be poking from incase of them going back at you, if you find any reason that they are coming at you whether it be a liss E or sejuani Q or any other type of skill that looks like they will be intiating on you, deceive out and let your team poke from the other side or initate. If any champs such as these 2 are at the back of the team it opens up a weakness on the other side of the team allowing for your team to take their chance and push into their weak spot.

These 2 parts help to make your teamfight incredibly strong. When the fight is initiated, follow the squishy champions or low hp champions to try to clean up/poke down. The enemy adc > midlane > support are your main targets, but always prioritize the Lowest hp person because it allows for the max utilization out of your Backstab because they will most likely be running away.

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Closing (Le* Feels)

Shaco is my favorite champ. He's so entertaining to play and seeing so many people wanting to play him like I play him brings a tear to my eye, literally! I'm so very happy to see the entertainment I can give people with my Shaco plays. Seeing the reactions of people makes me so happy. It really brightens my day to know I'm making people happy with the things I've done and taught. It means a lot and I'm super happy to help anyone willing to take my champion into their hands. Thank you very much for reading this guide and I wish you the best of luck my children spreading the Illuminati name.

Ps: This guide is no where close to being complete. I will be adding champion matchup and rune/mastery options along with images and maybe even a video. I will update as often as I can with patches. #Sellout :