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Wukong Build Guide by IAmASparticus

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author IAmASparticus

Wukong at home in the jungle

IAmASparticus Last updated on January 14, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello this is my build guide for a jungling Wukong. He makes an extremely strong jungler with good clear times a strong stealth initiation, good burst damage and marvelous cc. His natural tankyness and good damage lead into a great tanky dps champ which fits perfectly into the current metagame as the role of jungler.

Please note* I was unable to find the lifesteal quintessences in the rune dropdown list so I used the spellvamp quints, obviously these should be lifesteal.

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Pros and Cons

- Stealth initiate
- Skills lend themselves well towards a tanky dps
- Good burst damage
- Good cc ultimate
- Good chase
- Great jungle sustain

- Weak in jungle before 3-4
- Vulnerable to cc while in ultimate spin
- About 15 seconds slower than ammumu on the initial jungle
- Poor counter jungling

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Stone Skin

While it won't help you in the jungle it is fantastic in teamfights giving you up to 35 armor and magic resist in 5v5 teamfights helping you survive an initiation with cyclone. Also if you're very attentive it can be used like radar. This can be very useful in games with stealth characters ( Twitch Evelynn) just keep an eye on your armor/mr and if it suddenly jumps up you know somebody is lurking. (note the range on this is slightly larger than your vision range)

Crushing Blow

Ever wished that you had last whisper as a skill? Well now that you're playing Wukong, you do! 30% arpen is great and the damage combined with a sheen proc is what really makes your burst scary. Make sure to remember that this skill refreshes your attack timer so it is best if used
right after an auto attack.


Decoy is what makes Wukong, Wukong. Decoy allows you to gank a lane while stealthed or escape a gank by juking or to re-position yourself in a team-fight after jumping on and enemy ap/ad carry. Decoy can also be used to deny tower divers or block skill shots like Dark Binding or directed projectiles Ace in the Hole.

It's always up to you and the situation as to how you want to juke but my recommendation is to always set yourself up to pull a 180. Example: You are in top lane after a failed gank, the enemy jungler counterganks. You can try to run to the top bushes and back to your tower, run into the river or suicide into their tower. Obviously you aren't a *****, you're playing wukong! So no tower suicide. If you can make it to the top bushes or very nearly to them pop decoy just before you enter and book it for the river. This will give you a very big gap to work with and give you an opportunity to make it to the tribrush your tower and safety. Note that you can use decoy while snared and immobilized which can help mitigate a lot of damage from champs like Lux or Swain.

Pretty straight forward stealth in the brush or just when you're outside of their vision in order to get into range for whatever combo you feel is appropriate.

This can be tough but super useful just keep in mind that any enemy skill will hit your decoy just like a normal champ. Also unless you want to be hit you have to be moving away from the skill you want to block when casting decoy, or it will block you while trying to move away.

Nimbus Strike

Great for chasing and a great attack speed boost nimbus strike and how you use it will take you from good to great. Just like Crushing Blow this resets your attack timer and just about guarantees another auto attack after you land so keep this in mind when trying to calculate your potential damage.


Useful in both ganks and team fights cyclone will help you pick up a lot of kills as well as initiate for your team. In a ganking situation always try to move into the retreat path of your target. If you can maintain a small lead in front of them (ex. between them and their tower) even if they flash they will still be in range on the other side of you. Keep in mind that it does good dammage only if you keep them in range long enough the knock up itself does very little you have to keep moving with them to really lay the hurt on.

In a team fight things can be a little more tricky. Because it's a channel you can't use decoy while using cyclone meaning you can be stunned and nuked. I'll explain more about team fighting with Wukong later but in brief I like to use cyclone like so. Stealth in and nimbus strike to the back where the ad/ap carries are, pop cyclone anc book it back to your team. This should give your teammates and ample opening while keeping you reasonably safe.

Keep in mind that this skill is great for killing stealth characters. If you get a Twitch low and he starts to try to stealth away just pop Cyclone and try to anticipate his movements.

Also snares, suppresses and roots will keep you from moving but will not stop your ult or it's knock-up so if Warwick comes to gank you just pop your ult and watch him get knocked up right as he ults you. Trust me he will rage soooooo hard.

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greater mark of desolation

Greater mark of Desolation

I like 6 arpen marks because along with your masteries these will get you dealing true dammage to minions and with your full build get you to 40% + 30 arpen.

Greater Mark of Alacrity

These plus masteries will get you to plus ten percent attack speed helping with your overall jungle speed.


Greater mark of Alacrity

Great for sustain in jungle and tankyness in midgame, standard for ad junglers.


Greater Glyph of Warding

Good for tankyness and along with your passive will get you up to just over 300 combined armor/mr for that extra .5 seconds on randuins active.


Greater Quintessence of Vampirism

This is what makes your jungling great. These combined with masteries and vampiric scepter lvl 1 give you 21% lifesteal meaning you will stay over half health at all times in the jungle with a good leash at blue.

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I go with 21/9/0 masteries because as a jungler you need to be able to hit like a truck filled with trucks and survive your jungle. I wish I could take increased buff duration but the benefits of the defense tree (namely staying over half health at all times) really outweigh that extra bit of time with your buffs.

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Good Summoners

Smite: As a jungler this is necessary, don't let anybody tell you otherwise.

Ignite: My favorite for jungling, helps a ton with early ganks and stopping heal based champions like Volibear and Dr. Mundo or finishing Tryndamere.

Heal: Not bad for baiting but as a jungler you won't be baiting a lot and you don't need to resort to that.

Flash: Always good on anybody no matter what.

Ghost: Good for chasing but not my first choice due to other item based chasing features.

Bad Summoners

Everything else

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Jungle route
Here's where things start to get interesting. You should start off with a Vampiric Scepter when combined with your masteries and quints you will have 21% life steal lvl 1, nice! A good question would be why not attack damage quints for faster jungling since you put that he is a little on the slow side in cons? Well with 21% life steal you are ALWAYS ready for a gank. That's what jungling is all about being ready to react to whats happening quickly and effectively. You can't do that with 200 hit points.

Below I have included an image with the jungle route (stonewalls superior route in red) as well as all the good ganking paths (in green) and good warding locations (in yellow). Nothing new here for experienced players.

Jungle guide illustration

Wukongs ganks are very very strong so do it at every opportunity that presents itself. If the enemy lane is pushed up and overextended, low on health, or have no escapes left gank'em. Don't shy away from making your own opportunities as well with the help of your allies you can easily take down your enemies from full health especially if your ult is up.

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Here are some of my favorite combos and where to use them.

Solo lane gank with/without ult

+ AA + + + AA +

+ AA + + AA

Basic optimal solo lane gank procedure, note this becomes much much more deadly after you get sheen because you should be getting at least 3 procs off on it.

Duo lane gank

This can be more tricky since you have can't have a combo set in stone for optimal damage in such a hectic situation. The way I like to approach duo lane ganks is to wait until both enemies are close enough together to both hit with cyclone, stealth in nimbus to the one further back and use cyclone. This should give your allies an opportunity to hop in and drop their own cc hopefully resulting in a kill or two.


You are the initiator, what does this mean? It means you need to make an opening for you team to safely jump on their respective targets. I think the easiest way to do this is as follows.

+ +

The goal is to get to the high priority targets in the back disrupting them first and throwing the entire team into chaos. Then you move your way back towards your team knocking up the tankier champs trying to defend therefore giving your team an opportunity to move through them to the squishies in the back. Don't forget to drop randuins active while spinning if you have it finished.

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Situational items

Force of nature

Banshees Veil

If the enemy team has a lot of magic damage and you need to act as a main tank instead of more of a damage role.

Guardian Angel

If the game goes late enough and one death can mean the game when enemies can push all the way to your nexus it's always nice to have a second chance.

Last Whisper

I rarely need it but if you feel like you really need 80% plus 30 arpen go for it. Even the tankiest of champions will fear you.

Frozen Mallet

Not a huge fan of FM on Wukong for a couple reasons. There are better items that give health... Randuins for example and you can get a slow proc from trinity as well as the move speed boost from Youmuus and the slow from Randuins so chasing is not a problem.


The classic tanky dps build for Wukong I love this for top lane because you can be more passive and farm up your Warmogs fast and easy. However in the jungle you don't have this luxury you need to be able to beat up on people and build good midgame items that build into the late game.

Feel free to trade in your wriggles for a bloodthirster if the game goes past an hour.

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Closing words

I'll be adding much more to this guide but for now I just want to get it out there. I will be adding a more in depth items section as well as situational items adding to my masteries section and probably adding an advanced tactics section. As well as a win records section once I get around to playing him a few times in a row (I play a lot of different champs). For now take it as it is try it out and don't forget to comment and give it a +1 if you like it.