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Wukong Build Guide by Akratiri

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Akratiri

Wukong Banana King

Akratiri Last updated on June 11, 2013
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Hello peeps my name is Akratiri and this is my first attempt at a guide. I will use my favorite champion Wukong! Hope it goes well. I am here to show what I use for Wukong in standard PvP mode.
My hope is to see if others will find it useful or give advice on improvements from there own experience so that I can find just the right balance for the best build. I will show you my standard build that has won me more then a few games.

Remember it is important to communicate with other players during game play not only is it good for teamwork it also helps to make new friends and maybe find a good pairing for your champion for later battles.

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Champion making

Making a great champion is not always about buying the highest priced items or being able to kill quickly it's about balance, teamwork and preparation. This guide will help to ensure you can use your champion to his fullest while helping others in your group.

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Team Work

I find Wukong works best when paired with a support/damage type or with a tank to help compensate for his low starting health.

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Pros / Cons

What I like.

Good Attack
Does well in any lane.
Can combo abilities for great damage.
Makes a great champion for starting players.
What I don't like.

Squishy early game.
Has low starting health.
Runs out of mana in early game.
Ultimate ability can make him vulnerable to ganks.

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Game Play

Summoners spells: I myself like to use ignite and teleport. Ignite works well in combo attacks. Start with it followed by Nimbus Strike then crushing blow. If that doesn't get you first blood it will get you very close. Teleport will help make those trips back to your lane much fast just click your farthest turret out to travel there quickly after activating.

When starting out with Wukong I like to start with Doran's blade. Gives good start boost to health as well as a little damage. When not tangled with an enemy champion can help restore your health by smacking minions. At about the 700 Gold mark I make a trip back for a long sword. After that I start saving for ruby crystal and a dagger. Last on my shopping list I like to pick up another long sword and a pair of boots.

At about level 8-10 in mid game I start buying sight wards sight ward (Lane breaks will start going on and they will help to prevent ganks.) and trade in my 2 long swords for a brutalizer and pick up a vampiric scepter About this time if I don't have the gold for it I start saving up a Bilgewater Cutlass followed by a pickaxe.
At this stage of the game you should have a few components for your end game build. Keep farming minions and use combos of Nimbus Strike followed by Crushing Blow on enemy champions and Decoy to sneak back wait for your cooldowns then repeat. If in a 1 on 1 instead of using decoy if your Cyclone is ready use it after crushing blow.
What I purchase in order is:

About this time I sell off my Doran's Blade.
Mid game I go with:

My end game build looks like:

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Wukong makes a good farmer I like to use Nimbus strike followed by decoy and I can move on to attacking other minions. Then turn back to finish what is left. His ultimate cyclone can also make for really quick farming.

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Champion Running

There are few champions I have come up against that are just to much to overcome in a 1 on 1 match up and should be avoided at all costs. Going agast them 1 on 1 you will most likely lose.

They are.



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When it comes to runes.

For marks I prefer:

9 Greater Armor Penetration. Good for getting around heavy tanks.
greater mark of armor penetration
For Seals I prefer:
9 Seals of scaling armor. You get more with scaling then with flat amount rune.
For Glyphs I go with:
9 Scaling Magic Resist. Again you get more overall from scaling then flat amount runes.

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Final thoughts.

Wukong as a starting champion (levels 1-6) might be a little squishy but he can get some damage in and maybe even get first blood. (first kill of the game) As a mid game champion (levels 7-12) this is where he shines best if mid game items are bought when needed such as The brutalizer and a pickaxe or two don't forget some health and a dagger. He will rack up a killing spree fairly easily. As an end game champion he may not get the kills because by then armor has been stacked and you will have to work harder to get kills. Combo your skills find what works best, adapt to the team and adjust to make sure you get around there defenses.

Be sure to keep sight wards on hand from levels 6-13.sight ward After that the lane breaks will be going on and by level 15 the map will be in chaos and will be needed. Use them where you think enemy champions will most likely try to double team you or near neutral monsters such as the dragon (between mid and bottom lane) and the epic monster The Baron. (between mid and top lane)

As this is my first build guide I am open to suggestions and advice and I hope this guide will help people in some way for future use for attack damage (AD) champions. Good luck and I will see you in the trenches.